Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Father's Declaration

Sun Myung Moon
December 3, 2000
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Unofficial Notes from Dirk Anthonis

This morning in Punta del Este, Uruguay, prior to the Hoon Dok Hae session, Father declared the start of a special 40-day prayer condition associated with the coming of the era of grace and liberation. He said that in the context of this 40-day period, he will make a proclamation to the effect that Heavenly Father is now the Cosmic King of Kings. Immediately after Pledge, True Mother asked for a headcount of the members in attendance and there were precisely 66 present. Father said that this number was significant for this particular occasion, as this number in the past was always associated with Satan's sovereignty. What Father proclaimed today was the beginning of an era of liberation that would put an end to the realms of the spirit world where God could never dwell. Father said that on the foundation of recent victories, a breakthrough was made that would allow for a wider expansion of God's grace. Father said that today (12-3-2000) was one of the most important days in the context of his mission. He also said there would be a major opening in the sphere of religion on Earth that would break down the barriers of the past. He added that the focus of the prayer condition should be to overcome the feelings of bitterness and resentment that still linger in our hearts as remnants of the Fall. He said the 40-day condition was to mark the end of Providential Restoration. Father also said that Blessed children should pray in the names of their own parents until they get blessed. He said the funds we donate for the Total Living Offering are destined for the purchase of lands that will be available to the United Nations to resolve territorial disputes between nations (as outlined in Father's recent speech at the United Nations).

Dirk Anthonis (in Punta del Este -- unofficial notes from a translation by Alejandro de Souza, Father's official translator in Spanish; more details I'm sure will become available)

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