Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Fourteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

Sun Myung Moon
October 3rd, 2001 10:00 AM
Su Teng Ni Training Center
Unofficial Notes

Become an Embodiment of God and a Lord of Creation!

God has been in tears.

From now on you can use the word "Japanese," which means the boundary of nations. You should say "Japanese blessed couple," or "Japanese brother."

It is my Father, God whom we yearn to meet. It is not a father in Japan or in Korea. God has not been able to have "His things" in this fallen history. God is first generation, and Adam is second generation. God could not have a third generation. God could not love anything centering on God. Poor God! My father, my mother, my children, my country...nothing belongs to God.

Why did God make the Creation? Because of love. With love He created Adam and Eve, but He lost Adam, and fell into sorrow. My brow, my mouth, nose, ears...nothing belongs to God. When we say Japan, America or Korea, if we do not attend God, then these have no meaning. And absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are important. As there is no God's nation yet, we cannot pray for God to give happiness to us. I have never prayed like this. There is no way for America to live, if it does not follow God.

Let's find out "me."

Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. It is the ideal world where God can possess all things in heaven and on earth. Amen. But, now God is lonely, because He possesses nothing. God has been able to have a relation neither with "us" nor with "me." So, True Parents have engrafted us to them one by one. Those who try to die will live, and those who try to live will die. This is logical. This world is the result of my ancestor's relationship with Satan. How serious it is!

Is Japan God's Nation? (No) Is America God's Nation? (No) Korea is also not God's Nation. Do you know the meaning of the establishment of God's Kingship? Until now God and True Parents have been sorrowful. Now you report in the name of the blessed central family. If you cannot have something better than yesterday, there is nothing to report. The blessed central family cannot pray and report anything without the development of God's providence. You have to sacrifice yourself for God.

Originally, the concept of "us" starts from original husband and wife. Then it expands its sphere to the nation and world. Do you have "your family"? Is it on God's side or Satan's side? Does your husband have no relationship with the fallen world? If so, he is "my" husband. It is shameful to eat and sleep in such a situation.

Master Korean language in three years

From now on you have to understand Korean language. You have lived Japanese lifestyle until now, but you have to change yourself after coming to Korea across the sea. Do you learn Korean? Or Do you learn Japanese? Or English? (Korean) Why? To follow True Parents. Through interpretation you can understand only 70% of the original meaning. You have to master Korean in three years. God gave poor Korean people an excellent language.

Japanese women should not marry Japanese. (Yes) The number of sperm of Japanese men is falling down to 7000. He cannot get his wife pregnant. If he eats the Korean ginseng, he becomes able to do it. It is the most precious present for a Japanese woman to marry a Korean man. (Yes) The Korean man is not bound by the national boundary. When he goes abroad twice, he makes friends there.

"I" live centering on God. Is the property in Japan the property of Japan or the property of God? (God's property) How many Japanese think like this? God possesses not only things but your body and your sexual organ. Then can you do free sex? (No) Today is the 14th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. 13 years have passed since it was founded. What is Jan. 13? It is the day of the establishment of the God's Kingship. Tomorrow (10/4) is the day of liberation from the South Prison. Oct. 14 is the day of liberation from the North Prison. Each of these days is also the foundation day. When you live for the sake of others, you live eternally.

When you are connected with true love, you are connected with eternity. In the Unification Church, we overcame races, but there is no nation God can dwell in yet.

Let's go back to nature and live as lords!

You have to go back to nature. The fall means that human beings could not become the lords of Creation. Human beings are supposed to live in nature, and love the fishes, insects, animals etc. And human beings should love each other. You have to be able to live your life without shame before the plants, animals and fishes. To become a lord of Creation, you have to go back to God's original world. In nature people unconsciously can come close to have God's mind. Without training to live with nature, people cannot make an amiable character. Pantanal has a standard of "origin," "root," and "victory" of nature. Human beings are supposed to live with nature. When you eat something, you have to eat deliciously. When you work in nature, you have to do it with interest. God likes the kind of people who are similar to me. You have to love the sea. Snow, trees and flowers in holy are they! Let's live as princes who can be embodiments of God through having a deep relationship with nature. Raise your hand if you have decided to go to Pantanal in South America! You have to go there once every four years.

I want you to be deeply connected with nature, become a friend of God and an embodiment of God, and become a lord of Creation God made. Raise your hand if you have decided to live like this!

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