Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

True Parents' Benediction

Sun Myung Moon
May 27, 2001

Loving Heavenly Father, We are truly grateful today, after having established God's kingship, that we could bless those who are truly good examples among Christians and other religious leaders from the fifty states of the United States and the rest of the world, here, at noon, on May 27, 2001, as heaven and earth watch over us.

I sincerely ask You to bless them and help them fulfill their responsibilities on earth by taking their lives into Your own hands from the beginning to the end. Please guide them to be truly faithful in their religious work, to educate their children and their congregations as You wish them to and to be true examples representing parents, churches and nations.

Father, please do remember all the hardships they had to endure to come this far and everything they have invested with their sincere and loyal hearts. They are to be blessed by True Parents before God as representatives of all the different religious spheres. We are truly grateful for Your grace in allowing this day of the blessing that has been made possible by the unified heart of the four saints in the spirit world and the serving hearts of those who follow them.

Father, please bless all those in attendance who have gathered to offer their congratulations, that they can be one mind and body and that this ceremony can be a blessing of liberation for the families of those in attendance, churches in this nation and all spheres of religion and all humankind. I deeply pray with all my heart that they will become exemplary families in all corners of the earth who can digest the evil world by taking responsibility as the leaders of the blessing in their own religious communities with Your victorious realm of limitless love as their shields.

Please, Father, I sincerely pray for all those in the world who hear about today's event to absolutely follow these newly blessed people's examples, to understand the true meaning of this event and to know that they cannot be liberated in the spirit world or registered in heaven and that no one can ever inherit the eternal heavenly kingdom without having received the ties of the blessing from True Parents.

Today, at this holy hour, please accept the sixty couples who are being blessed here. Please accept them closely and allow them to be registered as Your children, whom You can be proud of. I sincerely pray that they may receive your blessing in the tradition of the blessing and be Your children who can inherit the supremacy of love.

I pray all this in the name of True Parents before the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Amen! Amen! Amen!

[Originally published in Today's World May 2001]

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