Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

70 Points To Live By

Sun Myung Moon
July 2001
During A 12-Day Seminar
Unofficial Notes

The Present Age

This is the Age of 'Principled Myself' or 'the individual centered on Divine Principle'. Therefore this is the age of 'My Providence'. Do not be a passer-by, or onlooker, do something for the Providence. Our mission today is to: Establish kingship and liberate the spiritual and physical worlds. Therefore we must study the Coronation Speech and Father's words on 'Earthly Life and the Spirit World'.

The Providence is a providence to bring horizontal equalization centering on the vertical. For example the equalization of technology will take place centering on God's providence not on selfish advantage.

The Hawaiian Declaration

The Age of Mother-son cooperation is finished. We have begun the Age of Parent-child cooperation. Think of everything centering on the family not the individual. The family level of the Heavenly Kingdom has opened. We cannot go as parents to heaven and let our children go to hell. If one goes to hell we must all go there. Therefore this is the age to witness to our family.

Due to the Fall God lost three generations of kingship -- God, parents (Adam and Eve) and children. The kingship of love is not merely political. We must restore these three generations of kingship -- God, True Parents and ourselves.

We need a helper, but we cannot get help in the Spirit World only in this world. Therefore we should act in this earthly life for others.

Let us be the flag bearers for the great revolution of the True Love Culture.

In the Last Days one of the most important things is to know about the Spirit World. If you do not know about it you cannot make a perfect individual, family, society, nation or world.

The reformation of Hell into Heaven is our task centering on True Parents.

The time of indirect dominion is past. Therefore God is now directly teaching and instructing us.

The biggest problem in this world is religious egoism. True religion has no border-line.

Due to the fulfillment of God's Coronation from now on all established strong organizations and nations can be destroyed.

The religion which is based on the merit of the age is the real religion.

The age has passed when knowledge, money and power can govern this world.

When we meet our persecutor we must actively try to persuade him not to continue, because Lucifer, the base of the problem, has already given up on 21st March 1999.

God's purpose to create Adam and Eve was to have grandchildren. They failed. We are the historical grandchildren of God and He wants to forgive us. This is the Age of Forgiveness. If we keep Hoon Dok Hae and give our tithe we are heading in the direction of the Heavenly Kingdom.

There is no border-line in true love. Hate makes border-lines. In the original world there are no border-lines, they are a result of the Fall. The Restoration providence is to remove all the borderlines.

Ambassadors for World Peace are sent from God's Heavenly kingdom to planet Earth. Those appointed to this role should feel that mission and pride.

Love is living for others.

God's love is practiced by give and take action between subject and object partners. For this reason God made the 'pair system'. We cannot follow individualism. We should be 'connected beings'. The expression of individualism and privacy in modern democratic society must be reformed.

Economizing is one way to love nature. If we cannot first love nature we cannot love others. If we cannot love others we cannot love God.

Rich people and countries must learn to economize and keep everything in its proper place and position.

The heart and mind which desires to express love better is 'love'

There is no I in me. I came into existence 99% from my mother and 1% from my father, centering on the Principle. Therefore individualism is evil and will surely perish.

God likes We more than I and Public more than Private.

Think deeply about true love. True love is life for the sake of others, not life for my own sake.

Origin Division Union action is fulfilled by love, not by dialectical materialism.

If we practice the life of true love perfectly on earth we can be completely free in the Spirit World. We can call a party for one million people and it will happen.

Absolute obedience means 100% investment in a life for the sake of others. Do not think of my fallen self.

Look carefully at every part of your body. You will not find any part which is made for yourself. All of our body is made for others -- for example a woman's wide hips and big breast are made for her baby. If she thinks they are for herself it becomes a problem (e.g. some women value external beauty more than life).

An individual truth body can only be perfected by engaging in action as a connected body. Individualism is a problem. I cannot make myself perfect without a connection to others.

The purpose of our life on earth is to practice living for others.

A responsible person (subject partner) is very much restricted by the Divine Principle.

Guidance for our life of faith

If we did not have rainy days the Earth would be a desert. When you go down do not be disappointed. When you go up do not be arrogant.

In this non-principled world it looks as if a non-principled person can make a revolution. However we should be the unusual people in a world where usual means satanic.

When we accomplish our responsibility we become the real me. If we do not practice we become the fake me.

To survive we require determination at the risk of our life.

People who are spiritually poor are astray in the dark midnight.

If we shrink the horizontal by pushing it in from both sides it begins to soar vertically.

How we live is more important than how long we live.

Make good competition then you can survive.

The Heavenly Way is the straight way.

Before you sit down (outside of a sanctified place) you should first sanctify the place you sit by blowing on it.

Are you checking that your faith is getting better as time goes by?

Practice more than pray.

We must have the attitude that all problems happen because of 'me', not because of 'others'. I am an enemy and become a savior.

Money is not to be our subject. It has the role to support human life as an object.

A tithe does not be just mean one tenth, but one tenth and over of all forms of income.


The law of imperishability -- natural science states that matter never ceases to exist it merely changes its form. In this understanding we should include the human spirit, which lives eternally.

History never lies.

Do not harbor any doubts about the Principle it is divine.

Truth is unchanging, but the method to practice truth is variable. The Bible is not truth but an explanation of how to practice. Therefore it can be changed in order to assist better practice. Jesus said he is the truth, life and way not his words.


It is better to be a forerunner than a pioneer, and better to be a prophet than a forerunner. As we know the Devine Principle we can be prophets for others.

'Witness with a loud voice, with confidence, without doubt.' Father is aware that we hesitate to witness boldly.

Once we know truth we must teach it to others or it will become our sin.

In order to liberate our relatives we need to engage in the hard work through which we can restore our tribe.

As an Abel-type family, my family must restore a Cain-type family through witnessing in order to acquire Royal Familyship.

Many members are escaping from persecution and avoid declaring their identity, for instance they don't display our Unification flag.

The Blessed Family

Harmonious relationship between husband and wife -- When we establish divine unity all expressions of physical love between husband and wife are permitted.

Do not forget that you are a Blessed Central Family. All human beings were created to be the center of all things, but we are the true center because we are Blessed.

We should understand and respect True Parents because they have passed through an indescribably difficult indemnity course in order that we might be Blessed.

As Blessed husband and wife we are God's unique 'princes' and 'princesses' and have providential importance.

To accomplish the mission of husband and wife is not easy.

If the wife is living for the sake of her husband then the husband's love will come to her and vice-versa. We must practice life for the sake of others in our family. If not we will experience problems in our conjugal life.

In the Spirit World the shape of the four position foundation appears like one body enveloped in God's light under which the father and mother are together and inside them are the children.

You should read the Family Pledge many times with a serious attitude together with your conjugal partner.

The fact that we are husbands and wives blessed by God is historic and cosmic.

The Sexual Organs and Blood Lineage

The reason for the Human Fall was illicit love. The mission of the Messiah is internally to explain love and externally to explain the sexual act centering on the genital organs.

Changing the blood lineage -- to restore this matter externally was very difficult to do.

What is original sin? We have inherited the enemy's blood lineage.

This is transferred externally by visible human cells. Without change of blood lineage human beings cannot be made original.

The place that God establishes His root in this world is the sexual organ. Therefore this is the most precious place. In one sense the providence of restoration is to restore the genital organ of true love.

The most precious thing (i.e. love) is the most difficult to practice and keep. All today's problems are rooted in illicit love.

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