Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship [Part 2 - Speech]

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2001
Seoul, Korea

What do we celebrate today? (Celebration of Coronation of God!) What a strange word, God? (No. Coronation!) Who did the coronation? (God!) Can True Parents by themselves do this? Only when all the people on earth and heaven are blessed can this kind of ceremony be held.

Therefore, many religions, from Judaism to the Second Israel centering on Christianity, and to Korea went through the realms of first, second and third Israels -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Eras. The Completed Testament Era means the time of blessing of all. Because of the fall of the first human ancestors, all things created by God couldn't stand in the realm of blessing. God taught people by establishing numerous religions, leading them through the way of salvation providence and raising them step-by-step to enter the era of the Completed Testament.

But the peripheral religions didn't know this. Thus, the road to serving God as Father of mankind was paved only by Judaism and Christianity. And, in the failed history of Adam and Eve, only one son was born on earth whose blood lineage could be loved by God. While that elder son was born, there was no only daughter. God struggled a lot throughout the salvation history of the past four thousand years. After making Adam, God created Eve as the counterpart of Adam. God created Eve by imitating Adam, applying the same principle and blueprint.

The Bible says that God created Eve by taking a rib from Adam. This means that Eve was created adopting the core of Adam. God found His only son through the direct lineage of love, but He did not find His only daughter. After finding Eve, God could restore the history after the fall from a family. God prepared Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel as the chosen people to establish the nation. Jacob's 12 children gained ground and expanded the area of victory to the nation of Israel and Judaism until Jesus' advent.

The nation of Israel was external Cain type, while the religion of Judaism was internal Abel type. On the foundation of Cain and Abel, Mother would be chosen. After that, by serving Jesus, Israel nation and Judaism would be united as Cain and Abel. Then, centering on the blessed family, the clan and nation would have been established. Nobody can deny this.

Even if Rome dominated the world, it could be no match. External things are like flesh while internal things are like bone. Flesh cannot be stronger than bone. Centering on the nation of Israel, the unity of all nations and the liberation of God would have been achieved two thousand years ago. But, because Jesus couldn't create his family by restoring Eve, the nation of Israel and God's preparations were destroyed.

Because all this foundation was lost, the nation of Israel perished. And in Seventh Century, Islam emerged in the region and people. The Muslims and Jews were brothers but they became adversaries. Ishmael and Isaac were direct descendants of Abraham. But they became enemies. They fought centering on Jerusalem and Israel was lost.

If peace between Cain and Abel had been achieved in Jesus' time -- left wing and right wing at national level -- the history of war between Cain and Abel would have been solved on earth and in the spirit world. But because the national foundation was lost, Christianity became second Israel. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity represented spirit world and expanded its influence worldwide. After World War II, the Christian culture unified the world, ushering in the era came when mind and body could become one. Satan was completely conquered. The Allied nations and Axis nations could be restored to God. Centering on this foundation, if Catholics and Protestants had became one representing Christian culture and welcomed the Second Advent of the Messiah, the world would have been united by 1952, seven years after 1945, and the coronation of God would have been held at that time.

But, Judaism, Israel and Christianity didn't support the Unification Church. Until today, they have tried to chase the Unification Church away. As the first Israel and Judaism opposed Christianity and nearly perished, Christianity opposed Unification Church and nearly perished. All religions nearly perished. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam have been diminished. This is true not only of religion. Our society, nation and world all have become a kind of hell.

God's ideal realm of love could not be found on earth. In America, there is no family where husband and wife, mind and body are united by the original standard. There is no family where parents and children do not fight. All have become separated in the individualized world. God's ideal is the pair system. The pair system can be found in the mineral world, plant world and animal world. Heaven and earth should have become one, but all were separated.

How can we reverse this and unite them? Who should do that? At first, Adam family failed. Then Jesus was supposed to have restored the nation and the world. Because everything should be restored on earth, the Second Coming inherits the realm of the Christian culture on worldwide level, even though the world and religions have been in decline.

Christianity -- Catholics and Protestants -- is in the position of receiving the inheritance. But they are fighting and not thinking of unification. Until they unite, they will continue to fight. Religions will continue to decline until they come to a dead-end, to be overtaken by the Messiah.

People today have lost heaven, religion, world, nation, society and family. They deny their grandparents, parents, husbands, wives and children. They deny God and religion. Men and women have fallen to the individual position of the fallen archangel. They cannot overcome lust by desire, training or resolution. Therefore, when someone tries to live a pure life, Satan will try to make him or her fall down spiritually. A beautiful woman would appear and ask for an embrace. If a man surrenders and embraces her, he is finished. Life and death is divided, centering on love. Without spiritual experience, people don't know how deep this problem is. Our body is the stage of Satan. To recover this stage to the ideal position, God worked and experienced disappointment repeatedly. Therefore it took thousands of years. The remaining forms of religion that educated people all over the world about the mission of messiah were Buddhism, Confucianism, and so forth.

Who is Lord of Second Advent? True Parents. True Parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents have fallen love and lineage. In the original world, the family should be formed centering on God. To achieve the fatally [?] of the sons and daughters, true blood lineage should be connected. To become children of True Parents, blood lineage should be connected to True Parents. Parent and child relationship is impossible without blood lineage. Even God cannot separate it. Fallen Satan cannot separate it. We should be engrafted to the blood lineage of God, the original standard.

When one goes over the national level, he goes into the direct dominion of God and therefore cannot have any relationship with Satan. If Jesus had been married, Satan could not have killed him. Because he comes at the level of completing his responsibility, he enters into the direct dominion of God. In direct dominion, God's blood lineage is connected and Satan has no way to separate it. Not advancing to that level is problem. If Adam and Eve had married and then loved, the fall of man would not have occurred. They could not have fallen eternally and Satan could not have separated them.

But, in the growth process, the fruit was not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of those lifeless things is hell, the place that has no relationship with God. Therefore, what kind of problems exist in the father-and-son relationship? The son must inherit the parents' blood lineage. This inheritance of blood lineage cannot just happen. Can this take place with a single individual? It cannot take place with just single entity, whether it is just parents -- in parents and children relationship -- or it is just man, in man and women relationship. The internal and external characters of blood lineage become completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. A content mind representing internal character results in a content body representing the external character, and a life is brought into the world.

Likewise, meeting of invisible form and visible figure causes an explosion. When water turns to steam when heated and becomes vapor when heated more, it becomes invisible. In the same way, when the invisible God who dwells in this hot, hot invisible environment meets with a visible figure or object in the cold, cold environment, there is an explosion.

Therefore, God Himself took a spherical form centered on internal and external characters of love. However, the relationship between the two extreme characters reflects merely an internal movement and does not appear on the surface. Thus He cannot feel stimulus. However, if there exists a physical figure which could function as an object of this stimulus, it would be like an explosion caused by the collision of hot and cold or two extreme elements.

If love becomes the axis and if the couple is willing to love forever, they can have an eternal relationship. They can become a family centered on God. The seed will grow with eternal movement. It will become a sprout and the sprout will bear fruit. It will become a God-like fruit. Branches and buds will grow. The tree will grow big and branches will grow in all directions. Adamís family was to become that tree. Adam and Eve were supposed to multiply their descendants to the whole world. They would have made so many factories to make citizens of Kingdom of Heaven. They would all live with God in the spirit world and True Parents on earth. When they enter the spirit world they would live there forever as one body. They would have made the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven. Do you understand?

Until now, Christianity has been trying to unite Cain and Abel in the spiritual side. It tried to restore the spiritual foundation centering on physical bodies but it has not been able to restore the substantial, physical world. Thus God has had to work to restore the physical world. Battles ensued. God has been trying to make one people. Thus, after World War II the Allied nations were victorious over the Axis nations and helped to rebuild them.

In other words, the time has come for overcoming the Cain-Abel relationship. Based on this condition, if after World War II, the primary nation of America along with England and France had realized and accepted God's will, then God's will would have overcome the most difficult obstacles within three years. And within seven years God's Will would have been completely realized. In other words, based on having created the foundation of a unified people under God, our wish of creating a heavenly kingdom on earth, where both spirit and physical worlds unite harmoniously, would have been realized.

Since body and spirit could not become one at the time of Jesus, human history has been marked by two thousand years of indemnity. Based on this, someone has to step forward to assume the position of spiritual parents, and has to fit everything in its right place. Jesus could not do this. Since he could not get married, he could not officiate in the marriages of others and thus God could not give Blessings. From this comes the concept of True Parents who can reverse and change the blood lineage through initiating Blessing. The struggle between God and Satan was caused by the fact that false parents had bred and spread the seeds (in the beginning of human history). True parents can stand in the middle and end this struggle.

After bringing reconciliation to God and Satan, if Jesus, centered on the foundation of his family, and Judaism and all religions around him had united to make a divine sovereignty possible, the entire restoration of God's will would have been accomplished. However, since this did not take place, it eventually led to World War II and in the post-war era similar analogy applied. America and the world represent Judaism in Israel and other religions, respectively.

Since this once again could not take place, restoration has been prolonged for more than 55 years, going on 56 years. Thus, it is like a dream that we are having this Coronation Ceremony to honor God. Who was supposed to hold this ceremony for God? Who destroyed such a ceremony? Did God do that? Satan, Adam and Eve are all responsible for such a mess up. Because Adam and Eve could not assume the True Parents' position, Satan has come into the picture and the foundation of True Parents' blood lineage could not be established. Since the fall of the first human ancestors had left trails of Satan's blood lineage, not even God or Satan for that matter can deny and reverse these consequences. It is even difficult for Satan to destroy what he has created so far. Nobody likes to destroy and entirely modify what he or she has created. This is true even for Satan.

God cannot reverse the consequences. If He had the ability to do so, He would have never lost Adam's family to Satan. By principle and even simple reasoning, this is a fact. Thus, the only person who could repair the damage is perfected Adam. Do you understand? You have to understand the fact that the only family that can possess the love of the original nature coming from God is perfected Adam's family. All of you blessed families should assume that position of Adam's family, and representing the rest of the world, you should pray in the name of a central blessed family.

How many people do we have here? About four thousand people representing four thousand families, right? No matter how many millions of people running in marathon, there is always a winner, the best out of millions of runners. Who else gets awarded? The first, second and third places, right? What kind of medals do they get? Gold, silver and bronze. How come there is no fourth medal? It's because of the principle that everything exists in three stages.

Like the center of a circle that forms 360 degrees, everything needs a central position where everything can referenced. Completion of restoration is no exception. Thus, what is the center of the blessed family? Who gives the Blessing? The parents. Who officiates at the marriage? Who should officiate in the ceremony through which children can resemble and inherit the parents' blood lineage marked by their parents' harmonious unity? The parents. Today's typical marriage has become an act of stepping up next to someone who has fame by using a ladder, because mankind had been dragged up to Archangel.

In summary, the True Parent is the king of the family. Has there ever been a term called King of Family? Has there been anyone who could claim that he or she is king or queen of the family, who stands as a representative of heaven and earth? To become the king of the family, you have to be exceptional parents among the parents, then should become the first sons among the first sons. The first son should get married first and start the family first. Everything has an order. There is a term in Korean called "reverse marriage." However, the order is violated quite often today. This reflects the concept of restoration in which one tries to make a match this way and that way and even in the reversed order. The "reverse marriage" should not take place. If the order is reversed, everything will go belly up. The world has become this way. Now, how are we going to repair or undo this? Stemming from this kind of confusion and chaos comes incest, illicit love relationships, and so on among grandfather and granddaughter, grandfather and daughter-in-law, etc. This kind of incest relationships takes place because people try to revolve around without knowing the center, and consequently consumes one another. Therefore, in this era of great family level confusion, regardless of their immediate family or relatives, without any orders and without knowing 1 degree, 10 degrees, 360 degrees or 180 degrees, everyone revolves around to randomly fit or match into one another.

So, who can bring order to this world? God could not interfere with the fall that took place in the Garden of Eden. Further, God could not interfere with Satan's actions. Likewise, even in the last days, there is no way God can interfere. One cannot survive without getting rid of the root cause of the disease. Since false love, false life, and false parents had been created due to the fall, True Parents have to deny all the above and restore everything through indemnity. Thus, what does it mean when one says, "those who seek to lose their lives shall gain it?" Until indemnity is complete, those who live in the world of death, those who walk to the edge of death and yet have the spirit and energy to say, "Even if I die I will still have the energy to live," will live. There is no resurrection for those who find death sad and fearful and run away. That's why the Bible says "those who seek to lose their lives shall gain it." Then, what about God? What if God takes the position where He seeks death? He will live! If God seeks to live then there is no consumption. Do you understand`? What about me? It's the same case. If Father decides to live, he will die, and if Father seeks death ... ? He will live! That's the case. Do you think whether or not Rev. Moon of the Unification Church had thought about being Messiah or True Parents? If I did, I would have to die every day. What do you think? If I suggested we should seek death, there would be large commotion everywhere, every single day. But with this explanation, it makes sense to say we should seek death even in the environment where it's not possible.

It is the same with God and True Parents. What about those who want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it the same? Yes. Because I wore a heavy crown in the morning, my head hurts, so please answer quickly. In order for Him to save one man, even God must go through the situation of death. He must throw the rope and pull the person falling down the cliff with all His might. We must have that kind of standard for us and for God to live.

God has gone through situations of death so many times. Those who want to go to Kingdom of Heaven must be able to go through such hardship. So in the end God must tire before you. Who is older, God or you? God is the oldest, right? We all must cling to the rope and reach the surface on top. How hard would it be? By the time we make it up top with the rope, God will collapse with exertion. Then what do we do? Should we carry Him on our back and take Him to the hospital or not? If there is no hospital, we must do whatever we can to save Him. We can pray, or we can go over the hill of suffering.

Who is the messiah or the savior? Should he relax and enjoy life, or should he go through suffering so God can rest? Can a person be the messiah who enjoys life so that God dies? So if Father suffers, should the Unification Church members play around and enjoy life? Should those people who play around go to the Kingdom of Heaven or Hell? Should Father do what they want him to do, because they think Father doesn't know the world? Life and death is at hand, and they just want to live a comfortable life. We must say that we will all die together then we can all live. A person shouldn't say that so that only he should live.

If it is absolutely certain that a father wants to give his life to a son, that son must follow that father to the end. If not, in the end they will separate. If the father wants to die and the son wants to live, what will happen? Will they separate or not? If the father's act is different from the son's act, it becomes an act of hell. That kind of grandson cannot even come to a grandfather and give him a kiss. Do you understand?

Among the Unification Church members is there a person who wanted to suffer more than Father? Especially Western members must want to receive persecution more than Father did. Did you come here to go sightseeing? Or did you come here to listen to Father and go through a suffering course? It is a problem. There cannot be individualism here. You must understand this. Graduating from Yale or Harvard doesn't make any difference. Lowly laborers could be better. Who likes free sex? White people or black people? If black people like it they learned it from white people, right? Those who practice free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism will die of AIDS and drugs. In Africa, 60% of the people have AIDS. They will collapse in 15 to 20 years. AIDS hibernates for 8 to 12 years. They will be destroyed in two generations.

The 120 people who were standing here, are you confident? Can you follow Father? If you are confident why do you hide your faces? If Father liberated God, you should liberate Father. Many countries are still not liberated. You have to liberate those 120 nations. The 120 disciples of Jesus represent 120 nations. They have to become kings of 120 nations. You must become admirals of each nation and bring the nations back.

What are the 160 families? They have to bring back all nations of the world. Do you understand? If you are not able to take back a nation, you cannot become an officer of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you become a king on earth, you can become a king in the Kingdom of Heaven. Good kings can become kings of the future. But bad kings will go to hell. They will be forgotten.

So did you do your responsibility? Blessed families here who are trying to earn regional victories for unification of North and South Korea, are you doing your responsibilities? If you get regional victories, can the world become united? Without the UN can the world become one? When you do regional battle, I have to deal with the NGOs. Can anybody deal with NGOs? The NGO representatives from all over the world talk about societal evils and other aspects within their regions of influence. When they hear about how the UN should unite the world and solve the problems of Communism and other things, they are flabbergasted and don't understand. And since they don't understand, they don't oppose. They say that I am right.

They don't understand how we can hand down pure lineage in the midst of immoral youth, family breakdown and AIDS. I have worked in South America for a few years now. The people over there say that the Pacific age has come and they want to catch fish in the sea and do other ocean-related activities. Will you follow me? (Yes.) If you want to follow me, then you have to learn to become captain of a boat. You all have to go to Antarctica now and live at least one year as krill fishermen. You have to go as couples. How many couples are here? About 20 couples a boat. Even women should work.

Are you all confident to register into the Kingdom of Heaven? There is difference among Heung Jin, God, and Jesus. If I represent God, Heung Jin is like Jesus. You must understand that you registered into the Kingdom of Heaven with a course to pass. If you don't want to die by accident in some Bermuda triangle, you must pass the test. Do you understand? (Yes.)

What is today's topic? The Coronation of God's Kingship. The speech before the coronation is all finished now. Do you understand? No matter what, you must go the way of suffering. You must learn what your course is after God's coronation. So the problem is lineage. Say "Pit jool" (pit jool). What is it in English? Blood lineage. Say "Blood Lineage" (Blood lineage). That is most important. Kingship is not important. Parenthood is not important. Society and government are not important. School is not important. The many nations of this world still belong to Satan and not to God.

But now the nations have nowhere to go but to follow God and True Parents.

From now on, whether you like it or not, no matter how you look at it, regardless of whether you are oriental or a Westerner or a black person, you must listen to Rev. Moon because you are having a lot of trouble. So, you decide not to stand in the area of trouble. Today you decide to stand with me and your determination should not change. You must have affection.

The clothes you are wearing (pink colored gowns) look like the color of Jesus' paradise. This symbolizes Jesus Christ. White symbolizes God. Green symbolizes the Holy Spirit. That is why nature is all green. Oceans are blue and mountains are green. The sky is blue. Pink and white flowers look fine together. You are wearing this kind of symbol. You should not be ashamed of yourselves. You must have strength and shiny lights so that they attract bees and butterflies. This I wish dearly. (Amen!) Please try.

A person who prays, "I pray in the name of a central blessed family" must resolve all the problems with families, tribes, people, nations, the world, and the cosmos. Centering on my clan and tribe we can guide our nation. Our taxes could be used to form stronger nation. If there is a palace in Satan's nation, then we must build better palace. Don't you agree? (Yes.) Do you follow? (Yes.) All blessing-offering funds cannot be touched by any individual. What about me? Even I will not touch that fund. I will spend that money to build a palace where all your descendents and all people can freely rest.

Shouldn't a palace of heavenly kingdom be ten times, a hundred times better than the one in Satan's kingdom? (Sure.) We should realize this before we go to the spirit world. You have no rights to go to kingdom of heaven if you have not realized this. Do you want to earn that right? Do you just abandon your relatives? You must witness to them. Your family must unite into one force. Do you follow?

What is a filial son? He is willing to die for his parents. What is a patriot? He is willing to die for his king. The same applies to saints and sages with respect to God and mankind. You should write this important teaching on your notebook: What is this year's motto? As explained in the motto, liberated heaven and earth, parents, true parents and children, liberated children, they tightly unite into one. There is no gap in such a union, no gap for water to come in. There is no gap for air to flow. There is no gap for light to come in. That's right? After they become united into one, then what? Indeed, true love comes next. After parents and children, on earth and in heaven, become one, true love can come alive. Isn't that right? True love is the unity of one mind, one body. Within true love, the center is subject. May the central point of true love be accomplished. This is not only the motto for one year, but it is truth that must be practiced by everyone for three thousand years.

Do think this motto is good or bad? Am I foolish? With this ceremony blessed families have three generations and three eras in transition in the four-position foundation registration ceremony. This is all you need. Today, in the new millennium, all things are liberated. Unfortunately, God is not yet liberated. True Parents are not yet liberated. However, parents and children in heaven and earth are liberated, so you should not be afraid. Even if you are locked up in jail, you must not be afraid. I am so curious about heaven that I want to go to kingdom of heaven as quickly as possible. If I go there young, is this good or bad? All cosmos is in my hands. You should be like that and not deny that you, too, are the ultimate one. And you should not worry. That's how it goes.

Have I lived my life in pursuit of food or of truth? Food or truth? (Truth.) Can you see truth? No. Can you see God? No. Can you see love? Can you see life? Can you see blood lineage? Can you see conscience? No. They are not visible. That's why people who are not thinking are unaware. Let's say, you've asked someone to sell you five body organs. Does anyone want to sell them or not? What if you have bought them? You start the operation, changing your nose, changing your lips, and changing your hands. Would you be willing to sell these parts? What kind business would that be? What profit would you have by losing your things? Always people who have bought are having loss. God is that way. Parents are that way too. Parents who have many children have much loss. If you meet ten people once, that's fine. But if you have to meet ten people everyday, you have to spend much money.

Today, by having God's kingship ceremony, the nation has changed. Should this cause us to be worried about God's providence or not? (Not.) Then who should be worried? God has much resentment. Did you know that? We need to be a supporting force so that God can do whatever He wants to do. Why does God need us? This morning I have very busy schedule so you should wake me up and go with me. It should be the sons and daughters who prepare for their parents to have this kingship ceremony. From now on, God must have full authority centering on this kingship. "Please come out, I will guide your way." You know how to guide, right? Whether God could visit or not, you know how to guide Him, right?

From now on things have changed. People who worry should die. What did I say? People who know and don't change themselves should die. Should they die or not? (Don't die.) I will stay even if everyone dies. You have to think that way. Do you know how to achieve individual perfection? Do you know it or not? Do you know how an individual's mind and body become one? After the fall of man the body inherited Satan's blood lineage and so became stronger than the conscience. This is the problem.

You should not just follow your bodily desires. Never cry out, "My body, my body." Even if the agony makes you burst into tears, be grateful for those tears. If you want to save your life, pray to God that you are willing to die. If you aren't bleeding, pray that you can bleed. Shout to Satan, "The whip is not enough. Get a spear and stick it in my side." Jesus went the same way. Isn't that right?

From now on, an immutable law to be kept, even to the point of death, is that one must not stain your blood lineage by compromising the purity of your marriage. You understand what this means, don't you? (Yes). Another point is to not infringe upon the human rights or crush the spirit of another person. Whether you are a woman or a man, or black or white, everyone is equal. You must not discriminate or violate another's human rights. For this reason the leaders of the Unification Church have convened here. Just because you're a regional leader or a "national messiah" of some country, it doesn't mean that you have the right to move people around according to your own desire (insa jochi).

There are plenty of leaders here whose ancestors are better than they are. Hence I refrain from practicing insa jochi. I select people from the highest level. Do you understand? (Yes.) Do not infringe upon human rights. Wherever I go, I don't make decisions based upon race or those who completed college. The person who practices true love, who realizes human rights in the correct way, possessing love for the sake of others, is the mainstream. The creation of heaven and earth began from that point. I cannot forgive the act of diluting this main current of thought. This is the second of all the sins. Do you understand?

The third point is to refrain from stealing public money. It means not to use public funds to fulfill selfish desires. There are three types. Out of all those who go to jail, at least 70% go for this reason. Will you understand this only after you have been put into jail? Human rights infringement and lineage violation are also problems concerning men and women. Then come all problems stemming from money. Following that come problems dealing with power. Money, knowledge and power have dominated mankind. Do you understand? (Yes). Article I of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven is to not stain your blood lineage. It is to preserve the lineage and keep it completely clean. It means to maintain the purity of your blood lineage for eternity. From this point on, the blessed blood lineage which has been inherited through God's love and God's life, must not be allowed to be contaminated by the actions and bad habits which have been part and parcel of the fallen world. Do you understand? Can you abide by the rule? (Yes). All those couples who pledge to follow the rule, even if you are not sitting with your spouse at the moment, all those who are willing to keep your lineage from being stained, close your eyes so that only God can see you and make a determination. Raise your hand firmly and pledge.

You must not forget this memorial day. Do you understand? Even if there's a quarrel between husband and wife, if you provoke it, you must resolve everything by January 13th. Once you understand this you must abide by this principle even if you must die a thousand times. Think of this moment as a time of making a strong, unbreakable determination. Lower your hands. Do you understand? (Yes!).

The second point is to not violate human rights, and the third point is to not steal public money, national property. If you see something so tantalizing, even if gold falls from a building, you re committing theft if you use public money to purchase it. You cannot use it for your self-desire. That's public money. Public money. Do you understand what I mean? Even if you bring me a church offering of such money I would not accept it. Even if I receive it through my wife, I would not spend it. This is more fearful and terrible than a poisonous drug. You will surely be caught when you go to the spirit world.

If there is anyone here to whom this applies, you should repent for everything before this year passes. Do you understand? (Yes.) The most fearful thing is Article I of the constitution -- maintaining the pure lineage. You must not allow it to be stained. There are many possessions that can be taken from women, but if a man attacks you and if you are carrying a knife, you must stop the act by stabbing any part of his body you can reach. He won't die from this. If he still continues attacking you, take his life away. The lineage is more precious than life.

Now, if a couple is ideal, would one be happy to see the husband or wife sleeping around with other women or men? How about for black people? They're all the same. And for the whites? Would you be happy to see your wife standing next to another man?

What's the first? Purity! Second? The abuse of human rights! Third? Misuse of public money! On this memorial day, in order to maintain the sovereign power of Heaven and to stand before it as restored holy people, parents, husbands and wives, children and brothers and sisters, this is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is a handicap. You cannot neglect in-laws or relatives. The world neglects everything, doesn't it? Those who graduated from a university -- just because they may have knowledge, if they neglect those who completed only high school, then human rights are violated. Following that is the misuse of public money. The theft of national property! This is a sin, misusing public money.

I never misuse public money. When people make donations I don't even handle the money. Therefore, first keep your purity. Do you understand? Especially the Western members. The question is how to maintain the missing lineage. So what is the second point? Human rights! Third? The sanctity of public money! You already took a large amount from the public fund, didn't you? You all don't do well yet are hoping that Rev. Moon would allow you to go home once a month, or once a week, right? Poor Unification Church members of such new number... they come to this place and what is it that they are contributing?

All the troublemakers gather here seeking a comfortable place to sleep, without even following the rules and regulations. That completely destroys the public environment. This is equivalent to stealing national property. Do you understand? (Yes). This is horrible. Those who lead such lifestyle will not succeed regardless of how much they try to obtain a good life. Try living such way. No matter how much you pray to God, you will not be able to witness. Even if you bring a guest, he or she will come as far as the front door and will turn back and leave.

The whole universe dislikes those who incur a debt. Do you understand? Do you like to be in debt? For example, if one person from the Kim clan creates a problem for everyone else in the clan and causes the group to fall into debt, who would like that? Later on, the Kim clan will nail him upside down.

So do you understand the three points? (Yes). Three things. Purity, equality of all people, and then respect for public money. You must make these things your habit. Only when you reach the stage in which, as soon as your mouth and eyes open and those words come out, can you keep yourself from taking wrong actions.

There is no doubt you will face these matters in life. There will probably be many such circumstances, but if you make an effort to abstain from violating the law, the law will turn you into a victorious person. Then I won't have to tell you anything. Amen! This is the conclusion.

So, what to do next? Where are you going to reside? You want to live well, right? Do you think you can live a good life alone? We have to live together. What does a life of living together, a happy life, consist of? What I am asking is, in living a good life built upon the official law of God, what kind of environment and what group of people must you live with? It's simple. There are three answers: the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship and the brother-sister relationship.

This is why centering on one's family there is a mother and a father: Then, from one's couple there are sons and daughters and therefore brother-sister relationships. Then there are all manner of relatives, progressively distant. Ultimately, everyone is related, just as in the brother-sister relationship.

Therefore, once the relationships of parent and child, husband and wife, and children are all connected, the brother-sister relationship will automatically come to exist. Brothers and sisters must live a good life in harmony. In living a good life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example for the others. That defines a good life. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a good life, and this turns into a debt. To allow oneself to be a good model, if you live a life that can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and the children, then you're living a good life.

The day will come when the king of heaven and the king of the earth will visit the family that lives an exemplary life. Early January of each year the kings must visit. The time will come when the family living the most exemplary life in a country will be recognized.

The time will come when the president will present an award to the family. Once again, these are the three relationships that make a family perfect: the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship, and the relationship among children. The brother-sister relationship is the result of the harmony among all these relationships. Therefore, whether in the brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person to stand in the position of subject, you must exert a good effect on others. If it is true, say, "Amen"! Cheer to the enthronement of Heavenly Father!

No matter what you may encounter, even if you are confronted with death, even if you are accused of being a traitor and are executed for it, if you keep these things absolutely, then your family will belong to the heavenly royal family and will have unabated freedom, unity, and liberation. I want you to remember this clearly. Keep this as motto. In the motto for the third millennium, I mentioned the importance of having a pure lineage. Then, I spoke of equality of human rights. Next, preserving national, public assets (being a custodian of public funds). That means not to be thieves. What is next? Be a living example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, children, and siblings. If your cousins, nephews, and relatives are doing well, then your children will follow their example. If you form such a family, people in your village will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." Then that person is surely a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and will be remembered by heaven.

I am also living that way. Wherever I go, whenever I see a grandpa or grandma, I want to serve them, buy them a meal, because I was not able to attend my own grandparents. So, it is not an easy life, but my foundation becomes bigger and bigger because God is on my side. Wherever I go, increasingly people flock around me and are concerned about me. Tens of years are passed and now even grandpas and grandmas, old people who are almost about to die, await me. Even the village dogs do not bark but want to follow me around. Do you understand?

If you lived a life of goodness to the degree that even dogs do not bark at you but want to be coddled by you, then people also would want to be close to you. Why would people oppose the master of love? They would want to be close. You have to make it so. Even the passing birds would be the same.

On this historic day, the Day of God's Coronation Ceremony, I explained to you the three most important things that humankind must uphold and by which you can be truly liberated in your family and in your nation. Thus, I hope you can remember this memorable content and keep them as the goals of your life. (Amen! Applause) May all the things you say "Amen" to be realized. Amen.

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