Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Purity, Lineage and the Love Organ

Sun Myung Moon
February 18, 2001

This is an excerpt of a sermon given on February 18, 2001 at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY. The interpreter was Peter Kim and these notes were taken by Michael Kiely (NM: Lagos)

Lineage took a wrong turn from the misuse of the love organ. What is the meaning of the human fall? It is misuse of the love organ. Therefore, the lineage took a wrong turn. Without the fall, lineage and the love organ should have come directly from God.

God's attributes are eternal, absolute, unique and unchanging. Our lineage and love organs should be that way. That should be the organ God likes, not the one that Satan can interfere with and destroy. The human fall was the destruction of the lineage. The original lineage should have been a royal lineage, but now it is the lineage of butchers. That is why they are in opposite positions.

You have many stepfathers and mothers, stepbrothers and sisters here in America. The word "step" means the lineage is mixed. Dirty water. The blood and everything are mixed there. What about your ancestors' lineage? Is your lineage crystal clean? Is it like ocean water? Or is it all mixed up? Originally, human lineage should have been like ocean water, crystal clear. But in America we see free sex being practiced. It denies original lineage. Such a society, is it God's Kingdom of Heaven? Can God dwell there?

The sexual organ is like a way to connect to continue the lineage. We talk of inheriting a lineage from thousands of generations. Within us the lineage is to be connected to another level. It is a culminating point. But is our lineage clean or mixed with the practice of free sex? Concave means shaped in a certain way. Is yours like clean water or filthy water? If we look at it in a microscope, will you see nothing or will you be shocked by seeing all the mix of dirty stuff? If we truly have a conscience, how can we go around and open our concave container to receive things? It will be so dirty.

Man's convex love organ, thousands of your ancestors culminate there. When these two organs meet together, lineage is mixed. Through that, new life is created. Do you think that new life would want to get involved in the dirty, filthy lineages of its parents? Will the newborn try to run away from this filthy abomination? "I would rather not be home," it might say.

The human being has more than 40 billion cells. Included are cells from Adam, our original ancestor. How complex we are in terms of the structure of human cells.

If you truly understand the background of the sexual organ, then as teenagers when you meet and try to make relationships, won't you be scared of and afraid of doing that? If you make a wrong move, you cannot reverse it. If you create a mixture of black and white, maybe not in your generation but down the road (a few generations) a sign of this mixture will emerge. The worst possible man and woman meet together and have a relationship, and then won't they create the worst devil? They both inherited Satan's lineage. Do you think they can separate it from them? If you young people do something, you will create a worse thing than the atom bomb. People do not believe in their children. Even after you raise your children, you cannot control them after a certain age.

They have their own life. But when you grow up and have your own love organ without any principle, how dangerous it is. That is why Jesus said, "Repent! For the kingdom of God is here." What he meant was to repent about the false use o the sexual organ. The kingdom of God and heaven are included there. God's lineage started there but does not appear there.

In the human fall, there was false accusation. We should love our enemy, but what about our love organ and lineage. You sisters look so gentle and pretty, but your lineage is filthy and dirty. You need a blood transfusion. But there is only satanic lineage? What can you do? Where can you find God's love? That is why throughout human history God created many religions through which he trained people to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. The role of the messiah is to clean the filthy blood lineage and give God's blood to mankind.

All humans have Satan's blood and false lineage. So, someone (the Messiah) must come with the skill of a doctor to change the blood lineage. It is an engrafting process. The wild and true olive trees need a grafting process.

Even if the wild olive tree might be one thousand years old, you can cut off the main bud and put a new bud into it. Can you see a difference between the true and wild olive tree buds? No. True religions have been opposed for this reason. They were chased out of their homes and villages. Is there only one lineage or more than one? (One) Forever. Do you own such a lineage? What kind of lineage do you have? It is complicated. Yours is full of mud and junk. Do you think God can accept that lineage in the Kingdom of God? Can you change your lineage with lipstick and rouge? You can change your brand of lipstick (but not your lineage that way). When you are young, you may have pinkish red lips. When people die the color of their lips changes from red to blue. What about the sexual organs? Do they need makeup? How can we cleanse our sexual organ?

Nowadays people talk about cloning. If you take cells from someone, don't they contain your lineage and genes? Can you get rid of that lineage? How can we solve this problem? Even if we pluck out our eye and remove our nose and repent for thousands years, we can't do it. When we approach God with satanic clothes, can he accept us? Don't you think God can smell you? Dr. Sang Hun Lee's book says one can smell people.

The worst possible crime we can commit in this world is adultery. The smell of an adulterer in the Spirit World will be the worst stench. Do you want to multiply this kind of lineage? (No.) No. Your conscience will say no. Do you have confidence that you can enter the Kingdom of God? Show your hands? None? Have you engrafted True Father's teaching onto yourselves? Do you believe in his teaching absolutely? Even without knowing the details? True Father started with absolute faith and practiced it.

Blessed couples received true lineage. Lineage is the problem, a big problem. It is a problem because of the misuse of the sexual organ. Leaving your husband and making a relationship with someone else is a big problem. Satan is like a prostitute. Don't we all have that kind of mind? Perhaps a Westerner may feel "If I sleep with this oriental man, it will be good." We all have this problem, no matter how old. Sometimes old women have the urge to live with a handsome young man. Among six billion people, there are all kinds of handsome men and women all over the world. If you become a promiscuous person, you can commit all kinds of sin.

Unless we can overcome sexual, physical desire, we cannot be connected to God. In other words, we need God's help. Otherwise, we will fail. Sexual desire is so strong. That is how we were created. What do we need to overcome this? We need the truth, knowing that the human fall turned history upside down 180 degrees. Then we can force ourselves to overcome physical desire. Our mistake was that God has lamented for thousands of years and thousands of people were killed.

Young people, we must have a clear idea where our lineage is connected. Then we will think again about what we will do? Even an old person can have such a desire. Our flesh is the base of Satan, so it is our enemy. We should absolutely center on our conscience and through it, on our mind. If we don't, we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if you are a missionary for many years, what you receive from True Father you cannot pay for, even with the sale of your home.

When the engrafting process with True Parents occurs, you start a new olive (or apple?) tree. In the secular world people cannot forget their first love, but when you have this engrafting from True Parents, you should have the same feeling. On Fifth Avenue (in Manhattan) you will see many well-dressed ladies on the street. But do they think about their false lineage? They may have an expensive suit, but this has nothing to do with changing lineage. Neither does makeup make a difference.

What about young Americans who go to nightclubs and dance and have one-night stands? They mix their blood. Your lineage is so filthy; there is no way to clean it. When a young man appears in front of us and holds our hand and tries to make a love relationship, we know we should not make a relationship, but we are sometimes stupid.

How can you be engrafted? You cut off the branch and put a new bud there. The messiah is the first person who has successfully engrafted, sometimes cutting off hands! After four thousand years he has finally been successful.

In order to get rid of false lineage, even if you go into a coma like a vegetable, you cannot clean your lineage. Think how difficult it must have been to have one man, the messiah, come to clean out everything. Don't you think God would like to have cut off and made a new lineage? People repent every day, but it is impossible to have an engrafting process on their own. You were engrafted at the main bud. Clan, tribal and national messiah. This is the National Messiah branch (pointing). Cut it off. We need these levels, but we need the worldwide level to complete the engrafting process.

Suppose we did engraft at the end of the branch of an individual. Then can you walk proudly saying you have completed the engrafting process, even though your root is satanic? If the root system dies, a new tree can grow.

Without having anything to do with the messiah tree, people suddenly see the new tree and climb it and try to pick the fruit and eat it. If you are truly engrafted to the new tree, then if you remain at the tip of the smallest branch, the center of the branch, you are still connected to the root directly.

Do we have the confidence to say we have completed all the responsibilities so we can call ourselves central blessed couples? Can we say we have come through all the stages of the engrafting process successfully and can thus can call ourselves a central blessed couple? (No) If your arm or leg must be cut off, even if we must simply endure amputation, we must endure and be successful in the end. Even though True Father has taught us this truth, some people have the attitude, "Father's talk is just talk, I must live my own life."

At the end of our prayer we don't pray but report how "my" central fruit is growing. We are a central blessed family. Without learning from us, others cannot change. They must learn from us, our tribe and family. We must have the determination to have one nation connected to them. We must have a knife to cut off the bad lineage, even without grandparents.

You sisters, I have seen you for 15 years. Where do you hold on? Your sexual organ is like the head of a poisonous snake. If you use it wrongly, it may destroy your family or even your nation. Because of the misuse of the sexual organ by Adam & Eve, they were cut off. The Kingdom of God may fall apart. Our five senses must not be misused. We have to examine ourselves always whether our five senses are properly used.

Where would True Father's mind go, to the place where many people wear makeup? Or where people yearn for True Father? Korea has suffered for seven thousand years. They have been invaded many times. Korean tradition has been there. This pure Korean race has waited for thousands of years.

True Father warned second generation in Korea, not to attend other universities. True Father told them, rather, to go to our Sun Myung Moon University. Even True Children were told not to go to graduate school (at other institutions?). One senior blessed couple disobeyed True Father and put his children through other schools. They all failed.

Even in the IMF crisis time, True Father built Sun Myung Moon university. Other schools reduced their scale, but Sun Myung Moon University expanded. The main campus building is currently being built. It is huge. The dorm and lab have already been built. Prestigious schools like Yonsei and others, we will see in the future (what will happen to them). We have built our schools for the sake of your children.

As parents for three generations we have to have a filtering system for three generations so we can clean up (our lineage). It is Hood Dok Hae. It is the best filter you can find. By doing Hood Dok Hae in your family, has your family failed or prospered? When your family follows the Hood Dok Hae tradition and wants Hood Dok Hae more than meals, then it can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. In Korea we have started doing public Hood Dok Hae.

People do not know how this truth was found. Has anyone imagined having a coronation of the kingdom of God? If the coronation Ceremony is true, then politics and everything else do not matter. Humankind did not know the truth. Suppose God says by radio, "I will take seven presidents to the Spirit World" and it happens; will people follow True Parents? This kind of time is coming.

True Father has done everything. He has forgiven evil spirits in Spirit World and matched them with good spirits.

What does sung hwa mean? Glorious ascension. The secular world doesn't understand this. Unification Church members are considered crazy. Secular people think we will end up in hell. But we think the secular people will end up in hell if we don't do anything about it. We are those who are marching to the Kingdom of Heaven, but people pull us down to hell.

Even when True Father looks at his grand children playing, they look like True Father. The grandchildren have no fear. They climb up and jump. Without that spirit of adventure and courage, do you think True Father would have been able to find truth? In the future what do you think will happen among all those who truly understand the truth of God and the value of the lineage; wouldn't they want to have a small branch of True Family lineage in their family? The time is coming. It won't matter if you are British, Italian or German. Those families will all want to have something to do with True Father's lineage.

Remember the blood lineage. What makes your five senses work? Your lineage. The meaning of the human fall is the contamination of the blood lineage through sexual intercourse. Because of that, God has been incarcerated for thousands of years. The first love should be connected to God. How great and precious the Unification Church teaching is! We go beyond the concept of messiah. True Father sends blessed couples out all over the world to be national, tribal and family messiahs. How precious we are as blessed couples!

True Father is tired of Physical World, but in Spirit World everyone will welcome him. What world does True Father prefer? He can control all of the Spirit World. He holds the one key. If True Parents comes to live in your home, you may serve him well the first few days, but then you will grow tired of him. True Father has enough foundation to live comfortably. But you don't have that foundation. Can you maintain that level of comfort?

When we go to Spirit World, we want to see the reality of a great banquet with great performers and dignitaries. That kind of banquet will happen every day in the Spirit World!

Do you understand? We possess the most fearful organ, the love organ. Unless we become one mind and body, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Even after forty days of fasting, you forget mealtime. But to unite mind and body, you still cannot enter. We are still struggling between mind and body.

Your mind, on Sunday morning, says "I want to go to Belvedere." But your body says, "True Father won't come." Later on, if you have given into your bodily desire and you find True Father came and spoke, you will regret it. Those who have the confidence that your lineage is not contaminated at all, show your hands. No one? What shall we do? What choice do we have?

If you go to a restaurant with ten of your friends, maybe the best restaurant, you should try your best to find the most humble seat out of ten. That is a 180-degree different position (from the usual attitude). If you eat all together, will your fork go to the most favorite food? Just do the opposite. Take the dish no one cares about. If you eat the worst dish, you still have a chance to eat the most delicious dish. Out of 100 people while everyone else is eating the most delicious food, you become the last to eat it and you eat the most humble food. If they see you doing that, then you will be served as the leader and will have the opportunity to eat delicious food.

When you sleep, take the most uncomfortable corner, rather than the most comfortable. In other words, give yourself for the sake of others. If you live such a life every day, that becomes your life. Your head naturally goes that way and forces you to go that way, exactly the opposite of bodily desire.

When we plant a seed, we make sure it is covered. No matter how beautiful and clean a seed may be, it should be covered with filthy fertilizer. Between the love organ and (the other dirty things), which is more precious? The love organ. Why are they near each other? When you do No. 2, your most precious organ must endure the smell. The true seed always needs dirty fertilizer. If you are to become famous, you should go to the bottom. We know that among Unification Church members.

The person who goes through the most humble, difficult lifestyle is True Father. Instead of having a comfortable life for my own sake, if I put myself through the most difficult path, I can inspire millions of young people, American and Korean. Which is poorer? America or Korea? (Korea) But America is poorer spiritually. It is affluent but spiritually so poor. True Father brought many brothers and sisters from overseas to try to help this nation.

Think how many billions of dollars True Father spent to run the Washington Times,? Millions of dollars. True Father spent this kind of money for enemies. For 40 years, True Father has brought so many dignitaries (to conferences), paying for their travel. They did not pay. Now is the time they have to pay Father back. True Father will tell them, "Instead of paying me back, take care of my missionaries."

If we truly understand what the Blessing means, don't you think those dignitaries will want to receive the Unification Church members as their sons and daughters-in-law? We are not afraid of death, so what else is out there that can make us fearful? True Father watched a National Geographic video in which an alligator on the Nile River swallowed a cow. True Father felt that the cow should feel good because he is not being chopped up but swallowed whole. How would you feel about that? Suppose you are swallowed by an alligator, will you end up in hell? Or will you have a chance to go to the Kingdom of God? Suppose you were sent out as a pioneer and this happened, where would you end up? In hell? No.

Wherever True Father goes, there is nothing to fear. Just follow in True Father's footsteps for three years, then you will have nothing to fear. We should have such guts. Even if Father does not give you orders, you should be able to go forward and do what you are supposed to do. If True Father kicks this way, will it throw his shoe over there? Shall I try it? (Yes.)

Ladies, all of your ancestors are still living in your blood. They are waiting there, lining up there. We always have to be reminded that all of our ancestors, many hundreds of generations, are in our blood, our lineage. They are waiting that our sexual organ may create the best possible descendants. Even if you feel a man is the most prestigious man in your state, you must feel, "I will produce better children than his."

That should be your determination. As a man, in your right front pants pocket is a small inside watch pocket. Keep pliers there, and when you go to the bathroom, once a day, pinch your love organ. Cut the skin a little bit as a warning. If your love organ does not listen to your conscience, then you should cut off the tip. Even if it takes that extreme measure, we have to make sure our mind and body become one.

We were told to love our enemy. What is our enemy? Our lineage and love organ. Love your enemy. Not from the satanic angle but heavenly direction, we should be able to go to that extreme. Those who are willing to lose their life will gain it. We must use it properly and then we will gain life. Unless we can constantly control our love organ, there is no hope to cleanse our lineage. Particularly you young men and ladies. There is a lot of temptation in the world. Temptation always stems from sexual desire.

The meaning of the human fall is contamination of the lineage. The misuse of the sexual organ created a false lineage. We should have confidence that "I have nothing to do with fallen Adam and Eve." How many times has True Father been tempted by many women. Do you women like father? Love or like? True love? That is one man and one woman relationship. If there were no True Mother, then all of you could be in the position of candidate for his bride. American women are so aggressive and may try to kiss Father! In Japan and America intelligence organizations tried to trick Father by sending beautiful women to seduce True Father. They reported that they had failed to seduce him. Have any of you heard True Father say, "Come on, let me kiss you." Nothing like that. There have been many occasions when True Father was in bed and beautiful women came to his bed and begged: "It takes only five minutes. If you don't do it, I will die." What would you do? True Father concentrated and nothing happened.

Without going through that kind of enlightenment stage, you cannot become a true man or a true woman. TM never worries about True Father, no matter who he may live with. You are all more famous than I am! If that is true, then True Father's life has been successful.

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