Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Speech Upon Arrival at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
December 7, 2000
East Garden, New York

The following speech was given on the occasion of True Parentsí return from South America. Interpretation was given by Rev. Peter Kim and Dr. Chang Shik Yang. Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.
The program began with Dr. Yangís report about the tour of Brazil and Uruguay True Parents just completed. Five minutes into the report, True Father began this speech. I will be sending notes from the South America tour separately, which will provide some helpful background to this speech. A full report of the South America tour will appear in UNews.

On January 13, 2001, there will take place the "Coronation Ceremony of the Royal Parents of Heaven and Earth." In the Garden of Eden, the archangel, Eve and Adam united and lost their position. This means God even lost His position. We need the Messiah in order to restore Godís position. That is why the True Parents came, and based on the True Parentsí foundation Heavenly Father can be the real king of all creation.

Forty Days Time Period

Because the fallen ancestors with the archangel left their position, by the principle of indemnity, as second Messiah True Parents have come and have restored that position based on Satanís surrender. All archangels under Satanís evil realm should be cleaned. To make Heavenly Father the real king, True Parents restored the false parents who pulled down the kingship of God. True Parents have to restore it. If there exists hell and even paradise, they cannot proclaim that God is King. Therefore, on December 3, Sunday morning, Father proclaimed the tearing down of even hell and paradise "in heaven." Even paradise is not perfect. Only the Kingdom of Heaven is perfect and should exist, based upon the king of heaven. So Father proclaimed the second time on December 3 [the first proclamation was on December 1 at the Hotel Americano]. Based on these two proclamations, True Parents can make Heavenly Father the real king.

Therefore, all brothers and sisters should pray hard to prepare for this event. We should even have the determination to do a 40-day fast; we should have that degree of determination. With that, prepare for January 13 ceremony with True Parents. When Heavenly Father becomes king, later True Parents and all humankind will be liberated substantially. From now, the age of indemnity is over. Heavenly Father will control and manage everything by Principle. His authority and almighty power will prevail. Judgement will be immediate, not delayed. It is a great turning point, so this is why major providential countries are having confusion over their leadership: Korea, Japan, Philippines and the United States. It is connected with this kingship declaration. We have to understand. From now on, the age of salvation is over. Everything is done. The almighty God will control directly with His authority, so judgement will come immediately.

For a while I will be focused on the island nations, with the headquarters set in Hawaii. It is to create peace. I am working to make a balance between the third world and first world nations, based on nearly 60 island nations, and to connect them with South America. These countries of South America opposed me, but because of my investment they will change. Eventually this will connect to and be part of the UN foundation. To prepare for this, I directed Rev. Kwak to finish the IIFWP inauguration in 191 nations this year, eventually to build a foundation for the renewal of the UN. So we have to understand the time very well. We have understand this providential time. God is working 24-hours a day. Because the false parents lost everything, True Parents have to restore everything. Based on that restoration foundation, True Parents will make Heavenly Father the king, restoring His original position.

Once we are blessed [on the national level?], we are connected with Heavenly Fatherís blood lineage, so Satan cannot touch that blessed couple. So the blessing is important. Our blessed ancestors cannot stay in heaven; they have to come down and help us. Before our ancestors were blessed, they were evil and guided us the wrong way. Once blessed, they become good ancestors and they come down to earth to support us and work together to establish the kingdom. So in this 40 days we have to pay indemnity for everything, to clean everything and prepare for this ceremony. We have a very important responsibility. Once we are blessed, we have Adamís original position. Once we have it, we have to keep a high standard as a son.

Whether they believe or not, we have to announce this and guide all humankind there. From now, we have to build the heavenly nation based on this principle. Once the nation is built, everything is controlled by heavenly rule based on this authority. I will summarize the special providence that we accomplished in South America over the last eight days. At the time of departure from Punta del Este, where we stayed several days, I called brothers and sisters to the door. In fifteen minutes, I summarized this providence and their responsibility.

The Total Living Offering

When God created Adam and Eve, they were supposed to wait until receiving the blessing from God. Then everything would have belonged to God and to Adam and Eve. The position of Adam and Eve and God would have been equal, one. But everything was lost and 6,000 years of restoration through indemnity has been carried out. Now, because of the grace of True Parents, going through the eight stages, the restoration of humanity is being completed and God can be crowned. We can hold the coronation for God through True Parents, in whom God has His substantial body. This is a miracle. Now is the time period in which blessed couples who have come through the national level of blessing are in the position to inherit True Parentsí heavenly lineage. Therefore Satan cannot invade us as long as we follow True Parentsí teaching, which is the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience. To qualify to stand in that position, we have to fulfill the Total Living Offering.

If Adam and Eve had received the blessing of marriage, they could have possessed everything in the universe. But they lost everything, centered on false love. Therefore in the last days, centering on True Parents we receive the blessing centering on true love. Then we can claim possession of the entire universe. So we have to set the condition, the Total Living Offering. Be careful not to try to control anything on your own without this foundation, or you will destroy it. Illicit claim by an individual will destroy the family level; an illicit family claim will destroy the national level, and so on. To receive this final stage of blessing from heaven and True Parents, we have to give everything back to God.

We can draw the conclusion simply by studying the original creation. We have to restore and secure true love, the heavenly lineage, first, then we can attain material possessions. Lineage first, then concentrate with true love as the center. When that is established, we can inherit everything and connect it to the true love center. This is the original point of view. So I am concerned about people living in the affluent countries, [who may long for the fleshpots of Egypt] like at the time of the Exodus.

Human history started in pitch darkness, as at midnight. It has been restored step by step and True Parents came at the last stage. On January 13, when I hold this coronation for God, that will be the turning point and culmination of human history. We can look deep into our heart and see how hypocritical and disgusting we have been in our life of faith, even after following True Parents. So we have to repent thoroughly, plus give up all our possessions. If we hide or hold onto something, we are destroying our family and national level foundations. It is just as at the time of Exodus, when people had to leave everything behind. Some people surely must have had lingering feelings over the house they left behind. If we linger, we will be punished by our ancestors who have received the blessing in spirit world. They watch over us and may give us "a disease that is a medicine." They will give us a incentive to do what we have to do. If we donít do it, Ö. They know what course we have to take, clearly. Before, it was satanic evil spirits bothering us and they took lives to hell. Now it is not satanic spirits, but our ancestors who are on the good side. If we are not doing well they will do something on heavenís side. If you donít believe, just wait and see how it develops.

Centrality of Lineage

America, the Christian-based democratic nation, is in this transition period. In the secular world, with the North Korea-South Korea situation, in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and the USA, we see the same symptoms. They have reached the end of the rope. When the hurricane comes, everything is shaken. If it comes from the east, everything without exception is blown to the west. Now the heavenly providence is doing that. We will see the symptoms. When the hurricane comes, if there are things to be cleaned up, they will be cleaned up. It is the same in our life of faith. There is a clean-up when the heavenly mandate comes. Whatever does not have a strong root is swept away. How can you get that strong central root? The central root, central trunk, and central bud is the kingship of God. That is had through absolute faith, love and obedience. I want to see you have this root, trunk and bud, vertically connected. God connects with this central root, trunk and bud. The fruit is humankind, the perfection of Adamís family.

Without the blood lineage, you cannot make that connection of three generations. We need absolute life, love and lineage. Love and lineage relate in terms of one time period, one generation, and lineage relates to past-present-future, to all generations. Lineage is the passing of love through time. Without children, you cannot make the family system. Family means parents, the conjugal love couple, and children. Children connect through the blood lineage. Life is passed on by means of love. The connection is not through life or love, but through blood lineage. The Anglo-Saxon race cannot exist except through blood lineage. Thatís why sexual purity is emphasized, to protect the lineage. There is a Buddhist monk here; Iím sure he knows this.

Through the providence, humanity can be restored in one day. How can people connect with the mainstream atmosphere? Tock shin sang won: it means "keep the concave and convex separated so you donít get stained anymore." Separated means donít multiply your race. How complicated it became from Godís viewpoint. No other person can touch, even if he has absolute power and knowledge. Such a person is Satan. This is a problem complicating Godís plan. Tock shin sang won, that is the spirit we have to carry on. Tock shin sang won was the major religious teaching through the period of restoration through indemnity, but we now teach to create as many children as possible through the blessing.

The Joy of True Love

So the major religions emphasizing a life of abstinence will disappear because their time is over. True Parents have created the formula family. Everyone can see how wonderful the true family system is. Parents, couples and children all want that kind of family. They want to know how to inherit it. You have the same value. How to follow and apply the parentsí formula is your problem, not my problem. From now on, how can you make a family of that value? All people want to gather in that place.

Those who possess the concave palace, raise your hands. Why do you possess it? For what? Are the sexual organs the kissing armament? There are steps you have to take in order to produce children. Start with kissing and go deeper and deeper. The sexual organ is the real ideal owner of love. That is the only organ that makes man and woman one. It is not by kissing with mouth or hugging; only with the sexual organ. True love, life and lineage connect there. The fruit is produced there. That very organ committed the first crime in human history, so it turned the universe upside down. Only when you follow my teachings strictly can you rectify it.

The Lord of the Second Advent who came as True Parents are the only ones who can give the most modern, technical operation that will keep you alive without bleeding or bones removed. Your original shape can be kept, but it is a big operation so that you can have the right kind of convex or concave organ. So that organ is more fearful than a bomb. It is like a mine buried in your body. Once the pin is removed, it will explode and influence your generations for ten thousand generations.

Do you like the concept of free sex? If there is anyone who likes free sex and wants to promote it, why donít you undress and stand here? If you donít like it, you shouldnít even think about it. What if your physical father were to order you to undress? What if your king did, or your uncle or grandparents? Would you do it? [No.] There are millions of men, but there is only one man for whom you can take off your clothes. What about standing in front of your husband? Do you take off your clothes smiling, or with a frown? Can you imagine lesbians and homosexualsódo you think they are smiling when they take off their clothes? All their smiles are false.

There is only one -- your husband. Day and night, you can enjoy it. When you go into bed with your husband, do you still have some clothes on, over your chest and hips? Mrs. Sugiyama? [She said, naked.] What about with other men? There are some people creating new trends, practicing the trend of wife-swapping. Even judges and lawyers and intellectuals are doing that. By practicing this exchange of spouses, you will wonder to whom the baby belongs. So the woman will suffer anxiety and then when the child is born, throw it into the trash, because that baby may be the seed of your enemy.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know Ö

Dr. Lee shared his testimony about his transition to the spirit world after being apart from his wife for 8 years [she had died 8 years earlier]. They rejoined in spirit world and restarted their marriage life. They greeted God first and then started their life there. Do you think what he wrote is true or made up? Can you make love in front of your parents? When you marry, did your physical parents given you instructions about how to make love? What about at the time of Adam and Eve? Do you think God gave them instructions about how to make love with each other? Suppose there is a grandchild of God born, then as its father, Adam learned this tradition from God, so he should teach his child the same thing. It becomes a tradition.

As parents, donít you think they should instruct their children to take off their clothes to make love as husband and wife? If they donít know how to take off their clothes, donít you think the parents are obligated to teach them to take off their clothes? Then wonít they teach them the next step, and the next steps beyond that? Do you think that such teaching is sin? If that kind of instruction had been there, would the fall have taken place?

It is a not a laughing matter. If God had taught these steps to Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve would naturally have given the same teachings to their children. When you see animals, are they wearing clothes? Animals give birth to their babies. Donít the young ones watch their parents making love, and learn? Have you watched your parents doing that? When you watch animals make love, do you imagine your parents making love like that? Do you imagine that your motherís and fatherís shapes are like that? Whether you know how to or not, when people marry they take it for granted that they are marrying, making love and having children just like their parents and relatives. That tradition is in this world.

The person with whom you can talk about your love life is the closest to you. Suppose there were a love-making competition among 1,000 couples. Who would be the champion, a black, white or yellow couple? [Black.] Why? [I donít know, but Father once said so. Laughter.] Does love-making take place usually in the dark or daylight? [In the dark.] That is why dark-skinned people have more stamina. There is a trend among the white wives who realize they are not strong enough in the bedroom and their husbands are wandering around. So they seek a black man to make love with, because they are strong. As women, do you prefer a stronger or weaker type? [Stronger type.] Itís true. In the secular world, we read reports of widowers without a wife for ten years, suddenly falling in love with anotherís wife. They have so much energy then because they have waited for ten years, and the housewife will leave her husband to live with him. Aged women go after young, strong men. As a woman, do you understand that?

Suppose, in one particular room, three couples of three generations live and sleep and make love every night, and you all watch each other making love -- will any of those couples commit adultery? In that kind of free, natural, original environment, if the daughter-in-law asks her mother-in-law about whether the way she [the mother-in-law] made love the night before was more exciting, do you think that is good? That way, there will be no struggle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Because you practice that love-making life together in the same room, the mother-in-law will feel closer to her than to her own daughter, who is living in another familyís house. Lineage goes through the son, not the daughter. So the daughter who marries moves in with her husband.

Judgement Through Love

In the secular world, there is always struggle between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. But if the mother remembers that she needs her daughter-in-law in order to transmit the lineage of her son, she will appreciate the daughter-in-law. Doesnít she want her lineage passed on? To do so, the son needs a wife. In that regard, if we truly could build that original environment of the love-making world, there would be no chance of deviating.

Suppose your husband were one of the True Children, and you were called before True Parents and told to make love. Would you be excited? You would be most proud, to receive the heavenly lineage that way. There is no chance the satanic lineage would invade there. Therefore, as True Parents, if we want to see your couple or your childís couple creating the lineage there, making love, is that evil or good? Once you realize that only through my son and daughter-in-law will my lineage be carried on, you will see how precious your daughter-in-law is. Your lineage is carried on not through your daughter, but through your daughter-in-law.

If there is a family of three generations living together in the same house and learning how to make love from their parents generation after generation, would they be happy or miserable? [Happy.] Then go and practice it. Suppose we sit here and call one hundred couples every night for this purpose. You would be willing to participate in that, right? If that takes place here, then God and all your ancestors will be mobilized to watch. Then will you be serious enough to make true lovemaking and not false lovemaking? In that situation, God and spirit world will know clearly what kind of life you have been living, and they will see everything from your past. Knowing that, can you still lay down here and make love?

There are six billion people in the world, and letís say that 2 billion couples make love every night. Does God recognize any of them as true love making couples? When God watches all these couples, are Godís five organs excited, or does He close His eyes and run away? Originally, all the millions of couples were supposed to make love with joy and happiness in the eyes of God, not having their own individual agenda and fallen thinking about their own pleasure and joy. If a couple exists with that individualism, then the concave organ should be sealed with concrete.

Dying in True Love

In spirit world, there can be a competition and exhibition of one million couples lovemaking. Do you want to see that competition? If you say no, you are bound to go to hell. That is the world of true love, where everything is centered on true love, singing, dancing, lovemaking with no embarrassment, like the birds singing and making love. If birds can do it, why canít human beings?

Imagine that your couple is the champion couple. When you make love, all six billion people of the world are watching you on television. With that kind of excitement and pride, go ahead and make love. Go ahead and show your lovemaking skill to the six billion people. Between husband and wife, when husband likes a womanís love organ and the wife likes her husbandís, is that good or bad? [Good.] It is good, because without that love organ, you will be in tears. Monk Bang, do you like your wife? What part of her do you like? [I already told you.] I forgot. Through that love relationship, you were born, you grew, you lived your life and will die. Thatís why on your deathbed, you should have your loving wife and children there. As a wife, the first person you want to call to your deathbed should be your husband, then your children. With that foundation, wish your other relatives good bye. If you donít have that preparation at your deathbed, your death is poor and miserable.

We were born through love and live for the sake of love and go to spirit world for the sake of love and the universe, centering on love. When we die, especially women, what do we want to hold on to? We go to spirit world alone. What do you want to hang on to? You may leave your husband behind, and your husbandís love organ may not function any more physically, but you should feel you are carrying your husbandís love organ with you. Then stand before God and show Him that you are carrying this most precious gift. Will God curse you? We have to understand the concept of life in the spirit world. It is a matter of time and space. If we go beyond time and space, we are born for the sake of love, live and die for the sake of love, and we carry love when we die. In this fourth Adam era, there will be no comfort blessing. You have to live with your husband even in spirit world.

Therefore, when you wife is on her deathbed, as a husband you should be able to wash her body with the feeling of the fist time you made love, especially touching her love organ, kissing it, and then send her away. At the final moment, when your spouse is saying goodbye to the physical world, no one else should be around, and each should hold the otherís love organ, and then say the final farewell. Then call in the children and relatives. Isnít that the best way to bid farewell to your spouse? If you agree, then do it. You have never heard of this practice in the secular world, but that is what I recommend.

Suddenly I gave you this instruction. It is a special day. That is the Kingdom of Heaven, with no boundaries or obstacles. It is the world of liberation, of freedom. We need this world, donít we? When Adam and Eve make love is the time God enters the world. God makes love with them. When you make love, if you feel the true lovemaking process is there, then please realize that True Parents and God are there making love with you together. In that case, you should regard your husband as possessing the seed of your ancestors, vertically, and horizontally as the seed of True Parents. He has that value. There will be no division in that world of lovemaking.

We have to repent for the false lovemaking we have done and for our life of little faith. God has been filled with han. He finally has reached the point through True Parents where there is the foundation to claim all humanity as His children. So God will remain as the eternal True Parents of mankind, and that day is coming. Such a moment is coming. So we have to go through True Parents to welcome that day and moment. Everyone shares these same feelings. Even those born in one thousand years will feel the same about this.

The Korean Root of Chinese Culture

To this point, there have been thousands of history books written on the left side, but from now we will start writing history on the right side, centering on God and True Parents. So it will be written not from left to right, but from top to bottom. So you may not be able to write it in English. It should be written in Chinese. If you study Chinese characters deeply, you see that they can combine tens of thousands of meanings together.

Westerners think on only one level at a time, in a very simple way. But the Chinese, who have had the Chinese characters, think many thoughts at the same time. That is culture. The language represents the culture. Think about China, with 1.3 billion people. Each individual has thousands of thoughts, so think of how complicated it is. In America, people just go on a one-way street, even in diplomacy. Even the Panama Canal was quietly taken over by the Chinese. During Clintonís time, the Chinese manipulated American diplomacy. But above these Chinese characters and philosophy, is God. God wants to unify the Chinese.

The Chinese characters stem from the ancestors of Korean people, the people from the east (of China). One good example is that when we write heaven in Chinese, there are two people involved. That is tantamount to a revelation. In Buddhism, they teach "chabi": compassion. In the Chinese character for chabi, cha means the mind of darkness, together with another mind of darkness; together they represent nothingness. The character for beauty and goodness has the character for "man," which symbolizes sacrifice. This teaches that to create goodness and beauty, you have to sacrifice. That philosophy is embedded in the language. The people who created this have these virtues.

Through the "tongi" race come the modern Korean people, the "people of the east." In the Olympics, the Koreans do well in archery. They won the womenís archery gold medal this year. Archery requires concentration. This ancestral tribe lived in China but hated fighting, so they escaped the battlefield and settled on the Korean peninsula. Confucius himself is from this tribe. When Dr. Lee met Confucius, he was wearing the yangban hat and Korean socks. He was not Chinese. In Confuciusís lifetime, he always wanted to come to the Diamond Mountain. It is obvious that Confucius was from the Tongi tribe.

Purification Period

If you do not follow my footsteps from now, you will become miserable. Even though the communists are lost, they wonít follow the American way. They have no choice but to follow me soon. The Chinese and Russian elite will follow, no matter how much America opposes. I completed the providence centering on the American continent, so I am moving toward Asia via the Pacific islands. Asia-Europe is the rightwing, the Americas are the leftwing, and the Pacific Ocean is the motherís womb. Centering on it, new life should emerge. Working with the UN, taking the security of the island nations Ö

The tallest mountain is Mt. Everest, but the deepest ocean, near the Philippines, is deeper than Mt. Everest is high. Therefore the Himalayas might have come out of the ocean near the Philippines. During World War II, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Japan did not want to take over the US, but only wanted to take over Hawaii in order to protect their island empire. But the US wanted to expand Christianity through those islands, so they counter-attacked. America did not want to fight Japan, but did so in order to protect Christianity. That phenomena is shown through the Philippines and Indonesia becoming the protective line of the free world. Then the Korean War broke out because of the misunderstanding that the line of protection did not include Korea.

The center and subject of the globe should be in Asia, not America. Even with the power of American Christianity, it is impossible to convert all the other religions. Asia produced the four major saints, but none of them converted everyone to be children of God. They died and thousands of years have passed. Now, I have emerged out of Asia and in my lifetime I have united all these religions and am about to offer the crown to God, to become the cosmic king of humanity. Unless we completely change the lineage from the false satanic lineage to the heavenly lineage, it will be impossible even for True Parents to do it, but the lineage has been changed, so we can do it.

Buddhism and Hinduism have no idea about this. Jesus brought the pure, heavenly lineage to the world. Through this lineage the providence has been possible. On January 13 the coronation will be held because of the victorious foundation of True Parents. But each one of us should think we are qualified to offer this crown to God. So during this 40 days we should cleanse ourselves through repentance and offer everything to God. True Parents offered everything to secure this heavenly lineage. Do your best to cleanse yourself through repentance and offer everything you have to God. In that way we can stand behind True Parents, not making their shadow longer but within their boundary, so we can go into the realm of blessing with True Parents.

End of the Providence

So keep the family law. God and True Parents will be in the position of king, so we offer everything to them first and then receive whatever they give us. On the condition of offering everything, with True Parents we will receive all things. Through this process, by the year 2010, everything will be completed; there will be no more providence. By then I will be 90. The number 9 is the point you go over the hill. The next number is 10, so if you go over 9, you belong to 10. That is the way I will complete my purification and restoration of the entire cosmos.

Now we absolutely should utilize the mass media. We should work through our media organizations and World Media Association and World University Federation for this purpose of world peace and the internal and external education of each nation. Then eventually they will join the religious federation. Historically, religion and politics have been antagonistic, but we have to harmonize them. What is the next stage? The financial worldówe have to start working on banking and finance. After going through the six stages, with True Parents representing the number 7, we will start building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. There is no other way for humanity to prosper. America may want to see the UN dissolve, but there is no chance now, because I have started uniting the island nations and have sent my fleet to Antarctica to bring food for hungry countries. So these countries will be on my side and will not let America close the UN.

Following the satanic worldís tradition, people have flocked into urban areas, but the time has come for people to rethink this and disburse to the countryside. Certain survival will come only by decentralizing the cities across the countryside, wars first cause the cities to be destroyed, but if people are spread out they cannot all be destroyed. I am providing a blueprint for the future of humanity. To this day, human civilization has been based on Christian culture. But this Christian based civilization tends to flock people into cities. If this continues, the pollution of physical world and morality will drive humanity to extinction. So the only sure way to survive is to go back to the state of original nature. It will not be easy to convince people to do so. Thatís where religion has to teach people to understand God and the value of nature. Then they will voluntarily decentralize.

Back to Nature

We have technology to convert deserts into fertile farmlands. So the planet will be evenly occupied by people who believe in God and the value of nature. That is the only way to survive. The next three hundred years are the most critical for human survival. Thatís where the Unification Church teaching comes in. We can teach why we have to go back to nature, loving mountains, water and so forth. Urban environments are the grave of sin and crime, even of AIDS. They are like the cancer of humanity. We have to decentralize. People flock into the cities to eat more, learn more and take advantage of the culture. But that era is over, because of email and internet. You have the same privileges in the boondocks. You can even view the Broadway musicals. So why bother coming into the grave of sin and crime? Soon no schools will come into the cities. In nature, why do you need boundaries? There you can enjoy God and the natural world.

Humankind possesses enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world 100 times over. These bombs could kill us all with no chance of survival. If they start, they will start in the urban areas, where people are concentrated. So I secured the vast open land in South America. I feel it is big enough to feed one or two hundred million people. How many Unification Church members are there? 200 million? Even if you donít like it, you know the value of my words.

I am studying how to have space Olympics and ocean Olympics. If you make big enough tunnels in the mountains, you can overcome the seasons. If you dig into the ground more than 3 or 4 feet, you can control the temperature. We can dig holes and tunnels in the Rocky Mountains and Andes and create a paradise. We can even build schools underground and under the water, too.

Humanity is sick and tired of the way things are going. If you build a fish farm of 1/4 acre, you can feed more than 10 people. That kind of fortune is waiting out there. So, do you want to stay in the cities, or go back to nature? Those ancestors who lived in nature are in a good place in spirit world, because their mind was well-developed. What do you need most in nature? Water. Without water, nothing will survive. All the food we consume requires water. Whoever controls water will control the future world.

It is a wise person who will control the Antarctic and North Pole. Thousands of years old ice and fresh air is still there. Someday people will pay $10,000 for a glass of water from the poles. So if you have ownership over it, you will be rich. The depth of the ice cap is 800 meters. Suppose a deer is buried for thousands of years in that ice. Its meat will be fresh, and we can cook it, and one piece of meat will cost $1,000, paying even for the memory of eating a piece of meat that old. There are many frozen fish and animals there. Suppose you build a restaurant on this ice cap and drill hundreds of holes to find the frozen meat, and sell it for thousands of dollars a dish. Donít you want to do this? You havenít even thought about it, have you? I test the effects of aging on meat.

Father expounds on the greater importance of water over land -- from the constitution of our body, its necessity for life, the fact that we are born in the watery environment.

The time is coming that we will be able to eat only liquid food. Wherever you go, then , you will need potable water. Instead of cooking rice or fish, you will live on krill powder mixed with water. If the Unification Church members promote this lifestyle, living with one backpack full of krill powder, the world may follow us. I have such daydreams. Will you still follow me? Will you follow if I tell you to pack up and climb to the top of Mt. Everest? [Yes.] But before we go one mile, you will complain you are hungry. Your stomachís demand will increase. You will give up.

Across the Universe

When I toured the Hawaiian Islands, I climbed to the top of a 10,000 foot mountain. I felt my nervous system and blood system affected. My breathing became harder and I had a feeling from my legs, feet and back. Suppose we had climbed to 20,000 feet; the symptoms would be more severe due to lack of oxygen. Even of those who are healthy, some die climbing such mountains. Think of how strange it is that we cannot even climb to 20,000 feet, and yet want to travel the whole universe. The size of the cosmos is 2.2 billion light years across, something like that. With this physical body, how can we travel it? Donít you want to check out this vast universe, not just this tiny earth with its petty squabbles? God is the owner and master of the entire universe. Donít you want to belong to Him and travel with Him? Without having an airplane, how can you follow God?

In your thinking, does it take time to cross America? Are there obstacles? [No.] What comes first, your mind or true love? With true love, you can go anywhere; there are no boundaries. With true love, everything is possible, even conquering the universe. Donít you want to do that? What if, for white people, the cost is your face turning black? Would you still want to do it? [Yes.] But no matter how you try, you cannot become black right away. You may have to die tens of millions of times first. If it takes this much effort, wouldnít you have to bow to a black person when you see him, if that color change is the goal of your eternal life? Do you think the black race emerged out of nowhere, or worked really hard to remain the black race? If it is true that the white race emerged from polar bears, and traveled hundreds of millions of years to travel to the tropics and turn black, donít you have to pay respect to the hard work and effort those ancestors made?

Think about the difficult course the black race went through in order to be established. Donít you think it is a miracle? The whites with blue eyes say they belong to the polar bear race and are proud of their eye color and skin color. But you lived in snow so you always had to look for water, so your eyes came to be blue. It is nothing to be proud of. You just hunted and killed and exploited others. You should have just stayed with the polar bears and not come into the rest of the world. But you invented the gun, and invaded everywhere. Who made the gun first, whites or yellow? Killing everything they see. They would kill the owner of a farm so that they could kill the animals. Throughout human history, which race shed the most blood? [The white race.] You answered quickly, so thatís good. The white race committed the most crimes. So why are they the most blessed now? Because of Christianity. Christianity is humanitarian. Christian missionaries came through a difficult course. Millions died in the jungles, the tropical regions, with the goal of building the Kingdom of Heaven.

At the time of the Vietnam war, who won? Vietnam. How did their fire-power compare with that of the US? The Americans had hundreds of times more. When America was defeated, they abandoned everything and ran. What if there were a war between China and America? Which side would win? In the view of China, Vietnam is just a moustache hair, so Chinese laughed when America ran from Vietnam. They laugh at American scholars. They work as spies and think they can surpass America in twenty years. But they fear me the most. Donít you fear me? Are you afraid of me? [No.]

My Promise to Christianity

In South America, especially the Pantanal, there are huge rats. The different lineages look alike, but they kill each other, even though they all look the same. What if there were a war between whites and blacks, worldwide. The whites would win, but then there would be another war of the whites among themselves. They have different sub-races. Would they have peace? If God made us that way, the human race would be extinct someday. But God is parental, so He teaches us to love our enemy.

America is my most vicious enemy, but I came here to revive America. I spent my golden thirty years here. If I had spent my time for the four billion people of the world (when I came there were 4 billion), there would be a different outcome. If I left America, how many would be shedding tears? What if those billions of people in the spirit world argued that I spent my most precious thirty years in America but not many shed tears when I left, and if I had spent those years in Africa or Asia to save them, then millions would be crying for me. What should I say? Should I say they are right? [No.] I would say, because America is my most vicious enemy, I came here to revive the enemy nation. So my life has been teaching the children of my most vicious enemies to be my followers. Was that right or wrong? [Right.]

As an American who got new life from me, is your life worth the value of those 4 billion people? But the Lord of the Second Advent who came as the True Parents of humankind made a promise to Christianity, not to the secular people. My life has been devoted to restoring Christianity, so that Christianity as a whole, the entire nation, would do the work to save the human race. How many presidents do you have in America, one or two? If two insist on being president, isnít there a problem? In Florida, there is so much confusion, between machine and hand counting. What was the original way? The original way was to use the machine. So everyone should abide by that promise [i.e. the implicit promise to abide by the given rules and use the machine instead of hand-counting].

I made a promise to Christianity and Christians donít keep their side of the promise, but I keep mine and keep educating them. So, was it right for me to come to America, and hang on to this small number of Christian people here to restore humankind? Or should I have gone out to the four billion? [Right.] Why? I am still hoping and praying that even if the 6 billion people oppose me, there will be enough Christian people who came to understand Godís will to protect me and save the world. There are many different religions, but even if all of humankind disappears, God will preserve His ideal through Christianity, because Christianity is the central religion. That is why I work through Christianity.

America may not have 4 billion people here, but it still represents all of the Christianity that suffered and struggled for 2,000 years. That history of Christianity hinges upon American Christianity. That is why I am still here. There are many types of Christians: those who were born Christian and those who were converted. What kind of Christian is best? If you study Christian history, there were many martyrs and prisoners, but if you look at other religions, such sacrifice is rare. What if there were a difficult fortress we had to take over, and God were watching. Would ardent traditional Christians go first, or Unification Church members? [Unification Church members.] Are you sure? Are you confident in that? [Yes.] How many times would you attack it? If you have to do so until you die, hundreds and hundreds of times, would you do it? [Yes.] No white woman answered yes, only yellow.

The Foundation of Christianity

In general, if we compare Christians and non-Christians, Christians are a little bit better. Those who have believed in the Unification Church for more than ten years, raise your hands. What if the time comes when I abandon the Unification Church teachings and church and go to my hometown? What would you do? Would you rather go with me and die, or remain behind and make even bigger issues than I did and change the world? [The latter.] So then, my teachings provide the foundation for you to do such a work? [Yes.] How would you do it? [No answer.] Think about me, who was born as a farm boy in a corner of Korea and came out even to affect the UN. Even if I go away, you should have enough conviction and confidence to carry on and fulfill what I wanted to do.

Do you know Godís wish? It is the unification of heaven and earth. Has it been done? [No.] If it is not done yet, if I go away, who will do it? When Jesus passed away, who carried on his mission? [His followers.] Christians have been trying, but havenít fulfilled Godís will yet. When can we do it? There are so many Christian martyrs. What do you feel. Are my teachings, directions and foundations going to be done, or not? [They will be.] How? Who will finish it? Will I do it in my lifetime, or will you finish after me? [Father already did it and we will continue.] But I am still empty-handed. We have to remember that before I think about you, God will see to it. Even if I leave nothing behind, my words remain with the projects. So if someone follows the words, the things will be done. Inside the words are the power to help you. Connect as one with the words and anyone will be lifted up. No problem for them to expand and help God and be successful in the future. My words will lift up. Through HDH tradition, without having True Parents with you for the last two years, have you been developing yourselves and lifted up further, or not? [Yes.] How much?

Through HDH, didnít you learn about the reality of the spirit world? By comparing my teachings with Dr. Leeís testimony and Augustineís testimony, we see they are talking about the same thing that I had already taught. So we see my teachings are right, and therefore God exists. They are reality. So make a determination on that powerful center. That is why I donít worry about the time after I leave the physical world.

You are My Witnesses

Even though Jesus died on the cross, his words remained behind and his disciples carried on with the words. That is why the Christian foundation is here. So even after I leave this world, I see more great works will be done by my followers. Have you seen God? What did Jesus say? If you see me, you see God. So what do you see? You have to know that you have seen the living God. God is living. So you have watched how I have been living. Have you witnessed me living my life for the sake of enjoying myself? Have you heard me speak about a vacation or pleasure-seeking? No; instead, I say even if you die, march forward. Are you just listening, or have you seen and tasted everything? You have seen and heard; you have witnessed it.

So therefore, the conclusion, out of watching my life all these years, what will be the result? Will the world, when they understand, welcome me or oppose? [Welcome.] I donít want to leave anything I touch incomplete. Like UB, I will see it through. Harvard, Yale -- wait and see. The Universal Ballet Company (UBC), the two soccer teams, the Little Angels -- youíve witnessed this success and victory in the world of art. The entire European continent used to cheer their own ballet companies, but now they are cheering the UBC. In other words, they were cheering for themselves, but through the UBC recent success, they surrendered to me.

Europeans realize that even in ballet, their extreme individualism cannot reach my level. They thought that ballet was a western art, because western women have long legs. But they changed their attitude because of the UBC success. They say the best ballet is from Seoul, from Reverend Moon. When you western women hear this, do you feel bad? Do you think it is good news? You should not feel good; if you do, you are oriental women now. In the future, westerners may have to adjust their noses to become lower, for a universal standard to come. Westerners and Easterners should merge with each other, because we are brothers and sisters.

Am I a crazy person, or the most sound? We have to distinguish between faces in the spirit world and in the physical world. If you have a dark face in the physical world, your face is white in the spirit world. So, who should follow whom? [Westerners should follow easterners.] Perfection should take place here, not in the spirit world. The clouds appear gray or white, but when rain comes, they are dark. Rain comes from dark clouds. Dark clouds means there are many layers of clouds. So, should you like white or dark clouds? White clouds do not bring rain, but dark clouds do. So what race is the majority? Oriental. Who likes rain more, hunters or farmers? Farmers. China represents a farming nation. They are like accumulated dark clouds. When they understand Divine Principle, Ö Their goal is to secure more land. When I buy vast land, Chinese follow and try to copy me. God wants to secure land as well. He created land first, and on that, water comes and they build harmony. Man is soil and woman is water; they should create harmony. Water is deep; the earth is high. Convex and concave. They should come together, to make oneness.

Equality Comes Only by True Love

In order to unite the five races, what does it take? Love. The true love way is eternal. What is most precious? True Love. What kind of politics exist in this world? Politics of money, power and knowledge. However the most precious is the power of love. That is Godís power. The only politics that will remain in the future is True Love politics. Money, power and knowledge can change but love will never change. Politics today is based on economic power. That can change. In the secular world the power of money, power and knowledge is not unchanging. Therefore politics based on this will not be unchanging.

Even in the ideal world, the political system should not change. The economic system should not change. The management system and educational system should not change. Everything should be shared. Educate others. The only thing everyone should be proud of is the family of love, centering on conjugal love. Whether that family can represent heaven and earth is the key. Even without power, if Godís original creation love is in that family, people should be proud. In the ideal world, nothing will change. But in the secular world, everything is changeable. America is run by what? Power and knowledge? Money? Military power? Do they have love?

If your wife and children boast of their physical power, can there be unity in the family? What if the husband is a prominent Ph.D. and the wife is an elementary school level, can there be harmony? If they fight over money? There is no concept of equalization in the world of money, power or knowledge. People do not want to share these things, so they will never stand equal and there will be no peace. Only because of true love, whether you are rich, poor, wise or uneducated, strong or weakóthese are not of concern, but only true love will be the binding force of your family. What you need for your family to bind together is true love. With true love you can create harmony and unity all the time. Only that will last for eternity.

It doesnít matter if you have no money, power or knowledgeóthat family life remain for eternity. I donít feel happy or unhappy depending on money. If thereís no money, I donít care; I can survive even as a beggar. I can become a scholar; I can build equalization everywhere by true love. Because of money, knowledge and power, people divide and fight. Equalization comes through love. Even in the past, our ancestors created happy or sad families by love, not power or money. Everyone has this original nature seeking this family of peace.

In the world of money, is there any standard of peace? In the world of knowledge, is there a standard of peace? Or the world of power? There is always competition, winners and losers. But in the world of love, even though the physical strength is different between man and woman, through love, they are equal. In Sumo wrestling, the man will usually win. But through love, you can be equal. You can win, lose, anything; it doesnít matter. That doesnít happen with knowledge. Only love gives you the privilege of going above or below.

Your Legacy

So again, we have to know the value of an ideal family in which you can build peace, happiness and harmony. That is the model to build the ideal kingdom in this world. So how can we continue the family of harmony and peace? By living for others, for the greater purpose, investing and forgetting. By doing so, you will ascend to higher levels and take your position there, ultimately becoming the center person. This is the formula; one pattern for every area, no problem. We should become princes and princesses of love, wherever we go.

Man is born for woman and woman for man. Centering on knowledge? Power? Money? No way. Those things cannot be at the center, ever. Love is at the center, for settlement. I always determine to go through that forever, even passing into the spirit world, forever. The king is God, my Father, reaching that same place, waiting, waiting now. God is waiting for me in spirit world to come together on the high mountain peak. So, life for the sake of others is the only key; there is no other. The dividing line between shrinking and expanding is true love. Life for others is expanding. You keep going up through the center post, with God sitting on the top. As long as you keep doing that, you will go through every level and reach Godís throne.

In this world, what you have to leave behind as your legacy is the order of life for the sake of others. If we are devoted to our possessions, money, power or knowledge, these things pull us to the bottom of hell. God does not need these material things. What God wants to see is the true owner of these things. When He finds that true owner, He will give everything to this true owner. The entire world will be given us by True Parents if we practice this life.

What if you ladies have to give away all your clothes except for what you are wearing; will you do that? Even if you are poor, you have five or six sets of clothes. Go to Africa. There are many women there who have only one blouse. They have no coat or dress. That is common. They have no shoes. Some have only a bra and panties. Since they wear only those things, their skin is so dark. What if you go there to witness for three months? Would you do it? Would you wear good clothes, or become one of them? That is the way; you should be more humble than they are, and give everything you like to them. You will win them by the power of love, the love that creates a sacrificial mind.

What about you heavy-built women? Will you do it too? Instead of eating three meals a day, you can eat only one and advertise that others can come to eat the other two. Then you will become slim in six months; it doesnít take any special diet method. Diet sounds like "die art"óthe skill of dying. Some claim that if you go on a certain method of dieting, you will get sick. Many women go to the hospital because they got sick from a diet. Genetically, some people are born to be heavy, some slim. You donít have to change your shape. I used to weigh about 230 pounds, over 100 kilo. But now I weigh less than 100 kilo. Even if I skip meals, I carry this weight. Mrs. Sugiyama and Mrs. Ward, sitting there, look like two bears. If you poke a bearís skin, you canít find their bones. Their flesh flaps when they move. Itís nothing to be proud of. If you walk around the city with a heavy build, people think you have money and so that is why you ate a lot. Thatís nothing to be proud of.

[Sorry; I had to leave! But Fatherís speech did not go much beyond this point.]

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