Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Sunday Morning Sermon

Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 2000
East Garden, New York

These unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks are based upon the simultaneous translation by Rev. Peter Kim.

The speech that we are going to hear for HDH will be given to ministers at the Chicago event on December 16. This is not a speech that came out of someoneís head or through reading books. This is a revelation to humankind in the last days. As I traveled the world and spoke to all kinds of leaders, I realized that humanity needs a fundamental message that can change peopleís attitude and life overall. I gave it around the world and I want to remind the spiritual leaders and Christian ministers about it on December 16 so they can change their life course. The most important change left is that of the blood lineage. That is why I am giving this speech. We too should take it seriously and reflect on the life we have been living until now.

HDH: "The True Family and I"

Does anyone have questions? Isnít it true that we still have struggle between mind and body? If there is fighting, there will be no peace. When you applaud, you put your hands together. By having an object partner, you create balance. At the meal table, your hands do not put chopsticks in your nostrils, do they? Does your hand force your mouth to open for the spoon? No; it opens naturally. That is what I mean by harmony and balance.

But the mind and body are not one yet. Our entire body was created to have perfect balance and harmony. So why is there still conflict between mind and body? The fall means that false lineage, Satanís lineage, was created. Does your lineage belong to Satan or God? [God.] Does that mean that you have no conflict between mind and body? [No.] If you say no, then how can you say your lineage belongs to God? It belongs to Satan. No matter how famous people are, their lineage is Satanís. The problem is to eliminate that lineage. Without it, no matter how hard people work, they cannot make a peaceful world.

You do not belong to God. So God is not dwelling in you; you are separate forever. So there is fighting, leading to hell, not to Godís blessing. The original connection was with Satanís side. How can we solve this complicated phenomenon? This is the problem. The problem is that people do not know the fact of the fall of man. So they are ignorant that they belong to Satan. You may say that you learned Divine Principle and have been living in the Unification Church for many years, so you belong to God. But that is wrong. You have to know that your life, love and lineage must belong to God by having absolute unity of mind and body. We have that goal. Have you become one with Godís life, love, lineage and conscience? No matter how arrogant or famous a person may be, they donít belong to God without that.

Do you think my words are true? [True.] Once mind and body are one, we are in the realm of resonance, so we can see and know the spirit world. The fall took place in the realm of ignorance. Once you reach the level of Godís love, you are supposed to know everything. Before you experience married life, no matter how much you think you know about love and about the opposite sex, you really donít know. They are mysterious and mystical to you. Through engaging with that mysterious way, you are supposed to reach spirit world. By experiencing the unification of love, you can understand everything. All your concepts are already connected with true love.

Does anyone claim you have no mind and body conflict and therefore that you belong to God? No one. Then where are you? All the way to the right, half-way, what? How far off are you? We have to deny absolutely everything. That should have been our life course. But people have been ignorant of this. Think of how silly and foolish we have been. When we expose that status, the world itself will push us to hell. Natural entities will claim that it was created by God and belongs to God, but that you belong to the fallen world, so donít touch us and go to the bottom of hell. Is it right? Is this a threat and blackmail, or realistic advice? It is advice. We have to open our heart and receive this message.

Your position doesnít matter. If you do not solve this problem, you are bound to hell. There is a vicious battle between Bush and Gore. Whom do you think is more qualified as your leader? [Bush.] Is his name Bush or push? If the mind and body become one and pray on this issue, and focus on it, we can get the answer immediately. While the world opposed me, I never paid it attention, yet I proclaimed that I will win in the end so I donít care how you treat me. Now, in your eyes, who won? [Reverend Moon.] I belong to the oriental race in terms of skin color. What of those proud white and black people? Didnít they look down on me? Suppose I were to become black and give this statement and teaching to the world. Would God welcome it or kick me away because I was black?

Some people may oppose me, but they will go down the drain after a while and end up in hell. Black and white both will go to hell together; they will be in the same place. Skin color doesnít matter. Even white people who oppose Godís ideal will end up in the pitch black darkness of hell. By the same token, if you follow Godís will, you will end up in the world of brightness. Letís say that the white race represents the day and black race represents the night. Then if whites donít like blacks, it is like the day not liking the night. But the day cannot exist without the night. The universe is always balanced between day and night, half and half. Therefore there should be no conflict and opposition, only harmony. Conflict brings death.

Do our eyes look in different directions? No; they are balanced. What about your nose? It is balanced; everything on your face is. So any human being who denies the balance of the universe will eventually perish and disappear. If WASPs claim that this nation of America belongs to the white race, they will be derided. We should not follow those people who are perishing. Particularly American young people and families are dying, because they have no balance. They are limping. Is America perishing or prospering? [Perishing.] Then are you just going to watch it, or do something? [Do something.] So you have to work hard to bring both sides to the point of equilibrium.

Who knows how to do that? Unification Church members. Therefore, as Unification Church members, especially whites, you have responsibility to bring America to the point at which there can be balance. So you have to work 10,000 times harder than you are now. But American members and young people donít think that way. If there are American members here who are seeking wealth and comfort greater than that enjoyed by the average American, will not God judge you when the last day comes? If you have that desire, you are bound with the secular people and will get bundled up with them. So what shall we do?

When there is a hurricane, you need an anchor and rope for your boat. The relationship of anchor and rope should be in balance, so the rope is strong enough to connect the boat and anchor. American families include homosexuals and lesbians and sexually promiscuous people. If everyone practices this, the white race will be extinct in one generation. Do American youth want to have families nowadays? They want a pretty spouse but no children. So they will last only one generation. They will disappear after that. It is not a made up story. It is becoming reality.

So what should we do? For America to survive, every family should put absolute love in their family life and produce as many children as possible balanced with that love. If a family advocates free sex, do they have peace? Eternally not. Even in a mind that seeks free sex there are many people who appear as their spouse, whom they can pursue. As a wife, if she practices free sex and sleeps with many men besides her husband, she may end up with a baby conceived with a man she actually hates. So where can she find peace in such a world? This why every year, hundreds of thousands of babies are thrown in the garbage can. [Abortion.] Can such women find peace? Do they feel peace during the pregnancy? Wonít she be afraid of the baby, and feel cursed? Will God protect such a woman?

America may boast of its virtues to the world, but look, democracy is now reaching the end of its rope. People thought democracy is the final anchor of the free world, but it is reaching its end. So what is left? America has been telling the weaker nations that they have to accept democracy, forcing them to receive so-called democracy. But look at America. It is rotten, top to bottom. There is nothing to be proud of, not their way of walking or talking or thinking.

What of American Christianity? All these divided denominations. Ten family members will represent ten different denominations. Do you think God will love to dwell with them? That is individualistic. It is not of God. It such turmoil and confusion. I came with the teaching that the world and religions should become one. If that 10-denomination family does not accept it, will they go to heaven or hell? [Hell.] I came to this world to eliminate hell from spirit world, but this family who opposes my teaching has no place to go. What would be their destiny? A destiny of knowledge, money or power? All those aspirations have struggle embedded within them. Instead, make peace through true love.

By serving, you become the central point. Therefore, true love stems from life for the sake of others. I came to America and have been persecuted for 30 years. Am I wise or a fool? [Wise.] Am I more wise than Satan? [Yes.] I am wiser than Satan because I came to eliminate the satanic world. God cannot touch the satanic world. If He could, He would have intervened at the time of Adam and Eve. God would have eliminated hell and everything evil. Do you think God is doing that work now? He hates free sex the most. Why didnít He eliminate it at the beginning?

The Pilgrims built this nation with strict sexual morality. Why does God allow this decline to happen? Is there a single American calling to liberate God? What about the theologians? The presidents of the Ivy League universities do not think about liberation. Those scholarsí heads are filled with desire for America to rule the world. But will God support this? Or will He sacrifice the ambitions of those white people in order to save the world? Even elementary school children will agree: save the world. Everyone says this way, but when it comes to action, they oppose it. There are different courses. How can we make the parallel with God? If you cannot do something, just say you canít. Your word and act must be one, not conflicting.

Between word and act, if there is a parallel, even if the action lags a little bit, then there is hope. But if they oppose each other, there is destruction. A black brother is sitting right next to this white brother. They should have a parallel track, or there will be fighting and both will go down to hell. It is logical. If we educate the white race and they desire to enthrone God, then they will be preserved. Night may be long and tedious, but eventually the day comes. You may enjoy the day and want it to last forever, but also night eventually comes. When you go to the Pacific you will see contrasts. In the midst of a 33,000 foot deep ocean there is the island just a couple of feet above the surface. People enjoy playing on the shallow water beach, but donít want to go into the deep water. But I have finding the deeper water all around the world for the last twenty years. I think that if deep-water fish can also live in the shallows, Ö

Since I came to America, I have been educating young whites to live for the other races, in other words, to go into the deep water. Many opposed me, but now there are many Unification Church members and many leaders of the nation who realize their life must be that way, so they are slowly coming to follow me. We need politicians and religious leaders. All of them say they need me. They are rising up now. The religious and political eyes are coming together focused on me. If I say letís go to Russia, they will go. Same with following me to China. They will not say they do not like historic Red China. They donít dare to go there on their own, but they all follow if I lead them there , even scholars from Harvard and Yale.

I have a double-edged sword, the darkest dark and lightest light. Which came first, dark or light? [Dark.] Light! [Dark.] Light! The time is coming in which the world will follow me. When the sun rises, no matter how dark the world is, it will light up. When the time comes, it may just take a week to change the world. Thatís why I have been securing the media arm, radio, television and even the wire service. Imagine the five major media organizations opening their hearts and competing to broadcast my teachings. The world would be changed.

America is the most powerful country in the world. But its powerful leaders listen to the Washington Times. A statement from the Times can affect them dramatically. The government of other nations also listen to the Washington Times. Who at the Washington Times is having the biggest impact? [Bill Gertz.] Bill Gertz. How old is he? He is young. He only graduated from high school, joined the Washington Times and became famous. If you are a high school teacher, you should raise such students. If you are a college professor, you should become the most famous one in history.

Among college professors, is there anyone who has confidence to say they have resolved all the conflicting information and viewpoints, so that they can go to the media and let the world know the answer? You should be ready to devote your entire life, not just a few years. You should desire to surpass my commitment. Do any of you have that kind of thinking? To do ten times more than me? If you can, your boundary will be ten times mine and you will ascend to the throne in spirit world. It is logical.

Do you prefer to be a grasshopper, the son of wealth who just goes out to enjoy life, or the ant who works all the time? While the grasshoppers are singing and dancing and enjoying the secular world, the ant will keep working and digging, thinking they are digging holes for the sake of the world. How wonderful in Godís sight to see such a person. If there is a true son of filial piety, even his parents will bow to him in gratitude. If there is an ant-like person, even God will bow to him, by the same token, and will give the man anything that God has. But if young people fly, even if you are hungry and tired, you have to keep flying until you reach the destination. Otherwise you will fall and hit the ground.

You want to wear and show off nice clothes. That attitude is from Satan. Satan has used that to secure his kingís position. The secular world is evil and there is, strictly speaking, no room for a Unification Church member. Once we know the Divine Principle, we are on the side of light, and the secular world is in darkness. The root of the world of light is on the side of God. The secular world represents the dark satanic world, but only the surface is dark and there is no dark root. If we keep digging and digging, we will find the root of light, in God. Then we can open up the hole and make the world the world of light. When that time comes, should I be in the richest country or the poor one? Should I enjoy my life in the wealthy world, or be in a country that needs help?

While I was fighting the hot sun and mosquitoes in South America, was there any American member who was willing to come there on his own money, even walk there, and work with me and do security and so on? When I sit, my lower legs are exposed, so the mosquitoes attack there and the color is even changed. Is that good or bad? Even among the South Americans, no one worked as hard as I have for the sake of South America. Who qualifies for an award? The person who worked harder, or who enjoyed his life on his own? The one who worked.

Do you want to inherit 100% of my foundation, or 1/3, or 1/2? Or 120% or 200%? [More.] What about 2,000%? 200,000%? You may say 200,000%, but your mouth is too small to inherit that much. You have to prepare in order to receive that much. When I was attacked by mosquitoes, did I open my body so that they would enjoy as much as they want, or consider them the enemy Satan? I have been there for 3 or 4 years, and if they missed me, it was not my fault, but theirs. If I go to the north pole, they cannot follow me because they will freeze to death.

To this point, I found no American courageous enough to follow me to South America or the north pole, no matter how difficult. So is America in the position to dominate me or be ruled by me? [Ruled.] You answer that way because you compare and have the ability to say something good. If there were a country better than America, you would go there and abandon America. Actually, South America is like an abandoned country. I did 30 years of work there in 5 years. Countries welcome and believe in me.

Even among the women here, there is no one who wants to follow me blindly. You always want to check it out and see if it is true. But there is no way you can figure me out, no matter how many times you try. So you just have to decide to follow me blindly, and stand beside me. Does that feel good or bad? Even if you have to stay with me one hour, you will say I am too much and you will go to hell on your own.

This woman here and those like her may say her nose is higher than mine and her eyes are deeper and she can see farther and she is white. "So why should I follow a man of another race? I should just go on my own," she says. Many are like that. Do you like me? [Yes.] 90%? What percentage of liking me do I expect from you? I do not deal with those who do not like me more than 120%. What is your percent? If you say, 120%, it means you are ahead of me, and if you are 100%, you equal my speed, and if less, you are falling farther and farther behind. I want 24-hours a day, and you may say you need to rest and eat. Those 90% people stay behind me, and may think I walk 24-hours a day so they canít keep up. But they reason that at least I am making a highway that they can use to follow and catch up. But they donít know that the road will become more and more difficult, because I will take off and fly eventually to get to the destination.

To stand ahead of me, you have to endure the hitting that comes to that position in front of me, as from a baseball bat. Then probably you will make it. You young people who came from poor countries, if you are here to get wealthy and live like Americans, you have no future at all. If I had not come to America, do you think I would have received such persecution? Or had an easier life? So, why did I come here? Because of the foundation of Christianity and because of God. Because if Christianity perishes, God has no foundation. That is why I came to America and initiated the movement to unify religions and denomination and change hell to heaven. That has been my work.

Could you have imagined the blessing of saints and evil people in the same time and place? Can you find such an ideal in Godís will? That is the original form, centered on Adam and Eve. They should have become one. Below the line is the archangel, the line is Adam and Eve and the top is God (drawing on the board). Eve was supposed to become one with God through Adam, but instead she became one with the archangel. So she felt guilty and seduced Adam, and both fell to hell. That is how human history started and we reached the world level now. It was lost on the family level at the beginning.

After World War II, England was national level Eve. America and France were sons, Abel and Cain. The three were to become one and bring the archangel type nations, the Axis countries, to God. Then the unification of the world would have taken place. In the family of Adam, the elder son killed the younger. But that attempt at the unification of the three nations, based on Christianity, failed. Now, 55 years have passed. It is the year 2000. After World War II, on the spiritual level, the allied nations became one and absorbed the axis countries. That is how the war ended. Thatís why the Lord of the Second Advent came at that time, to complete that spiritual unification physically. The spirit world and physical world should have been united through the Lord of the Second Advent at that time. The Lord of the Second Advent came and on the foundation of the spiritual unification created by those nations, I should have achieved the goal of physical unification of the world. But it was separated again.

Standing on the victorious spiritual foundation of Christianity after World War II, how was the Lord of the Second Advent to accomplish the physical foundation? It was lost through false love in the Garden of Eden, so I was to restore it through the heavenly marriage, the blessing. The spiritual foundation is like this. Cain killed Abel, but on the national level the younger brother allied nations won and embraced the Cain nations and they became one conditionally, spiritually. That is the foundation. That unification that took place between allied and Axis nations put America, England and France in the object position, and if they had united and received the Lord of the Second Advent, centered on unity of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, within 7 years the world could have been restored, centered on the Lord of the Second Advent. Standing on the spiritual victory, I could have started the world blessing, to secure the physical foundation.

I came as bridegroom and Christianity was the bride. Men were in the archangel position. After WW1, womenís rights gained world attention. The Lord of the Second Advent was born after 1918, the end of WW I, and womenís rights started then. After World War II, the trend developed, especially among American women, to favor artists, singers, actors, etc., but it was not supposed to be that way, because that is the world of the archangel. In the last days, women should overcome that world.

Instead of losing their souls to those secular artists, if the post-World War II women had followed me, the world would have been restored. I am the fruit of all the art, literature and culture. The true world of art would have been created. It didnít happen, so I started from scratch and created the Little Angels and the Universal Ballet Company (UBC), to show the world true art. Also the athletic arena, we have obtained the soccer teams; we have two in South America. I have held the WCSF, because the secular worldís art is rotten. People involved with Hollywood are deep into it. So I am creating the heavenly artistic world in which no one fools around. This is the wedge, to protect America from rotting away because of these artists.

In 16 years, the UBC conquered the ballet world of America and Europe. It takes cohesive teamwork, but individualism destroys the classical tradition of teamwork ballet. Only centering on my teaching can it be done. From 40 or 50 years ago, I allowed Unification Church members to sing popular songs, which other Christian leaders banned. I wanted our members to digest them. Wherever we go, we represent and enjoy music and sports. For example, the true children are good singers and dancers and sportsmen. To live in the free world, you have to surpass them.

Absolute sex. It is opposite to the worldís way. In the worlds of art and sports, I am moving to the top. In Brazil, I obtained two professional soccer teams and they are going to conquer the world of soccer in Brazil within two years. I feel I have to have the high tech world too, a grip on all these things. This is the era of information. I am doing work the nations of the world cannot do. I have a spoken at the UN and I am providing effective leadership. They are paying attention to what direction I will go.

We have 21 days left this year. There are thousands of NGOs in the world, but they are single-issue groups, seeking their own benefits and interests, mostly civil rights of all kinds. So WANGO, the World Association of NGOs, was created so that all these single issue groups could build a greater vision under God. Through WANGO education for the NGOs throughout the world has been launched. WANGO sounds in Korean like "the king starts marching." In English, it sounds like "we won the battle and starting going forward now" ("wonógo"). It is a global educational organization. It helps NGOs fulfill the ideals of the UN. Thatís why Rev. Kwak is traveling the world doing an educational task. Donít you also have to do those things?

Most nations oppose America, but we can help America reverse that. Should the US not support this? [Support.] America should not deviate from the direction of helping the world. Some Americans have been working to end the US support of the UN. I think the US should help sustain the UN. In 21 days, the 191 WANGO conferences will be completed. I am even thinking that such education would help North Korea. Education does not have to utilize religious terminology. Divine Principle actually doesnít have denominational religious terminology; it is the principle of God and does not rely upon traditional theological concepts.

The time has come for all our organizations to come to the top in their areas. Therefore it is our responsibility to clean up the fallen world and create a new and peaceful order. America should play a role, but it is like seaweed soup ("migook"ó"America," sounds like the word for seaweed soup in Korean: "miyuk gook"). The Lasting Love conference brought hundreds of young elite from Russia and China to America. America has no power to do that, because they donít even care. In turn, the Russian and Chinese elite donít care about America, but they do care about my teachings. The opposite side will become the right side. China and Russia will come to the right side. When it surfaced that I was involved with the Million Family March, many Americans were surprised because they thought I supported the Republicans but here I am supporting the Hon. Min. Farrakhan, who is left-wing. Even some of our members wondered why I did it.

What is the teaching of God through Jesus? Love your enemy. I am strictly following Godís teachings. Hon. Min. Farrakhan may be in the position of enemy to Christianity, and China and Russia may be in the position of enemy to America, but I am just following Godís way of loving the enemy. Between these enemies there is no love, but I, in the position of God, am loving them all. I have received persecution all my life but still made that foundation. So, for the first time, God is liberated. The conclusion is made at last, bringing the enemy into the kingdom of heaven. That is Godís love. For me, the worst enemy was the Soviet Union. Also I embraced the ministersí world. America is my enemy and Hon. Min. Farrakhan is the Christiansí enemy, at least from their viewpoint. Now Muslims are not anyoneís enemy.

On January 13, God for the first time will be enthroned. The coronation ceremony will take place in Korea. This will liberate the full Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Think about it. As a person who has a physical body, to gain the right and privilege to enthrone God. Therefore the Kingdom of God will be with us. When God receives this gift from me, will He just sit still, blinking His eyes? What will God do? In order to have this providential ceremony, I first declared to the world that the national boundaries have to be torn down. That way the nations will become one. The enemy nations that are adjacent to each other should have exchange marriages. Americans should marry Germans and Japanese. Russians and Chinese should marry. Without that course, no unification can be expected.

Suppose some respected American leader follows this idea for peace, and divides Americaís youth into thirds, one group to marry Chinese, one group Russian and one group German. Then America really would take the elder son position. Without that, there may be no world peace, but with that, world peace will emerge, donít you think? No one then will need weapons, so they will be dissolved. Countries will use their military budgets for peace, for food. If there were a competition to sell the weapons, I would be the number one salesman. I have experienced making machines and part for all kinds of equipment, even airplanes. Thatís why people respect me. If I needed power, I could create power. But once we unite these countries, even though they have power they will not oppose peace. It will be historically verified that I received the most persecution and was never defeated. When the world is unified, no one will oppose peace.

If we continue tong ban kyok pah, working with the local community, we can truly bring peace to the world. Amen? Are you sitting around and eating and sleeping and enjoying your life? Then you cannot restore the world. I have been on the frontline without eating or sleeping. I have worked with Russia and China. I predicted two years ago Iíd work with the UN, and already we have formed WANGO. Just five nations should not have the power they have. Through WANGO and a religious senate of the UN, there can be an intelligent restructuring, as everyone is calling for. But to do this, there should be consensual support and substantial investment.

You tend to worry about your family life and church situation, but donít worry about that, because once nations are restored you can go anywhere and live there and enjoy life. The entire world will welcome Unification Church members. Some may not like Americans, but if you are a Unification Church member then they will welcome you. Some corners of the world say "Yankee go home, " but they will make an exception and welcome Yankee Unification Church members. When our missionaries go to Africa, they go below the level of the local people. Missionary women even offer to help raise the local children. Our missionaries do this unprecedented work. They love the mission countries more than their own wife, children or nation.

Would you follow me even to the Marshall Islands, if I were to live there? [Yes.] The high point of the Marshall Islands is six feet. If the sea rises six feet, it will disappear. You may say, I thought Father was sweating in South America, but suddenly he appears in the South Pacific. One nation has only 2,000 people, but I want to save it and help it become a member of world community. America and Japan abandoned such nations, but I work with them. Someone has to pay attention to that, because the Pacific ocean is in the position of the motherís womb for the two continents and for the planet earth. How can the mother unite the twin boys? The Pacific Ocean is a fearful place. There are many resources there. Who will be the owner? Letís march to the Pacific Ocean. Will you come? [Yes.]

Now, the parents of heaven and earth are ready to give birth to the twin boys, the Eurasian continent and Americas, and a lot of cheerleading and beating of drums is needed. America has opposed me, so has Asia. But I have a victorious foundation in North America and South America and in Asia. To fulfill this, I am establishing a position in Honolulu, to build a bridge halfway between east and west. I will move there. [Father talked in English on world restoration logistics.]

I understand God, Satan and humankindís situation. I will take four years to complete everything. It would have been no problem to create an independent nation immediately after World War II. That one man was chased out after World War II. How can he "re-again"? By making a family. If, after World War II, the Christian centered world had accepted me, within 7 years the world would have been restored and I would not have had to live up to 80. America would not have lost its families. I would have introduced Godism to Christian America and this would have changed everything. America would have been exalted.

Instead of individualistic democracy, we would have parentism. If they use democracy as a arena for fighting, they will both lose. Parentism, Headwing thought and Godism will emerge in the world community. Neither communism nor democracy can solve the worldís problems. Intelligent people know this. No matter how proud America is of herself, because of this election fiasco, the rest of the world is kicking America around and laughing at her. No one wants headstrong modernized women, who just go after excitement. They may appear attractive, but they are rotten because of the practice of free sex. Through free sex, they surely had experiences with all kinds of evil people. Among American college graduates, what percentage of women have their purity? A single one? It is logical that there is no one. Any who remain a virgin probably is either eccentric or foolish. Her peers who are having dates and enjoying sex several times a week spit at her, corner her and isolate her.

I have educated youth so much that I know how dirty American young women are. Can anyone argue against this statement? You are silent. So you need to hear criticism so you can wake up. Therefore you have to be willing to serve in the boondocks of the world, South America, Africa, on little islands, even if you have been a church leader here with thousands of members.

Humanity lost the family foundation, so we have to restore it in the last days. So True Parents and true brotherhood, nationhood and "worldhood" need to emerge. If we expand this model family, it becomes a tribe, nation and world. Still the center is the model family. Because of the loss of that family we lost everything else. Without my teachings, you cannot find that core family with God and true love for the tribe and nation.

When you hear me putting America down, your ears are not pleased. But if we continue living in this hub of the satanic world, this New York-DC area, we are in the darkness. But on a small island nation where everyone knows everyone, your original mind will awaken, because 80% of your give and take in daily life will be with nature. That will develop your life. Thatís why I want urbanites to go into the natural world. Pollution is rampant in the air and water. How can humanity survive even 300 more years? We have to go to the countryside, particularly in the developed world. Every problem comes from the urban landscape. How can we escape this place of the core problems? You know this well, more than I do.

With the internet, you can connect with everything even from the countryside. Go to where there is no pollution, natural or human. Therefore, even a Unification Church blessed couple, if they cling to a poisoned environment, is doomed to die, to disappear. It is too crowded here. I like the natural world, with the original sun, original moon, original star, original air, original water, original MAN! [Applause.]

Nature always seeks balance. What about human beings, particularly Americans? Are you seeking balance or non-balance? [Balance.] If you seek balance, why are you so much better off than other people? You even have too much waste. Some people waste even toilet paper, throwing it on the floor. They donít even bother to put it in the garbage. They waste things. Even on my boat, I try not to drink water too much, because you have to go to the bathroom again, and it is not easy to do so on a boat. If the world were to abstain from water for three days, it would accumulate the money necessary to feed all the starving people. They are our brothers. There are so many fat people in America. I heard that more dangerous diseases may come through doing diets. Be careful. I never went on a diet. When I was in prison, I weighed 96 kg, and now it is the same, about 200 lbs. I have not much fat or muscle, but big bones. Thatís why I am heavy. I could have been a champion Sumo wrestler. Who among you would imagine I am 80 years old? People think I am in my mid-50s.

I have reached the top of the world. Soon, the American president will have to visit me to seek advice. If that time comes, should I meet him or not? What if I say that I have to meet the president of the three poorest countries first, then you will be the fourth president I meet. You have to through winter to meet spring. That is why practice the principle of going to the top and then returning to the bottom. I pour my heart and invest everything. Do I live there, or just pass through, making a big circle? Even if I just pass through, because of my speed I still cover 360 degrees.

For their sake, I will pour more effort and investment into the poor island nations. Then what will happen? After that, should I go to spirit world or remain there as the backbone of the nation? From the individual to world level, this backbone, vertical, has to be established. This will expand to become the entire globe. Are you willing to follow me? Frankly, itís going to be a hard course. Would you like to turn back? Because there is no backbone between physical world and spirit world, if we become that, the cosmos will revolve around us and create the world. It is like a long thread getting wrapped upon itself and eventually turning into a ball. The body will emerge once the backbone is there. True Parents will be the backbone to maintain humanity.

The physical world and spirit world are one. [Referring to the diagram.] Father, mother, plus, minus, Asian continent, American continents, man and woman, all should become one and centering on the plus, the spirit world and physical world will make oneness and create a sphere. In that way, the midway spirit world and hell will be eliminated. In that way on December 3rd I declared the elimination of paradise and hell. If there is no paradise, where can Jesus go? To America to live with you. All the saints come to the physical world to live with you. They do so only by receiving the blessing, but I blessed them. So they are eligible to come here to work with us. They will come and protect blessed couples first.

In the Garden of Eden, the archangel was supposed to protect Adam and Eve. Now through True Parentsí blessing, those good ancestors are in the archangel position to protect blessed couples in the physical world, who are in the position of Adam and Eve. So if we deviate, they will give us medicine and punishment at the same time. In the satanic era, the spirits punished by taking to hell. Now they punish but we wonít end up in hell, but we will be taken earlier to the spirit world because keeping us here longer doesnít help the providence at all.

Strangely enough, the Pacific rim nations such as America, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, are in limbo. Hawaii is the center, geographically. Since I started this island nation providence, they all are reaching the end of the rope, in many ways. They are being shaken. So I want to unite them and have the international community protect them. The UN has no territory of its own. Thatís why I want to work with sympathetic Pacific nations bloc to protect the UN for a global benefit. They could ally themselves in a way similar to the EU and if all six continents go that selfish way, America will have a big problem.

As you can see in the market, most of our goods are from places like China and the Philippines, but if it all stops, what shall we do? Have you heard of True World Foods? Eventually, it will make a huge contribution to the worldís food supply. The answer may not come from America or the usual sources. It is time to globalize the conscience of the media. We have to restore the family and youth of the world. Without that, there is no hope. The nations will crumble. I have been preparing in many areas for the sake of the young generation. The scientists and scholars should come forward and show their respect to me. Is there any area I have not touched?

So, when I see a young man going after his selfish goal for his own sake, I think that kind of person will end up in the garbage can, like trash. Many American youth are like that and have no hope. Donít boast about your selfish individualism; it is from Satan. If we are in the position of leaves on a tree, we are all equal.

Once I return to Korea, would you like to see me return to America or not? [Yes.] No, no, no. [Yes!]

Again, is America going to perish or prosper? Are democracy and pragmatism reaching the end of the rope? Invisible things are more precious than what is visible.

It is Sunday and I have spoken almost four hours. But my teaching is necessary, isnít it? The conclusion is how to establish the era of the father-son providence. We have to evolve out of the mother-son cooperation era to the father-son era. Once it is set, humanity will survive and prosper without the motherís providential role, because the lineage comes from the vertical relationship. It was Cain and Abel, but now is the time for father/son to be the main goal.

Again, the Pacific is the motherís womb to create Cain and Abel, and Cain and Abel fighting is over, so through the father they can be reborn and they can be directly connected to the father so the father-son can be established. The North and South America are Cain and Abel on the Christian side. Centered on Hawaii, under the wing of the international community, if America and Japan can unite centering on Hawaii and expand to embrace all the island nations in the Pacific, then practically the world can be united, centering on True Parents. Amen.

Thatís why my victorious foundation in South America and North America are harvested and engrafted to the Pacific islands, so a pillar can be set in the center of the earth, the pacific, and brought to the father nation of Korea. Because of the failure of Great Britain, she lost the Eve position and Japan took it and tried to take over Hawaii [in World War II]. Now Heavenly Father is giving another chance to Japan to land there, not with weapons but with true love, to conquer Hawaii with the love of the mother. All the races are in Hawaii. It is a melting pot. Japan has four major islands and so does Hawaii, so I made a sisterhood relationship among them, in subject-object relationship. When those peoples become one, America should welcome it.

How? Will the mainland people follow the Hawaiians, or go ahead of them? What will be your determination? Do you Americans want to be defeated by Japanese, or win? Japan is the mother nation. As a mother, even the blood, flesh and bones should be given for the sake of Hawaii, like giving birth. America is the archangel position, who should support that providence. If you oppose it, you will lose your elder son rights. No matter how famous the elder son, you have to support the island. After that, follow me, the father. That means leading, receiving everything. You donít have the tradition; the mother does. Inherit it, no matter how difficult the situation. Show that way in the Hawaii islands. That way you keep the elder son position. Donít forget Godís true love way.

Donít think itís another Pearl Harbor; rather, connect with the motherís tradition. America doesnít have that tradition. The Hawaiian Islands unify Japan, America and Korea, centering on Father. So please do not forget that I am leaving New York on the morning of the 16th to go to Hawaii via Chicago, because thousands of leaders are begging me to speak to them. I will speak and then go to Hawaii to start this new level of heavenly providence. Then, thatís the way the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will start to merge in this world. So people like you in America, if you are not fully supporting and following my footsteps to support this Pacific goal, will be like strangers, like passersby in the future.

To secure the fatherland restoration, all the blessed couples went through 21-days hard training and were assigned areas in Korea. Once Korea is united, Japan and island nations are united, America centered on supporting the good of the world community will become one. Then, centering on fatherland Korea, Korea, the motherland Japan and the elder son America will work together as one and offer the world to God. That is the Kingdom of God on Earth, and on that foundation God will be liberated as the king of the cosmos. Through whom? Through True Parents.

God will sit on His throne with omnipotence and rule the cosmos, and this providence will begin in 2001 and will be completed at the latest in ten years, by 2010. Can we get it done in 7 years? Beginning from the year 2000, we have 3 years to 2004. Can we do it in 3 years? If you truly want that, you cannot have any concept of possessiveness. Nothing can belong to us. Why? Without the fall, everything would have belonged to God. Since the start of the 4th Adam era, everything should belong to God and through God, as blessed couples, we can inherit things from God. Without that establishment, we cannot truly possess anything, because it belongs to Satan. Thatís why I put you through the registration training. It is re-registration. The three stage period represents the great transition, from the Old Testament Age to the New Testament Age, with the turning point through the blessing.

Upon the original four position foundation we do registration as unfallen people. Then we form our family and tribe. Tae means grand. Blessing ceremony of unification. This title of this registration ceremony is encompassing everything in terms of the providence of restoration. By October 14, I blessed all the top saints, and by the end of this year, everyone in spirit world will have the blessing. Once they receive it, they will descend into the physical world. That is why we, who received the national, second level, blessing ,have an obligation to reach out to our tribal members and relatives so we can secure 180 families to build the Kingdom of God on Earth together in this great transition period, like the Israelites leaving Egypt. They had to be convinced to come to Canaan. Even if some of the family members didnít want to come, they had to bring them. It wasnít voluntary with everyone. They may not want to follow you easily, but in any way you can think of, you should move them.

Even spirit world is under the blessing realm, and even paradise is eliminated, and Jesus, receiving the blessing, will have to come down and become one with this world. Our descendents are praying we will go the right way. If blessed couples fall after the second level blessing, the ancestors know that this impacts them too, because the fall continues after generations, so the ancestor will remove them from the physical world and have him pay indemnity there. If our ancestors neglect doing that, Satan will come and re-invade. In other words, from this blessing the satanic lineage again may re-appear. So the ancestors will intervene, give medicine-punishment and if necessary take them to the spirit world. If he goes to the spirit world, the crime will end with him and he will save his descendents.

Many Unification Church leaders died of cancer. No AIDS, probably, but cancer. We have to be careful. The time is coming. There will be no more providence of salvation through indemnity. Salvation involves indemnity, but there is no more indemnity. It is direct results, like Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the garden of Eden directly. To take care of the tumor, the ancestors will work to keep the three generations pure. That phenomena will take place here and there. Please be sure you donít get caught by this. Your ancestors watch every thought and act of your life. So, to begin with, you should become one with your spouse. Sometimes, people manipulate the blessing and do dirty things. Those dirty things will be cleaned and so we have to repent.

The spirit world is in the realm of the kingdom. The area in which there is no concept of family is eliminated. So once you establish the true family, Satan can never invade, because you have True Parentsí lineage. We have to know the fall clearly. The blessing ceremony is that process. We have to be able to bequeath heavenly lineage ourselves. Not the secular lineage.

It is like a miracle. The gates of hell and heaven are down. It is free. The only secret is that we completely separate from the satanic world and enter the KOG is to be sure to live a good quality life that Satan cannot invade. Be sure about yourself. Make no mistake, no deviation, so that you can pass on pure lineage, so you can stand before God. Thatís the only way.

One difference between me and you is that wherever I go, I sanctify the area with holy salt, so the area is free from Satan. You donít know how, but I know how. To help you, I already Ö In order for you to build the family-level kingdom, I tore down hell and paradise, so there will be no base whatsoever. So in our family, three generations should absolutely become one. That will be the family level kingdom. Protect each other. Grandchildren should protect and serve parents and grandparents. Grandparents protect two generations. Each generation live up to the standard.

The relationship among family members is so unique. If the grandchildren love the grandparents, then the parents love the grandparents, and if the grandparents love the grandchildren, then the parents love the grandchildren. It is very mysterious. Even in American families, you have to respect and honor your grandparents more than your own parents or children. We have not reached that ideal. No family has in America. It is a suffocating situation. Remember, the family is the center of all the levels of the world, nation and world, they hinge on the model family of three generations.

So the practice of the family realm is the training ground to practice on the national and world levels. When we practice love on the world level, then we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

So be proud that your family is the family in the Garden of Eden. That is the meaning of the liberated 4th Adam era, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. Even just by hearing it, we have difficulty to grasp it. But think of me, who had to go through so much prayer to discover it. How can you pay back? By absolute faith, love and obedience in True Parents. This will connect you to the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is no excuse. We are truly indebted to God and True Parents. Even then, it takes thousands of years; one generation is too short. How can you completely pay this back? By gratefully receiving everything. The attitude is one of absolute faith, love and obedience. God has been patient for a long time, enduring. No payment of indemnity can reach that value. Continue your dedication after reaching spirit world. No matter how difficult it will be on the earth Ö making complete payment. No room for accusation. Only absolute faith, love and obedience. Without it, you cannot reach Godís Kingdom of Heaven.

Today is a significant Sunday. As I said earlier today, I declared that paradise and hell are eradicated. So there is no lingering level in the spirit world, so God is liberated. On that foundation, on January 13, I will hold the coronation ceremony for God. Through True Parents, that providential moment is this moment. So we are privileged to participate and hear this message from me. Keep pride and pray hard. We have to go through a cleansing period before January 13. We should record our mistakes on our own. Donít go with your guilt feeling any more. Get rid of everything, be completely clean. The indemnity way is only on the earth, not spirit world. So do it on earth. Then you can participate in that ceremony time. What a fearful and wonderful time.

I conclude with one more important point. By January 13, 2001, we should record all our sins, everything you can remember from the past, because they are all recorded in the spirit world anyway. Unless you erase them through True Parentsí grace, the record in spirit world will not be erased. Then report them to God in prayer and they will be erased. Then you will be free and you will be able to fly.

There will be no more time for the providence after the January 13 ceremony, so you will not be able to meet me face to face very often, maybe not at all. It is because I have to restore the Moon tribe and there will be many obstacles. So you will have to play the role of a fence and wall to make sure I restore the Moon tribe, to restore the fatherland. Shall we do it? [Yes.] Once this father nation is secured, the world is just a piece of cake. The world will come under Godís wing. Even if North Korea and South Korea do not become one physically, I have prepared the land where, under the wing of the world community, I can declare the fatherland. Anyway you slice it, I have fulfilled my responsibility and mission. So Godís providence is done. Therefore, if any of you die tonight, you will see and learn if what I am teaching is true. You will find out.

All these major saints and sages have freedom to descend to the physical world level and help me do the work here. There can be many people approaching me to try, but not many will have the opportunity. Even the Christmas party for our church youth, will only be for the children of church leaders and those who are working hard for Godís providence. Those children who participate in Sunday pledge and do the church way; they will remain. True Parents have given their love to the Cain world children before the Abel type children, so the time will come that the children of the secular world will be able to get closer to me than the children of blessed couples who did not follow the Principle. Those who did not live the Divine Principle life will not be able to attend ceremonies.

In the future, I will have too much money. Those who work for the church will be much better off than other people. Am I capable of this, or are these empty words? [Capable.] Thatís why I am offering heavenly education to the children of the satanic world. I have been neglecting my own children for the sake of Godís providence. So I cannot look after you first. If God and True Parents take care of everything, leaving nothing for you to take responsibility for, then there is no condition for you to receive blessing.

On Christmas and New Yearís Day, I will buy gifts for the youth, and this activity will expand. When the providence is over, those who worked hard will be rewarded properly. Raise your hands if you want to follow me. Why? To liberate God, True Parents, to establish Godís fatherland and people. Then God, True Parents and the fatherland will become mine. No complaints or excuses. It has been virtually impossible to even think about this, but now we can do it. So, should we hesitate? [No.]

I will not be here next Sunday, so you donít know when youíll see me again. America still does not understand who I am or what I am about. Maybe it is necessary for me to return to my hometown. Therefore, more than True Parents have loved and cared for America, we should insert our love and add more, so we can preserve this land and its people. In that way, America will prosper.

Rev. Jeong Og Yu, is in charge of the Japanese movement in my stead. The providence centered on Hawaii is a spiritual extension of Japan, so he will oversee the providential work in Hawaii. To commemorate that, he will lead Manseis.

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