Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Father's Heart about the Million Family March

Sun Myung Moon
September 5, 2000
East Garden
Notes By Tyler Hendricks

How can we solve white and black problem?

The foundation for the American movement will be the Million Family March. It will influence the entire world. It will connect with all kinds of people and unify them centering on the existing presidents becoming one.

I know all the opinions that some of our members have expressed about their concerns and reservations about aspects of the Nation of Islam. But my viewpoint is different. Since 40 years ago, if you study my teaching, one of my greatest concerns has been the Muslim world. How can we unite them? I have embraced them and through my efforts over the years of respect, and embracing the Islamic world, Grand Muftis and other important world Muslim leaders came to respect me. We must understand that Hon. Min. Farrakhan appears before True Parents on this foundation. Think about president Wahid of Indonesia, one of the most powerful leaders in the world, president of the fourth largest country in the world. He is a Muslim leader. I not only support the Muslim world but also am concerned to bring Muslim, Christian and Jewish people and all the world's people together. I am now going to invite many white, Asian and top leaders from all races to be on the stage with Hon. Min. Farrakhan at the Million Family March. This will demonstrate not only my teaching substantially, but it will help America resolve the black-white problem. Through the Million Family March, we can make a successful foundation for peace throughout the world. God has initiated this and is making everything unified. Through the success of the Million Family March, centering on America, a great foundation for world peace can be established, and through this America can be free to take its role as the elder son nation in the world.

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