Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Love - Right Absolutism (42nd True Parents' Day)

Sun Myung Moon
March 25, 2001

Father's Prayer

Loving Father, it is March 25, 2001, and it is the first day of the third month by the lunar calendar. Today, we are in the middle of the fifty-state speaking tour to create a base of unity between all religions, centering on Christianity, and True Parents' victorious standard. Many ministers, pastors and other religious leaders have been mobilized to make one unified history and to realize the unification of the cosmos in the United States, representing the religion of the second Israel, on the foundation of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God.

Please Father, allow this day to be the central day of all the days until now and of all the days in the future representing the entire history of the world and of the cosmos. Wherever the milestones of the victories are, please allow us the privilege of establishing our own authority, crushing Satan's underfoot, with the permission of the spirit world and the physical world.

We would like to permit all blessed members the realm of harmony and unity where God, the four great saints, other holy people and ancestors can support them when they pray before You as central blessed families in the realm of the fourth Adam. I sincerely pray and hope that You allow them to have Your authority with all the privileges of the spirit world and the authorized freedom and special privilege-especially for all those national and tribal messiahs on earth who are working for Your will-so that they can entirely mobilize their own tribes and lead them to work for the providence as well.

We are truly grateful for the fact that we live in an age in which we can freely express our desire to inherit the victorious realm in which we can be born again in the closest possible relation with You who are the root of life, whatever our position today. It is the age of God's transcendence, immanence, full authority and omnipotence, centering on True Parents' victorious realm and the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. I truly hope and pray that You will work through the national messiahs and tribal messiahs and family messiahs all around the world who pray before You with utmost sincerity, so that they can manage and make decisions straightforwardly. Please let them be Your base and let them apply the standard set up as eternally Yours, not only in their own generation but also for thousands of generations to come.

I sincerely ask You to allow the thousands of believers and holy people in the spirit world who are participating in this event to unite with Your children who have been blessed on earth by True Parents, and make their unity the originating and motivating power to accelerate the liberation of all people.

Please answer the prayers of the national messiahs here, who have completed their workshop [in the Pantanal], when they pray and ask You to pour Your spirit on their mission areas and their nations in accordance with Your ardent wish to bring real results in the physical and spiritual worlds. Please make them Your heavenly people and claim ownership over them. Please allow the authority of all the saints in the spirit world and of God's kingship to be centralized in the physical world, as is True Parents' earnest wish.

I earnestly ask you to allow the national messiahs, tribal messiahs and family messiahs to become the core people taking responsibility for their mission fields. As new buds and branches are connected to the root of a tree, let them be connected to Your privileged power of life. Please bless this time of our meeting on this, the day of liberation. I sincerely ask you to permit this event to stand in place of the celebration of transcendence, immanence and full authority.

I truly hope that you will allow us the unifying power in the spirit and physical worlds and permit us to be the central figures. Please let those who are here understand that the everything of the spirit world is being passed down to the responsible leaders on earth. I truly ask you to register these people in Your realm of command. I report all this before you in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Father's Words

You have made great efforts in your workshop. [Father is speaking first to the Korean national messiahs who had just completed a forty-day Hoon Dok Hae and fishing condition in the Pantanal] You should understand that what you have been doing was preparation for this event. I have already completed the ceremonies for this occasion. Although I have held the ceremonies of the return of the oceans, return of the land, return of the Creation [cosmos], and return of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam, I have still been unable to unify the spirit world and the physical world. This ceremony is to unify the two worlds into one. From now on, when you pray, you can ask things not only of God, but also of the four great saints, holy people, and all those who were involved in dispensational tasks throughout history.

Since people follow their own clique, you should unite with those who can influence their clique. You should let them know that you are the children of True Parents' direct line who have inherited the victorious realm of True Parents and that they are responsible to support the central families of the Adamic era. You should ask for their support with full confidence. Nothing can stop you. Do you understand? Everyone was hesitant when I started the fifty-state speaking tour. I simply pushed them with full confidence, and the straight, open road was made for me once I started.

When you look at the history of the Unification Church, things that might take ten years or even hundreds of years can work out at a stroke. The spirit world wants such a thing. It wants us to turn the world upside down. Do you understand?

So, you must create problems from now on. I mean good problems! Say, "Stir up." [Stir up!] You must stir things up. You should stir up the spirit world and the physical world and then unite them into one. You are beacons. Beacons. [Amen!] Clap your hands. (Applause)

It is True Parents' Day. You should keep what I am going to say firmly in your heart. One of the many reasons people here take pride in this country of America is that they can be certain that human rights are protected better than they are in any other country in the world. However, the human rights Americans are trying so hard to keep cannot go beyond Satan's dominion. God's view of human rights differs from that of Satan. Human rights in the religious realm and the satanic realm are totally different.

God and True Parents' view of human rights-centering on God's true love, true life and true lineage-is different from the humanistic viewpoint. Once God and True Parents' view of human rights is realized on earth, not a single soul will oppose it. Now is the age of God's full authority.

The time has come. Do you understand? The time has come. It is different from the past. You talk a lot about human rights and freedom. What is freedom? Freedom within the satanic dominion, the fallen dominion, is also freedom. However, people who are drinking and doing all kinds of crazy things, being bound by the satanic world are not enjoying true freedom. From God's, True Parents' and the Principle's viewpoint, they do not know freedom and liberation. We should differentiate between the heavenly viewpoint and the satanic viewpoint of human rights and freedom. We should make a clear line between God's side and Satan's side.

Since the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, I have blessed my four children whose lives had been cut short and gone to the spirit world. On that foundation, I blessed the four great saints and created a family-like realm of brotherhood. Do you understand? Before that blessing, the four saints never saw each other as brothers. So I unified them in the spirit world and then made a foundation so that the saints and your families and my family-all the blessed families in the physical world could connect to each other, beginning on October 14th of last year.

Freedom, liberation and all the other good things we are striving for should involve God and the ideal of the Heavenly Kingdom. Only then can True Parents and all the blessed families unite. We will become one.

So how should you pray? You pray as "so-and-so of a central blessed family." You do not need to mention God, Jesus, or True Parents.

If you go where True Parents tell you to, you will be able to complete your life's mission. You have to walk that path to be liberated. There is only one way, not two. Whether you believe in Buddhism, Islam or Confucianism, there is only one way.

Those who are in the spirit world are also learning True Parents' teaching just as you are. So who comes first? True Parents should enter the Kingdom of Heaven first, right? True Parents are the first generation, and then there will be a second, a third and many succeeding generations. The preparation we have made for that is the registration blessing in Chung Pyung.

This is not some sort of game. Do you understand? This is not a game; we have constructed the heavenly highway. No one will want to change what True Parents have done. There cannot be two ways, only one way. Do you understand?

The highway is the way for the blessed families, that is, the central blessed families. You must not go sideways. There are three elements that form the basis of the laws of the Constitution. I taught you these at the Coronation Ceremony, don't I? What is the first thing? [Blood lineage!] The second? [Human rights!] And the next? What is the third? [Not misusing public money!] What is the fourth? [Exemplary families.] Yes, the fourth is for you to create exemplary families. Those exemplary families are the central blessed families. Do you understand? That is what I mean by exemplary families.

Central blessed families are families that keep those four points. You will be free wherever you go. No doors will be closed to you in the east, west, south or north. Even in the spirit world. Such a time will come. You can go anywhere with the name Rev. Moon. Even now you can go anywhere with the passport of Rev. Moon: to Russia, China, or wherever. You will be treated as special guests wherever you go in the near future. To make that happen within ten years is no problem. We can do that through the media. We have to educate people.

You must look at your spouse as the most precious and the most priceless being that you cannot possibly exchange with anything. Do you understand? A man cannot divorce his wife even if the most wonderful and beautiful woman comes up to him and tempts him. A woman cannot divorce her husband even if the richest man comes up to her and offers her everything he has. You must keep your lineage. Even if you have to sacrifice your own life, you have to keep your lineage. Such a person can go to the highest place in the spirit world when he or she passes away. Some crazy young people might think that they should just kill themselves thinking that the highest place in the spirit world is promised for them without having to do anything. Well, they must not! (Laughter)

You pray in the name of so-and-so of a central blessed family. You should even forget about the word "prayer." Prayer has meant our asking God for things. There should no longer be such prayers. We are just reporting about our lives. You will be "filial son or daughter so-and-so of a central blessed family." The next level is for you to become a loyal servant and then a saint, and if you develop further you can be "holy son or daughter of God so-and-so of a central blessed family." If you reach this level, you can be God's friend. Jesus was the holy son, but he could not create his own family. So you can be higher than the holy son.

One thing you should know is that even when you become a holy son or daughter, if you humble yourself, all things will cheer and welcome you. You do not need to ask anybody. Your heart knows. Your heart knows everything. Those whose heart does not know everything, raise your hands. So, you all know. Okay, then, raise both of your hands and say "Amen!" [Amen!] [Hallelujah!] (Applause)

Now, look at your teacher carefully. What should we be proud of now? The love right, the power of love. The true love-right! If you say, "true love," God will answer "Why that?" True Parents will also ask, "Why so?" Then I might ask, "Do you need help?" Then God will say, "Hmm..." and eventually He will help you. Do you understand? You will receive all the blessings.

Even if you are old, you should not worry. If you pray for a certain village with a specific wish more seriously and ardently than anyone else, your prayer will be answered. There is no way that anybody who lives and prays that way will die as a beggar.

You must know that the world will be free. The spirit world has made all the preparations necessary. If you look at the reports from the four saints, am I important or not? We must protect the right of love. All things are made in pairs. Insects come in pairs. Plants come in pairs. Animals come in pairs. So do humans. Our mind and body are a pair. Heaven and earth are a pair. This is the way of love. It is how things are in the world of true love.

Do you not have love? You have life, lineage, conscience-all these. However, your mind and body are struggling. That is the problem. Your own individual love-right can be achieved when your mind and body creates complete unity. However, the two are struggling right now.

There are individual and family love-rights. Say, "family love-right." [Family love-right.] Husbands and wives should not fight.

Who is the subject? Are women or men the subject? [Men.] Women! (Laughter) Why are you laughing? I am asking you. Who is the subject? Who? [Men.] Why? Because men have the seeds of life. The seeds of life connect us to God's love. Without love, a lineage cannot continue. Therefore, men are absolutely the subject.

American women, do you understand? American women have thought of themselves as the best, haven't you? In a family, you are like a queen and you treat your husband as a servant, right? From now, all such things will come to an end.

So, women, raise your hands. Raise your left hands. You have been thinking wrongly so far, but now you know the truth that your husbands are absolutely the subject. As you come to realize the truth, switch hands. Now raise your right hands. This is the absolute truth. Without knowing this, you cannot go to heaven. If you want to come to the heavenly kingdom that I know, you should do as I say.

You should think about why this is. Thus, when you look at a woman's body, nothing really belongs to her. Her breasts are not hers. They belong to her baby. Her baby owns them. A woman's breasts are created for her babies. Is her baby hers or her husband's? Life seeds belong to her husband. A woman is like a field.

A woman's breasts are not hers. Her bottom is not hers either. Why does a woman have wide hips? For her baby. Her womb is also for her baby. Is her beauty for herself? Her beauty is so that she can receive her husband's love. To her husband, she is beautiful. Under the husband's protection, even their baby can sleep and play better. Nothing in a woman's body is for herself. Everything is for her baby. And the woman has to embrace all these things and bring them all to her husband.

In a home where a wife serves her husband like God or a king, there will always be the smell of flowers and other beautiful fragrances. Bees and butterflies will always come to their home, as will heavenly fortune. Would you like to create such a home?

Women must change their attitudes. I saw a demonstration the other day. Men were demonstrating their wish to be free from women. I saw those men demonstrating and shouting, "Liberation for men!"

Love right, love right! Are your mind and body united? Without unity between mind and body, you should not even think of saying the words, "love right." When you hear the words, "love right," you should think of sexual organs. If a man goes and sits on the lap of a beautiful woman should his sexual organ move or not? If it moves, it means that man has forgotten the value of the love right. So you should keep the dignity of your love right even in such a situation.

It is the 42nd what day? [True Parents' Day.] Since I am the True Parent, I should teach you this. I should establish the love right myself and teach you it.

Do you think that I made up the words, "love right" myself or that God taught me? It is from God. What I have been telling you is about the individual's love right. And then what kind of love right follows? The family love-right. It means the love right concerning the relationship between parents and children, between husbands and wives and between brothers and sisters. If your younger brother is taken away by Satan through no fault of his own, must you risk your life to find him and bring him back or not? No matter what it takes, you must bring him back. If your wife is taken away, what should you do? How would you handle it?

God gains back the love right by being a servant in the satanic world. Satan cannot but say "You are too pure and conscientious. I cannot keep you." When God returns from having been the servant of Satan, He comes back with two-thirds of His once lost property. That is the providential view. The formation and growth stages belong to the satanic dominion. God has been suffering and working hard because no one could reach the perfection stage. Satan has to give us what he owns. We should make him feel ashamed of having what he has. We should make him feel undeserving to be holding what originally was intended for us.

Is it easy to keep the love right or is it hard? [It is hard.] If it is hard, how much effort should you put in to keeping it? You must put everything you have and gladly so.

So if you secure the family love-right completely, what comes next? The national love-right. And the next level is the world love-right. So you can understand how hard God's work of restoration must be.

When you secure the national love-right, then you invest all your possessions and even offer your own children for the sake of your nation to find the world love-right. Otherwise, you do not even deserve to keep the national love-right.

When True Parents unify heaven and earth, do you think it is okay for them to claim ownership over them? No, True Parents must offer everything to God, since He is the subject. That is an act of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. A loyal servant must offer everything he has if his king wants it. He cannot be an individualist.

Do you think an eye is individualistic? Does it do whatever it feels like? What would happen if an eye did whatever it wanted and went against the entire body's life-preserving system? It should move along with the entire body system. When you breathe, should you close one nostril and breathe with the other only? No, they should both work together. When you eat, your lips should work together. When you clap both of your hands should work together. Everything is in pairs. Nature is like that. The laws of nature are like that.

So, those who have no friends are lonely people. People need friends. Isn't a man lonely without a wife?

American husbands and wives have different bank accounts. Is that true? I do not know, but it is widely thought to be true, isn't it? Having separate bank accounts, how can you say that you love each other. What kind of love is that? Is love or money more precious? That kind of love is false. The tongue of a snake is split in two. So it lies. Its heart is split in two. How can two people who are willing to give each other their hearts and bodies care so much about money matters? Do you think God made a mistake when He created people? One is concave and the other is convex. What does that mean? Is a person supposed to live alone? What should we do about the bank accounts? Should a couple have one or two? (Laughter) What are you laughing for? Have you not lived like that?

So, children learn from their parents. They learn from their parents that money is the most important thing. They can even sell out their own ancestors if they need to. They think money is more important than love. However, the most precious thing is true love.

Now, do you understand the love right? God is the subject of the entire Creation.

True love-right! You should keep the individual love-right. You are saying quite confidently at the end of your prayer, "I pray in the name of so-and-so of a central blessed family." You can truly pray like that only when you keep the love right.

Those of you who have ever hated your husband or your wife, raise your hands. I will forgive you. Those of you who broke the law of the love right must clear up the past right here and now and start a new life. Don't you think so? What is this? How come there are so many of you here raising your hands? You have had no concept of the love right, have you? Starting from tomorrow, you must keep the love right.

Have you been filial sons and daughters before your parents? Have you been loyal servants in your country? Have you been saints in the world? Have you been holy sons and daughters before heaven and earth? Are you qualified enough to give the blessing on behalf of God? You should be like a younger brother or sister to God. Why is that so? Because you are one in blood lineage. Once you are connected to the true lineage, unification will be realized. Do you understand?

You must have enough knowledge about the love right by now. Say, "I am a love-right absolutist." [I am a love-right absolutist!] Once you are a true-love-right absolutist, you will automatically become a member of the royal family. Even if you do not want to go to God's castle, God will say "Come, come, please come." God would like to take you wherever He goes. You will see if I am telling you the truth or not. I have lived with this dream. And somehow, I ended up becoming the founder of the Unification Church and the True Father. I did not start out on this path thinking that someday I would be the True Father.

Do you think I am telling you the truth or not? Give me your answer. [You are telling us the truth.] Those of you think that I am telling you the truth raise your hands. Wow! Put your hands down. If you put your hands up too high, they show you are arrogant. You should not put your feet on your head!

Now, you have to remember what I told you, and you have to follow it. You will always be on the right track if you follow it. Wherever you go, whether you are alone and naked, or you sleep with your wife, as long as you keep the love right, there will be no problems for you.

You must succeed in surmounting the problems to do with lineage-which deals with three generations, problems to do with equality in human rights, problems to do with the misuse of public money and the problem of creating an ideal family. Do you understand? You must be clean. Now, let us pray.

[Originally published in Today's World, March 2001]

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