Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship [Part 1 - Prayers]

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2001
Seoul, Korea


Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, was born in 1920 in what is now North Korea. While he was praying high in the mountains early Easter morning in 1936, Jesus appeared to him and commissioned him to carry on the work that he had begun two thousand years ago. Since then Reverend Moon has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to fulfilling the Will of God. Three things have been foremost in his mind: First, to liberate God, who has been leading the providence of restoration in the midst of suffering and pain, having lost His beloved children. Second, to lift up all humankind out of the suffering and misery that resulted from the Fall. And third, to create a God-centered ideal world of peace.
In his life the Reverend Moon traveled throughout the vast spirit world and communicated with Jesus and many saints and sages. And he discovered many secrets about the creation, the human fall and salvation. Most importantly, he revealed the identity of Satan and the origin of sin, committed by the first human ancestors.
However, the greatest concern of his life has been to liberate God, who had lost His original position as King of Kings because of the fall, becoming instead a God of grief, suffering and lamentation.
Following is a collection of prayers and speeches given during the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, held in Korea on January 13, 2001. It is a vivid record of that historic event-participated in simultaneously by both the spirit world and physical world--when the throne of God was restored. Through this collection we hope and pray that each of you can give comfort and joy to God by understanding that He has been walking a thorny path for six thousand years, looking for His lost children.
North American Continental Headquarters of the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification

Proclamation Prayer 1

Beloved Heavenly Father,

Today, on the 13th day of a new millennium, as I hold the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship for Heavenly Father and Mother, may all creation of Heaven and Earth, all blessed ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on earth become one in mind and body. As we are in the fourth Adam's realm of the age of heart -- going over the time of indemnifying historical grievances -- we have entered an age in which we can open the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven through connecting a new heaven and new earth to each other.

Due to the false parent Satan, humans ended up having self-centered marriages. Thus, all throughout human history, You have been toiling and undergoing a shameful history of grievance in which Your true love, true life and true lineage have been opposed and rejected. As a result, although You are Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind, our Father, Teacher, Master and King, until now you have been enduring a suffering course of indemnity and a path of restoration.

However, after True Parents came to earth, they took responsibility for all the wrong-doings of the false parents and established victorious conditions on eight stages by going through the history of indemnity, while looking forward to this day of hope. Through this, God could claim every area that had been stolen by the false parent, Satan. However, centered on True Parents' victorious foundation, through the blessing ceremony of changing blood lineage at the highest standard, that victorious foundation has been linked to all nations and the cosmos. Due to the grace of the blessing bestowed out of love, foundations have been established for the liberation of the struggle between the mind and body, the liberation of husband and wife, the liberation of siblings, and the liberation of a nation. And through this, all barriers between the spirit world and physical world have been broken down and You are now standing on a victorious foundation after having paid all indemnity and are looking at the world of freedom and liberation. Now, a new Kingdom of Heaven can be one from the earth to the spirit world through a true family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. By connecting the authority of victorious True Parents and True Teacher -- who linked Your Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven -- to True Master, who is the Creator of heaven and earth that represent the entire of true kingship, I again would like to offer everything to You through this ceremony, and I plead with You to accept this with joy.

With all of the heavenly soldiers, angels and blessed families in the spirit world, and all blessed families connected to the central families that are linked to True Parents on earth, the spirit world has established a relationship of siblings, centered on earth. And with the elder sonship again restored. The earth is now in the procession of the elder son. And centered on the special authority of True Parents, the entire fallen world has received a victorious realm of liberation, reversing every level from the individual to the cosmos. Through this, liberated True Parentís centered on the True Parent of Heaven and Earth and the liberated true children on earth became one in mind and body. And by indemnifying and liberating the Will, Your wish, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal as the dominant character of true love, as True Parents are attending You, we would like to offer You the ceremony of joy in which You can be crowned in the original standard.

With a joyful heart, please forget about past sinful human history and stand on the victorious foundation of liberation. Centered on the realm of victory where we can be united as one in the ideal of love with the heart, we would like to offer You this congratulatory ceremony through which You can exercise your authority over the nation and the entire universe, along with the liberation ceremony of entire (joun-che), overall (joun-bahn), full authority (joun-kwon), and almightiness (joun-neung), and bring You back to the original position. And thus wishing that You would rejoice in accepting this, I sincerely report all of these in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Proclamation Prayer 2

Beloved Father!

To restore what was lost due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the True Parents went over the hills of indemnity on the eight stages from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. They went beyond the level of the nation that Jesus desired to establish, and even went over the level of the world. Now, the course of education is completed centered on the United Nations -- based on the foundation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that can represent all humanity -- through which God can come and reign. Centered on the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, the Interreligious and International Federation of World Peace and Unification was connected. And a sovereignty, a people and a land that represent the Heavenly Kingdom were established on earth. By so doing, a foundation for the restoration of Your fatherland on earth and in heaven has been prepared.

Based on this foundation, blessed families on earth inherited the merit of their ancestors and received the grace of the registration blessing at Chung Pyung in Korea. Through this, they were able to go over the boundary of the unification of South Korea and North Korea. They transcended the level of Jesus' victory in the realm of Israel, allowing a worldwide level registration that enabled us to go over the world. And they went over the Old Testament age, in which material was used as an offering. And they went over the New Testament age. Now, centered on the blessed families, we are separated from the world of Satan. As the heavenly lineage, we have entered the age in which we can reach the position of a model standard owner -- centered on the standard of Your love starting from the level of the individual all throughout the eight stages.

The True Parents restored through indemnity all the wrong that came through the false parents on earth and broke down countless barriers that have been closed on earth and in the spirit world. And with the authority for the liberation, all humankind -- including individuals, families, tribes. peoples, nations and the world -- came to one point: being connected to the True Parents in the relationship of heart. We are so grateful that we could offer everything to You on the 13th day the new millennium, in the name of the True Parents, centered on the condition of the Total Living, Sacrificial Offering, with which all of the lost creation was restored through indemnity.

Heavenly Father. You can now be settled in peace and exercise Your authority not only in the position of the master having dominion over the creation, but also based on the standard of kingship, transcending the spirit world and physical world, and the past three ages. You can stand in a free and autonomous position, based of the foundation of going, beyond the level of all of the things that You wanted to fulfill in Adam's family, according to the original ideal of creation, at the point where heaven and earth become one. And you can let the blessed families belong to the realm of Your love and authority through the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship. As we enter the age where we can be liberated, Heavenly Father, please receive all the glory, for thousands of years and let only Your glory and victory fill the entire cosmos. I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely wish and pray for this in the name of True Parents.

The True Parents have restored through indemnity the authority of coronation through the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship and offered it to You in the position of Your original standard of authority. Father, we are grateful that we could offer You this ceremony and plead that through this day, autonomous liberated heaven -- where True Parents can act and exercise everything on all of the promised and proclaimed standards -- be connected under your realm of love.

Again, I express my gratitude that with joy, You have accepted everything that has been prepared during this ceremony. Please guide all of the blessed spirit world and blessed families on earth to be united. I offer everything directly to You -- all relationships among people and all things that are public -- centered on the tradition through which God's Will, whose dominant character of true love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, be fulfilled and centered on the three conditions of the True Parents' blood lineage that will continue for ten thousand generations. I proclaim that you are the King of kings and that You can bring peace and prosperity for eternity, as the owner of the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship, with the heart of the True Parents, transcending ten million years of history, and plead that You would Iet the proclamation be fulfilled as proclaimed.

With an earnest mind and heart of True Parents, I am reporting and proclaiming all of this. Amen!

Proclamation Prayer 3

In front of the Beloved Heavenly True Parent, with humanity on earth being united as one, and with the True Parents on earth and the blessed families both in spirit world and on earth being united with the True Parents as one body and one mind, centered on the year 2001 which is the beginning of the Third Millennium, as was expressed through this year's motto: "May the Liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Children, By Uniting as One Mind and One Body, Fulfill the Will of True Love's Subjective Character, Which is Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, and Eternal," and the speech given on True God's Day, that same day as well, let all beings accept these words as the words that are spoken by God and the True Parents on earth united in one mind and body, before all humanity. Since the physical world on earth has received the time that became a root in which God can now be crowned as King, blessed families have now come to stand in the position of perfected Adam from the direct lineage of God, who can attend the kingship of heaven and earth. Therefore, from the standpoint of people of all nations, even when this report is being made, we came to receive a new historical age when we can close our prayer with the ending: "We sincerely report in our personal name, a central blessed family."

When we look back, we understand the lamentable situation in the Old Testament age, where God and Satan had to share the physical realm. And in the New Testament Age, the mind and body of Jesus Christ had to be divided, leaving the mission of the spirit world in the position of mind and the physical world in the position of body to be united. After World War II, the spirit world and the physical world should have been united through indemnity, restoring this fallen world to an original ideal world. Further, in the name of the True Parents, the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship should have been held at that time, liberating the Heavenly Parent. The fact that the Protestant Church and Catholic Church could not become one, nor could the oriental and the occidental worlds be united as one immediately after World War II, has now been indemnified. On that condition, after I passed over the age of 80, in the year when 2,000 years are gone, and in the first year when the new Third Millennium has begun, the history of Jesus, grievance is now erased through the number 13, which consists of the number 12: Jesus, 12 disciples plus the enter number one. However, not only by going over the level of Rome or even the world, but by making a condition of bringing liberation to both heaven and earth, by determining the center number 13, has this ceremony of Coronation been held.

We now have the last stretch until the year 2010 or 2012. During this period, we will symbolically return everything that we have received on earth with a Total Living Sacrificial Offering and enable You to claim Your homeland by bringing the planet Earth into unity and You can proclaim the restoration of Your fatherland. Until then, we are in the breathtaking stage where we should be focused on bringing the unification of South Korea and North Korea, investing every ounce of our energy and heart. And centered on it, we are to organize our final days in which the unification of the United Nations and the unification of the spirit world and the physical world are connected on the lineal line.

Because God has now been crowned through the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship, please mobilize the entire religious realms of spirit world. As You have entered the age of self-claim where we can receive the world of peace on earth, exercising the entire (joun-che), overall (joun-bahn), full authority (joun-kwon), and almightiness (joun-neung), let the True Parents on earth keep the self claimed authority for the spirit world and physical world. As You look forward to the liberation age of victory that is in line with heaven and earth, let the newly-blessed families in January this year all throughout the world and in the spirit world become one body and mind centered on You. We have now entered the age of a new creation in which the position of the elder son, centered on the earthly foundation of Adam's realm for the settlement on earth, and the spirit world -- in the position of the parent and kingship -- can fulfill the restoration of elder-sonship and younger-sonship, thus enabling the authority of the younger son to replace the authority of the elder son in terms of the standard of connecting their generations.

God who was cast to the farthest end is now brought up to the highest pinnacle by the True Parents through the Coronation Ceremony. Further, all of the words that You desired to speak were finally proclaimed and all matters from the salvation of the Heavenly Kingdom to the unification of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos are known. Thus, please exercise Your full authority, and substantiate Your realms on earth. And in the name of True Parents, please allow the central blessed families who obtained the authority from the final victory to march forward to the age of liberation on the cosmic level, the last stage where everything can be consummated.

Centered on the sovereign nation of the True Parent in heaven and the True Parents on earth, through this opportunity, The True Parents wish and pray that the children through the direct lineage as the royal family -- attending God with everyone in the spirit world in accordance with Your original ideal of creation -- would bestow the same blessing upon the earthly blessed families through the triumphant condition of Kingship that is now established, thus bringing peace and prosperity to all humankind for eternity. Accordingly, with Your own authority and privilege as the One sitting on the throne of Kingship with the power to give blessings to all humankind, we earnestly, earnestly wish and pray that You would realize all of these, and Your promise as well.

Starting from the first year of this New Millennium and from tomorrow, in whatever we embark upon, please allow all of the Unification blessed families to wave a flag of victory and in the name of heavenly ambassadors and heavenly governor-generals, who can govern all nations, become liberators who can march forward, all the way, with victory after victory. While humbly, and earnest requesting all of these, as being united as one between the Heavenly Parent in heaven and the True Parents on earth, through this opportunity, we report, report, report, report, and proclaim, proclaim, and proclaim. Amen! Amen! Amen.

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