Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Points from Words and Reverend Kwak's Report

Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
August 14, 2000
Unofficial Notes: John Doroski

C. H. Kwak

The fundamental condition is True Parents' foundation and our unwavering vertical relationship with them, as parents and children. For this purpose, True Parents gave us a special period of grace, this 21-day blessed wives training session.

Why did Father invite only blessed wives? The main process of restoration, resurrection and rebirth always puts men in the angel's position. Women can become united in complete oneness with True Mother, who got the worldwide victory and is completely one with True Father. So we can receive the life, love and lineage only through True Mother.

Centered on True Mother, men have no space, so our best position is the angel's. But blessed wives can become one with True Mother. On that condition, you can receive True Father's fundamental love, life and lineage. So the most important dispensational event for re-registration is established through the wife representing the couple. So Father asked the blessed wives to attend.

The first workshop included wives from the 36 to 777 couples blessings, almost 1,000 wives. They just graduated. I saw how Father guided them. I saw Father's difficulty and agony toward the blessed couples. We are all unworthy. Our condition is bad in many areas. If True Parents stay with the fundamental standard, then we cannot survive in front of them.

But True Parents, as owner of true love, even love unworthy blessed couples based on the linkage of the blessing. He expected a relationship of parent and child. Because of True Parents' heart, it is difficult to judge, erase or cancel us. Because of that heart of True Parents', if it is possible, still they want to keep an indemnity condition on our behalf, and work hard to find a way to solve the problem and give us the blessing.

Our original blessing was not by our effort. It was 99.999% God's grace and True Parents' grace; .001% was our small portion. Even after receiving the blessing, the foundation of that blessing, true life, love and lineage, is something Satan can never attack. Therefore we can go the way of responsibility on that foundation. Because of our fallen habits and nature, and our actual satanic relations under which Satan can accuse us, it is the dispensational time to have re-registration.

I could see how True Parents' love and grace is unlimited. Father's grace is amazing and in that environment the people repented and made new determination. But the one condition was their reaction, repentance, re-determination and adopting True Mother's realm of desire.

Centering on that goal, everyone made a strong re-determination. They graduated, and the second session has started. The third will start September 4. One condition is necessary, even with True Parents' grace. We need to dedicate our entire life and daily schedule to True Parents' current goal. So the new graduates received a new territory of responsibility, centered on major cities and towns of Korea, by lottery. Father said, before you go to your home, go first to your new territory, pray there, and then go home.

The last internal condition is to receive True Parents' grace by holy wine. Because we had too many conditions that Satan could invade, we need a further certain condition, and that will be September 25-30, a six-day period. That workshop must be attended by entire blessed families, including children and grandchildren, in order to receive Heavenly Father's grace. It is a matter of our eternal life, our rebirth. It is an absolute condition for re-registration. We cannot have any excuse to avoid it.


As you know, regarding the matter of rebirth, all human beings should have True Father. But in front of me, only True Mother has the same victorious foundation and complete unity with me. So I praised her with an award last year, inheriting my foundation. Also, representatives of all human beings gave thanks to True Parents.

In front of True Mother, all blessed wives stand as individuals. In this situation, don't think of your husband or family. You are like Eve, who just has to listen to Adam and God. Eve is alone in front of Adam. So you should adopt oneness with True Mother, and then True Mother gains all blessed couples' foundation. You need absolute faith, love and obedience to inherit this. Blessed wives are engrafted with True Mother and True Father, and on that condition, blessed couples can re-register.

In front of True Parents, we can receive that progress in no other way. The younger couples, those blessed after 1982, will gradually make the same program. So you should join now. This is inner dispensational content of the Unification Church. You should understand how important it is. But it is not only a Unification Church event. It is directly related to all the physical world and spirit world; all human beings need to follow this progress, this paradigm. It is the way and model. Through this fundamental condition, Heavenly Father and True Parents signature is given to you. Then your life truly belongs to Heavenly Father and True Parents.

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