Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Sunday Morning Speech

Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 2000
Belvedere Training Center, Tarrytown, NY
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

[We began with Hoon Dok Hae from a new book entitled Confessions of Saint Augustine from the Spiritual World. This book came from spirit world through Dr. Sang Hun Lee's medium, Mrs. Kim. After four or five pages had been read, True Father began his speech.]

Who is God? If we say, "God is mine," how happy we will be! The king of all males is God, and king of all females is God. So God can be described as the master, or general, of humanity. What about the family level? We all have parents, siblings, and so forth. Don't you want to be king of your family? You want to be the center of your family, having them supporting you and following your direction. Your family members are the resources you are utilizing to connect yourself to the prime force of the entire universe. Have you considered them in that way? Think that way.

Deep in our hearts, we all want to be in the center, taking the place of our parents, siblings, and even of our mayor or governor. We want to be the center, the focus. But to be in that position, one has to be qualified. What is the essential qualification based upon which everyone will want you to be in the center? You should practice love on behalf of your parents, grandparents, mayor and king, on behalf of all those relating to you. If you can secure that qualification within yourself and take that position, then no one will accept the king or anyone in preference to you. In that realm, people will not even want God to take your position. The people around you will not appreciate God doing that. They will say to God that they are one with you, their central figure, and that they do not have that love relationship with Him yet. You can be here, God, but stay on the side, because we have an inseparable relationship with this person.

Who can be your best, or closest, friend? That is the one who can protect you and live for your sake eternally. If you want such a friend, what can you offer to him? You have to have a burning desire to offer that friend more than what he gives you, even if it is just one iota more. If your friend likes everything except for one situation or one thing, then you should like that one thing or take care of that one situation. Then you become the center.

God Gives Way to True Love

The position of subject and object can be established through this relationship, vertically and horizontally. The parent-child relationship is the vertical relationship model. In this model, the father will say to his son, "You should go for 100 Ph.D.s and in every way become better than I am." Is this dictum just that of one father, or would all the generations of fathers say the same thing? Every generation will say it, forever. Between husband and wife, if there is such a relationship, would one say, "You serve me absolutely, no matter what"? Is that the ideal? No. What kind of relationship is ideal? The ideal is that both offer to serve the other all the time. Each should say to the other, "I respect you, you are higher than myself." That should be the case. When you meet as husband and wife for the first time, as long as you keep offering this love, you will be escalated step by step to the top. Is what I am saying the truth? [Yes.]

As long as you maintain this relationship between husband and wife and parents and children, you will be inviting God automatically into your life. If you live for others, then the others rise up above you, then you rise above them, then they above you, and on and on until you reach the top of Mt. Everest. Then where can you go? In this physical world, there is no higher place. So naturally God will come down to your level and embrace you there.

You expect peace, harmony, love and happiness next, eternally. When God finally comes down to embrace you and your spouse, what would He say? Would He tell you to love Him and not your spouse anymore? No, He would tell you to love your spouse and children more than you love Him. So by being embraced by God on top of the mountain, you will become greater and bigger, and will be the model for the heavenly citizen in the heavenly kingdom.

We call those who bring harmony among people in God, children of God. Who is the king of making harmony? It is God. Even among those who are fighting with each other, if God appears among them, they will make peace.

What is the best and closest thing to women? The beings of more value to a woman in a spiritual sense are her husband, children, parents, king and God. She wants to conquer and possess them. So, as a little girl, if she demands that her elder brother support and help her, will he do so, or run away? [Run away.] I wonder why do you say that, because if he runs away, he gains nothing and loses something. If their parents do not welcome her brother, what will she do for his sake? She should offer to take his place in the family. If she knows who likes her brother in this village, then she can do five, ten or twenty times more work than her brother would for that person.

If her brother doesn't feel good because everyone keeps a distance from him, will he run far away? No, he will run to his sister, because she always lives for him.

How to Stop the Fighting

If your brother's spouse can serve him better than you can, will he still appreciate you? He will run to the one who serves him the most. Because you all know this, I see hope in the Unification Church. If there are 10,000 people always fighting with each other, if you take up the burden of what causes all the fighting, then will they follow you or not? If two beautiful women are fighting, how can you stop this? Are they fighting over money? If it is money, then you can offer more and they will follow you. If the fight is over the love of their mother, and you come and offer more love than they can receive from their mother, they will come to you by the power of love. Do they need money, knowledge or power? We all want that. When there is a fight over money, if you can offer more than the amount they are fighting over, you can conquer them; you can stop their fighting. If you can offer ten times more than the amount they are fighting over, you can guide them.

When people represent their country at the UN, they always fight over the interests of their own nation. How can we find peace there? Suppose there is a billionaire in America who can offer more money than the amount they are fighting over. Will they follow him? Yes; it's simple. The UN is fighting over money and power, and people representing their nations are also going after money. If you can offer more money and land, then won't they follow you? They will follow me by this principle. No matter what, to achieve that goal, I will mobilize the entire universe. If I don't have enough money, I will have to persuade national leaders and presidents of nations. [Applause.]

If there were a prominent president of a renowned university, we would challenge him to tell us what he wants most. What is most precious of all the knowledge you have or seek? Is knowledge eternal? No; it changes; its standard changes. What about power? Political power is changing. Also, money power is changeable. Even if he or she is the president of a renowned university, I will let him know that he is seeking temporary things. He cannot get angry, because it's true. What about love? You can challenge that president, saying "Talk to your eyes, and ask them if they like love." They will get wider, start blinking and come toward you. Love is why eyes can focus on one point. Only love has the power to focus the two separate eyes.

You can criticize the university president over his not knowing that. Then you can punch him. Suppose, as a child, you sought love in the eyes of your parents, and developed a relationship with them and sought them out. They would embrace and love you more, trying to find more gifts for you. They will call their own parents to look at what their child is doing. This is a happy commotion. By watching them smiling and laughing, you will come to realize the power of love. Even if we use the normal term, love, we can imagine this phenomenon. But what if we talk about true love? Is there anyone in the world we cannot conquer? The power of true love is so strong that even if God is deeply sleeping, if you touch Him with true love power, he will be electrified and wake up. It is as if 350,000 volts electrified you. Will God keep His eyes closed and smile, or open His eyes as wide as possible? If you see Him, even though He appears fearsome, you will follow Him.

Love Is Not Arrogant

Is there anyone who doesn't like the power of love, of true, essential love? Suppose there is a photogenic woman who tries to attract true love by dancing naked, showing her breasts. Will true love be attracted? No. Can you attract it by being proud of yourself, by being self-centered? No. True love will run away and have nothing to do with you. It is very difficult to attract true love. If you reach only 359 degrees, it is not enough; true love will fight you and run away. You need 360 degrees. True love has been traveling around the world and cosmos searching for those who live for the sake of others. Are there any in this world who have this? God is the king of true love, and has been traveling to find such a person. If He hasn't found him, then He is a sad God.

God says, "I have been teaching to love your enemy. I even gave this truth through Jesus Christ, my son whom I sent." Have you practiced this? [To one brother in the audience.] Don't you like your own things, and not other people's? [Yes.] Then will true love be attracted to you, or keep a distance? [Keep a distance.] If you turn yourself into a person to whom true love is attracted, then the universe will come to you.

Are you interested in the Unification Church? [Yes.] Why? If your answer is "Because I learned true love through the Unification Church," it is an easy answer. If we test fishing line to catch God with true love bait, God will come, even if His neck is being pulled out. Will He just nibble it, or swallow it whole, all the way down? Once you bite the true love bait, it will become bigger and bigger every minute. You have to swallow and digest it. How can you? You have to say, "Take my life as the true love bait."

I gave you the conclusion. What else do you expect from me? You know that Mother and I won the greatest victory at the UN a few days ago. If you have true love with you, no matter what you do or where you go, you will be welcomed, and satisfied and pleased. What is your opinion? Those who are dealing with the UN, do they have this relationship in order to offer something genuinely, or is their motivation to gain something? If there is something greater to be had elsewhere, will they not go there? If we order to the mouth to be flexible so that it will get bigger to hold something bigger for others, will the mouth say no? For the sake of true love, how many times bigger can you make your mouth? [Infinitely.] That's easy to say, but do you know what infinite means?

If you truly offer yourself for others, even if your body is destroyed, the universe will come to you. Your mouth will become bigger and bigger, like a snake's mouth. That will take place in you. All the senses are there. The Bible says that that those who will die for others will gain their life. Why did you join the Unification Church? Are you friends? [Addressing two brothers]. I don't think so; you are not real friends. You are likely to take whatever is in his pockets.

There may be some wives who say that they thought at their blessing that their husband was the best man in the world, but now think he is a gangster. What should they do? Turn around and say to yourself, if God loves me then God will change my husband and bring harmony and peace in my family.

You should go fishing, and test your line in the physical world and spirit world. God is your ultimate goal. Suppose it takes normally 30 years to catch God, but you were determined to fish for God for 100 years. Won't that attract God? You can even challenge God, saying, "It takes 30 years to catch you, but I am willing to fish for 100 years." Then God will come and bite the bait. Suppose my wife and children are starving, but I don't care and am trying to catch God, and even if I die my skeleton will keep fishing. Then God will be caught. God will come and will let you do anything with Him.

I see you handsome men and women, with rich and beautiful complexions, shining faces. You may have nothing to envy, but you still want true love, right? I have been talking about true love all these years. But have I experienced any of it? You ask this and tag along with me to see. If you have done that for my 30 years in America, you have seen all the American people spitting at me. After 30 years, you would open your eyes and see the new reality. America is looking up to me. If there is anyone who wants to keep me out of America, raise your hand.

You Mistreat Me

I have given my flesh and tears to you for 30 years, and have only skeleton and bones. There is nothing left to eat. Don't you want to put me in a trash can, or sell my bones? Even though I don't look fluffy, I appear to have a big stomach, and so you want to mistreat me as a fat old man. There is one stout woman here. Do you think she will exchange her body for mine? If she is greedy, she will say, Yes. I kicked her from New York to go to Washington, DC, but whenever she finds time, she comes to me. I kick her around like a ball, but she always finds a way to climb over the fence and get to me. Even in the restroom she finds a way to me. She is material for study. God must be the most patient being, so I want to see if she is as tenacious and patient as God is. If she keeps following me, should I use force against her, or pour love on her?

She is big and has guts. That's why I recommended that she lead a company, even though she is a woman, and because of her guts she gave money away to people and lost it all. Then she cried to me, and I helped her cover the debts, but she lost that too. Then I thought she would run away and I would never see her again, but she is still sitting in front of me. I usually don't think about her, but she is always found in the front row. It is a father-daughter relationship. She would probably eat my flesh if she could.

So, should I kick her away? Or elevate and educate her to reach another level? If I challenge her over whether she loves me or her husband more, what would be her answer? What would be your answer? [Father.] What would True Mother say? Father means "further."

That's why women have caused most of the problems in my life. I had enough trouble with western women, so when Japanese women came to America, I thought I would have an easier time, but they are even worse. If they happen to meet me on the road, or even at the UN, they should just quietly pass by, but they run to me and bow and bow. They are worse than western women are. Should I kick them, or smile at them? [Anything.] What if they keep doing that forever? If you are hooked by true love, you don't know if you are dead or alive.

There are some who climb over True Mother's shoulder to try to catch me. Should I run away from such women, or embrace and educate them? [Embrace and educate.] Could you do that? Woman is the most fearsome entity in the universe. From my point of view, except for True Mother, all other women are my enemy. Especially, a woman with wrinkles seemed to me to be old, but she suddenly appeared in front of me with make-up and looked pretty. Movie stars can manage to make their face look good even at 60 or 70. Virgin girls invite me. Is that a fearful thing? [Fearful.]

I realized that in order to avoid that danger, I need a fence, not just True Mother, but daughters and grandmothers, all those women positions should be filled. Then I will be protected. True Mother tries to do more than I in terms of living for others. That is why I am protected. True Mother offers the highest level of love to me. So even if I am angry, can I kick her away? [No.] When we spell no, N - O, it means "No Okay." Americans go all over the world and manipulate and abuse because of this word. Who is the king of liars and charlatans? [Clinton. Laughter.] That's a very interesting answer. Clinton always talks about the interests of America and the American people. Clinton represents the American people. Clinton, whether you like him or not, is very smart and clever. When I proposed Parents Day, he was the first one to send a thank you letter. [Applause.] I haven't seen any of you offering something to me before I expect it.

I Have to Test You

Why did you come here this morning? Is it because I am here? When I'm not here, less than one-third the size of this crowd is here. This is bad, but true. Who becomes the owner? American members should be owners, but Japanese missionaries are taking your place. Japanese members, raise your hands. American members, raise your hands. The majority of Americans are sitting in the back. Do you prefer in the front or in the back? Those who are sitting in the back are like thieves and robbers, looking for a chance to climb over the fence. American leaders, you did not do a good job at educating your members. So we need to be thrown into the melting pot and recreated.

What is the general concept of Americans, individualism or public-mindedness? If you stick with individualism, you live for yourself, not your family, village, country and God. If you commit a crime when you know that it is a crime, your punishment will be doubled. American women wear death-like make-up, black and dark red, on their fingernails and toenails. Death. Like a witch and fox. I say this to challenge you and make you feel bad. Do you feel good? [Yes.] What about feeling bad or challenged? If you truly feel you don't like what I'm saying, go to spirit world and you will see the reality there.

People can lie right and left. What if someone put a string on my belt and tied the other end around their neck, and said that by following me they are going to die? I wait and see if they will die, but they don't die. They follow me because they think that I will not change and that I am determined.

When you hear me here, you end with an inspiring Mansei, but when you walk out the door, you forget about it. Because of your bad habits, True Children are influenced, and even True Mother thinks about your attitude. When I look at True Mother's and True Children's eyes, they tend to like Americans. They don't easily answer when I ask them if they want to live in America or Korea. You say you want to follow me all the way. What does that mean? To enter the Kingdom of God in spirit world, you have to pass through 12 gates. First you have to pass through 12 stages of hell's gates, then 12 pearl gates in heaven. Are you confident to pass through the 12 hell's gates? As we pass through them, there will be so much pain and struggle. Will you pass through, or run away after going only half way? This is my warning.

Which kind of life do you prefer, to have three meals a day and happiness, or to live without concern for your own eating and personal happiness? We have to penetrate hell. Why did you come here? I won a great victory at the UN, and so maybe you came to see me. But to follow me, you have to go through hell. Even if it takes that kind of suffering and pain, are you willing to follow me all the way? [Everyone raises their hands.] I don't believe you. Suppose China says, "Rev. Moon, if you give us ten beautiful American woman and we will do whatever you want," should I do it? American women, what do you expect me to do? No answer? Where are those ten beautiful women who would offer themselves?

You have a beautiful dress and sit proudly, but I see no one like that among you. You may have a Harvard degree, but it makes no difference. In Korean, "Harvard" sounds like, "No matter how much I try, there is no hope in the end." Are Harvard graduates trying to save America? Or is it the case that when the going gets tough, they bolt? These are the smart people, who sit on top and usually cheat others. So, what is your position? Are you using me for your own sake? Or do you want me to use you? Those who are offering themselves as a tool for God's dispensation, raise your hands. If I tell you to go naked in order to do it, will you? Of course you like to follow my direction and love True Parents, but the point is that you have to be obedient to the very end. Otherwise, how can I trust you and utilize you fully? To make sure, I need to test you here and there. Don't expect me to be likeable all the time.

True Love Goes Beyond Race

For an Oriental, I have a long, high nose. It means I have the potential to become a swindler. I have small eyes, which can focus on one point like a camera lens. I can see far away and also look deeply into things. That's why I dealt with God and discovered the essence of God. My eyesight is like a zoom lens. Of course, I am good and likeable, but I am versatile. I will be here one day, then one hundred miles ahead of you the next. If you look at me with shortsighted eyes, sooner or later you will run away.

Women, don't you want to marry a man like me? If you were 16 or 20, would you want to marry a man like me? Raise your hand. There are a few western faces among those who raise hands. Which wins, honesty or political subterfuge? Honesty wins out in the end. Americans tend to judge among the races and characterize the races. Are there white, western young women willing to marry blacks or other races easily? [No, very few.] What about among Unification Church members? When I ask who is willing to marry different races, the blacks and Orientals say yes, but I don't hear the whites saying yes. This is not a small issue.

If we want to truly launch a revolution in America, whites and blacks have to do something to reconcile. If they truly open their hearts and have interracial marriages, then America can be united and the world can follow its footsteps and bring an end to conflict. Suppose everyone voluntarily offered themselves for such an exchange marriages, on a global scale. What would happen? People say that America's enemies are China and Russia. The way to bring peace is through exchange marriage. Anything else is temporary and changeable. Therefore, when I mobilized smart American students with the Chinese and Russians, was it a good move? [Good.] Suppose the Americans volunteer to marry the Chinese and Russians. Would not this be a move toward a peaceful, ideal world? It is easy to say, but to put it into practice is not so easy. Those who are willing to die for others will live.

If there is a family that has a beautiful young daughter, and she is matched and blessed to an man of another race, and she loves her new husband more than she loves her crippled younger brother, she is a saint. You have to be patient. Do Asian young men want to marry American girls? When they look at them, they may see they are not as good as their younger sister or aunt. When you visit a town, which race do you visit first? Can you imagine the problems I have matching interracially? Why do you want to be matched by me? [We trust you.] You say trust, but which is greater, your trust in me or my trust in you? When I match you, you say "Please father, match me, I trust you." But after the matching, you have nothing to do with me. Do you trust and follow me as much in ordinary times as at the time of the matching? Who here was matched by me? [Almost all.] And since then, who has had a happy life? [Almost all.] If this true, then the Kingdom of Heaven will be on earth forever.

The Trap of Wealth

No one wants to marry twice from the beginning. That means that those who think second marriage is possible, and don't mind have stepfathers and stepmothers, and practice that free sex style, are completely and irrevocably wrong. The Japanese missionaries and their husbands know that my order is more important than their marriage and family life, so they are able to sacrifice and follow my guidance. Will American women do that?

From my point of view, I cannot trust anyone. But, comparatively, I can trust Orientals more than Americans. The time has come for me to send you out to do missions on the tribe level. In terms of the culture, who is more prepared to do such a task at this time? America is prepared on the foundation of Christianity. But American wives, instead of living for others and for their husbands, only seek their own interest. How has this trend developed? It is because all the wealth is here. If you have money, you think that the main priority is to go and enjoy it. Do you go to the bar? To the church? To the prayer room? In a secular society, we are attracted to what we enjoy with our eyes.

What kind of person do you think I am? Selfish or public minded? [Public minded.] Do you think I have failed, or won a victory? [Victory.] You're lying. Why? Those who live for others always will be the center and winner.

Even for Assembly 2000, instead of having American members working tirelessly visiting the embassies, the Japanese missionaries did it. Why? Because they have truth. They pray for the ambassadors. They fearlessly approach them. Through the people who live in that reality, the Kingdom will come to exist.

Let's compare the American trend and the method these missionaries brought from Japan. Which has the better chance of success? Suppose there are two groups, one group of ten traditional Japanese members, and one of ten average Americans. Which will run away first? [The Japanese.] You say Japanese and then laugh. Why? Your heart knows. You may say that I always prefer Japanese to Americans. But remember, Japan was my enemy. Even then, I always respected America, especially American women. But when I came here, I discovered that the reality is different.

Those who live for others always will be the victors. I have been working here fearlessly for 30 years, but my goal is to work here for 34 years, so by 2004 my course should be ended. Jesus should have married by 33 and conquered Rome. By my 34th year in America, I will claim the entire world. No one in America offers solutions to the problems of the youth, family, politics, or the UN. But I have the answers. In American history there was segregation between black and white. What about now? When you whites sit next to a black or Oriental, do you run away? Do you feel friendship there? If I were to show racial prejudice, there would be no hope.

Night and Day

My way is interracial. Then, even if the world fails, the Unification Church tradition will remain the same. That's why, in my UN public speech, I said there should be peace zones, thereby eliminating the borders of nations. Suppose there were a UN peace zone between two countries that share a border. Would they all suddenly forget about their ancient resentments? Even if a UN force is watching the region, when is dark, the enemies will sneak around and fight each other. Will the UN eliminate that? If enemies keep fighting through whatever methods they can find, what will it take to make them calm and peaceful? When I am challenged to solve that problem, I answer, "Leave them to me. Within three months, I will bring them to the point that they are willing to marry each other." That is the beginning of a world of peace. Can the UN do that? To solve those problems, my answer must be based on knowledge of the spirit world. No one else has that knowledge. Hence no one can offer that solution.

There are many Japanese members here. You may have enemies. If I tell you to marry your enemy, are you willing to do that? [One or two yes.] What about American women? [One or two yes.] I don't need to twist people's arms, because in one hour's talk I can change them. What if they don't change and aren't convinced? Then I will show a film of the reality of what will happen when they go to spirit world. Then won't they follow my direction? The color black should exist, but whites don't like black. This means that whites don't like night. Black represents night. Some animals are active at night. In the daytime, those animals will be eaten.

Why does this lady wear a black sweater? Even your necklace has black in it. There is always harmony in the universe. You see the big tree offering shade from the bright sunshine. There is harmony there. True Parents are those who made enemy peoples marry each other, and created a new race. So the old, conventional exclusive races should give way to the new inclusive race and follow the way of greater love. There have always been enemy relations between Japan and Korea. 80% of the invasions Korea suffered came from Japan. So Koreans have a deep animosity to Japan. I spent time in Japan, so I know. But God says, "Love your enemy," and God is looking for a heroic exemplar of this, one who can offer his children to marry within the family of his enemy. So who is closer to God, the one who holds on to animosity, or the one who lets it go?

The extremes are connected, like the north and south poles. They need to be connected and move together. That's the direction for world peace. If America follows me, even by selling their assets and offering them to the poor countries, America will become the central nation. I am offering help to the UN. If it dissolved for whatever reason, America would ... You may not be aware of this, but a few years ago, American politicians were talking about giving up the UN. But there was lobbying to get them to change their minds. I have a record established with the people who are aware of the effort I made at that time. They gave me a standing ovation. [Applause.] Only those who are willing to do the same should applaud.

The time will come when North and South America should be offered to Asia, as reparations for the native Americans who came from Asia. How much they suffered due to mistreatment by the white race! The white race is 850 million and the Asians are 3.2 billion. So the Orientals have power and I am respected and listened to when I go to South America. I play the role of peacemaker.

Unlocking America's Potential

American and Japan used to have enemy relations, because of Pearl Harbor. But now hundred of Japanese women have come to serve America. During World War II, hundreds of thousands of young men died. I tell the Japanese to work hard and not be intimidated. In front of the truth, you have to lower your head. Peace comes through intermarriage. They should know the reality of the spirit world in order to understand why they need to intermarry. Korean women, you should be willing to go to Africa and even the South Pole to marry someone. Were you happy to leave your families behind? Did you come to America voluntarily, or by force?

Peace does not come by force. Our goal is clear. How can we conquer the enemy family? Not by war, but by love. What does it take? Not force, but humble service and sacrifice. There even were American members who didn't pay much attention to Japanese members and wanted to kick them away. But now you realize they are valuable. Once we tear down the walls, the best way to create a world of peace is through interracial marriage. When there was a great deal of tension between Korea and Japan, I came up with the exchange marriage, and thousands of Koreans and Japanese were matched (6,500 couples in 1988 - ed.). In the beginning, the people who went through the exchange marriage went to Japan and tried to establish churches. They couldn't do it then, but slowly they got going and now they are leading the way. Now, Japanese and Koreans mutually love each other's countries. This is the new tradition being established.

So the parents who opposed the marriage now come to see its value. There have been 3,800 kidnappings in Japan, because of familial opposition. Now, however, the opposing parents are changing their hearts and are proud of these marriages. World peace and unification will come naturally as long as people are equipped with the ability to live for others. Political and economic problems will be solved automatically. There is no other organization that can bring this about.

No Hope Without God

America has tried to kick me out for 30 years, through the CIA and other like institutions. Now they clearly understand that only I can stop family destruction and youth problems, so reluctantly they are letting me stay here. What about AIDS? They have no solution. But if people have my 60 days education, the problem will be solved. So why are young American people being wasted by AIDS? In Africa, about 60% of population has AIDS. They are crying for me to come there, because they know only the Unification Church has the solution. I have spent the golden years of my life here. Was it for the sake of white people alone? No, it was for all people. Before whites claim God as their Father, Orientals can, because the major religions started there. Whites dominate North America and South America because they have better weapons. The original settlers here were Indians originating in Asia. So why are they almost non-existent? Because of natural disease? No; it was genocide. People say Columbus discovered America. Weren't Indians here first? Aren't they human beings?

Why did I invest so much for 30 years in America? It was always for the sake of God. America stands as the Christian nation, but it has a disease. God sent me here to cure this disease. Now Christianity, therefore, is turning a corner. In 50 states, by my education, the political and religious leaders are coming together to form harmony. The force behind it is the power of God. Those who do not love their enemy will perish. Even Christianity will perish if it does not love its enemies. I have tested this principle all my life, and now America can see the vision, finally. America is a super-power in terms of knowledge, military and media. But without knowledge of God, they cannot solve the real problems.

What are you doing with your money? When you are in surgery, what is the value of having more money? If you have cancer, the doctor has to tell you. I came with that warning and people laughed at me. The children of ministers were dancing. You Unification Church members used to be hippies, probably. I helped you overcome drugs, and then parents accused me of brainwashing you.

Did I abuse you or manipulate you? Or did I change you for the better? If anyone thinks this is a lie, show your hand. No one. Without me here, America has no hope, and South America is the same. Now that I've left Korea, it also is stuck.

Korea has been going through turmoil, but because of my worldwide work, Korea is rising up. Now I am helping the UN, not because I like or favor the UN, but because there are UN forces in Korea. It has had such forces there for years, so it is a model case to provide the strategies that can be used in these peace zones.

Enemy nations try to exploit each other. That is the way of perishing. That's why I came here and devoted myself to bringing change for 30 years. Finally, I have a meaningful platform at the UN. I will provide manpower, political and economic power. No matter what, I will do it. I will overcome any obstacles to peace. Have you Unification Church members helped the UN?

Live for Your Husband

I have come to this point. What if I abandon America? I want to see the results come by working with the UN. No matter where you look, this is a one-way street. The date for the world era is wide open. Are you qualified to become a world citizen and work for the world? I mobilized the Japanese missionaries here. What was the purpose? They are miserable externally. But they will not perish. They will dig roots in this country and become the fertilizer to grow the tree. Missionaries, how many years will you stay here? 30? 60? 90? You are not spectators, but frontline soldiers.

Today, August 20, is the commemoration day of my release from Danbury (1985 - ed.). Was I incarcerated there because I committed a crime? [No.] Since I have prepared the foundation for you to work with America and the UN, the time will come when I am not needed here. I am sure that in Korea there is so much controversy about what I did at the UN. I made such a strong statement there. They may have thought that I would fade away, but now they see I have such strong help to give them. They thought I was from hell, but they see I am from heaven. The situation is right side up now. When your opponent is on the floor, you win the boxing match. Have I won or lost? [Won.] The UN and America are knocked out. Next is the entire spirit world, even God. He will have to say, please, please. If God had the power to do such a thing, He would have done it long ago. But He could not find a person of my quality.

No one could even imagine that there is a way for enemy nations to love each other, have exchange marriage, and now even saints and sinners are matched. If they truly love each other, the Kingdom of God will follow automatically. [Amen!] Amen or thank you? [Amen.] If amen, then where is a woman? Americans wonder who, between True Mother and myself, has more influence on the other. Who is the center, the mother or father? (Father.] A woman claims half of the husband's assets at the time of divorce. Usually women win the divorce case. That's why America has ... it's a big mistake for America. It will lead to perishing. If you know the truth, even if you are not told to do so, you will live for the sake of your husband.

If I visit your home, do you serve me or your husband first? [Father.] Why? [Because first Father is my husband, then my husband is my husband.] Who has the seed of life, woman or man? You may not want to marry, but you want to have children. Some American women talk like that, because their breasts and hips are crying. Those parts exist for their children. So you should be willing to sacrifice for the sake of the children. But American women don't have that concept. This is a problem. American women have thinner lips. Women's lips are thinner than men's lips. It is because you have to talk ten times more than the father to educate your children. Thick lipped women cannot have as many children. Having thin lips, big breasts and hips, guarantees many children. Thick lips cannot speak fast and with clarity, so such women cannot deal with ten children. Big hips are the center from which she can reach in all directions. It is like a cushion. That is how you are built. Look at a woman's lips. The color of the lips reveals what kind of woman she is, one who seeks a man or whatever. If they have a dead color, she will become a widow. This is interesting, but if I tell you too much, the fortune-tellers will lose their living.

Perseverance Is Necessary

Was your match a good one? Millions in the world are waiting for my match. So I had better finish the matching soon. Try to convert your parents from the position of opposing us to supporting us. How difficult it is to do that.

I have spoken three hours. Do you expect more from me? [More.] Then for three hours more I will constantly chastise and curse you. Do you still want it? [Yes.]

Our environment has been helping me survive. It is there for my sake. To restore the ancestral position, you have to embrace every possible circumstance. If they want to play, you play. If they are sad, you comfort them. In my life, I have had every possible experience. I have been a farmer, a fisherman, a front line soldier, I even studied the gambling world in Atlantic City. I studied every corner of society. If I focused on gambling alone, I could make over $10,000 a day, no problem. Would you allow me to do so? If you were to do so, I would give the money to you. For what, so you can get drunk?

I can see when the blackjack will come. If I want it, the right card will crawl to the top. I tell them to double their bet, but Rev. Kwak chickens out. Then he doesn't win. Rev. Kwak and myself were raised under Confucianism, so instead of immediately obeying, we contemplate, so it doesn't work. Instant obedience works. Do I have that potential with my brain and heart? Even if my brain doesn't give the answer, my hands know. When I am matching, I can travel to find a Japanese sister way in the back of the room for the right match. But if there is any individualism projected, the result is no good. If I make a match, then it is right, but it may take a longer time to pan out.

Nowadays, those old grandmothers who have followed me for 30 to 50 years realize that they only believed halfway in the past. Now they realize it was completely true, so they try to convince their grandchildren to believe, but they don't have much influence over them. Watch out, I have the ability to lie. If you leave today or tomorrow, you may label me a swindler or liar. But if you stay for the long term, then you will be vindicated. The real question, then, is how long will you persevere and survive. There are teachings I gave 50 years ago that seemed outlandish, but turned out to be true. These grandmothers' horizon then was not beyond Korea or Korean Christianity, but now they see the world level, and what excuse can they give? If you listen to me, your mind is kept peaceful. There is some power there, isn't that true? If you believe it, shout out, Yes! [Yes.] In Korean, "yes" sounds like Jesus ("Yesu").

It's not easy. It is painful and hard to believe in me and follow me. But if you hold on, it will end in happiness. I said, stop, the dispensation is over to study abut Atlantic City, but because it was habit, I just headed down there without realizing it. When I realized I was on that road, I turned around and laughed at myself and felt terrible. I have that kind of weakness. If we go through that, we have to stop it. I have studied the gambling world for 30 years, but never took a seat at the table. I brought guests and sometimes helped them, but that's it. I knew, at one point, that within a week we would win $200,000. Then what should I do with it? That was the challenge. I warned the members, if you don't have a good motivation, the $200,000 will be gone within three days. That came true.

The Period of Testing

I know how people cheat; I can read their minds. Because of that, I could make Satan surrender. Is that talent in me naturally, or is it from God? It is from God, given because of God's dispensation. Because of God's protection, when I was hungry, God would send strangers on the street to invite me into their homes for meals. In prison, spirit world guided people to become my followers. They had absolute faith, but you might not. Do you have absolute faith? Will you follow me to the Antarctic and live there? How about the North Pole? No one owns the poles. The owners will be the ones who love them more than their hometown. What if we want to build a city greater than New York City at the South Pole? Then, all humankind will want to come for tourism.

Love your parents. Love your enemy. Love your children, Love your brothers and sisters. Love your neighbor. Have you done it? How much have you loved the world and heaven and earth? This is the very secret way God has taught us to become the owner of the cosmos. But instead, everyone has been living self-centered lives. We've all been thieves; we have to get out and go outward. Satan is the king of self-centeredness. Such selfish people may be successful for a time, but in the end they will end up in prison. If you live for the nation, you may be in prison for a time, but you will end up successful. Do you want to end up in hell, or as princes and princesses of God? What is the secret? What is the secret that you can even hold up in front of God and demand that He follow your way? What is the secret by which you can be even better than God in that way, and by which the world will welcome you? Now is the period of testing.

God is our Father. When we are struggling, He is our Father. When we are persecuted, and when we are in prison, God is there as our Father. When we are opposed from 360 degrees, God is there as our Father. So if you are grateful to God, you will be elevated, step by step. You should be able to claim, "God, you haven't loved hell and spirit world, but I will love Hell and spirit world." Then God will praise you and lead you to His kingdom. He will say, "Okay, if you have that content, I will take you there." No one, not even God, has done this, but I will become the model to offer true love to the entire cosmos. I will bring to an end the battle between God and Satan, acting as a mediator, stepping into the middle and stopping the fighting.

For thirty years, I have been persecuted in America, but I offered my love in return. Have I failed? The old enemies will take off their hats and seek to surrender to me. There were times when I came through the United States customs and the agents snickered at me, but they don't any more. What happened? Has American changed, or me? [America.] Is their change toward arrogance or humility? [Humility.] Do you love me? [Yes.] How much? Do you love me more than you love your husband, children, and parents? If you do, then what will happen? The entire world will follow me and become the Kingdom of God. If we truly practice this way of life, to love the enemy more than the family, we can go to no other place than the Kingdom of God.

Patiently Shed Tears

At the UN conference, one of the panelists was formerly an archenemy of the Unification Church. But he dropped everything and became an ardent supporter of my work. There is nothing to fear. Even death will not deter me. If I am destined to live to 100, then 20 years of work remain for me. But I will give that work to you. Then we both will be blessed. Satan will not be able to touch that 20 years.

After 30 years, what have I accomplished here in America? Are you who are here the fruit? You are the ones who want to save America. I am 80 and need to prepare myself for the next world. What is your responsibility? Like me, it is to stand on the front line. Who among Americans are greater than I am? You Japanese missionaries may want to go home after a few months. But I have suffered for 30 years. So you have to be patient. Inherit my tradition of being patient and shedding tears and sweat, or you cannot be children to True Parents. If you are truly determined to do more than I have done over the last 30 years, then restoring America is a piece of cake.

Then America and the world will be an expansion of your loving family. It is a formula. You offer more love to other countries than to your own. If you follow the way of arrogance and power, then you will decline. I have power, in a way, through the Washington Times and American Leadership Conferences.

But I do not pursue it, and instead go to the boondocks of South America and deal with the murky water and wilderness every day. Look at these scars and insect bites. [Father pulls up his pants leg to show his calf.] Why should I push myself through such hardship? In order to save humankind. Wherever I go there, strangers line up to offer me food, so I feel more excitement in South America than in North America. Those who offer more love will become the center and control tower of the world.

The South America Indians have a lot of resentment toward whites. I educate them to embrace the white race. True Mother on her world tour this year promoted America's role as the elder son, and told other nations to support America. Who else has done that? Only True Mother; boldly she declared it. We have a dream to reach out to the world. Did you lose your dreams by meeting me? Or did you find new dreams? Are your dreams flat, or three-dimensional?

We dream of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and embracing the entire universe. We will embrace 100 different races. Dream that within ten years, I will generate such love in my neighborhood that when I leave for a trip or arrive home, they will come out to see me off or welcome me.

Who in history has been living for the sake others more than God has? God is unsurpassed, so He is center of the cosmos for eternity. It is easy to say, but not to practice. If your body is facing the wrong way, you have to force your body to turn. If you smoke, you have to take off the smoke-filled clothes and have them cleaned. As long as you follow my footsteps, you will have power and attract people. For example, Koo Bae Park attracts friends in South America because of his fidelity to me. But if he loses connection with the providence, he will fail.

How to Make a Great Husband

People believe that I will carry out what I said publicly at the UN. Do you think, "Oh, well, it may not happen right away, but maybe in a few years, something will come"? If so, should I like you? In any case, even if you hide away now with such an attitude, and settle in the mountains, someday the society will seek you out to become a senator out of respect for what you did in the past. Should you drink and smoke, or should you work harder? If white people work harder than I do and achieve more than I have, will God be happy? [Yes.] Will you succeed? [Yes.] You will find prosperity, forever. If you are always happy, you will succeed.

You can win over a gangster. He may appear tough on the street, but at home his wife can subjugate him. Then you can win him through his wife. Wives, if your husband happens to be a gangster, don't worry about it. Serve him more, live for his sake more, then he will share all his secrets and become your servant. If you devote your life to your husband with a true heart, you can create a big stage for your birthday and order him to give you three bows and he will do it. Because of your service, the man who was the worst gangster can become the best husband. He will willingly give you ten bows with a joyful heart.

We heard a message from St. Augustine this morning, and we hear messages from Dr. Lee, but the main point is to live for the sake of others. If you do so more than others, it is natural that you will- How old am I? 80 or 18? If I think as an 18 year-old thinks, will you follow me? [Follow.] Life for others means that if I rest, you will work; if I eat, you will fast. I haven't seen anyone who wants to take my place in the midst of poisonous insects and snakes. No one is waiting for an invitation; no one is coming forward to replace me. How about an American? You should be determined to do more than God does.

Only True Parents

To solve all the headaches, think this way: "Everyone in the world I know is there to complete me, to make me perfect." Then everything will be solved and you will be able to enter the kingdom. God will come to you and lead you into the kingdom, because true parents embrace and guide their true children. Do you want to be guided by God or by the least servant? If you truly devote yourself to do more than anyone else in any village, nation or world, then when you are ready to go to spirit world, God will guide you all the way.

When I am ready to go to spirit world, will God send Confucius or Muhammad to receive me? No! Who liberated God? Only True Parents. Who opened the spirit world door? Only True Parents. When this parent-child relationship is established eternally, nothing can move it. So we have to prepare ourselves. If not God, we want our immediate family members to guide us. For that, we have to serve in the husband-wife-children roles well. Then if God calls you, you can go before Him not just by yourself, but with your family. Then how much happiness you will have! "I am the happiest being." Isn't it true? Do you want it? [Yes.] It is a truly serious matter.

As American citizens, if True Parents welcome you and guide you to God, will you be happy? In reality, however, we are not even sure if we are qualified to enter the Kingdom. Don't live life stupidly; live for others. Visit your neighbors three times, twelve times, before you pass into spirit world, so they can testify to you in spirit world. The time we have here is short. There is no time to live for your own sake.

Clock, stop! It is already 10 a.m. There is no pastor who speaks this long. I thought you would leave, but the crowd is even getting bigger. Maybe some called their friends to let them know I am here. Don't pay too much attention to St. Augustine and Dr. Lee. The secret is: live a better quality life than they did. You should be able to say, "I expected something more exciting than this from St. Augustine and Dr. Lee. This is not enough; I already passed that level." Those who can fulfill this, stand up and raise your hands!

Peter Kim prayed, then Father said, God bless you, and departed with True Mother and True Children.

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