Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Thirteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2000
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial notes from Julian Gray

True Parents came in soon after ten a.m. Following the opening prayer, Women's Federation president Mrs. Lan Young Moon read Father's speech from October 3, 1988, the original Foundation Day, for the Hoon Dok Hae.

What day is it today? World Unified Nation (The Unification Nation for the World)

The last twelve years covered the span when the Olympics were held in the North in Korea and in the South in Australia. In the last twelve years centering on the UN, heaven and earth have become one. A certain path was necessary to make that possible. That is a one-way path -- from which one cannot come back. We have to abolish national boundaries. We must do this to bring an end to Satan's hold. There have been huge borders between material and spiritual culture, and between North and South. Pockets of these barriers remain. There are lots of obstacles. How do we remove the obstacles and make the way smooth? Through the Family Federation for World Peace all must be made even and level -- developing nations, great nations, poor nations -- everything to be level.

We can only accomplish an ideal world when everything is brought to the same level. When we talk about world peace, we are talking about a one world family, not (just) the unity of heaven and earth. Unification means to reign and administer from a single point. In a horizontal world, the vertical condition/connection must be there. In the US there is no vertical thought or value system. In the democratic world the liberal and conservative people oppose each other. Whenever there is this diametric opposition, borders appear. In human beings, mind and body are meant to become one. Everything is made of pairs, even the cosmos itself -- heaven and earth. Why in pairs? If the two pairs do not come into unity there can be no continuation of existence. It is that unity that allows continuation. Through being united in pairs, existence continues into the future.

Unification thought provides this illumination. Those who do not want to exist in pairs will thus have nowhere to live in the future. Without subject and object relationships, nothing can be accomplished. Parent and child relationships, relationships in matters of economics, political relationships -- all are fulfilled through relationship. We have to question whether the world as it is can continue to exist.

If you go to another country you need a visa. Did God create visas? In the human body, the blood can freely circulate.

Look at the example of the solar system. How large is the universe...? How many stars ... how many star systems? The Existence that created all these things unites all aspects of this universe into harmony: everything has balance.

You cannot create a husband and wife relationship without a spouse. Day follows night and vice versa. Go to a low place and back up to a high place.

By having a personality, we have the ability to create harmony and balance between all things. When a couple share love together, what happens when they go to spirit world and offer their first greeting, what do they do in front of God? Will they make love? Will they wear clothes or be naked? What did Adam and Eve wear? When a husband and wife who love each other the most make love, do they wear clothes? When a husband and wife really love each other, do they need to wear clothes with each other? If you go to a house and the husband and wife are sitting naked, what would you say? (Laughter) So there are barriers. We do not need barriers. Through the power of love, it becomes possible to be rid of them.

When we live in this world with borderlines, yet we say we are maintaining relationships of love, is it through true love or false love? Women have soft places, they want something very hard and strong. Men want something very soft. That is how I am -- I don't know about anyone else!

In the process where harmony is to be created, then higher things must relate well with lower things -- to give way when the time is right, to come forward when the time is right ...

There are bones and flesh in the body. Bones are hard, flesh is soft. How come they stay connected together? We must remove all borders through true love. The man represents bone, the woman represents flesh. Bone and flesh create harmony because they are different. In Korea, we say that we are born from our Father's bone and our Mother's flesh ... God is like the bone, human beings are like the flesh. How can they become one? Only through love can they become one. Is the shape of the face formed by flesh or by bone? Underneath is the bone, and you can see the bone structure indirectly reflected in the face. On top of this, there is the flesh. So the bone is the plus element that creates the face and the flesh is the minus element. That is how we get flavor in life. Those are the soft elements that become one with our "plus" elements.

Man and woman are made in the convex and concave shapes. If the concave and convex elements of man and women fit together do things continue to develop or do they come to an end? If you see them coming together like that -- say your grandfather and grandmother -- how would you feel? If you read the reports of Dr. Lee from the spirit world, when people become one there is so much brightness, glory and stimulation. Who is the king who loves love and who is living on the earth? Isn't it Rev. Moon? Why should he like it more than anyone else? If there is a greater master in front of me, I must become one with him. The greatest human being on earth has to become completely one with all the lower elements as well. If he does not do that, can he continue into the future?

Vegetable elements absorb mineral elements, animals absorb plant elements. Each level absorbs the lower level and the lower levels are connected to the higher level. Plant elements would not dislike the mineral elements around them, but, rather, absorb them. Everything is a continuous process of the higher level absorbing the lower. The mineral elements will not despise the vegetable elements. They will be absorbed. That's how things are. Small animals are too frightened to run from a tiger, so they are easily caught and absorbed.

When the first ancestors were here, true love was never experienced. They were chased out, and the love they experienced after that was not the love God and all things had been waiting for. In that original situation, if that original love had been manifest, would the angels not have stood aside when Adam and Eve came by?

You come all this way and there is great blessing. Should you not hold onto this blessing when you die? Even though there might be a bigger blessing. So, if you can think that this is the blessing that God needs. Who is God? He is my Father. So if I have blessing, God therefore has a greater capacity to carry blessing. Should I just maintain the blessing that I have or wait around for a bigger one to come? What if only one son is born in each generation for thousands of generations? For that single son we must make a true woman. Wait a minute, you have to applaud this! With your hands over your head! (Applause with hands in the air)

God gives man as a gift to woman and woman as the gift to man. Does a man need a diamond mine or a gold mine? Is that as important as having a wife? It is more important to have a wife, as with a wife you can have sons and daughters. You have children so you can have a lineage. Sons and daughters can carry on that lineage, and thousands of generations can be connected through that lineage. Can a woman have sons and daughters for ever? What would you do with a diamond? Even a diamond cannot last forever.

The man must become someone whom the woman can love. You must become a master. Then the sons and daughters will reach twenty years of age and give birth to your grandchildren. And so on. Four generations together would be very good!

The lineage has to be connected with the woman, go through the woman for eternity. Without children, it cannot continue forever.

Those who need love raise your hands! If you want love you must have a partner for it to last into the future. Woman has the position of the master. If husband and wife do not have children, then, eternally, they cannot develop a heart of love through loving them.

Some people do not know who the father of the child they are carrying is. Then they have an abortion. How miserable a situation. You have to have God's true love and tradition. The love tradition is passed down. The husband can love the wife, the wife can love the husband. Do you understand? Who is the one who makes the position of owner and master? Woman. Man must understand that he needs the woman's love. Even if your man is ugly, still you need that man to connect to that heavenly power and stimulation. Don't you think so?

If there is no grandfather, a child does not know the flavor of the grandparents' love, and without a grandchild you cannot know the flavor of a grandchild's love. Now when I look at my grandchildren, it is a different feeling from when I was looking at my children. Grandparents always feel their grandchildren are so beautiful, more than their sons and daughters were. Grandfathers, no matter what they are like, need to love their own grandchildren more than their own children. When parents get older, they sometimes forget the name of their spouse, but never the names of their grandchildren. So the position of the grandparent is a very happy and blessed position.

If you go to an special place, then the children offer their greetings to the grandparents, and the grandparents are happy that children can go somewhere special. In a family, you need parents and grandparents.

We need to have a model of circular motion -- need both man and woman for this, not just one of them. Concave and convex. Why?

Father declares: At the time of the Olympics in the United States, the Christian churches are raising the Family Federation flag -- this will create a unified church. Now churches are divided, representing the situation of families.

We must absolutely get rid of national borders. We must fight for this. God must be the master. But in all our fighting, with our barriers, we do not know God. There is still a border between man and woman.

Who is the master in a house? It is the woman from whatever viewpoint you take. Man goes to work and comes home late. He does not have time for things in the home. The situation of a man in the home is rather pitiful.

[Father speaks in Japanese]

Did you come to love your husbands or not? You women who think Father is wonderful should raise their hands. Everyone is receiving training from Father, from daughters to grandmothers.


Anyway you look at it, God is the father who gives birth to men and women. No matter how wonderful the sons and daughters are, they can only exist after the father exists. Man must love God more than he loves his wife and woman must love God more than she loves her husband.

God is the parent, the teacher of all teachers, the master of all masters. [King of Kings!] Yes, that is what I mean by "master of all masters". Who is God? He is our father. Beginning in His heart, he wanted to have children, to see their unity in the establishment of a family. Would that be a formal or informal undertaking? There is a formalized process or order. There is only one direct lineage. Partners want each other to be a million times better than themselves. Would we be able to see love in God's eyes? There have to be sons and daughters so that God's character can manifest. Male and female must seek each other out to reflect God's nature.

True Parents inherited the true love lineage from God. Blood, bone and flesh become one. The false love must be eliminated by true love. Like the olive tree, false love must be cut off and connected with true love. Because of the fall, we must pull up the roots of false love. That is why God initiated religion, to connect the wild olive trees with the true olive trees. The master of the true olive trees is giving love 24 hours a day. There is no way other than to cut off the fallen lineage. There must be a new, unified, Godly image, and everyone must be connected to it. That is the Unification movement, and our great hope.

In the past religions taught to deny the world and one's family and to follow the way of faith. Monks and nuns dedicated themselves to a path to cut off from Satan's bloodline in one generation. True Parents and a true religion have come to fulfill that task. Then in the Last Days, blessed families have been established. Up to this point, this has been a world of orphans.

I have the power and authority to establish God's citizens, restore all things back to God, so I am holding registration workshops at this time.

We are now in the age when marriage is connected with God. And clan, society, nation and all things are connected at the central point. As Satan strikes at the central family, he is just absorbed more and more. I must connect the family to the national level.

You have blessed up to 14 generations of your ancestors. With fourteen generations blessed, you can live more peacefully on this earth. It is through the blessing that the family can go to heaven.

The history of the Israelite people was that of chasing out the satanic tradition. Islam also came to chase out Satan's tradition, especially in Africa.

There will be a one million family march. We are working with other religions in the United States to make it successful. If six to twelve other religions can be absorbed through this, we will have passed an important milestone.

By learning about God, growing spiritually, having Hoon Dok Hae every day, you can carry on the tradition of everything I have done so far.

All those religious leaders in the spirit world received the blessing. Now the line waiting for True Parents' signature so they can get into the Kingdom of Heaven is growing longer.

Have you ever encountered a religion that tries to liberate God? People usually use religion to ask for blessings.

In the past, the fallen angelic world pulled people into hell by force, so we must pull people into Heaven by force. You must get all those under you in your clan into Heaven. The Unification Church went through forty years in the wilderness. Now we can establish heavenly kingship in heaven and on earth. In a world of love for enemies there can be no such thing as a national border.

Now is the age of the blessing of the four-position foundation. Lucifer created a problem with the original four-position foundation. At least one third of the spirit world is blessed. They are down here with you, connected with the blessed families.

Depending on your determination, the environment around you can change. You must be full of conviction.

God is the Father. True Father is also the Father. God's blood is in my heart. If we live to receive the words of true love we can expand and contract according to the rhythm of God's heart. Who is God? He is the True Parent, the True Teacher and the True King.

Parents must teach their children how to live for their nation, and lead their nation.

Moses made a new start at eighty years of age. I can bring everything together at the age of eighty, the perfection of the clan, society and the world, so that God can be in the position of King of Kings, Master of Love, and be liberated.

I must digest the sorrowful burden that God has carried and create a Sabbath for God on this earth. This was not accomplished through Adam's family. It must be accomplished, and everything must be united into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I created 2 soccer teams in Brazil and 2 in the CIS. If I make 12, we can have our own soccer federation no matter where we are.

May God bless your family.

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