Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Congratulatory Address for the 25th Class of the Unification Theological Seminary

Sun Myung Moon
June 21, 2001

Today is the 25th graduating class of the Unification Theological Seminary. First, I would like to congratulate all of the students for their academic achievements. At the same time, I would also like to recognize and appreciate the sincere dedication and devotion of the president of the school, all of the board members, professors and staff who made this day possible. Also, my wife and I wish to thank you for the honorary doctoral degree that you have given to us.

There are many educational institutions in the world, but this school, the Unification Theological seminary, was founded based on the purpose and goal of cultivating the worldwide leaders who can complete the Will of God, by building a God-centered ideal world based on ideal families.

Godís Will is to build one world centered on God. Accordingly, five colors and races all throughout the five oceans and six continents of the world must become brothers and sisters under God. For this reason all religions should be united and make joint efforts for the establishment of one global family. In order to realize this, all existing barriers among races, religions, denominations and nations must be broken down to create one unified world. The Unification Theological Seminary was founded based on such an inter-religious, international and interracial ideology.

Beloved graduates and dignitaries!

Now, with the dawning of a new millennium, as Godís providence in the Completed Testament Age is in the progress, on January 13, 2001, I conducted the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, our True Parent in Heaven. As the long-hidden secrets about the spirit world are being gradually but clearly exposed to the world, the four major religious founders are now communicating with one another, on which foundation Godís authority is also being manifested to the entire world. Further, both men and women, who are prominent representatives in the areas of religion, politics and culture were appointed as the ambassadors for world peace. Now worldwide organizations are being established to implement this idea in substantial ways.

Along with the graduation, you are now about to take the first step as leaders to expand and complete Godís Will. Hence, your graduation from the seminary is not the end, but is a beginning for a new mission. Therefore, I would like to share the following speech with you. [True Father then read the Coronation of God speech, see Unification News, Jan/Feb 2001)

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