Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

What Should Our Families Do?

Sun Myung Moon
January 29, 2001

This is Father's speech (edited for length) given in the New Yorker Hotel, New York on January 29th, at the congratulatory service for True Father's 81st birthday and True Mother's 58th birthday.

What should our families do? Will you live in the United States, in Korea, or in the Kingdom of Heaven? Where? [Kingdom of Heaven.] Do you know the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you know where the Kingdom of Heaven is? Where is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven? Yourself!

Just as there is hell and there is heaven in the spirit world, both exist in the mind of each of you. If you act as your original mind tells you to, you are in heaven. If you solely follow your physical desires, you are in hell. In one person, there are two people. And there are two worlds in this world. There are good and evil people, good and evil nations, good and evil worlds; two forces are in conflict. When we end the struggles and make a complete and unified foundation of peace based on our inner self (sung sang), then we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The key issue here is how we resolve the struggle. The struggle started with the fall of man. The fall caused us to have two blood lineages in one person. Our original mind is connected to God's lineage and our body is connected to the fallen lineage. These two separate things cannot become one....

Whom did Adam and Eve resemble before the fall ? [God.] Who is God? Is God our father? [Amen.] Is God really our father? [Yes!] Are you sure? [Yes!] Do you think that God's mind and body are in conflict, or not? [They are not.] Then, the unity between absolute God's mind and body is also absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

If you can say that you are one with God, no one should ever be able to separate you from Him. Your body wants to go one way, but your mind wants to go the other way. Which way should you go? You sometimes reach such turning points, don't you? How can God be with someone who is in a chaotic state? Those whose mind and body are in struggle cannot enjoy an eternal relationship with God. That is the decisive conclusion.

Then what is Father? I say that I am the son, but what does it mean? I came into existence through the unity of my father's blood lineage and my mother's blood lineage. Therefore, my father's life and my mother's life unite into one through me. My mother's love and my father's love become one through me. I am the product of my parents' love, life and blood lineage....

You should not live with a complicated heart and mind. No matter how difficult the situation you are in is, you should not complicate your mind by doing things solely for your own benefit and for your own sake. Even in the most difficult circumstances, if you try to make others happy and benefit others a hundred times more than yourself, you will be able to find a way to have the situation in hand. I say, "Amen." Does God have a confused and chaotic heart? [No, He doesn't.] Do you have such a heart? No matter how confusing and difficult our situations may be, God's ultimate goal is to save people, to make us happy, to do us good and to give us the blessing. If we have the same attitude as God, we will always be able to control our situation. All of us can do that.

Then what is true love, and what is false love? Even when the entire world is thrown into confusion, if your love does not change, or if you choose the path of loving others for their sake, then you can always be in control of any situation. Nothing can stand in your way. That is why God is not confused.

When I am busy, I usually visit many places and meet many people in a day. But I can handle meeting various people and visiting various places. How complicated and changing can my situation be? If I were doing all of that for my own sake, I would be really busy calculating how much benefit I get from here and how much I make from there. But if one lives a life of investing and forgetting how much one has invested, things are very simple. So I give and forget. That is how I live. It's that simple. My life seems very hectic and complicated, but it always comes back to being simple. Nothing is complicated. Wherever I am, everything just fits right. Perfectly right!...

Unification Church members, do you think the word "indemnity" is a good or bad word? Answer me. [It is a good word.] How good? [The best.] Do you know how precious it is? It is incomparably good.

Are those who appreciate indemnity happy people or not? If you go to prison handcuffed, you may think, "Alas, how did I end up like this? What am I going to prison for? This is the end...." On the other hand, you may have the attitude that you can survive the deepest valley of the dead. That is why you must think deeply. The heroes of history had that kind of guts. Who knows? Seemingly very difficult situations can very well turn out to be blessings in disguise. Can you compare God's love for us and our love for God? If you say that you want to love God more than God loves you, you thereby offer your own life to pay indemnity for God. Will God let you live or die? [God will let us live.]

What is the one thing you should be proud of? [True Parents.] What good is it to know True Parents? Do you need a father or a teacher? Do you need a king? [A father!] Why do you need a father? Because through the father, love, life and blood lineage can come about-the blood lineage of the past, present and future. Blood lineage is eternal. Love and life are horizontal, therefore, they can have an effect on only one generation, but lineage is eternal. It is connected to eternity. You must understand this point. Western people do not clearly understand the value of blood lineage. Our bodies' cells are connected to ancestors of thousands of generations ago. In a brain there are a hundred billion cells. The blood of your ancestors is alive in all the cells of your body....

You were supposed to be born with God's blood lineage but were born with the satanic blood lineage instead. What is the Unification Church preparing? The heavenly lineage! You must know clearly that the satanic lineage in the fallen world is the hellish lineage. If you follow your bodily desires, you will surely go to hell. If you follow your conscience, you will surely go to heaven.

Your physical body wants to eat, to sleep and to make love. Your body centers on itself and lets others live for it. However, the heavenly side tells you that you must fast, serve, sacrifice and shed blood. It teaches you to go the opposite direction of your bodily desires. Those who want to die shall live and those who want to live shall die. That is the final conclusion.

Is a woman the owner of her own sexual organ? No, it exists for her husband. You women must understand this! The owner of a woman's sexual organ is her husband. The eternal owner is her husband. Before, it belongs to her husband, it belongs to her parents. Before, that it belongs to God. Whom does the man's sexual organ belong to? His wife. Without realizing the true owner of your sexual organ, how can you say that it is yours?

So living life without marrying is the greatest among sins because it denies the ancestry; wife denying her husband, husband denying his wife, parents denying their children are the worst of sins. It destroys the heavenly law. It leads to the entire lineage coming to an end in a single generation.

You have no idea how vast the spirit world is. In order to fill up the entire spirit world, God wants all the people on earth to create families and reproduce. God wants as many as possible to populate the Heavenly Kingdom. How can anyone want to remain single if he understands this? If you do not reproduce, heaven will be empty. The entire lineage can disappear in one generation.

Do not become homosexuals! I am warning you. They have no future. Their end is only despair. There will be no families: no parents, no couples, no children, and no relatives. They deny all those important things. That is how they destroy themselves. You must understand this clearly. Homosexuals are finished in one generation.

Young men and women, do you want to fail or do you want to succeed in life? [We want to succeed in life.] What should you do if you want to succeed? You must be engrafted onto the heavenly blood lineage. The fallen blood lineage is destined to go to hell. It is surely doomed to destruction. Our Unification movement knows this very clearly....

Since God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, His blood lineage is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. It will prosper forever. However, the fallen blood lineage will perish. Therefore, you must be proud of having the heavenly blood lineage. That is our amazingly great property. From the other side, they hate it and can never touch, see or feel it. Do you understand?

What are our families? Our families are the ones who inherited God's lineage-not True Parents' lineage. It started with God's lineage and was engrafted into True Parents' lineage. You are the third generation. Adam and Eve and even God could not have the third generation. The first generation was God. Adam and Eve were the second generation but they could not make the connection to the third generation. They lost the third generation.

When were God's love, life and lineage supposed to connect to our first ancestors? When Adam and Eve were married. When Adam and Eve become one as God's external form and then become one as plus and minus and as God's internal characteristics. Our sexual organs is where all is united. That is where our first love begins. From there, the children of Adam and Eve, the third generation can be connected to God. Don't you think so? [Yes.]

No one can deny that. That is the absolute principle to realize the ideal family. You need to have the third generation. That is the only way, God, Adam and Eve and their children can create the four-position foundation. Even God cannot destroy the four-position foundation. God inevitably has to protect it. But Satan tries to destroy it. With what? Not with money, knowledge or power but with love. Satan's false love is engrafted into Adam and Eve, and it has been inherited by the six billion people in the world today, all of whom are in the satanic dominion. Not a single family is connected to God's lineage. Do you understand?

God sent the Messiah in order to engraft God's lineage onto humanity. That was Jesus' purpose in life. When your conscience tells you to go this way but your body hesitates, you must ask yourself. Which is stronger in me? The satanic or the godly blood lineage? Your answer should be that God's blood lineage is stronger. And then you have to kick your body.

What is tempting our minds? Do you know what tempts our minds? Eating, resting and making love. That is why eating and sleeping are our enemies. Our body wants to rest; our desire for rest is a problem. And making love is also our enemy. They are the three doors. Our body loves those three the most. You must be able to break apart from them.

So, the desire to eat is a problem. Many people are here today. All of you like to swing your heads around to look for the food you like. You are swinging the head of the devil when you do that. The true owner is someone who makes sure everyone else is well fed and eats the leftovers. God would eat the leftovers with a satisfied heart. For the sake of your children, do not play around. Do not recklessly engage in self-centered love.

Are you confident enough to follow what I have just said? You may say, "Oh, Father told us to do this. I wonder what could be next. Now that he has officiated God's coronation ceremony and held the blessing ceremony in the United Nations, what more is there for him to do? Don't you think this way?"

If it were officially decided that all the young people in the world should receive the blessing from Rev. Moon, then do you think that everyone should go that way or not? [They should.] Why? That is the only way AIDS can be prevented. That is the best medicine to prevent the collapse of teenage morality and family destruction.

No government can prevent the moral decline of their society. Even the best education cannot stop it. No economic or military power can stop the problems. Nothing can really solve such complicated problems. Only True Parents. It is not difficult for the True Parents to solve the problems of youth and of families, and it isn't a problem to build the Kingdom of Heaven. [Amen!] You must raise your hands and say Amen.[Amen!] Now, we know what our families should do. Even God cannot pull us out. Not even True Parents can pull people out of heavenly unity once it is established. Neither the power of the United States nor that of the world can take anyone away from it. It is the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal unity. It is better than God is.

True Parents are the best of the king's messengers to pave the way for you to fly up to heaven directly. That is true. Where a bridge is needed, I build the bridge. Where mountains are too high, I give you an airplane. God's angels come and hold you in their bosom and fly with you. True Parents can make such things happen....

Let's say that you will have about a thousand generations of descendants in the future and already have about a thousand generations of ancestors. You can be the number one couple among all of them if you keep your purity absolutely like God, who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. You must be able to see that God is the first ancestor, and you are the second ancestor. That is what it means by saying that mine is the central family of the blessing.

Do you think that I must follow God, or God must follow me? God has no choice. True Parents are the only ones to liberate God. True Parents must fix what the false parents destroyed.

Haven't I done everything that I was supposed to do? What more can I do now that God's coronation ceremony has been held? I have done the best a person can do in this world. You will see. What is it that I have accomplished? To create God's people and for God's blood lineage to be engrafted into us, I have blessed individuals, families, tribes, nations and the world through blessings up to 400 million couples. I reached the point where I had to preside over a blessing on a world-level platform.

The ambassadors of all the nations could only look in rapt silence at the wonderful blessed families of the Unification Church. Now the time has come that all the opposing forces that had campaigned against the blessings of the Unification Church in all parts of the world have come to praise them. It is their time to perish and our time to prosper. With our influence and authority, we need to clean up the entire nation once and for all centering on our unified family.

In our right hands, we hold God's kingship, the liberation of humanity and the blessing. In our left hands, we hold the blessing and liberation of all member nations of the United Nations! True Parents have restored God's kingship and successfully held the coronation ceremony, therefore, humankind today has the responsibility of liberating True Parents through the coronation ceremony of True Parents. You must understand this. You have the still unfulfilled task of liberating all the nations before God and liberating True Parents. [Amen.] Where will you go? Where? Where will our families go? You must understand that we are going to see this task to its conclusion.

Your families must find the nation of True Parents. You should become governor-generals. You are responsible for carrying out your work in relation to the embassies. You have nothing to fear. You must make a determination.

No matter what happens, we must liberate our nation. True Parents completed the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God. We are responsible for holding the ceremony to liberation our nations and our people. The coronation ceremony on the family level, tribal level, national level, worldwide level and cosmic level must be completed for True Parents to be liberated perfectly. Then we can say Mansei for the completion of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

You must understand this. God has sacrificed people from many religions, and good blood has been shed for thousands of generations in order to send True Parents to the earth. I had to shed blood to liberate you. So I have made the foundation for you to be welcomed. It takes nothing for you to save your own nation. You must determine that you will find your nation. You should fulfill this responsibility by 2012. Will you promise to do so before God and True Parents? Will you do it or not? [We will do it!] Really? [Yes.] Even if your own head has to swing around in the air ten times and drop on the ground, you will still have to do your job. Those who promise, stand up and those who do not promise, just keep your seats. So, where will you go? We all know. Let us liberate God, True Parents, our nation, our families, the physical world and the spiritual world.

Nothing is in the way; it is just a straight highway. It is no problem for our families to enter heaven. Is there a problem or not? [No problem] No problem forever! No problem absolutely, uniquely and unchangeably. That way all things can be liberated and perfected.

That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Do you understand? That is the original homeland of liberation and the motherland of liberation. That is where everything is. That is the place without worries. Do you understand?

Those who understand completely raise both of your hands up high and shout mansei! Those who promise to overcome all difficulties on the way raise both of your hands! [Mansei!] One more time! [The service concluded with three cheers of mansei]

[Originally published in for Today's World, February 2001]

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