Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

42nd True Children's Day Celebration in Korea

Sun Myung Moon
November 15, 2001
Rev. Doo
Seoul, Korea

The 42nd True Children's Day ceremonies began in Korea at 7 a.m. on Thursday, November 15, 2001 with True Father and True Mother conducting a Kyungbae ceremony at Hannam-dong House with senior members of the Church, major leaders and representatives of blessed families. Everyone then departed for the Kuri International Training Center. At 10 a.m. at the Kuri International Training Center 5,000 participants gathered. from Korea and around the world, including National Messiahs, Continental Directors, Women's Federation leaders and major business leaders to begin the formal True Children's Day service.

With President Sun Jo Hwang as emcee, the ceremony began with a prayer by Rev. Jung Ok Yoo, followed by flower presentations by Jung Ho Park and Sung Soon Hong families.

At approximately 10:20 a.m. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak read True Father's words entitled "What Day is True Children's Day?" Then True Father came to the podium and began his speech with the question to the participants: "What day is it today?"

True Father went on to say: "Our minds and bodies struggle between good and evil?? Something truthful, something false; true parents, false parents; true children, false children! We need to deny all that which is false and embark upon a world of goodness. Because, due to the fall, three generations were lost, we must now restore those three lost generations.

Accordingly, God is looking for families that can be loved by God, families in which grandparents representing the spirit world, a couple representing the present, and sons and daughters representing the future, must dwell. Thus, blessed families with three generations must take responsibility as the Third Creator on behalf of God."

In the middle of his speech, True Father had everyone repeat the words: "May the blessed families fulfill their responsibilities as the Third Creator!"

At the conclusion of the speech, President Sun Jo Hwang gave a report on the "Certificate of Membership to the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace" prepared according to Father's direction. He explained that the certificate holds a special significance as concrete evidence for registration into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Further, in accordance with Father's direction, President Sun Jo Hwang stated that all people must receive this certificate, and proclaimed before the public that the following four points must be practiced:

1. Live for the sake of others;

2. Complete the ideal of true family through purity;

3. Practice the ideal of interreligious, international, interracial reconciliation and cooperation; and

4. Promote spiritual and moral leadership for unification, corresponding to the Heavenly Way.

True Father then further elaborated on his speech about the Heavenly Law for approximately 20 minutes, emphasizing that absolute faith is absolute practice. He said his words must be absolutely observed. Father then cut the cake and retreated after three cheers of Mansei led by Mr. Jong Kwan Yoo.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, all participants were given a message in writing, stating the purpose for the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace, and an application form for the Membership Certificate.

A world leadership conference will be held at the same location from tomorrow.

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