Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

True Children's Day / Notes on Father's Address

Sun Myung Moon
November 15, 2001
Notes by Michael Jenkins and Julian Gray

Dear Leaders,

The celebration began at Su Taek Ri at 10 am. True Parents entered looking totally refreshed and inspired. Father was well received by key leaders in Korea and especially at the Korean General Assembly. The general atmosphere here is that Father the world leader that has deep religious and broad based support world wide, influence in America and the political influence to be the leader in the peace process between the world's religions and in the ongoing peace process in Korea.

Mother was totally welcomed in Japan and was given the highest respect and honor. The Japanese movement is growing in membership even with their enormous sacrifice to send 20,000 women to the world. 1000 Japanese leaders attended the True Children's Day celebration.

The World Leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace were in attendance: Our very own President Mrs. Alexa Ward was in the front row. Father really enjoyed seeing these western women leaders and their heart of attendance to True Parents. They just finished an international leaders meeting with the World chairwoman Dr. Moon. Dr. Moon is building a strong unity of the Father, Mother and Elder Son nations and elevating the WFWP activities to fully develop their NGO mission as well as impact their own countries.

Father asked Rev. Kwak to begin the celebration with the reading of True Parent's True Children's Day address from an early Children's Day. Then Father spoke:

The following notes are from Julian Gray through the simultaneous translation.

Father's words at the 10 o'clock in the morning service at Su Taek Ri. Training Center, True Children's Day November 15, 2001

Father spoke for a relatively short time.

Unofficial notes: by Julian Gray

Happy True Children's Day.

God made the phrase "True Parents." Incredible phrase, wonderful words.

Can you become absolute children of the absolute True Parents? We should have become absolute children and absolute couples, yet we ended up with two masters. Lineage. If lineage is passed down in a proper way, then the family can have an absolute standard, and there can be tribe, nation and world leading to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Mind and body struggle. The source of all problems goes back to the first ancestors. How could the children of God fall? A mystery even we cannot know. Only God knows this. The couple who were to be ideal became the couple God could not stand, due to the blood lineage. Adam and Eve's blood lineage went wrong. Only God knew what went wrong. Only God knew the cause of the problem. The identity of Satan had to be pursued? without doing so we could not have got to the root of the problem. We cannot understand the meaning of the holy days without finding this out.

Due to the mistake of the first ancestors, it all went wrong. Money is liked by many people, but money cannot become an absolute standard. Can money buy character? You can live without [much] money. Politics, power, authority! Was the fall due to power or money? The main issue was responsibility. So in the Unification Church we talk about our portion of responsibility.

Parents have to be in the same position as God. Yet we now have a world where our minds and bodies struggle with each other God's will is to establish the Four-Position Foundation. God is a personal God, and Parent. God needed children and God needed a family. Due to the fall, everything that could lead to God having a relationship failed. Because of the mistake in the beginning, all 6 billion people [of the world] are under the false lineage. Two masters. Mistake at the outset led to this. But True Children's Day... What's good about having children? We can perfect God's love and perfect God's family. Can man or woman complete love by himself? God could not perfect love by Himself; he needed a partner, and object to share love with. Do women have love? Life? Lineage? Or not? We seem to have more women than men here today! Why are there so many women!? [laughter] You cannot perfect love by yourself. But without a man, you cannot become masters of love. To become masters, you need men. When there are husband and wife you can have children. No matter how beautiful a women is she cannot become the master of love in ten thousand years unless she has a male partner.

I had a hard time finding True Mother. I knew what to do to go the easy way [in life] so why did I choose a hard way? There are those who seek [to fulfill the desires of the] body and those who seek for the mind. My difficulty was to find a true woman. As Adam failed to fulfill his position of subject in relation to Eve in the beginning, problems arose. When body and mind become completely one we can stand as master of love before God. When mind and body become one, the internal character and external nature become one. Due to the fall, Adam and Eve's body and mind (even when they loved each other) ... inherited false lineage. Eve denied her husband. This false beginning was passed down and a world of misery came about, resulting in false love, false life and false lineage. The inheritance of the mistakes of ancestors. Now the world denies God, denies parents, denies husband and wife. Individualism? lose you nation, lose your family, everything. You deny God and deny everything.

Children did not understand the solution in front of their parents? They fell into their own trap. Who can resolve this? Who can liberate this situation? The True Parents must. The unity of mind and body in men and women is what God desires. We become absolute and establish an absolute standard. We lost this way. To restore it, God had to carry out the providence of restoration. It has been hard to find hope in the world. We speak of "developed nations" but we do not know what should go on top and what should go on the bottom. Everything was turned upside down due to the fall. Everything is back to front. Our content is at a right angle [to where it should be]. This is a most fearful concept. The rights of ownership belong to the parents. As we observe the false parents and True Parents we see that the false took over. Evil took precedence. We have to deny everything first. We have to be willing to go down to hell first. We had to live a celibate life to deny the first unprincipled relationships. We have to deny and negate the past to be born anew. Adam and Eve were the second creators after God. He created Adam and Eve, but they were unable to come up with a third creator. God was unable to have grandchildren. Do you understand?

As a third creator you should receive the love of parents and grandparents. In this real world now led by Satan, over three generations we would have been able to inherit the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Adam and Eve's children would have been true children. How many children would Adam and Eve have had. Had they lived to 100 years of age ... many children! These children would have been in a better position than Adam. God would have wanted Adam to be better than Him, so Adam and Eve would have wanted their children to be even better. So God's desire was to see His grandchildren, to perfect Himself. The seed would have been perfected at that point. Then physical children? and lineage? Would all have been connected. This kind of relationship should have been established. But the child in the womb was not God's child, and God could not be happy with that baby.

Due to fall we lost Adam and Eve. How can we save this situation? We have to [have] a true [olive] tree. The wild olive tree should engraft to the true olive tree. We have to cut the bad tree and attach [graft onto] the true tree so that everyone can become a true tree. This is a surprising concept. This is the only way. You have to make families, central blessed families, not just Adam and Eve's family, but thousands of such families. You have to enter the kingdom of heaven forever, through grafting onto the true tree, making a true family. It is for this that God worked alone. There will be millions of central blessed families. The value of Adam and Eve's family and your family would have been equal. You have to be a family of God's love. Grandparents represent the spirit world, parents represent the present, children represent the future. Sons and daughters should receive the love of grandparents. I like my grandchildren more than my children.

You are the ambassadors of heaven. The grandfather is the king. The mother and father are king. There are two kings: grandparents and parents. We have to inherit grandfather and grandmother's love, father and mother's love. We lost this. We have to establish central blessed families. This is a new era: I have done everything. There is no indemnity in your generation, but you did not find your nation. I overcame all persecution. Satan lost. The entire providence can be fulfilled. All should take responsibility as third creators. Now we can inherit everything? all people can be blessed, so now is the time of the second Israel. Our blessed families number half of humankind, so you must follow the way of True Parents. You have to think "I am a second Adam/Eve." Just establish three generations. We must love better than is done in Satan's world. Our mind and body are fighting, but they must become one. In the whole world you can be a true saint, son and daughter. You have to think deeply about this. In God's mind, only Rev. Moon is the son. You have to be such a family. Blessed families are the kind God desires. You have to register. When Jesus was born, Herod made an official edict to find him ...

[Father talks about his role in the marriages of certain providential figures]

Who will believe my words?

No one knows God is our Father? You cannot change your father for money. First love is valuable. You are the representatives of all humankind, women and men. You have to witness to all humankind, blessed couples should be the third creator. Mind and body should be one? That is real love. No family has accomplished absolute faith and absolute love yet. We can connect God's lineage to ours as the princes and princesses of God

We have to restore the mistake of Adam and Eve. Those who can do this say Mansei! A blessed family has the responsibility as third creators.

[From time to time in Japanese]

Importance of the education of the second generation? Even if you have to sacrifice Japan you have to raise up your children. Don't think you will die in Japan? Go to the world and raise up the children of God. Or the mission of the Eve nation will not be completed. This is clear ... .same for the European members: [in English, inaudible (sorry)] Unified kingdom/nation of cosmic peace ... [interpreter's translation] Within the idea of the cosmos is the idea of peace -- the unified kingdom. God has one country under Him? A unified nation.

[Rev. Hwang introduced the idea of making cards that registered blessed family members would carry]

From the 1960s we have been liberating things according to order? My instructions are based on heavenly law. You cannot violate heavenly laws. Absolute faith. You have to believe in what you cannot yet see. Not based on concept: this is substantial. God said to Adam and Eve, "Do not fall." Adam and Eve's mistake caused the greatest suffering and resentment. Offerings had to be made -- entire clans sacrificed. My instructions are not imposed on you arbitrarily. These words become the constitution because they are based on God's law. A violation is a violation? My words are strict. God trained me. Many have received re-blessing? But not from now on. You have to love your enemy? But more, the sons and daughters of your enemies. Cross cultural blessings. Let's see how many can really understand this. I am a busy and impatient person? More impatient than God! I know the spirit world, I know the structure of God's world so I must go this way. If you have son and daughters you will be persecuted by your ancestors if you just match them up with someone of your own choice.

How many mistakes has Japan made? Island mentality. Must go beyond borders. Island nations have no sense of moderation. When I was studying in Japan, I worked underground for liberation. After learning God's will, I knew Japan had position of Eve ... How easy is it for Korea to love Japan? For me to try to love Japan ... do you know how difficult this is? If you do not restore the heart, it will not work ... no excuses. Unless you completely attend God in your lives, you have to offer everything, make a strong determination. Japanese women have to go out to the world to live as missionaries ands fulfill their position as mothers. Those living an easy comfortable life will go to hell, do you understand? If I were not here, the world of women would be destroyed. You have to fulfill your responsibility. We have to build the nation of God from the bottom of hell with more love and more sacrifice. You don't know heavenly happiness. You have lived based on habits? This will not work in God's country. You should be grateful you can live for God's will. Daughter nations Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada have to help and support God's will. Things are moving in this direction until we build the Unified nation. Japan has many Gods, whereas the USA has only one. I helped Japan set up conditions, so now Japan is in the position of Mother.

Evening Celebration

The evening entertainment was extremely thoughtful and of the highest quality performed at the Little Angels School. Rev. Hwang and the Korean family have made this program absolutely tops. A well developed Video of the vast and fast moving accomplishments of our True Parents were shown.

In the VIP section with True Parents were our top Continental leaders and the Women's Federation For World Peace Leaders. A children's choir performed as well as a special professional play performance by many second generation actors. Top name Korean entertainers concluded the program acknowledging "True Parents".

It was a moment of great joy. The next day we began an international leaders conference at Su Taek Ri.

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