Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

True God's Day 2001 Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2001
Chung Pyung International Training Center Korea
Translated by Mrs. Soon Ja Richardson
Unofficial notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins

The morning began with the True God's Day Pledge Ceremony was held with our True Parents. (Many thousands gathered in their holy robes)
True Father asked Rev. Kwak to read. The 1994 God's Day address.

True Father's Message:

Why did you gather here? To meet someone or to talk to a friend? Did you gather here thinking about something? How about God? Did God gather here with some thought in mind? As long as traditions or old ways exist from the fallen world, restoration is not completed. Through Hoon Dok Hae you should complete the restoration process. In 10 years how old will I be? 90. In 20 years 100. In 30 years 110. In 40 years 120. If Moses didn't live for 120 years the Israelites would not have been able to cross the Jordan River.

In your mind are so many complicated thoughts. You must not repeat the same mistakes. God knows when we were created and the time we are in. You must get rid of all complicated thoughts and situations. You must cut off from everything you have to go back to the original more than any other time. Everything will be done according to the truth. Our motto - Liberation of Cosmic Parents and Children of heaven and earth. You must forget the word "suffering" however you should never forget the word liberation. Without God, True Parents and True Love mankind cannot be liberated. Without True Parents and True Love, God can't be liberated.

Hae Bong - (Liberation), liberation is where this indemnity law is working from every direction. 360 degrees. Everything is centered at the centre or absolute zero point. (Father asked us to make the sound of a lamb, bah!) This way is the way of the sacrificial offering. It is the straight and spiritual way. From the zero point or centre everything can be judged right or wrong. As the centre turns on its axis however the standard never changes. In all directions and all situations there is one standard.

What is the difference between this kind of liberation and the liberation of a person that was just released from prison? The person from prison is still blocked in every direction. His relatives, all people and the nation are full of boundaries through which he cannot go. True liberation removes all boundaries and all sharp corners from oneself. Then there is no direction or place that a truly liberated person cannot go. The number 16 is very important. 16 nations fought for the liberation of Korea. They liberated cosmic parents and children. Each person has a mind and body or two parts. So the parents have two parts and the son and daughter have two parts or eight parts. If you include the spirit world it becomes 16. 16 is the number of liberation. 16, 160, 1600, 16,000. 16,000 is the number of liberation. All National Messiahs must go to the Pantanal and catch 160 different kinds of fish representing four different species. 160 is the number of liberation. True Father caught this number. 160. He caught 32 Baku in one day and 11 Dorado in one day. Is there any national messiah who caught the 160 ? No one. Only Father did it. Are you liberated? How far are you liberated? Is God liberated? Jesus could not be liberated. Not without True Parent's can God be liberated. Until God's hope through Adam and Eve are fulfilled God can't be liberated. Without the children being liberated God could never be liberated. Now the cosmic parents must be liberated and the six billion people on earth must be liberated.

To liberate God and mankind religion became necessary. Mind and Body became trapped by the fall. Religion became necessary to liberate this condition. This was the beginning of the liberation of God. You don't know what the root or source of liberation is. Who is going to liberate God? God himself can't do it. It was man who fell in the Garden of Eden. Therefore it is man who must take responsibility for the fall. Only the Messiah can bring the liberation of God.

Adam and Eve made the mistake therefore someone representing Adam and Eve must indemnify it. Can lesbians and homosexuals do it? They are only thinking of fulfilling their own sexual desire. They can't produce children. They have no mind on the future. They can't make babies. They have no place to stand in their lineage. The ancestors have no place with them. There is no order up or down. They have no future generation. There is no purpose for the whole of humanity.

Husband and wife must become one united body. Every king must bow his head to his loyal subjects. How about God? Does God bow down to his children? Unless the children fulfill their responsibility, God can only bow down to God. Are you useful to God or not useful? Does God have the right to punish? If I step on you what is your attitude are you grateful? You should be unchanging if I kick you. God needs three generations to be truly liberated. Three is the number of liberation.

Which does a baby love a mother's breast or the breast of an old grandma. Do you love my words? What do you want the most? To fall in love with God or to fall in love with some person? [To fall in love with God!] In True Love God can be like an older brother and also a father. What kind of liberation does God desire? The liberation of love. What kind of love? True Love. How many kinds of True Love are there? There are many. Up and down (parents and children), Front and back (uncles and aunts), Left and right (brothers and sisters). The core of the liberation of God is True Love. Core love.

You have sucked the life blood out of your Father and Grandfather. Do you think I can just run away? Is it easy to find the Divine Principle? The problem is in the womb. Woman blocked the way for God's ideal. The fall was created by the woman. At the age of 15, 16, 17 girls start buying makeup. True Love is Liberated Cosmic Parents and Children's love. The love of grandfather and grandmother, the love of Father and Mother, the love of children, the love of grandchildren.

The core is True Love. With True Love there is liberation and you can have anything you want. Will we have farmers in heaven? There are no farmers or factories needed to make bread in heaven, however when you want delicious bread with the power of True Love you will have it immediately. If you have True Love there is nothing that you can't do. Ability comes with True Love.

Which came first male or female? Communists say the female came first. Father says the male came first. Everything about the woman was made for the man and for the baby. Women search for a handsome ideal man.

(At this point Father spoke to the Japanese members for over an hour in Japanese.)

God wants liberation. Liberation in what way? In politics? With money? God doesn't need those things. God is seeking liberation in love.

I had all kinds of experiences in dealing with the situations of women. Every kind of problem that women had I worked to solve. That's why all women can feel that they like me.

What does God like most? Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Unless I'm willing to give my life there can be no concept of salvation. You must commit yourself this day. Who is going to liberate God? God is hoping and longing for the marriage of Adam and Eve. This is God's marriage; this is True Parent's marriage. To meet God you must be at a perfect 90 degrees. 91 degrees will not meet God. God now has True Parents. God has been longing for this day.

To fulfill husband and wife you must not play with fire. Adam and Eve played with fire and fell ruining the whole cosmos. How can you fall with this understanding? Your conscience must be made to be strong. The fall is why animal offerings became necessary. The animals have no resentment they are a pure offering. Their blood is shed and this blood has no resentment it is pure. From this point God had to go down to the level of a servant.

I never wanted division to come. The division of north and south or the division of my family. We must reflect and change before January 13th. Kingship is not done in the name of Rev. Moon. It is done in your own name. I have four children who went to the spirit world before their life span finished. This was not supposed to happen.

Knowing all this can you commit the fall? Centered on yourself you say you like your spouse or not. This is not the way of heaven. True Love is the way of heaven, centered on God's hope and happiness.

Because of True Love, America, Russia and China are afraid of me. You must love your enemy even more than you love your own family. This is the secret of True Love. This is why some are afraid.

I have so many impossible situations that I'm dealing with, however can I run away? Why not? Because I know God. No matter how heavy the situation or how much I am pushed down, I cannot escape the fact that I am the Son of God. I can't run away. You can't dance around with the things of this world. You must totally clean up. This is the meaning of registration. Unless you have registration God can't welcome you. God actually can't do it. True Parents had to do it. What was that? Make Satan surrender. In March, 1999 Satan surrendered. Because of True Parents Satan could surrender. God could not make Satan surrender. That would violate the principle. Man gave Satan his power and only man can make Satan surrender.

On October 14, 2000 Father did a special ceremony to remove all the boundaries of religion and race. There are no more barriers in the spirit world. All are one in the spirit world. The seven year period from 1997 to 2004 are the years in which all things can be cleaned up. Old Testament and New Testament eras have been concluded. The Completed Testament Era has dawned. There is no more division. Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and their wives are here.

Freely, I gave you the signature and authority. Now America must help God's providence, the UN must help. If they don't help they will lose their fortune.

You are listening to me today with the assistance of the angels. The UN, all nations and even the Mafia are listening to me because none of them have the solution to the problems of the family and the youth problems. They are all interested in the solution to these problems. We have the solution therefore they must help us.

You cannot live in any way that you wish. You must live so as not to dirty your lineage. God has no concept of things belonging to himself. We must have no concept of our own belongings. We must give and forget. As we offer all to God, God will bless us with greater blessing than that which we offered. I may seem cold but I'm afraid that if I don't tell you this truth you will blame me in the spirit world.

Let us sincerely repent and cleanse ourselves as we enter this new era. Raise your hands if you pledge to make this total commitment. Amen!!

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