Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Fatherís 6:00 AM Speech at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
January 21, 2001 6:00 a.m.
East Garden, New York
Translated by Peter Kim
Notes by Eric Holt

(In spite of extremely hazardous road conditions due to heavy snow, several hundred brothers and sisters came to East Garden. As the speech progressed the room filled to overflowing.)

Until now, there has been the satanic sovereignty. Through True Parentsí grace we are over that. We received the priceless blessing of the Registration Blessing at Chung Pyung and the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. When we study history we see that Satan tried his best to prevent humanity from going beyond the national level. Jesus came to secure the national level. This was not successful. There was the providence of the chosen nation, especially Christianity. God worked to secure national level sovereignty. Paradise and Hell in the spirit world were liberated. It is now the time to go beyond the national level.

So, we had Chung Pyung, the Registration Blessing and the Coronation Ceremony. From now, the number one thing asked of Blessed Couples is to preserve and protect Godís sovereignty, Godís Kingship. This is an absolute goal. So, we should be able to invest ourselves totally. How do we protect Godís sovereignty centering on Blessed families? The center should only be one. "Blessing" or "Blessed" involves the whole universe. It means to be like Adam and Eve before the Fall. We are all like a seed. Everything is equalized. We should have the concept of Godís sovereignty. This should connect to the tribe, nation, world and so on. Adamís family was in the central family position.

For all religions and all nations, True Parents are the main point. The point of settlement is Godís sovereignty. God is absolute and almighty. His power is the only creative power. He is the absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging subject. We must erase the fallen world. We must connect to Godís sovereignty. We should take property back from Satan - quickly. We should take back ownership. We should dedicate everything to Godís sovereignty - His absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging sovereignty. We must understand this. This is our main job.

Mind and body have been fighting. It has been a field of fighting. We should be proud of Godís sovereignty. We should protect Godís sovereignty. We should become one centering on Godís sovereignty - His absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging sovereignty. You should do this on earth, in your family. How do we accomplish individual and family perfection? We must continually do Hoon Dok Hae.

For forty years, America persecuted Father. Now people on high levels understand that Father is a peaceful person and a true leader. You must understand your value, or you will end up in Hell. You should accomplish results or God will remove you. Until now, you always said, "Father, Father" but now it is different. You must have an absolute concept or you canít follow True Parents. Do your absolute best to become one with God and True Parents. We should build a nation on that foundation. Be out in front. Blessed Couples should stand in the front and lead. What should you do with you parents -- bring them along or leave them behind? [Bring them along!] The concept of Godís sovereign nation is the starting point. Otherwise the world of result will not appear. You should have pride that you are a central Blessed family. Tell your parents and relatives to follow you.

You should connect to Godís sovereignty. We want to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Godís sovereign power will be over everything. Until now, we just persevered -- we didnít care. Whoever strikes me will ultimately fall down. We need to increase the national foundation. We should be proud of the one, eternal sovereignty.

The parent-child relationship connects to blood lineage. True love, true life and true lineage. There is an unchanging, eternal sovereignty. It is an absolute, vertical relationship of father and child. Horizontally it is husband and wife. Then, there is elder son and younger son. All three relationships connect to Godís true love, true life and true lineage. We are talking about a world family and a world nation -- everything connects to the world. Godís absolute sovereignty is connected with that. We should protect Godís sovereignty. We should praise, protect and multiply Godís sovereignty. This is lifeís purpose. The world foundation is the UN. We should be proud of it. We should complete the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spirit world. Letís understand Fatherís words and have confidence! We can make a perfected family, tribe, nation and world. Letís inherit everything. Adam and Eve lost everything. We should act on this.

A few days ago, we held the Inaugural Prayer Luncheon in Washington, DC. A top US official said he was busy. That was a mistake: he should have come. If Father turns his back on him that is no good. Donít be proud of your secular career. In places such as Harvard or Yale, ninety percent of the people donít know God. Theyíre the ones who insist that God is dead. They tried to oppose Father, but ultimately they surrendered. It is time for us to march forward. Father wonders if weíre qualified. As young soldiers, we should have absolute confidence to do as God asks. We should have conviction to march forward with Godís sovereignty. Until now, Father worked as if God was in prison. Everyone opposed Father, but Father did not fall down.

Today, some people may have had the attitude of not coming to East Garden because of the snow. That is a problem. God is not resting yet. Father is proclaiming to the world to go and receive Godís sovereignty. Who is God? He is our Eternal Parents. Now, we connect to the sovereignty. True love power is there. Now, we are welcomed in all four-corners of the world. There should be no boundaries. If we stick with the American way of doing things, there is no hope for America: no hope, no country, no Heaven.

Ninety degrees connects to True Love. The mind is the internal power and the body is the external power. Ninety degrees. Growing up, we connect with Godís heart and we connect with Heavenly fate. Sexual organ action is ninety degrees. The fallen world wants the American system. The system of eyesight utilizes the ninety degrees concept. The sense of smell involves two nostrils. The mouth has two parts. We are talking about dual characteristics. Satan works through the flesh body. We should understand clearly why the mind and body are fighting. I taught you everything clearly.

Today, there is heavy snow! So, we are more excited. There are many young people here today. If you are truly excited you donít need Father. Parents want children to be better than them. Father wants us to be better than him! Can we do this by being idle, or by eating fancy Chinese food? Or instead, should we be as hungry as a beggar? Once we go over that hill then anything is okay. Would you like to dance with God? Naked? Can you offer food to God? When you reach that level, will God kick you away or welcome you? [Welcome!] At the age of eighty, I approach God and offer Him a piggyback. Will He be upset? [No.] With God on our back, we walk for twenty miles. God gets sleepy and heavy. Should we put Him down? We celebrate. Everyone is tired, God too. You bring God to your home. In this situation, you will be a royal family.

In your notebook, please write down the following: "Third millennium, January 21 (three times seven -- perfection). Godís message is that as Blessed couples our mission is to expand Godís sovereignty to the world. I will keep going and be a champion." This should be your determination. On the journey, there are many potholes, but we must level everything. Whether you are in Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo or New York there should not be any potholes. You should be able to walk straight. In this fallen world, we should build Godís sovereignty. Raise up all ten fingers and ten toes -- "Mansei"! This is our promise and conviction on January 21.

Next week there will be a Blessing at the UN. The Sunday following that, Father may be in South America. Father spent too much money in America. Others may complain. Now, Father must go around the world. Suppose Father says to each country, "Buy a villa that can hold up to four hundred people." If each country canít do that, should America help? [Yes!] With that building, Father would launch education for the leaders of each country, to educate them to become Godís children. [Writing in the board.] If there are 180 nations and Father spends one month in each, it may take almost sixteen and a half years before Father returns to America. By then, Father will be almost ninety-eight. "America" sounds like "Merry Christmas" or "a merry car". You have nothing to be proud of. Advanced technology doesnít mean that you have Godís sovereignty.

Letís shout "Mansei" while raising our ten fingers. How about twenty, including out ten toes? Or, how about 21, including the extra part that a man has! Unificationist men should not follow womenís hips. The concave gets filled up by the convex. You should protect your love organ wherever you go. Then, we can produce heavenly people. As a woman, you should receive love from you husband and then seal up that area like the honeybee does. "Free" American women will be blown around. Your breasts and hips are for your children. Your pretty face is for your children too. Woman was born for man and man was born for woman. Why do Americans use Jesusí name as a curse? It is because the concave and convex relationship was not completed at the time of Jesus. America is the place of free sex. Actually, your love organ is there for your children and descendants. After you are Blessed be careful not to make a mistake. Donít look back. Remember Lotís wife who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. There is only one way, not two.

When Father leaves America, he has a lot of work to do. Father started working with the Pacific Rim area. Father wants to embrace that part of the world. Father has a lot of work to do, such as establishing a religious UN. How serious Father is! Father will depart from the U.S. In order to mark the providence beginning from today, Father wants us to understand the message given on the day of the Coronation Ceremony. [Dr. David Carlson reads "A Special Speech and Prayers, given by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, on the occasion of The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship, held on January 13, 2001." Dr. Carlson read the three prayers and the speech. During the reading, Father occasionally offered brief comments. Afterwards, Father invited members of the congregation to ask questions. He said that Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak would answer the questions and if he could not answer a question then Father would.]

How can we make a peaceful world? God canít do this, and neither can Adamís family. Wherever there is fighting God canít dwell. There are boundaries and there is the mind-body struggle. We need not just one nation under God, but also one world under God. True love is for the sake of others. In our face we have our sensory organs and the eyes are the center -- the most important. But even the eyes cannot insist on their own situation. The central person may have to go to jail. America thought they could get rid of Father by sending him to Danbury. He who wants to preserve his life will lose it, and he who is willing to give up his life will preserve it.

With a loud voice shout out, "Protect and multiply Godís sovereignty." Make a peaceful world. Have the concept of Godís victorious kingdom. Inherit this. Take action. Before you eat, sleep or make love, or have ambition, you should dedicate yourself for this. You should establish such a territory on earth and in the spirit world.

When Father gave such a providential prayer and message, [referring to the January 13 prayers and message], if you unite with it, then people in spirit world and on the earth will receive the same grace and forgiveness.

In 1998 at Madison Square Garden, through True Parentsí special grace, Father picked thirty-three sages, saints and sinners and Blessed them. Gradually, centering on the four major saints, True Parents Blessed and forgave spirit world. For the spirit world to be saved it depends on the earthly foundation. Every day you should proclaim this grace. Whoever receives it gets the same grace. Father Blessed Buddha and there was a difference of 2,600 years between him and his spouse. With Augustine the gap was around 1,600 years. This is evidence that spirit world is beyond time zones. There is a vertical history, but people can be in the same horizontal time zone. They automatically receive the same grace. For example, the 2,600-year-old ancestor and more recent ancestors would receive the same benefit.

At the Coronation Ceremony, Father taught three standards for our life. First is purity. Second is not abusing human rights. Third is not misusing public money. Father is adding a fourth point: we should live as a son or daughter of filial piety, as a patriot, as a saint, and as a holy son or daughter of God.

When you witness your ancestors will support you. The foundation will spread broadly. This is Heavenly Fatherís almighty work. Father directed our Korean headquarters quickly to make a video of the Coronation Ceremony. We should show it to the world. In Korea, the Coronation Ceremony was reported in the newspaper.

Each Blessed couple should fulfill their duty and responsibility. Then the couple will be stable.

1. Be proud of Godís Kingship.
2. Protect Godís Kingship.
3. Expand Godís Kingship.
4. Glorify Godís Kingship.

Remember these four points. We should mobilize the mass media, TV and so on, to promote Godís Kingship. Spirit world will help us if we keep this spirit. It is the time of liberation of Godís Kingship. We donít know when Father will go to the spirit world. That we can work here with Father is most important. Our five senses exist to glorify God. In the physical world, attending and working with True Parents is the utmost privilege. True Parents finally glorified God through the Coronation. We should glorify True Parents in our generation. That we met True Father during our life is most precious. Many spiritual mediums will come forward. We should hurry to make our foundation first. Bring your relative and colleagues

[Father asked Rev. Peter Kim to pray. Then, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak led three "Manseis.]

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