Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Father and Hoon Mo Nim's Words on the Upcoming Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God

Sun Myung Moon
December 22, 2000
Seoul, Korea

True Parents arrived at Kimpo airport, Seoul from Hawaii on December 22, at 7 am. They came back to Hannam-dong residence passing through the Yoido Holy ground to pray. After they arrived at the house a meeting was held under True Parents' guidance. The following words of True Father about the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God to be held on January 13, are excerpted from this meeting.

True Father's words

Blessed families are able to attend God as the King when True Parents get rid of hell. That is because of the principle of restoration through indemnity. This coronation ceremony is not for True Parents. Everything from the kingship down to the bottom became upside down due to the fall of the human ancestors. Therefore True Parents and the blessed families must unite and attend God as the true King once again. Then God, with such authority, must bestow on the True Parents what can represent the ideal of family, nation, world and cosmos.

We need to establish the condition of the Total Living Offering in order to establish such a foundation again. In this sense, there is nothing that belongs to you. You must know that it is shameful to have things we consider our own.

Originally God was supposed to be in the absolute position of Owner, maintaining His Kingship. But He lost everything, including His love and even His lineage. That is why God could not come to the throne as the King. We must now hold a coronation for God, establishing the condition that all nations cooperate with this. When we do so, God will be able to use His authority of transcendence, immanence, omnipotence and all-capability, and there will be no hell and Satan at all. Everything must be clean. So who holds the coronation ceremony for God? True Parents alone? No, together with all the registered blessed families. However there is no nation for them. Where were you registered? You must know that you were registered on the name of True Parents. It is not in a nation.

I had been establishing the land and sovereignty of the heavenly nation centered on the United Nations before I initiated the movement of North-South unification of Korea. The UN must be the starting base camp for God's ideal of blood lineage, nation and sovereignty on the globe. It is the base camp from which we can establish the nation, gathering all the wisdom from the world.

When we have our home and nation, we are qualified to hold the coronation ceremony.

Who would indeed believe such words, that I will hold a coronation ceremony for God! However the blood lineage must be correctly redeemed by the unfallen and perfected True Parents. This ceremony is to be held not by True Parents but by the central blessed families. These families are the fruit of the history. They should establish a relationship with God in the liberated position and with a horizontal standard.

The reason why God has been sorrowful is to save one person, that is "myself." A person can stay eternally in the place where God's lineage appears. You must bless people without limitation. You must do so even by force.

Responsibility is very important. You must be the one who is first willing to go the way of the cross. With that confidence you must go forward to the level of the tribe, nation and world.

A Message from Hoon Mo Nim

The spirit world is being greatly changed.

Since True Parents conducted the liberation ceremony of the spirit world on October 14 and bestowed the authority of giving the blessing to Heung Jin Nim, the True Children's families and the four great saints who are in the spirit world are quite frequently visiting Chung Pyung and working on so many things to support the physical world.

Usually we think that the spirit world is divided into many categories according to religious groups such as Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism. However it is not always like that.

Once we hold the coronation ceremony on this upcoming January 13, centered on True Parents, the new age will begin, the age when, according to Father's words, sickness and medicine are given. Recently True Parents said that our ancestors will create surprising scandals on this earth once they descend from the spirit world based on the blessing up until 21 generations of ancestors. This is truly being done.

I visited the spirit world in 1993 guided by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. At that time I saw that God was conducting the coronation ceremony that would be held by True Parents on January 13. God said to me that I had to watch carefully the entire ceremony and it would be conducted by True Parents some day. God told me that it would be in the 2000s. He said that all blessed families who were blessed up to 1999 should move toward perfection and never repeat the fall. He said that all blessed families should complete the liberation ceremony for their ancestors before the coronation ceremony by True Parents and should settle themselves down centered on the coronation ceremony. Finally He said that we must be the families who expand ourselves completely, uniting the spirit world and physical world 100 percent.

I received a telephone call from True Parents and thus knew about this ceremony. After this phone call, I was so sorry and repentant. Originally, we were to have waited for this ceremony as perfected people but we could not. Therefore Heung Jin Nim said that at least the Chung Pyung staff should welcome the day of January 13 by making a cold shower condition for 43 days as well as liberating evil spirits and repenting everyday. According to the viewpoint of Heung Jin Nim, God did not send True Parents only for the restoration of one small group or one nation, but for the restoration of the entire physical and spirit world.

God asked me when it is that parents feel most painful. He said that they are most painful when their children are sick. No matter how they have the difficult situation and are economically poor, they want to heal their sick children, even selling their eyes. This is the heart of parents. I believe that due to this coronation on January 13, God will forgive any of our sins once we confess them to Him. Moreover, I believe that this coronation ceremony of the King is a ceremony for the liberation of religions and of the spiritual world.

I am sure that great and exciting times will follow from this time on. Since the spirit world has great power, we must gather our energy together with that world and break through this age. 

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