Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

True Parents' Arrival at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
November 22, 2001 1:00 p.m.
East Garden, New York

True Parents arrived at East Garden from Korea at 1 p.m., Thanksgiving Day. About 100 members were given a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and then Father asked Rev. Peter Kim to report. These are very unofficial notes. The stuffing did me in. Tyler Hendricks (translation by Rev. Peter Kim and Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong).

Peter Kim's report:

The restored nation has been established, and it is called the "The nation of cosmic peace and unification."

Father gave out everything in explaining the meaning of this nation in the 8-city tour. The most amazing thing is that no one left during the speech. The mayor of Pusan attended. The same thing happened for True Mother in Japan. Hundreds of VIPs attended. True Mother gave people the AOP (Ambassador of Peace) certificates. All VIPs, even those not pre-selected to be an AOP, wanted to become an AOP. Theme of the Korea-Japan speaking tour: the nation for cosmic peace and unification, sponsored by the House of Cosmic Peace and Unification and IIFWP. The first point Father would make would be to define the House of Cosmic Peace and Unification. It is new for Koreans as well as for everyone else. Chunjoo Pyunghwa Tongil Guk.

Chunjoo usually means "cosmos," but in the Chinese characters, chun represents two people and joo represents house. So chunjoo means two people, mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters living together in oneness in one house. That is the beginning point of creating peace and unification. So it begins from the individual's mind and body, then unity of yourself with your spouse, then with your family members, and on to tribal, national etc. levels. And it includes spirit world too, our ancestors.

Chun-il-guk is the abbreviation: "Chunilguk." Which means the chunil nation, the nation where two people live together in oneness. Father has declared it to be built on earth and in spirit world. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has been declared. Now it depends upon us completing this providential task.


In the family setting, the three generations, parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, have to be completely united. The family includes your children and grandchildren. No matter how happy your conjugal relationship itself may be, that is not a family. You need your children, the expansion of the family, and you need that to expand into a nation.

In spirit world, the entire cosmos will be one family under God. To build the Heavenly Kingdom here, each family should be a model family. We will set the paradigm. It is a unit, a single unit. The unity is the same on each level. The expansion to the nation forever. The entire world makes one family; that is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in spirit world. The nation has the foundation of two people living together in unity.

If your family is such, for eternity, it becomes a formula and model unit to build the Kingdom of God. There is the individual-level nation, the family-level nation, the national-level nation, the world-level nation-eight stages. In the secular world, there is no concept of the eight stages of the nation. There is a formula in God's providence. All the saints in the spirit world are working to build this nation for the cosmic peace and unification in spirit world, and a counterpart on earth.

In the physical world, there cannot be a ruling party and opposition party fighting and destroying each other, but they should relate as husband and wife, harmonious, united. The democratic "brotherism" should be elevated to parentism, because father and mother do not fight. There has been no center; therefore they move back and forward. There is no axis. When it is established, the world will be stabilized.

The true model is absolute, not changing. It goes through history without changing. History has been changing in restoration. The ideal world is unchanging. This is God's characteristic, His central concept. The created being should have the same unchanging concept. All humanity desires the absolute nation, the unique nation, in which God is our Father and we resemble Him in the unchanging and eternal nation, on the earth. Everything in the fallen world is changeable, and that is Satan's work.

The family relationships, including marriage, can never change. They are fate, because they are connected in one life, love and lineage. The west does not know the importance of blood lineage. The lineage has to be the same, forever. Therefore the western world has no central root. English people are the same blood lineage, so are Koreans. The most important thing is not love or life, although they are important, but the most important is lineage. The other two are just valid for one generation. It ends after one generation and cannot connect to the nation and cosmic world.

What is left is individualism. The ideal world has one center, not two. All national foundations are connected to that. America is changeable, between Democrats and Republicans. That is brother relations. The unification viewpoint is True Parents, which has no separation. True Parents are going to the same destiny forever, with absolute life, love and lineage. Ultimately all people will connect with their position, in earth and in spirit world too. That is the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal system.

American families have no center; each goes their own way. How can you create the life, love and lineage? You cannot connect with God's side. The family is where two people live together in perfect harmony. So, chunjoo is where two come together in perfect love. That is the meaning of chunjoo.

[Graphic] The Chinese character for chunjoo

The household is where two people live together in true love. True Parents declared the chunilguk on the 42nd True Children's Day, November 15, 2001.

The first stage is the oneness of mind and body. Without that, we cannot call ourselves perfect. Without that absolute unity of mind and body, if you marry someone in the same condition, there are four parties fighting. In three generations, it comes 12 people fighting. Without knowing this, people boast and become famous and think they are great.

Like the four seasons coming and going, there has to be a heavenly constitution for the chunilguk. The two becoming one is centered on love, and the love house centers on the sexual organ. It should be eternal. The key for your spouse's love organ is only one, possessed by the spouse. The wife's love organ is not owned by the wife herself, but by her husband. There is no spare key. It must be a unique, absolute, unchanging and eternal key.

In the world, there is no order. Do you wish to have an extra set of parents? Absolutely not. We want one set of parents' love. If everyone truly understood the stage of their life in reality, they would not be able to lift their head in front of God and talk about themselves.

We need unity of the three generations, which creates the number 12, restoring the 12 disciples of Jesus, centering on true love. Without knowing this heavenly truth, it doesn't matter how powerful a nation may be, it will disappear. There are problems between Israel and Palestine, North Korea and South Korea, and within America now. That's why I have been teaching inter-religious and international dialogue. Is America based on an international, inter-religious concept? No; it is Anglo-Saxon. Many Americans still in their hearts believe in white supremacy; that is wrong. Whether you are rich or poor, you are still brothers. If people are willing to change position, peace will come. If the elder helps the younger, peace will come.

I have invested everything, including the Unification Church, for America. I have poured it out. That's why more and more people are recognizing my work and devotion. I have been following this heavenly formula. Did any significant American leaders support me from the beginning? No; they opposed me. But I didn't care; I just followed the heavenly formula to build the nation of peace, where two people, two nations, and two worlds can live together. Therefore I declared the Coronation first, then the settlement of God's fatherland, then the chunilguk.

The president of Korea could have challenged me, but he didn't. Through the eight presidents of South Korea, all have opposed me. Even ambassadors usually give nasty reports about our activities. Now we are creating peace ambassadors. Americans by themselves cannot create the original peace base by power or knowledge, but only with God. We have to secure the perpendicular connection with God, on all eight stages, connecting with God.

All things have male and female, plus and minus, mind and body. All the created world connects with plus and minus. Free sex does not connect with anything. In free sex, the sexual organ has no center; it is like the floating autumn leaf on the river. That being is changeable and Satan is its king.

We have to reach out to and love the world. America is based on Christianity, but America lost God and the Christian spirit. Christians lost their parents and became individualistic. Privacy is despicable, because it is self-centered. Our body is a temple. Perfected minus should live in the temple, and the parents represent a big plus/minus and the children represent a small plus/minus. So if you omit anyone, it is incomplete.

People in the world do not know how to establish a family; they do not know who should sacrifice to make the family. They do not know the formula, nor how to build the God-centered nation. The true order of grandparents, parents and children should exist in the nation. In Cheju do, two days ago, I called all the leaders of the Moon tribe and clan and Han clans and gave them this talk. We have to secure God's blessing from the individual nation to the nation, then go back to the individual level. Until we do, we have to be absolutely united with True Father. You cannot just go off and do what you want; we are the soldiers. We are like an army, with levels of headquarters. But once the war is over, you will be united centered on God. Then you will get your I.D. card for the chunilguk. It is not a conceptual nation, but a substantial nation built in the physical world and then spirit world. It is Abel's world, lining up all the centers, individual, family, tribe, etc. It will be respected even in the Cain world.

The world headquarters is sending out this application form to all the people in the world. Eventually we will fill it out and we will get a card. To do so, you need three stages of education. On the front is your photo, on the back is True Parents' photo and pledge. We have to stick with the heavenly law. We don't force people to have one. But even the UN will accept it. Your nation is chunilguk. Without it, there is confusion. Once it is done, I do not have to come back to earth.

[A new message from Dr. Lee. The title is about all four saints being united into one perspective, received late August through November 7.]

1. Twelve disciples of Jesus. 80 Christian leaders. Seminar in spirit world. 120 Christian leaders. They are all going to report.

2. Judas's confession. Please forgive me and love the 12 disciples. We cannot describe all the support and guidance. We joined the seminar, and it is not easy to catch all the ideas. But we recognize that God is our parent. And it was very moving. We can change and develop our life. Especially the Messiah chapter is moving us. They are weeping and crying for forgiveness. Now we got so much explanation and we are determined to follow Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

3. Peter. I will follow the teachings of the Lord of the Second Advent. I never joined this kind of seminar, but it is so moving. It moved my heart. Now that the Messiah is on earth we should attend him.

4. Andrew. We didn't know Jesus was suffering and now the Messiah is on the earth. We couldn't support Jesus well. Now we pray for all the disciples of the Messiah on the earth.

5. Jacob. Jesus and the 12 had a meeting, and shared moving ideas. God's providence is clearly developed until this day, and I didn't know we were so important. Please forgive the disciples. Now that we have encountered the new truth we hope the second Messiah will have no tribulation. We will attend him.

6. John. How can we develop the ideas of the spirit world and physical world? I have never reviewed these ideas. The second Messiah is the parents of humankind.

7. Philip. I see that everyone has their own portion of responsibility, and I am deeply moved by that. If failures happen, then God's providence is prolonged. We have been long-awaiting the providence to continue, so we deeply appreciate the second Messiah. Predestination is a very powerful concept as well. We are now in the time to attend the Parents of humankind.

8. Matthew: I never studied why we need a second Messiah. I was surprised by it, that we need another mediator. The 2nd messiah comes to save humankind. He should stand as the parents of humankind. We now understand the heart of Jesus. He can allow us to understand the new truth.

9. Simon: God is our parents. That is the most shocking idea. We are servant of servants and therefore cannot go to the children's position.

10. Thomas. A very humble disciple. We have never had the position of children of God. Now is the time to return and stand in the position of parents. The Messiah came to give us all this new truth and ideas. I don't know how to develop them, except follow the direction of Jesus. I will do my best.

11. Nathaniel. Because we 12 couldn't fulfill our responsibility, we need the Messiah and God's providence prolonged. God's providence was delayed. So now we want to support the Messiah on earth totally.

12. Thaddeus. Why didn't we know this simple truth? I am curious as to how we can fulfill and attend the Messiah. True Parents, please show us the way.

13. Jacob. I deeply kyung bae to True Parents.

14. Abraham.

15. Isaac. Through True Parents' ideas we can be good followers of True Parents. We can feel the love of God in providential history. It is time for all earthly people to receive the benefit through the messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon. As children of God we can go and meet one place.

16. Joseph. I want to fit into the Completed Testament Age. By studying Divine Principle, we can understand from Adam to today. We are going to follow the way of Divine Principle. I'd like to achieve something here in spirit world before the Messiah comes here.

17. Jacob. I want to follow the attitude of the True Children. The providences repeat as parallels ... I appreciate Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

18. Joshua. What moved my heart most was that God always sends a central figure and earthly people attack and even kill him. This is the human history.

19. David.

20. Solomon. Please give us mercy so we can understand.

21. Calvin, weeping and crying and he heard the lecture, remorseful that his life had no value because he could not meet Rev. Moon on earth. And that by understanding the God who is our parents we can solve all the philosophical and theological problems, and we all should do absolute faith, love and obedience, and see what was wrong with my theology.

True Father: As you hear this, compare your life with theirs and the opportunity you have, much better than them.

22. Joseph Smith. How can we imagine the love of God? God lost His children. I want to learn Divine Principle well. Rev. Moon has rebuilt all essential truths. The Divine Principle is perfect.

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