Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Let Us Find Our True Selves

Sun Myung Moon
August 25, 2001

This is Father's speech at the fifth celebration of the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Chil Pal Jeol), on August 25, 2001. Chil Pal (7.8) means eight sevens-the sevens coming from the date and time of day when the declaration was made, plus Father's age of 77 at the time. The original celebration took place at Sutaek-ri, Korea, on August 9, 1997 (July 7 by the lunar calendar). Those present included the approximately 450 participants in the two-week long workshop for the worldwide leadership, also held at Cheju International Training Center. Father's message has been translated for Today's World from the original transcript.

Father's Prayer

Dear loving Father, it is August 25, 2001, the fifth anniversary of the Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol celebration. We created this holiday on my seventy-seventh birthday, seven minutes and seven seconds after seven o'clock on July 7th, 1997 [lunar calendar], with the sincere hope of concluding the providence related to the number seven and, centering on True Parents, breaking down all the barriers blocking the ideal of creation.

Man fell at the level of the number six and could not go up to the number seven, the cosmic Sabbath. We are truly grateful for the fact that Heavenly Father allowed us to proclaim the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth on Chil Pal Jeol, which is centered on the perfection of the number seven.

Throughout history humanity has experienced so many hills and valleys of suffering. So many people of faith and good conscience shed blood as sacrificial offerings on the altar of indemnity for individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world throughout the Old Testament Age of sacrificing all things, the New Testament Age of sacrificing the Son and the Completed Testament Age of sacrificing Parents. After having broken through the resentful history of the satanic world, we could set up the number eight on the foundation of the providence for the perfection of the number seven, which is Chil Pal Jeol. We are truly grateful to Heavenly Father for permitting us to have such a meaningful day indicating that we can all live in a new world of providential perfection. Throughout history, numerous founders of religions and men of conscience sacrificed themselves for the righteous causes of loyalty and filial piety. We should all pay our debts to those saints and sages who made tremendous sacrifices even at the risk of their lives. We are truly grateful to You, Father, for Your embracing all humanity through Chil Pal Jeol, with the blessings of new liberation beginning from the 3.6 million and 36 million couple blessings to the 360 million couple blessing on earth as well as in heaven. We are truly grateful to You for allowing us to pioneer the most important path, centering on the blessed families, at the dawn of the liberation of the heavenly world, on the foundation of unified saints in God's realm of love. The lost grace of the blessing in Adam's family can be reestablished in the physical world. This has been possible because all the Cain-side ancestors in the spirit world were led to the realm of blessing after You intervened to set the exemplary direction in the spirit world. At the same time, we are grateful that You brought about this cosmic age of grace, in which we can receive the merits of the age, and which will perfect one mainstream direction reaching from the individual throughout the entire cosmos. We are truly thankful for Your allowing us to welcome the age of declaring the liberation of cosmic unification, on January 13th of this year with the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God, and for allowing us, through the works of God's transcendence, presence in all things, absolute authority and omnipotence centering on His life-giving love, to overcome all the obstacles in the evil world so as to create an environment conducive to becoming free and independent masters and kings to serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth on the family, national and world levels.

We are also so grateful for Your allowing these young members of the Unification movement to be educated for fourteen days at a special workshop in Cheju Island. Centering on Your will, we should solve all the seemingly unsolvable questions of humanity that have accumulated throughout history. We are grateful You set up the family foundation for us to be the free and original children of Yours who can inherit Your victorious ownership. These family foundations will expand to become tribal, national and cosmic foundations. We sincerely pray and ask You to allow our blessed families to actually inherit the heavenly kingship and to be acknowledged as God's people to be able to inherit Your direct lineage. Please allow us to inherit our rightful ownership over all things created though Your love, to be their loving owners before the entire universe at this pivotal point in history. Please bless the entire earth-individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations-to be the honorable center of the cosmos.

We are very grateful for this day of celebration. We will welcome everything that has come to pass with the greatest joy in our hearts every single day. We offer this victory to You with the hope of changing over to the world in which we will serve You, Father, as Your true guardians. On this day of celebration, please allow a grand heavenly blessing to all the people on earth as well as in the spirit world. We sincerely pray that we can be the individuals, families, nations and an entire cosmos of absolute love from now, ever marching solely for divine victory, victory and victory forever! I pray all this in True Parents' names. Amen!

Father's Words

Citizens Federation president Yoo Chong-kwan will lead three cheers of mansei. As we are short of time, shall we just do one and be finished with them? No, let's just do the manseis at the end.

Now, let's start reading. Starting from the speech given on the day this holiday was created. Let's remind ourselves of what has been said regarding Chil Pal Jeol, the day of celebration to begin the new age. [They read Father's speech given on the Declaration Day of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth in 1997] Kwak Chung-hwan! [Yes.] Explain the meaning of today's celebration. After that, Hwang Sun-jo should say something, too. Tell us of your new determination and your feelings on this day; don't take it lightly. This is a hill we have to climb over. You should have a strong determination to overcome the present reality and have something to leave behind for future generations. Keeping that in mind, share some of your thoughts today. This applies to everyone. You cannot avoid going to hell if you just think of what to eat for three meals a day without a single thought about God's will and providence. [Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang give their impressions.]

Shall I say something? The completion of the providence of salvation is the completion of the ideal of creation. What does completing God's ideal of creation mean? It means an individual embodies God's true love, true life and true lineage. That individual becomes a seed to create a true family, true tribe, true people and true nation. That is all there is to it.

Realizing God's ideal of creation means finding what God has looked for throughout the providence of salvation on earth, that is, what was in God's plan all along even before He started to create the cosmos. That is what you have to understand. From God's point of view, He should be able to say that you belong to Him completely as His three objects of love. That is God's love, life and lineage.

What was the fall? For man, it meant the total severance of his relationship to God. Because man has nothing to do with God's love, life and lineage, we have no foundation to have even an idea of or the realization of God's presence. This is the problem.

In the providence of salvation, God has tried to teach us through nature in the formation stage of the Old Testament times, through His Son in the growth stage of the New Testament period, and through the Parents in the completion stage of the Completed Testament Era. What has God tried to teach us? God wanted to teach us clearly who He is and that we belong to Him. He has wanted to teach us that He is in us and we are in Him and that God and man are one. That is the ideal of creation.

You refer to yourself as "I"; God should be able to trust this "I" as you do. All the education we have had as Koreans in this fallen world, our history, our national tradition, our family values and so forth cannot be said to belong solely to God. They have really nothing to do with God. That is what you should remember at all times. Therefore, you should completely deny what you have thought of yourself so far, because you have had nothing to do with God's ideal of creation. How can God say, "we" to indicate Himself and man? He can say "we" only when a man and a woman who have reached individual perfection create a perfect family together, centering on God's love, life and lineage.

God can use the word "we" to indicate His relationship with man only when He is our Father and we are solely His children. The question is whether or not "I" have reached perfection. Have "I" become one whom God can trust? We should have an absolute relationship with God and possess His love, life and lineage. That is the primary fact to remember.

You should be able to say, "I am the son (or daughter) who has inherited and can exercise God's ownership, though His love and life, on the family, national, and worldwide levels forever." That is what the true "I" should be. As fallen people, your saying "I" or "mine" is a complete falsehood. That is why you should all understand that God is longing to meet an "I" who can be the fruit of His love, life and lineage.

That is what "I" should be. The country God is looking for is made of individuals who are the fruit of His love, life and lineage. "I" should be absolutely one in mind and body centering on Him. That is what "I" should be from God's point of view. If He is the causal being, "I" should be the resultant being. However, man does not even have any such idea. That is why he has had to go through various stages of revolutions. To go through revolutions successfully, he must deny every single tie made with fallen heaven and earth.

Without denying those, he can never return to his original position. Do you understand? To return to his original position, restoration through indemnity is necessary. God wants to claim "me," when "I" become completely one in mind and body with Him. When you say, "I" or "mine," are your mind and body completely united centering on God? That is a problem. That is a big problem. Whether we look at it from a philosophical, ideological or historical point of view, it is a serious problem. Where does one's identity come from? We should be second Gods who possess His love, life and lineage. When we say "we," our minds and bodies should unite centering on God as His true sons and true daughters.

To realize God's family on earth, the son and daughter must not fall and must create an unfallen family. God should be able to call their family "Our" family. And He should be able to experience loving His own grandchildren in that family. Until God has His own grandchildren, His family cannot be realized.

The problem is that when you say "I" you are not thinking of yourself as the resultant being of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience directly connected to God's love, life and lineage.

What is the most important thing? When the entire restoration of indemnity is completed, you should all return to God to inherit His love, life and lineage. If you really belong to Him, your mind and body cannot be two different entities. God is the subject of love, the subject of life and subject of true lineage. You should remember that He created us to an absolute standard.

You cannot deny the truth, no matter how difficult the situation you are in may be. You must digest difficult situations. That is what it is like to be God.

Certainly, you cannot proudly have things your own way, because you are the descendants of the fallen lineage that has denied God's true love, life and lineage. You should remember that you need to deny your own existence to return to God. That is the sad reality. No matter how happy and great you are, you should understand that your existence started without the true origin, God.

You must understand clearly where you are and how to find yourselves. The point is that you need to pass through the valleys of indemnity, overcome them, to find your true selves. As you know, neither individuals, families, tribes, nations nor the world as a whole has passed through the valleys of indemnity, therefore, you really have nothing to do with your true selves. If you try to have things your own way, you are contradicting yourselves in the end.

What would it be like to be in the original world? We exist as God's children with unchanging love, unchanging life and unchanging lineage. When we are the true fruit of His love, life and lineage, our bodies and minds are in complete unity. Those of you that have reached that level, raise your hands. Because we are in the Last Days, I am letting you know clearly. I am the one who has thought most seriously about these kinds of things. Your reality is that your body wants to go this way and your mind that way. Where is the final borderline over which the mind and body struggles?

Every individual in hell is connected. "I" am the resultant being of the evil environment that has put God into utter misery. Knowing that, how can we dare call Him our Father, and how can we even conceive of praying to Him to receive His blessings? Do you understand the obvious contradiction? Those religions that teach people to pray to ask God for blessings should perish. They will all perish.

Where are you? Have you really found yourselves? You cannot have things your own way knowing what you know. Is God present in mind and body conflict? Is He in conflict or not? [No, He is not.] You thieves! You have become the sons and daughters of terrorists against God. You belong to an entirely different world.

Anybody can walk the path of indemnification. The question is whether or not he can endure until the last valley has been passed through. If your worries for your own personal financial situation prevent you from caring about the Total Living Offering and about others, you cannot go to heaven or anyplace close to it.

You scoundrels! I walked the path of restoration with these kinds of thoughts and ideas, this kind of philosophy until I earned God's complete trust. Who has really been at my side? Not even my mother or my father, no one.

The only being in the world that can claim to have rights is God. He created the world with His mind and body in complete unity. He created it with absolute love, absolute faith and absolute devotion. He had no interest or desire to gain something for His own sake. There is no true love when there is desire for any kind of self-centered benefit. True love cannot be found in self-centered love. Even God cannot have true love alone. Do you understand? That is why God needs us.

In the vertical relationship between parents and children, a strong bond can come about comparatively easily. How a man and a woman can create an absolute bond like that with God is a problem. God can make a strong bond of love through the vertical line of love, life and lineage, but how can a man and a woman create such a strong bond? How can a man and a woman create absolute God-like unity? That is the question. Admitting that there are differences between a man and woman, each one of you should perfect yourselves until you earn God's trust.

The limitation of the vertical relationship is that you cannot create families through it. You need to have right and left, the horizontal relationship. However, even the vertical relationships between God and man and God and woman plus their horizontal relationship is not enough to create an ideal family. You need to have children. God, you and your spouse and your children: through all three generations together a family can be born. Without such a family, nothing really matters. Do you think so or not? Do you believe so or not? [We believe!] Without a family, no body can exist. Without the up and down relationship, the right and left relationship (husband and wife relationship) and front and back relationship (brother and sister relationship), we cannot realize the three object purpose. With one family as the fruit of His ideal, God can start to build a tribe connecting all families to that central family. Uniting all families from a combination of many of those tribes would make a people. Uniting those peoples would build a nation.

We should all be connected to the love, life and lineage of True Parents. Don't you think so? All of us are connected to the love, life and lineage of parents. None of us was born by ourselves. The idea of "we" comes from families. It originated from the family foundation. The relationship between parents and children and between husband and wife must be eternal and unchanging. Just as parents and children are bound by destiny, the relationship between a man and woman should also be bound by destiny. No one can nor should change the order of eternal love, the tie of life and lineage. However, the fallen world is utter chaos in terms of the relationship between men and women.

So where are "we"? Do you understand what I mean by "we"? Does a "we" relationship exist between God and you? Does it or not? [It does not.] No, it doesn't. You should understand that you have no relationship whatsoever with God.

No matter how capable people may be, what they think centering on their own concepts, life patterns, environments, and family backgrounds has nothing to do with God. Nothing to do with their true selves. That is why you must solve the fundamental problem. You must clear up the problem of your love, life and lineage in relationship with God, restore and find your true selves. It is urgent that you do that. If I were to talk about only that, it would take forever.

What you think of yourself is false. No matter how great you are it is still false, a lie. When you say "I," your mind and body should be totally united before God. When your parents created you, it was not just to create you as an individual but to create a family. Therefore, you cannot simply put "I" before your family. You are an important and essential part of your family.

In comparison to the vertical relationship with God, the man-woman relationship is horizontal. It is the second dimension. On behalf of God, a man and woman should exchange love and life centering on God's vertical lineage and have children. Their children would be like the third generation of God Himself. God created Adam and Eve expecting to see His third embodiments, His grandchildren. That is what the institution of marriage is truly for. Marriage is something you should take very seriously and even be fearful of. The point that can decide the birth or destruction of the entire cosmos is the family. If you ask a woman, "Do you want your husband to be even better than God?" the answer will surely be "Yes." Actually, you can be more substantial than God, who cannot have the horizontal relationship that men and women experience; He can only be a part of a vertical relationship with people.

People should grow up and experience the horizontal relationship of husband and wife to create children. In a marriage, life, love and lineage are all bound together. You should enjoy your first love within your marriage. First love.

With the first love, a man and a woman can have the common focal point of "we." But that is not enough. Without having children, love fades. Does it fade or not? [It does.] It fades; couples must have children. A man absolutely needs a woman, and a woman absolutely needs a man. Why? They absolutely need each other to create a family. So precisely what do they need from each other? What is it? [The sexual organ. (laughter)] Yes, the sexual organ.

What is marriage? Marriage is finding the right owner for your sexual organ. Don't you think so? A man's sexual organ belongs to his wife, and a woman's belongs to her husband. This is an amazing fact. No one should oppose this law. It is either O or X, nothing in between; O or X, that's it. No one can do anything about that. It's the Principle. Whoever denies this Principle, even if he has a very clear idea of himself, of the society or of the nation, will be doomed. He will end up in the darkest cell in hell. You will see. Do you understand or not? [We understand!] Two should become one. It takes two hands to make a sound. Although God is the absolute being, He needs a partner to work with. If you tried for a thousand years, you could never clap with just one hand. (Father claps his hands.) Even from this, we cannot deny that God created this world to love something other than Himself. Do you understand? [Yes.] How we find our true selves and restore them is the really important question. The simple fact of the matter is that our mind and body is in conflict. Throughout history, no one other than Reverend Moon of the Unification movement has had the revolutionary teaching that we must unify mind and body.

What is the most essential thing to be done? You have to understand God. You must understand His love, life and lineage. The mind and body of the subject of love, life and lineage is in complete unity. It starts with one and divides into two and unites. That unity represents the progeny in a family. That is the family, and without families we cannot have the concept of "we." Do you understand?

What do religions look for? Families. That is the right answer from God's point of view. Don't you think so? What does it mean when the Bible says that Jesus is going to hold the marriage supper of the lamb? It means he will be coming here as a groom to find his bride, so to speak; he is coming to the world to wed. Adam could not center solely on God. Neither could Eve. That was the fall. People must restore that through marriage, the inevitable and absolute condition to restore ourselves. Those who deny this very fact should be torn apart. No matter how great the universities they graduated from are, they will all go to bottom of hell. All those who put "me" first before God are false.

The final work of indemnity for restoration is to find your true selves. You must make yourself perfect. Without perfecting your individual selves, perfecting your families is just a vain dream. You are thieves if you think otherwise.

Can you claim that you are the child of God's love, life and lineage-forever in the bosom of God? Can you claim that there is nothing in you to hide from God? This must sound like an unreachable dream. That is the problem. Even if you pray on your knees until all the skin is scraped off them and your knee bones stick out, it still won't be easy to find your true selves. If you try to find your true selves, the entire satanic world will oppose you. You must defeat yourselves, deny yourselves. You must deny yourselves and center on God. Without going through this total self-denial, you can never find your true souls. You should understand that you are riffraff. Isn't that serious? It is very serious. You have thought you are so smart, but the world does not revolve around you. It does not exist for you. From the beginning it has existed for God. It belongs to Him and without returning the world, which includes all of yourselves, there is no way you can find your true selves.

You might have some problem with the Total Living Offering, but look at me. I have made millions and billions of dollars, but I have no money. I have spent it all for the world. No one can steal that away from me. With my investment, I have planted seeds of true ideals. They will someday sprout. God will protect them. He is protecting them. That is how I see things. Even if I have to go to endure wrongful imprisonment, even if I am doomed, as long as I plant God's ideals in people's hearts, He can help them grow. That is my belief. Do you believe that, too?

Are your mind and body united? Yes or no? You must see clearly how pitiful you really are. You are just bunch of patched, worn clothes. You must break out of that situation. You must go into a melting furnace to liquefy yourselves. Then whatever the shapes of the molds you are poured into, you should never ever complain. Even if you have to go through that process hundreds of times.

How to restore your true selves is the most important thing. How to make the true love, life and lineage of God yours is your most fundamental question. Do you understand? [Yes.] Repeat after me, "Find my true self!" [Find my true self!] Have you found your true selves? Are your mind and body united? You must be able to deny the most precious thing in your lives any time before God. Do you think money is important to you? Do you think your bodies are important? You must deny your bodies.

You know it very well yourselves. You think, "This is mine and that is yours." Does God think one thing belongs to Him and another to others? No, God only thinks of His children's well-being. That is His only concern. You are not there yet. Centering on God, what belongs to parents should belong to their children; it should not matter whose pockets are full. It should just be the same. But our reality is not like that.

Smart women, these days, keep their own bank accounts. Are they being really smart or not? They are not being smart from God's point of view and their futures are not going to be good. That is why the Unification Movement should try to teach them.

From now, you should not call Japanese members "Japanese." Do not call American members or German members "Americans" or "Germans." You should call them "Japanese brothers or sisters", "American brothers or sisters" or "German brothers or sisters." They are your brothers and sisters, share your blood lineage. They are all members of the same family centering on God. They are also God's sons and daughters. If you do not see that clearly, you can never go to heaven. Do you believe that or not? [We believe it.] How can you find your true selves? After you invest yourselves for the country, the world and God, only then can you find your true selves. That is the destiny of fallen people who have to walk the path of restoration and of the providence of salvation.

I have never really had things my own way. I do not enjoy being called "Messiah" or "True Parent." Can you imagine how frightening a position that is? You must walk on the highway of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience that I have paved for you. You must follow it to the end even if you have to die a thousand or ten thousand times. That should be the state of your faith.

You cannot think of yourselves. Only after you devote your entire selves for the sake of the world, and even the spiritual world, may you think of yourselves as having God's official approval. Only by total self-denial can you overcome difficulties. You must overcome the difficulties presented by the society, the nation, the world and even the spiritual world. Without overcoming all that, there is no way you can find your true selves. Do you understand?

If there is a family of ten, all ten family members should really serve and respect each other to be one with God's love, life and lineage. Each one should have this understanding and work to be an essential part of God's family. People can find happiness in the relationships between parents and children, between husband and wife and between brothers and sisters. That is it. So it is natural to have grandparents, parents, a young couple and their children in a family, the four generations altogether.

When you look at the world, there are children, teenagers, grown ups and elderly people. If you experience loving all the different generations of people in your own families and expand that scope of love to the world, you can be the owners of your countries and the world. Do you believe it? [Yes.] If you reach that level of loving the world, God will say to you, "Please take Me with you. I want to go wherever you go." How can Reverend Moon liberate God? How can you believe that I can? What if I am just speaking for the sake of speaking? If I pray, my prayer reaches to the end of the spiritual world, doesn't it? Do you believe me or not? [We do.] Did you hear Lee Sang-hun's report the other day? He reported that things have changed so much for the better since the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. Do not say the word "I" so easily! What makes you think that you are so important? Intellectuals such as professors and doctors always think that they are better. That kind of attitude will lead directly to the bottom of hell. That kind of arrogant view of oneself is the most shameful thing in the spiritual world. Without truly understanding the origin of self, they think they can get away with holding the ideas they feel comfortable with. However, without making a true relationship with God, which is the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, they can never bear the fruit of the truth they think they have. Do you understand? [Yes.] How much blood are you willing to shed? In the Unification movement, you should be willing to shed blood on behalf of the world. That is who we are as members. How can you deny that and just want to take advantage of the movement? Those who are willing to be taken advantage of by others are truly walking the path of the filial piety, patriotism, sainthood and holiness. Do you understand that clearly? [Yes.] You should not trust anyone. Now you know what your true selves should be.

You now know where original self-knowledge should begin. Can those who have the right self-knowledge cheat on their spouses? You must understand your true selves clearly and then create your families. You must understand God, His love and, most of all, how precious His lineage is. You can never exchange that even for the entire universe.

Today, on Chil Pal Jeol, I have told you what I have concluded from the most seriously contemplated question so far. I have contemplated it from the viewpoint of the origin of life. The fundamental issues of life can only be addressed in a family. Do you understand? [Yes.] How splendid an ideal family would be! God's painful longing to see such a family born on earth has burned for thousands and ten thousands of years. He has not been able to see a single household like that for all those years.

How pitiful God's situation has been! I have wanted to create such a family. But my wife and my children could not embody the ideals. That is a tremendous problem. It is about time that I do something about it. I have paid indemnity for the movement and the world. Now it is time for me to do something about my own family and relatives to proclaim God's Sabbath realm on earth and to liberate God's homeland.

On what foundation can you build God's nation? On the foundations of your true selves, of your true families, of your true tribes and of your true races [ethnic groups]. For that purpose, however much you do will not be enough. You should have the right heart of being ashamed of yourselves before the sun, the ocean waves, and all things. You must understand that from now your lives are ones of true repentance for every single day of your remaining lives on earth. Only then can you have some chance to enter the heavenly royal realm. Do you understand or not? [We do.] Those of you who clearly understand this, close your eyes and raise both hands.

After the celebration of Chil Pal Jeol, I must leave you. You do not need Parents, a Savior or even God. You know everything you need to know. With the right self-knowledge you must build an ever more concrete and unbreakable family foundation. If you build a nation and the world on that strong family foundation, God can protect the nation and the world to the end. You must understand where your true family begins is where God's nation begins. Do you understand?

Are you willing to make the determination to live such a life or not? [Yes, we are.] All of your voices combined together are softer than my voice alone. Are you? [Yes!]

That is your destiny. If I had ever told you this before when you were not ready, you would have run away. You could have. But now, you have no place to run to. How can saints run from this kind of grand mission? Isn't it true?

The spiritual world is running in the direction of one mind and one determination. Anyone who has the slightest intelligence will surely try to stick to this way of life. Are you going to follow the way to heaven where I am going or not? [Yes, we are.] Then, first and foremost, you must have the right understanding of your true selves. There is nothing I will not do to make myself available for liberating the cosmos and God. I am teaching you the unchanging law that I learned as truth at the risk of my life. Those of who go astray will end up in total misery.

On this meaningful day of Chil Pal Jeol, let us once again determine to find our true selves and to build true families with which to create God's nation and world. Then we shall all be true ancestors for the past and the future generations! Amen! [Amen!]

I have no choice but to trust you. So I trust you to enact what you've heard today. I really want you to tell me someday, "I have done everything you told me to do. I have found my true self, created my own true family. Now, introduce me to God." I certainly will. Do you understand? [Yes.] I promise you-promise. I do not live carelessly. As long as God tells me to, I protect those who are under my care, no matter what, even risking my own life. But after that requested period from God is over, I do not even look back. It is over. Do you understand? [Yes.] Build a nation centering on blessed families. I am giving you the mission, the world's common goal. Do you understand?

Will Korea take responsibility for building God's nation or not? [We will.] Those who are not willing to take the responsibility of building the nation of God, raise your hands. Well, at least no one says they will not. That's good to see.]

[Rev. Kwak: "Everyone please stand up."] Are you all standing up? [Rev. Kwak: "We will have three cheers of Mansei. After the cheers of "Mansei" you should share in the food here on the table on behalf of God.]

[Rev. Yoo Chong-kwan: Once again, we strongly determine to be the light of this world centering on Father's words given on the fifth celebration of Chil Pal Jeol]

Let us all determine to be the light of this world! Well done.

[Originally published in Today's World,August 2001]

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