Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Standing on My Foundation

Sun Myung Moon

This is from a speech given on January 24, 2001 at East Garden, NY. The interpreter was Jeong Phyo Hong and these are unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.

The foundation of faith has three component conditions; then one makes the foundation of substance, and then foundation to receive the Messiah. Do you know the thousands of years of restoration? The principle is unchanging. The principle teaches how to achieve the foundation for the messiah. This is why the registration workshop was important. It was to achieve the level of the nation. Therefore it is time to embrace the nation.

What is the blessing? I wanted to give it to connect to the nation, not just one or two families. I have overcome persecution to do this. The blessing started with 36 couples, 12 couples in each of three groups. Then 72 and then 120 representing the world level. If Jesus didnít experience persecution he could have made a foundation in 120 nations. The failure to accept him led to the division of Cain and Abel. Then 430 couples were blessed, represented 4,300 years. Then 777, then 1800, a multiple of the number 6. Then 6,000 couples in 1982. All those blessings moved through nine stages. Then the 30,000 couples was the 10th stage, returning to the beginning point. Then I opened the blessing to the world: 360,000 couples, then the blessing developed horizontally. On that foundation I could forgive saints and criminals and bless them. Even God couldnít solve this problem. Only True Parents on earth could match enemies, saints and criminals. Everything is turned upside down, like the tide changing the water every 12 hours, mixing everything.

On that foundation, True Parents renew all people. Neither Satan nor God could solve it. I am mediating to solve the problems. God invested, because as Creator He could not ignore the earth. He cannot curse Satan. Only True Parents here can solve the problem. God sent the Messiah to the earth to do this. If True Parents are not involved, then the problems will be eternal. God even begged True Parents to get involved. Satan also begged True Parents. Heavenly Father knows and is involved in the blessing. His idea is to solve all the worldís problems in six months through the blessing. The time will come to repent by themselves and connect with True Parents. Even the criminals in the hell of hells can return to the original position.

I declared the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience in South America. God Himself has absolute faith. When He says the word, everything is done. His idea is to set up absolute love, Godís love. True love is Godís idea. We cannot separate from the earth. It maintains our life; without eating, we cannot maintain our life. Water is important, fish, all things. Its purpose is to support the perfection of Adam and Eve through absolute love. Even God puts Himself in the absolute love position. What is the relationship of Adam and Eve? They are the substantial object to the invisible God. In the air, there is moisture; we can see the condensation. Adam and Eve are like the droplets that appear from moist air when the temperature drops. When the temperature rises, then it is gas, and that is invisible, analogous to God.

What is the difference between man and woman? Man is plus and woman is minus. To bring energy and to explore, man needs woman and woman needs man. So we need absolute faith, love and obedience. Adam and Eve are in the eternal objective love position to God. He created them that way. God used absolute love to create Adam and Eve. Adam is in the subject partner position and Eve object partner. They are convex and concave. What is the function of this? To look at each other? To fit each other? When do they fit each other? Without Godís intervention, do they fit? Man needs Godís permission. God intervenes for convex and concave to meet each other. So, they together are in the object position to Heavenly Father. Dialectical theory would destroy this, but we have the origin-division-union interpretation, a different idea.

How can we fit each other? Through true love. The point of true love is that we can fit each other. So first we receive heavenly true love, therefore man and woman meet each other. Man and woman alone cannot be perfect. Each are half-perfect. Nowadays we can see individuals trying to be perfect. But why did God create convex and concave? Because of love. If I test you on this, you will get lower than 50%. Because of love, manís and womanís sexual organs were created. We need harmony between man and woman. That love is to stimulate the life of men and women. Centered on the true love of man and woman, there is attraction to unite with each other. Someone without that attraction power has run out of energy to live.

Man and woman are not just for their own generation. They are to connect to the next generation through true love activity. That is why manís love and womanís love are not two different things; they are connected to one true love, and centering on that, unity comes. So man and woman meet each other centered on God and create one blood lineage. Both sides connect to the other. Mrs. Han here has ten thousand generations connected to the cells of her body. These ancestors are related bodies. The ancestors are connected to my body, so I connect the past and future. Blood lineage never disappears, never dies. It connects to thousands of generations of ancestors.

Who am I? I am the condensed body of all my ancestors. My character is connected to all the ancestors. That is why I am a historical being. What is my desire? It is to be a historical person. Thousands of different cells come down into my body through inheritance. I cannot separate from those ancestors. One seed is planted, then the fruit comes and hundreds of thousands of different fruits come, but they come from the same seed. Whatever is the desire of the ancestors is connected to the descendants, so my desire should connect to the ancestorsí desire, and ultimately to Heavenly Fatherís desire, which is ultimately to connect to me. Human beings have infinite desire, as does God.

We have 80 years on earth. What do we do while we are here? We fight, which leads to so many complications. We have no hope. Humankind is eternal, and the true purpose is only to connect to Heavenly Father. We have a short lifetime to accomplish that. It comes only through absolute faith, love and obedience. This is unlimited obedience. We are trying to be obedient. To dominate the unlimited world, we need unlimited obedience. So we link to the unlimited world through an unlimited person. We should become zero by totally investing, like God did. Invest and forget, and we will get back more than we invested later.

We say true love; true love is "unlimited-ism." Our desire should be beyond the cosmos. That is Godís desire. That is what we understand absolute obedience to be; it is unlimited obedience. Did you think of this before? The idea of my true loveís desire should be connected with this original point from God, and it connects with it through absolute obedience. You can see the core of a big tree, which is usually hollow. Even in high voltage electricity, the center is neutral. So too, God is zero at the center. The total size of the creation is 130 times bigger than what we can see of the cosmos. There are planetary systems one thousand times bigger on the other side. The cosmos is 20 billion light years across. That much unlimited cosmos exists. If you have a small mind, it doesnít work. If you follow God, your mind will get bigger, to embrace the whole universe. Originally God created mankind that way.

When did you join the Unification Church? Those above 60, raise your hands. I see many National Messiahs here. Repeat after me: absolute faith, love and obedience. Can you carry these three things all your life? People who practice Kendo (a Japanese sword sport) do the same moves thousands of times. If you do not have that dedication, you cannot make it. Did you pass the suffering course? Do you know the indemnity course? Absolute obedience is to be repeated thousands of times, then you can become a genuine, pure person, like the Kendo swordsman.

In this room are about 200 people. We compare you and God. I wonder the percentage of your realization of being absolute. It is easy to say absolute faith, love and obedience, but how much to you understand it? It is easy to say it, but to achieve it is very difficult. We are the substance of true love. Have you seen love? Also we cannot see obedience. If you like absolute faith, love and obedience, raise your hands. You should own at least one of these three. I am wondering if you have the qualification to call God your Heavenly Father. Without your heart of absolute obedience, how can you call Him, Abojee? Humankind does not have the concept of absolute obedience. So we should invest and invest to catch up to that standard. Otherwise, it is impossible. We cannot truly understand it unless we connect with Godís explanation. Then we can understand how God is great.

What Iíve said today, do you believe it as you believe your own eyes, nose and face? Can you digest everything? Can you digest what you heard today? If not, you are not an absolute being. From the mouth to the intestines is a path of 10 meters. Each body part has a unique mission. Each organ has a mission as part of what amounts to a fertilizer factory. How much do you believe this idea? I do not know the size of your faith, but it determines how much God can dwell in you. God can come into your mind and dwell there eternally. In the process of creation, He invested 100% and had zero, nothing left. Easy to say, but practice is not easy.

Women, do you believe in your man absolutely? If you one time believe, 100% Ö Usually women are complaining about their husband, and self-centered ideas show up, with all kinds of ugliness. Do you believe, as a woman, and trust your husband 100%, absolutely? This is a big issue. Absolute love means that whatever difficult situation comes, your mind is unchanging in following your spouse. That is absolute love. If youíre not sure, then you donít know absolute obedience and you donít know God. Then you are valueless people. We are descendants of the fall. So we are of no value and cannot claim anything toward anyone.

Did you wear your best clothes today? When you wear it, you may feel you have the best clothes of anyone here. You never think you are second best. But you should think about how God looks at you. Then what idea comes? If God looks at you dressing up, is He positive or negative about it? I am looking at the womanís side in all history. Did they use their sexual organ proudly or not? I am looking for such a woman in history. Maybe you want to be the woman with the number one sexual organ in the world. Which side is greedier, man or woman? I am wondering if there is any woman like Hitler, who would kill six million people. It would seem that man has more greed than woman.

Do you know that God also has concave and convex? God has both. That is why man and woman both love God. That is why when a woman is pregnant, there are three persons inside of her: God, the father and the mother. How many children did True Mother bear? [Fourteen.] Which is first, convex or concave? The rain falls down and the ground is flat. Think about concave: it expects the convex, that is why it is called concave. So convex is first. Why is this important? The sexual organ is God and Adamís organ. All men have two testicles. What is the central point? God. Womanís sexual organ accepts the manís. So it is soft but strong. Man and woman have love, and through that, life is transferred. True love is not enough; the relationship is important for the transfer of life. Thatís why the sexual organ is the foundation of love, or base of love and the palace of love.

The palace of love is Adam and Eve originally. When I spoke like this first, many of you looked at me strangely. You thought, "Why is the Unification Church founder talking like this?" Do you really believe that the sexual organs are the palace of love? Manís palace of love is accomplished through the woman, and vice versa. Without a great husband and wife, you cannot expect great children. With this love, you can expect Ö Manís life connects with womanís love, and womanís life connects with manís love.

In Korean, a womanís sexual organ is called jago, which means the palace of children. The womanís sexual organ gathers the blood lineage and connects it with life. All kinds of things happen there. Blood lineage is connected with the universe. There are two different lineages meeting there in the sexual organ; they mingle there and create a new one. Originally there was only one blood lineage: Godís blood lineage for all humankind. That was Godís idea. We should live for the sake of others, and through this we can bring selfless love. We can see the womanís love is not owned by woman herself, but is connected to all her ancestors. That is why we need tradition. Tradition is important. Women should follow tradition.

For one woman to connect to two men destroys the center. With no central point, it is not eternal, not clear. We can see in Genesis, Adam and Eve covered their lower parts. Why? Do you understand this whole point clearly? Thatís why we repeat again, absolute faith, love and obedience. It is most important. You must love your husband. If beside your husband there is another beautiful woman, you are not happy. The free sex in this country is wrong.

Still we have a certain fallen nature. This is a fearful thing for humankind, a source of self-destruction, a thief. Some are against God's will, complaining about this and that. I am wondering how much they understand absolute faith, love and obedience. This is the point we should understand. We can totally invest our lives to understand this concept, and even that is not enough. The children who do not go to UTS will not be used for leadership. You should point future leaders to the course that I guided. True Children are following this course. Hyun Jin Nim studied at Harvard, but I sent him to UTS also. Without that, the spiritual side is not prepared well. To show church leadership, he should graduate UTS. I know he can lead a business, but leadership means to prepare to lead the church as well. If your children avoid going to UTS, that is wrong. I know that they are avoiding it.

Some of them are not certain because they don't know the spirit world. No one beats True Parents. If you cannot follow my direction, you will fail at the end of your life, even if you are full of pride and have money. Money means nothing. I investigated all ideas to save the world. I made an exemplary course. Young people should be willing to follow this idea.

The final goal and purpose was the coronation ceremony for God's kingship. All Unificationists must understand this ceremony. I prepared the conditions to liberate Heavenly Father. Without those conditions, He could never be liberated. I plan to teach the people about spirit world. I'm sure this truth will be understood someday, as water naturally finds the place of settlement. Our position is to guide people in the areas of politics, business, and all areas. How can we overcome this world? We have God's word. It is the end of the indemnity era. The perfect seed is planted and it will automatically grow. When it is time to harvest, only the perfect ones are taken. I do not expect our second generation; they must pass the course at UB or SMU. I don't care about anything else. You should think about the right way. This is the tradition. I have invested my blood to settle the educational institutions. Do you not understand?

God's providence is developing after restoration. The providence has ascended from the level of nation to world. We should settle God's sovereign nation. I am sure that one system of God's nation will be founded somewhere, soon. Without our absolute, total self-denial, we cannot bring in a new idea and new creation. As Unificationists, we should invest ourselves more than Americans and Europeans do, to create God's Fatherland. We have many things to do. After God's coronation ceremony for kingship, we should have new government buildings, new schools, new churches, centering on God's kingship. We should make the new nation's system. You are representatives of Adam and Eve. That is why this coronation ceremony concludes God's providence. You don't need to meet me; you yourselves are in the position of True Parents to develop all these issues.

Do you remember 1999, when we changed the end of the prayer? As blessed couples, you were allowed this by True Parents, to pray in your name on True Parents' victorious foundation. The spirit world was liberated, and it was time to make the kingdom here on earth. Centered on God, we are one blood lineage, brothers and sisters with one Father, God. I say Heavenly Father, and you say Heavenly Father. My children and grandchildren say, Heavenly Father. We all are one family centered on Heavenly Father, brothers and sisters. I hope that everyone is well-prepared to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is time to seriously repent. Before the True Children were living here at East Garden, but it is now time for them to live by themselves, independently. So they are doing so, one by one.

The truth is clear; we just need to follow it. I gave you Tribal Messiahship. You have energy to develop your tribe. I have given you the victory foundations necessary to found God's Fatherland. We are trying to reach the Republicans, Democrats and all VIPs. The time is serious; it is time to wake up. I really want to make our own land before I go to spirit world, our own sovereignty. Continental leaders should work hard and headquarters should support it. Your blessed couple is centrally important. You connect the past and future. It is time for new management, new leadership, for God's kingship. We are blessed couples; we should have filial piety and loyalty. Whatever you have, you should offer it to God. Through that, you can inherit everything from God. Without offering everything, you cannot become true sons and daughters of Heavenly Father.

Centering on you, develop your Messiahship. It goes up and down; I have taught you everything from the family to the world level, what you should do. If you still do not know, go back to Hoon Dok Hae. You can catch the whole idea. If you do not read all 320 volumes, you cannot be a leader of this movement. Thus, Hoon Dok Hae is not just one hour; you can do it 12 hours if you need to. Invest your heart and effort. Search for the truth. Our weapon is True Parents' words. You know the ALC conferences. More than 420 participants read my words for 3 days. They appreciate them; do you? I believe some of you are not qualified to be leaders yet. Some do not even come to church but you received the blessing. You destroy the quality of the blessing. Before now I wouldn't touch this, but now I will.

Keep your purity. It is much easier now than when Sung Jin Nim's mother was with me. Because of that failure, North Korea and South Korea divided. It was the failure of that one woman. She is that much an enemy, but I must love her; I cannot kick her out. Once I connect to someone, I take responsibility. I cannot kick such people out.

From now, within 12 years we are going to solve the world's problems. So I have no time to deal with individual issues. North, south, east, west, wherever you go, you should get victory. The globe is our hometown. That is why the coronation ceremony for God's kingship started the era of God's kingship. That's why everyone must do the living offering fund. Even if you don't have the money, do it conditionally. It is important to take responsibility in some way. I couldn't understand that some of the National Messiahs haven't even gone to their countries. What kind of mentality is that?

Now I am asking for results from your responsibility. Now it is past the time for me to directly guide all this. Now divine law will act. We will conduct right and wrong through divine law. It is a fearful time. They should pay their own indemnity in the era of God's kingship. Until now, I paid all the indemnity, but now the time has changed. I forgave whoever was against God's will, even in spirit world I liberated and forgave them and even blessed them.

Do you believe that Heung Jin Nim is the general of the entire spirit world? If you truly believe it, you are great. When I first talked of it, it was just a story, but now you are so serious about this idea. Heung Jin Nim received great heavenly fortune, but he died. Don't lose your heart of love for even the breast feeding of true children when they are born. The physical way of their growing, born here, was the heavenly way of fortune. But I never cried when he went to spirit world. Even Mother cried, but I didn't shed one tear. The Day of the Victory of Loveóhow much do you understand it? It is a fearful day. What I have explained about spirit world is not just a concept; it is reality. Our activities have this as the main objective. We are not just developing; we are flying. I feel that way this new year. So I ask you to develop your own family foundation well, with a new determination. Faithfully and truly develop and guide your children. This way, we don't need saints and sages. You are more than their position now. In your family you should have a high degree of loyalty and filial piety. You should fulfill the past history, achieving in reality what the saints and sages held as ideals. Through that, you can bring God's sovereignty and kingship.

I taught everything you should do in your entire life. I gave everything to you. If you do not follow, that is your will. Your level in spirit world is decided by how much you fill up here. From now, what do you want to do to follow God's will? Angels will come down and support you. You should be loyal for God's kingship as Heavenly Father's sons and daughters. Centering on you and your nation, you should liberate it through your own body. All Unification Church leaders should find the Messiah and in that way develop upwards. When you go to that kingship, you need to mobilize your tribe. This 12 years, until 2012, we should mobilize and develop all these ideas.

We should use the media to spread this message. By now, I have made the foundation here and I hope America can stand on this foundation. I have done everything for America and it is time for the American people to respond. I have God's kingship. I did everything. I set up the heavenly law and I follow it. You are now setting up family kingship and you should follow heavenly law and show your own dignity. Please do Hoon Dok Hae more, day and night. Even go without sleeping two or three nights; do Hoon Dok Hae continuously, break the record. Again, if you do not read all 320 volumes of my speeches, you cannot be a leader.

This is serious. In the future, headquarters will assign pages to be read each day. If you don't have all the speech books, you will be in trouble. You should have all the speech books. If you do Hoon Dok Hae, you can carry this message wherever you go and can stay a week anywhere for free. Like a family, all will help you as your brother and sister. I had made many plans to make the leading couple of this nation a "true family" exemplar couple, and through them to multiply this ideal. So that family would be great.

Day and night, focus above the level of saints and sages. I concluded the coronation ceremony. Now is the time of the cosmic federation. All the saints in spirit world, centering on True Parents, will unite into brother and sisterhood. The unity of religions therefore is to happen on earth. Small nations should consolidate centering on a common purpose. Educate people in each state and multiply through them. Continue the Hoon Dok Hae conferences.

We lost our own nation. Unificationists are special task soldiers to find God's sovereign nation. Thousands feel God's longing desire to find the nation; we are doing it with pride. You should make your own little foundation. I gave everything to you. What is a blessed central family? The blessed central family is a representative of the perfect couple, Adam's family. I paid so much indemnity to bring this to you. Through the Hoon Dok Hae conference, keep the heavenly law. Make your family an exemplary family.

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