Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

The Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship Completes the Victory of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
May 15, 2001
Rayburn Building
Capitol Hill
Washington, DC

Respected Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many prominent guests, including members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, who are participating in this meaningful event today. I am particularly grateful to have this meaningful opportunity to speak in the United States Capitol, which represents the world as a temple of the will of the people. I would also like to congratulate all those who have received awards today for their dedication as champions of faith-based service activities W communities around the United States, again representing the world.

Here in the Capitol on February 2nd of last year, we presented the American Century Award to individuals who had shown themselves to be models for the new century in the areas of freedom, faith, and family. We presented these awards to commemorate the founding of the Federation of Cosmic Peace and Unification.

It is even more meaningful that this year we are presenting awards to people recognized in their communities as being the most exemplary role models based on their faith-based activities. We are presenting these awards to commemorate the first anniversary of the founding of the federation...

Now, I would like to share with you the points that require our particular attention in our lives after the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Until now, the most serious problem has been that of lineage. This is the most important. Societies and governments, even schools, cannot deal with this problem. There are many nations in the world, but nowhere is God's love, life, and lineage protected. Satan dominates the whole world. Therefore, the solution can only be found in God and True Parents.

God and True Parents could not be liberated before the new millennia that the Parents of Heaven and Earth and their children have been liberated, there is nothing to fear. Even if you are imprisoned, you should not be afraid. People are eager to build the heavenly world, preferably while they are still young. How wonderful that would be!

We are reaching the position where we can hold the cosmos in our hands as its master. There is no reason to hesitate or worry in any situation.

Do you know how to achieve perfection as an individual? Do you know this can be done through mind-body unity? The time of the fall, Satan’s blood lineage was linked to the flesh, so physical desire and the power of fallen love was stronger than the conscience. This was the problem. Under no circumstances should we allow ourselves to be controlled physical desire.

From now on, we must live by certain firm principles. First is that we must not stain our blood lineage, even to the point of dying. The second is that we must not violate the human rights of others. Sometimes this may happen ever personnel decisions. Whether female or male, black or white everyone is equal. One must not discriminate or violate human rights. People in leadership positions must not to personnel actions based on their personal biases.

Those who practice true love, honoring human rights correctly and living for the sake of others, must be considered the mainstream. Living for the sake of others was God's starting point in the creation of heaven and earth. Any act that weakens or destroys this mainstream is not to be tolerated because it violates the second most serious principle.

The third principle is not to steal public money. Don't use public money to fulfill selfish desires. These are the three principles. Seventy percent of those in jail are there because they violated one or more of these three principles. If you are imprisoned, you will see this is true. Many people are there for violating human rights, staining the lineage, or other sexual problems. Also, there are the problems arising from abuse of power and money. Money, knowledge, and power have been misused to oppose God's principles.

Starting today, people should consider the blessed lineage to be connected to God's lineage, receiving His true love and true life. This lineage must not be stained again by practices immersed in the customs of the fallen world. Can you protect your lineage? Whether you are married or still single, you must commit yourself today to maintain the purity of your lineage.

Article One of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven is that we must not defile the lineage but must protect its purity eternally. Article Two is that we must not violate the human rights of others. Article Three is that we must not misuse public funds.

These are absolutely necessary if we are to maintain Heaven's kingship and stand before Heaven as a people, parents, wife and children, and brothers and sisters. You cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother even if he is handicapped. You cannot neglect your relatives. In the world, these relationships are often not respected.

People who have studied a lot and completed college tend to look down on those who only completed high school. This, too, violates human rights.

The destruction of the environment is a problem as serious as misusing public property. Those who live like this will not be successful in their lives no matter how hard they may try.

The whole world dislikes those who do not repay their debts. Society frowns on this kind of behavior, and will even punish those kinds of people.

Then in what kind of environment should we live and what relationships should we maintain while keeping these principles? The answer is simple. There are also three kinds of relationships: the parent-child relationship, the husband-wife' relationship, and the brother-sister relationship. This last one refers to brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents; it means a relationship among children of the same parents. This is why one's family has a moth­er and father. And from that couple comes sons and daughters.

Just as we are related to brothers and sis­ters through our parents, we are also con­nected to many other relatives through our parents. That is why the parent-child rela­tionship, the husband-wife relationship, and relationships among children are key. When these relationships become interconnected, we automatically have brothers and sisters.

To maintain these key relationships, you should be models for each other. You should be models in front of your mother and father, your spouse, and your children. This will lead you to live a virtuous life. Being a model in the family will lead you to being a model in the nation and in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The family will be recognized in which three generations-grandparents, parents, and children-all live by this model and form the ideal of the four position foundation.

Therefore, a person who initiates and takes responsibility to bring reconciliation or otherwise positively influences a relationship among siblings or between children for which all sides share responsibility will never be excluded in the heavenly world.

From now on, as long as you keep these principles, you will certainly become members of the heavenly royal family. Wherever you may go, you will form families of freedom, unification, and liberation.

That is why I am including these principles in the motto for the third millennium: we must lead the way in maintain­ing the purity of lineage, respecting human rights, and pro­tecting public assets. And we must be models in relationships between parents and children, husbands and wives, and among children.

When everyone in the community says, "Let's follow that person," and "We want to be like that person. We want to be her neighbor," then that person will certainly become a citi­zen of the Kingdom of Heaven, and be remembered in the heavenly world. I myself am following this way.

Today, I am offering you the three key principles that I declared during the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship. These are guidelines that we must keep as human beings and as principled persons. They do not go against the principles of your families or this nation.

In the Completed Testament Age, we must understand about the spirit world. Please study hard about the spirit world and receive the blessing centering on God so that you may form families of true lineage, and prepare for your eter­nal life by living for the sake of others.

Now all people must work hard to receive heavenly for­tune, which surpasses all limited human ability.

Those who, in front of the living God, with a humble atti­tude, become filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters of God and bring honor to the true lineage of Heaven will be blessed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us stand together in the age of God's kingship to estab­lish a world of the culture of heart transcending national boundaries.

May God bless you and your families. Thank you very much.

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