Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Notes From Father's January Speeches

Sun Myung Moon
January 19, 2001
Unofficial notes: Giuseppe Cali

Notes from True Father's speech January 13, 2001

Today all people blessed in heaven and earth, Christians, performed this ceremony together with True Parents. All religions taught the way toward the Completed Testament Age, to attend God as one parent. God had to recreate Adam and then Eve that should have resembled Adam.

This was the history of Israel and Christianity. The liberation of God could have taken place 2000 years ago, if Jesus could find his wife. In our time Christianity could in the same way not attend the Unification Church. So we have to overcome the mistakes of Roman Catholics and the Christians.

Mankind now has to overcome the standard of Jesus but Christians are still fighting. We became like animals because of fallen love. In order to fulfill love we have to become one with God.

Wherever we go beautiful man and women try to seduce us. This is a serious problem.

What do True Parents bring? True love and true lineage. When you enter in the direct dominion of God you have no more connection with Satan. In seven years the Kingdom of Heaven could have been created after the Second World War.

Today is like a dream that come to his coronation. God could not forget Adam and Eve. Today blessed couples pray in their own name. You are all central families. The number 12 requires a centre that is the 13.

Those who want to live will die and those who want to die will live. As the Messiah I had always try to die through the different levels. God is the oldest living being and he had to risk His life many times.

Brother lineage. There is no choice now; we have to follow God and True Parents. You complain that you donít have enough money and you had to come until here, but you have to save your country and the world. When you go back home will you be happy or sad? Everybody wants to be happy.

The red represents Jesus, the green the Holy Spirit. You can build your home only after the school and the church. Please remember the 2001 motto.

1. Keep your blood lineage pure.
2. Power. Donít violate the other peopleís rights. You cannot choose only those you like.
3. Public money. Donít misuse ore steal.

Notes from True Father's January 14, 2001 speech

Once you go to the spirit world there is no choice. You cannot come back.

We have good ancestors, but do you feel sorry for Buddha? Being responsible is not such good position. What about you? The Principle never changes and you have to fit in it. You are absolute, unique, unchanging, eternally. Are you? Man is forever man, woman is forever woman, and this cannot change. God is a unique, absolute, unchanging, eternal being. He is our Parent. We have the same lineage.

Due to the fall this relationship was broken. So we have to understand the Principle. We call God Father Aboji, which means same lineage.

Satan is the betrayer of God and of love. God had to love him anyway but the universe was upside down. Mind and body have been fighting all the time so you suffer and are not free. The evil destroyed love. We are supposed to love the enemy more than our children and invest more otherwise we cannot go back.

In the spirit world everything shows up, so while you are here you have to open up everything and be forgiven.

The fall is so scary. Those who want to die will live and those who want to live will die. Man and woman have different organs and you have to overcome the desires of the flesh. Then you can live.

What does it mean to love your enemy? The sexual organ is the enemy. Those who destroy the sexual organ are the enemies. We want to make love centered on God. This is the root.

How scary is the fall. Thatís why at 7 years of age, boys and girls should separate. Without purity you go to hell. This is the tradition.

Sexual desires go up and down. If you cannot control them you go to hell. I will clarify this. You wait 10 years for the moment you can make love. This is the greatest test in the life of faith. In front of a naked beautiful woman or a handsome man you must keep faith.

You will not be able to go to Godís nation unless you keep the Palace of God, where He can come freely. The pure Palace of Conscience.

You have to think about how much you misused this. Women are dangerous, man is a little better. Understand? Women have their period and want to have a man. You have to kill this desire. If you follow it you will die. Godís fiancée was kidnapped the night before the marriage. If you cannot dominate the fall you cannot be the children of God.

Woman needs a man and man need a woman. This is absolute. In order to control the sexual desire you need hard training.

At the fall the elder brother killed the younger one. You have to forgive even Satan. You have to restore everything through indemnity, not just believe. Your sexual organ is your enemy that separates you from God; that separates husband and wife and even children from parents. The Blessing goes beyond this difficulty. You have to keep your purity, women you should not touch the sexual organ without the permission of True Parents.

Do you have the Palace of love? Centered on that you become husband and wife. Man and woman mix their life making love. Man gives sperm, the seed and woman should receive it obediently. Love makes man and woman unite to create a lineage. You have such a precious thing that you cannot buy.

At the fall God was totally devastated. You must not destroy your Palace of Love so that you can have ideal children.

Centered on this standard we could declare the kingship of God yesterday. Who set the absolute standard? Only I could do because nobody could understand this.

Thousand of generations later, you must be able to keep your purity. The family must be completed through true love.

After the fall they covered the sexual organs. You should not be ashamed. God Himself would like to touch it. Japanese have so many problems with this that it gives me a big headache. If you just follow the sexual desires you die. As blessed couples when you reach the climax you have to be zero.

Are you going to desire to die in order to live in the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus body was taken by Satan because all 12 disciples betrayed him. Now we start again from the 13th. The direction is now set centered on True Parents.

You must not violate other peopleís rights. All properties are public. Dae Mo Nim had to teach you these three points.

You must pledge that you wonít go the evil way. Without knowing about the Fall you cannot make it. Japanese and Korean people, you have to understand it clearly. Men you know yourselves, you can evaluate yourselves. When you are blessed you should keep the heavenly law.

If anything violates your conscience you will become a pitiful person. Today is the 14th of January, us the day to go beyond the national level.

The spiritual world knows who is lying. I did everything God asked me to do, in order to liberate Him and make yesterday's declaration. Do you promise not to fall again?

You will be judged by the truth.

Go back to your missions. I'll, see you soon.

Notes from Father's speech at the leaders meeting

All leaders in society have to know the spiritual world otherwise they cannot solve any problem. Thatís why they have to come to our Hoon Dok Hae conferences.

Father wants to give prizes to them so that their society will recognize them. This kind of leaders should work with the UN. We have to raise them up through the Hoon Dok Hae. They have to get a degree from our Hoon Dok Hae special courses. All these Seoul leaders have to attend this special course in Sun Moon University about the spiritual world. Father will test all leaders, considering results. Each nation should start a Hoon Dok Hae College.

Father will check on all members and activities. Mr. Hwang will receive and read your reports. From now on any leader that doesnít make good results will be changed. This is to protect your life and your nation.

Father will give you a Constitution for our movement that everybody must follow.

Are you happy about saying Aju at the end of the prayer? You received this even if you didnít like it so well.

All Unificationists should always carry Hoon Dok Hae book. We have to use all possible time to study Fatherís words. You have to read all Fatherí speeches otherwise you cannot be leader. I will rearrange all blessed couples.

We need to develop a clear sense of identity. After the university you need the certificate from our courses, including the wives. Father will soon be very busy visiting all places of the world.

We have to prepare to live in the dream world.

Message from Buddha read at the morning Hoon Dok Hae
Words of Buddha spoken through a medium

My purpose was to understand suffering. I wanted to go to the Paradise but I couldnít teach about God so today Buddhists donít understand Him. This is a big problem. I spoke only about Universal Prime Force but not God that is its' source. So Buddhists call for Buddha and not for God.

The wish of God for religions was that they could teach to attend Him. This is the reason why religions couldnít unite. Buddhist should attend God as a Parent and not Buddha. Now Iím working to save Buddhists, witnessing about Rev. Moon. When Buddhist go to the spirit world they are not free to travel because they can go only in Buddhist places.

Only if we sacrifice for the sake of others and attend God we can be free and have eternal life. God is in the parent position. I want to say sorry to my followers because my teaching is wrong and doesnít allow them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is so painful! Heaven and earth should be under God and not divided as consequence of the fall. Buddha's disciples are far away from God. Please realize that all mankind are brothers and sisters. Look at the families that follow Rev. Moon, the Parent of all mankind. They can go over all the barriers. I couldnít find the answer to even the simple problems of peopleís life and finally I ended up far away from God.

God asked me: "Did you ever call me?" You must follow the way of Rev. Moon that brings you to God. My teaching was wrong also because man is born to have children and not live as a monk. I didnít know what sin is and other essential problems. The Principle is the teaching of God. Now I know this truth and Iím so happy!

Those who believe in reincarnation are far away from the Kingdom of Heaven because they center everything on manís life and even on the animal life. We are children of God. The Kingdom of Heave is the place where families go, live for others and attend God. Each being is unique and the ideal of creation is in him. So we cannot be reborn as a different person.

Everything exists due to the power of give and take. We have to think deeply on how God can come to us. Alone we cannot do it. We need the 4-position foundation, husband and wife with children. I hope you can attend God in your home. Rev. Moon is the officiator of the Blessing. You have to participate all in it and receive the eternal family from the Messiah.

Father's explanation and comments about the January 13 event

This ceremony is part of the process to liberate God. This was the purpose of the religions. On August 31, 1989 Father held the Pal Chon Shik ceremony that represented the formation level of the liberation. True Parents could so stand in front of God after having passed through the 8 stages vertically and horizontally. God could love True Parents freely out of any satanic accusation.

The second stage was the declaration of the Cosmic Sabbath through which God could be liberated on the growth stage and could love freely all Blessed couples. The January 13th with the declaration of Godís sovereignty on Heaven and earth, God is liberated on the completion level and can be free to love all mankind in the position of His children.

God is now the King of Kings even on the earth. This means that from now on the world will change direction according to the Heavenly law. The Providence will speed up enormously and Godís word will spread out all over the world rapidly through the Hoon Dok Hae, in order to enable all mankind to keep up with Godís Will. Nothing will be left out of this trend and even world leaders should follow or they will be removed by the Heavenly power. Even tough we could not restore a nation, working with the UN, Father could declare Godí sovereignty.

There are some important motivations for the Holy Wine ceremony that we had, including even True Parentsí family, before the 13th of January. Taking the Holy Wine was a condition to attend the coronation of God ceremony. Father considers the 2001 the beginning of the new millennium, which represents entering into a completely new age and a new beginning for all mankind.

This is true also for Blessed couples, since we entered the age of the substantial realizations of True Love and Godís Kingdom. Another motivation is that through this Holy Wine ceremony we will be able to go over the National Level of the Providence. We will be in the position of True Parents and live and work on the world level.

Wherever we are, through this ceremony, we are connected to the World Providence. Furthermore this Holy Wine ceremony was a forgiveness and registration ceremony. This represents the top of our past history as individuals and families and the end of the indemnity course. This means that, until now, whatever we did, True Parents could take responsibility for us, forgive and even pay on our behalf part of the price to liberate us.

From now on, since there is no more possibility of indemnity, we have to take responsibility ourselves fully and not anymore conditionally, for our behavior and results. As Blessed Couples we will receive full support from God and the Spiritual World to accomplish the purpose of goodness, but on the same time, whatever wrong happen we will have to take responsibility by ourselves in front of God, in order to restore any situation to its original state.

The registration means that, as Blessed Families, we are united in life and action with God and True Parents. This restores the original relationships in the family. From this year we donít mention any more True Parents in the ending of our prayers. This means that like original Adam and Eve, we take responsibility in front of God, mankind and the descendants. So we have to live and act according to the Heavenly law and we will be evaluated and judged by it. From now on everything will be evaluated through reporting and results.

At the coronation ceremony there were two offering tables: one on a higher position for God and another for True Parents. To attend this ceremony directly had a very special meaning: Attending God directly for the first time in History. True Parents showed the attitude of the True Children in front of God to all of us.

Many times we approach God in our prayers and ceremony with a careless attitude and without any preparation, thinking that anyway God can accept anything from us. The attitude of attendance of True Parents in front of God is absolute. They stopped before climbing the stage and True Father offered his prayer from that position, as conclusion of the past history and preparation to approach God so closely.

Representing all mankind, True Parents, with the utmost humbleness, walking 8 steps by 8 steps slowly approached the stage and climbed up to Godís throne, to offer our Heavenly Father their filial piety and their love through offering food.

We could receive from our True Parents the highest teaching of life, the teaching of all teachings: how to attend God. Only on this foundation True Parents can claim the dignity of King and Queen of all Cosmos and only on this foundation we can claim the right to be central blessed families. Without this absolute respect and attitude how can we claim Godís love for ourselves? God is not simply our friend, is first of all the Creator of all Universe. The approach to Heavenly Father has to be gradual and correct in order to prepare the proper environment for Him to come freely.

To recognize the absolute authority of God in our life as our True King, to show our highest respect to Him, especially in our rituals, ceremonies and prayers and to live for the sake of Him and His children, is the necessary preparation to enjoy finally His warmest embrace as our personal Parent, our partner, our brother, our friend, in a freedom that only True Love can give.

Final remarks and recommendations of Giuseppe Cali

I really feel that for each one of us is very important to grasp as much as possible the meaning of this declaration. Please pray deeply about it and ask God to enlighten you heart and mind with the understanding of the age we just started. Attending this ceremony I felt very much the returning to the origin that I have been looking for all my life. Heavenly Father was there in person, not only in the depth of our heart, like in the prayer, but "physically" there. This made my head spinning and gave me a clear sense of the new relationship that we have the possibility to establish from now on with our Creator. This is the highest joy for me and for all mankind but, at the same time, is the most serious matter, since we are not yet perfect.

The best way we can deal with this incredible power and heavenly status is through loving, attending and worshipping God through the Hoon Dok Hae. I really feel that this is the way God can guide and protect us in such a sensitive time, until we reach the level of being totally one with Him. Thatís why True Parents are emphasizing so much it. The Hoon Dok Hae substitute the ability to listen to Godís voice directly, like Adam and Eve in the beginning and gives us a clear direction for our life, attitude and providential work.

I am very confident that many things are going to change rapidly in this world, including our movement and us. Godís power will be more and more manifested everywhere and everything will be straightened out to the original position. So please letís together participate seriously, gratefully and joyfully in this cosmic reorganization that our Heavenly Father, True Parents and now also True Children are conducting. Please, read carefully these notes and take energy and inspiration from them and surely you will be successfully in everything you have to accomplish in your life and mission.

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