Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Address at the Leadersí Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
June 22, 2001

This is an excerpt from an address given at the Leadersí Meeting on June 22, 2001 at East Garden, Irvington, NY. The interpreters were Tim Elder and Hee Hun Standard; these unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.

We are going to consider spirit world. We have to be serious about this. Knowledge of spirit world is necessary for your daily life. It is for the sake of true love. All the saints in spirit world and all of us should be united. We should not be self-centered. When you go to spirit world, you have to be prepared by knowing about spirit world. You need to know how to attend God and True Parents, so this information is not for someone else, but for us in particular. You need to have the right attitude. We should not delay doing this. We are living in a different time. We need to learn the life of attendance.

You need to learn the motto of the year 2001. This is something I have been practicing. All of what I have done, you must do as well. The life of attendance is important. Don't be self-centered. You pray in the name of a blessed central family, but it should not be just words. You have to be a leader. You have to substantiate the words, which is to fulfill Godís love. Everything that is happening is for the fulfillment of love, which comes through mind-body unity. First we must be united mind and body. Then we should reach a higher level, God. God is an absolute, eternal being. We have to fulfill Godís will. That is eternal.

In order to complete a building, we need a structure. We need to have the right attitude, the subjective character. You should not think of someone else doing your job, but should feel responsible to fulfill your mission on your own. When we listen to Godís words we should have the right attitude. We should not just talk about it, but act upon it and reach the highest standard. We have to make constant effort to reach that level. You must be in the subject position. You have to do everything right. We have to be different from the way people were in the past, and have a clear concept.

You donít need me or a savior. In the past, you just had to follow with absolute faith, but now we are not in the age of faith, but we need to substantiate love. Ask yourself, what kind of man or woman should I become. Do not abdicate responsibility for the whole. Take charge in order to substantiate love. Donít be responsible just for yourself, but for the world, including your family, tribe and nation. We should have a worldwide nation. It can come only through absolute faith, love and obedience. We should take greater initiative. We should have a clear purpose. We cannot bring unity when we are self-centered. We should center on the love of the parents. We should be exemplary before the whole. We should not just live randomly or casually, but should have a clear purpose and represent the whole, going toward perfection. We should be in the position to represent God.

In order to do that, we cannot be self-centered. We should abandon ourselves totally and be united with God 100 percent. When we go through puberty, we are like a bud, compared with a flower. In the future, the flower will bloom. We are like flowers that go through the stages of growth. The flower blooming is this world opening wide, filled with the fragrance of flowers. With the sunlight, water and air, we can bear beautiful fruit. That happens by the harmony of the universe. Of course, butterflies and bees will fly into us and our fragrance will fill the universe. The entire world is to be beautiful. That is how God created. When a flower is blooming, it is in the process of preparing to bear fruit in the autumn. It is waiting for the time of eventual liberation through encountering God. That is the subject.

From this perspective, are we going to be part of the royal family, or just low class? Once we go to spirit world, we cannot come back. What we are doing is not just a joke. Koreans, please raise your hands. [73 National Messiahs came.] I have to give you a tag that can be attached to you, that can show you are either a senator or king. You begin as a senator and move on to being a king. God has been sowing seeds for good fruit to be born in the providence of restoration. Do you know anyone who can be the instrument for the inheritance of seeds? That has been happening in human history. To be good seeds you have to understand Godís life and my life, and live a good life. We were born from our parents, but do we look exactly like them, or in-between, a combination?

We need to make a leap. Then we you can create something greater. Otherwise we cannot fulfill something great. We are standing on the foundation of our parents and ancestors. That is universal law. You may think you are the best, but you should not just think like that but do your best to fulfill it. We are living on the battlefield. We have to be a winner. Then, should you surpass Jesus? True Parents? Parents have a heart that their children will save someone greater than themselves. God wants you to be the best ancestor.

I have been persecuted in the fallen world for a long time. But I would like to bequeath everything to you so that you can surpass me and create better seeds than me. To be great, you must be willing to die first. Despite all the difficulties, we should be willing to go anywhere, high or low. We should be able to say we lived a life greater than even God. At least we should pursue that ideal. Then we can create a common base with God. We should think that we will take responsibility for what God could not achieve yet. That is: love.

We should think that we are the owner, the master, the subject taking responsibility. Being subject means begin more loving, taking more responsibility. What rank do you want to achieve? Do you want to be the last, or first? Raise your hands if you want to be first. Why are you hiding your faces? You should have the right posture, and have the right attitude in all things. You donít want to be last. God exists and dwells at the place you can be number one. You should be willing to be the center. Then you can be the king. Do you want to follow me? Are you ready to be elevated again? Or are you wondering why I have called you, over and over.

When you want to reach the top, centered on love, God can be happy. Prepare in your hearts and minds. A nation must be in the position of object partner to God, for the sake of a greater purpose. The third Israel, Korea, was divided into two. Those divided parts must unite into one. If you do not want to work for that, then you are destroying your life and nation and cannot be proud of yourself. You should be willing to be in the position of a subject of heart and love. So we will have a great migration. That is what is happening in the spirit world. You should be the first as the ancestor of your tribe.

Faith goes through three areas, eyes, nose and mouth. Through three we can reach completion. We should be pure-hearted, not greedy. We sometimes need to have some ambition or aspiration. In order to reflect ourselves, we can be luminous, not just reflecting light from another source. Where is reflected light? Usually one creates light, and doesnít reflect it, like a sun and not a moon. You reflect light, but the sun generates light. If we become the light ourselves, then we can liberate hell. So we are looking forward to the day that light can be shed all over hell, so that people will not be in hell any longer. Are you going to be a reflector, or a creator, of light? You should not reflect light, but create it. It is much more important to be able to do both, like a crystal. A crystal has both natures.

Do you want to be one, or not? If you have such a desire, then you have to strive to do it, all the way up. That is the meaning of being a subject. You have to be active, not just passive. You should be in the position of giving. Are you perfected? When you have a subjective character, then you can perfect yourself. People call me a revolutionary. I have been given bad nicknames. What is the True Parents? True Parents invest constantly. Even if you become the president of a nation, you should be an object partner to God. Even if we invest 10 times, we should be able to invest more, totally. We should never be satisfied that we invested enough. We should be infinite investors, like God, then we Ö We should not just go our personal way.

We should be serious and detailed. Huge things, no matter how vast or large, have a focal point, a center. We should not live a casual life, but have clear subjectivity. We should become the center of history. We should become a subject whom others can follow. You feel I am your father. Then you should reach a level that is even greater than that. People should feel that toward you. We should be on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven through our life on earth.

We should become a healthy seed, like a good chestnut. Even if it rains and blows, it should be strong enough to endure through the rain. We should be ready to overcome rain and wind. You should not mind all the external elements and should be willing to be fertilizer. When we become a seed, it should not be for our own sake, but to become someone who is greater. We should be rooted deeply under the ground. That way we can bear more fruit, creating more seeds. Become a seed. You need to study my words, the truth. You should take responsibility on behalf of the messiah, True Parents, and become an illuminator. At the same time, be a reflector.

When we create light, we can help the world. We should have a sense of responsibility and mission. You need to have hope and dreams. Yesterday I spent more than four hours, instead of one, speaking at the seminary. I thought it would be daytime when I was done, but it was evening. We should learn how to control time and always think of how to use time efficiently. We need to push ourselves until we reach the goal. Then you can take a rest and feel good about yourself. Until then, you cannot take a rest. The idea of standing in the subject position: has it occurred to you? As it has to me? Now is the time we can say the word, messiah, to the nation. So far you National Messiahs have been following me but have had no thought of becoming the subjects of your mission.

What is kingship? You should pray like 360 degrees, vertically and horizontally, and be able to move around, able to reach in all directions and lay foundations, being engaged in actions that will surpass Satanís world. In order to do that, we should have the subjective conscience. We cannot just take it easy. Whether you like to or not, you have to take responsibility for everyone as the National Messiah. Even if you have to travel tens ofÖ Become the messiah through subject consciousness. Donít become human trash.

There are a lot of trashcans on every level, but we should be able to remove them. If I continue speaking like this, it will take many days. When are you leaving tomorrow? Iím going to Kodiak. Kodiak sounds like "ko do da," which means "tiring or difficult" in Korean. Shall I take some people there? Or not? Do you have a desire to go with me? Then, if you are chosen, you should think that you are representing all the people. If you do not want to go, then you should say so, expressing yourself clearly. Should I take you all, or just some of you? [All.] Iím not joking; why are you smiling? I do not need to see you, but you need to see me. Mr. Oh used to think I need a place fitted to me.

Again, you have to stand in the position of a subject. It should be clear that it is okay for you to be there. The first generation must be totally united. The gate into heaven is very narrow. However, we must go through that course. We should perfect only one love, one blood lineage. That is the heavenly path, the only path we need to follow. Therefore you must not live a casual life. I told you that three generations must be united. Iím even telling True Mother to keep that in mind. If you do not follow my direction, you will perish. For the sake of God, we should be willing to live a life under any difficult circumstances. That way you can resolve Godís grievances. You should become a holy son or daughter of God.

We need to live a life of attending God all the time. That is how we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Husband and wife should be united, and parents and children, and they should attend God together. Your ancestors must not accuse you for living an easier life than they did. We should be willing to sleep in an uncomfortable situation, not minding any discomfort.

No matter how high the mountain, we have to climb it and conquer it. We have to be able to stimulate people even if it takes thousands of years. When you return, you should be different from the past. You should be National Messiahs in the subject position, willing to sacrifice anything. Who is an "I"? That is a subject. You should be subject of the family and restore tribal subjectivity, then the levels of people and nation. When you die, you can live with God. Satan has been controlling the world. To restore the nation, we need to be the messiah, champions who can be the representatives. We should go beyond the level of the people and go in all four directions. We should be able to be called the filial son, filial child. Set the vertical tradition on the tribal, peopleís and national level. I have never thought about settling down. I have traveled all over the world but never thought of settling myself. I prepared for victory starting from water.

Westerners did something terrible on the waters -- stealing and killing. But we proclaim Godís victory on the waters. In the Unification Church, every four years we should be able to celebrate for the original holy ground. Every four years we must visit there. Are you going to go there alone, or with your family? Be grateful with tears for the sacrifices made in the past. In the past, I have gone to South America, even though I was busy. I prepared such a place, thinking of the future, 1,000 years ahead. Set the tradition of loyalty and filial piety. We ourselves need to be true olive trees. We should remove all the problems of the past, all those traces. That is the path of the people who are in the subject position. That is our destiny. That is how we can bring the realm of rest. When you go such a path, then you will be the filial children. Think of what is greater than you. Finally, take responsibility for the world.

In America, free sex is developed. I use the term, donkay, which means bitch, a person living a life of free sex. Some ask me not to use that expression, but often I cannot help it. Other times I use an expression for a serpent-like person. But both are pretty much the same. Women have a hole, and when someone entered that hole, that was the fall. Men who do not like women, raise your hands. [No one does.] in the past there was a rumor that in the Unification Church, members danced naked, even though it never happened. Rev. Kwak did not like it when I first talked about convex and concave.

A serpent has a flexible tail that can go in anywhere. That is amazing to see. If we serve disabled people continuously, we will not go to hell. We need to inherit from God. He wants to bequeath everything to human beings. In so doing, He can find His true son. Day and night we have to find this by living the life of a subject.

Men should be loyal subjects before women. If they are not, it will be difficult for women. There is no woman who has done more than I. I do not want to create problems, but solve them. Yesterday I told you about total denial, about not adding your own views. What is precious about a diamond is not the cut, but the unchanging nature. I do not have an original copy of the Divine Principle. I asked members to keep it without losing it, but some people sold it. Those people will suffer a long, long time.

The movement has raised and offered so much money, but I always live as a beggar. Some people I met in prison were not bad. They were willing to die for their nation. Should I leave them to go through life alone? But those people who left the church on the way, God has been walking a path of tears to see those people, to receive them again. Even if I have to travel ten thousands miles, someday I want to see them again and let them understand the path of parents and the path they must go. I still love them, and because they once were family members, I need to take care of them.

I cannot forget them; I remember their names. Even if they opposed me after being followers, I need to have more love for them than ever. If they repent and ask me what to do, I should help them. There are quite a few who used to be very close to me but fell away. Letís contact them one, two or three times. Someday they will realize how much I love them. Someday they will realize how much I love them and will hold a festival out of gratitude.

All the messages from Sang Hun Lee should be considered to be from me. You should not wonder if they are true or not. We must embrace even Satan. That is the mission of Chung Pyung Lake. I donít follow Chung Pyung Lake, but have to raise it up and correct it if necessary. Dae Mo Nim is there for me, and I also have to guide Heung Jin Nim.

We need to make a daily report to God. We should write a diary everyday or every week. If you did something wrong, you should repent. That will be helpful for your descendants ten thousand years later. Keep your diaries in your own museum. Everything must be reported. In the center, you cannot avoid recording all those records. When you write it down, you can see if your life is going wrong or not. No one will judge you other than yourself.

We must constantly find the faults within and clean them up. Who is the one who can digest everything? Those who understand the value of Hoon Dok Hae will be the victors. God and True Parents are the greatest fans of Hoon Dok Hae. I am responsible for equalization of the world, including spirit world.

A long time ago, I had a little money. I never counted it, but gave it away to members who needed it the most. When I give it to Mother, I always tell her to use it effectively. We cannot become a thief. If we are not careful with our material, Satan will snatch it away. All the money you are making should be used for the public purpose.

When you marry someone, you should find a person who is worse than you are and lift them up, higher than you. Those to whom I have married my children are families in difficult circumstances and I marry my family with them in order to help them.

Now the conditions to overcome obstacles have pretty much been laid. So we should establish a four-position foundation among the four nations, in order to remove the barriers. We are in an age to go to the Kingdom of Heaven directly. Even if a 36 couple has been specially blessed in a special position, the first might be last and the last first. They can be replaced.

Tribal Messiahs should support the National Messiahs. National Messiahs should be among the saints and sages.

Everything must be reorganized from today, centering on three families, not including Clinton -- he failed. The three families are Reagan, Bush and MacArthur. Then 12 families, and then up to 120 families. Start with those 3 families and reach 120. Like the 120 disciples of Jesus. One day, all of a sudden, I got this as an order from God. We have ten days until July, so we have to pray ten days. By the end of July, it will be 40 days.

UTS is the place to become a minister, which means to become a priest, which means to make a sacrificial offering of oneís own life, which means to sacrifice oneself. This is why I established the Seminary. I spoke at UTS graduation for four hours, even though they wanted a 15-minute address. It had to be done for the sake of Heaven, to give the blessing to the graduates.

It was a gift to celebrate the graduation of a true child. If you have three children, then at least two should attend UTS. The third can do what he wants.

Mary arranged marriages for her younger children, but not for Jesus. Therefore Jesus said my mother is the one who is doing Godís will, not her. She wanted him to change water into wine, a trivial request, after not fulfilling her main responsibility. If he had married and had even one child, then he would not have been crucified -- or even if he had, the providence could have gone on to save the world at that time through his lineage.

There are UTS alumni who make money for themselves instead of following my direction. You must know the difficulties others are going through.

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