Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Words to Members on June 1, 2000

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 2000
East Garden
Translation by Rev. Jin Man Kwak
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

The key point is the restoration of the Fatherland. Without that, nothing is secure. Restoration of the fatherland means liberation of heaven and earth. It happens centering on the true life, love and lineage of the messiah.

Originally, according to will of God of creation, Adam should have become the perfected human beings and centering on that family, the individual, family, nation and world could have been established centering on God's true love. But because of the fall, it was all lost, and restoration has been conducted on stages of form, growth. [Father spoke in Korean leaving no time for translation.]

There is no seniority in God's providence, even if you are a 36 couple, you have to align with the new bud. Heung Jin Nim, centering on your children you have to be liberated, therefore you haven't been able to settle down. You should be trained to attend even the baby in the womb. When the new king is born, you have to unite with the new king. That is heaven's wish. CARP is the new organization. June is busy, a Hoon Dok Hae conference and holy day at the same time. You yourself are not great; it is the relationship with True Parents that makes you important. There will be great personnel changes. If you do not go on God's path, you will be ashamed. If you go your own way, especially in this period, on the national and world level, these leaders are not needed and they will drift away. It is a fearful time, the time of the fourth Adam.

It is June 1, on True Parents victorious foundation, unite completely with Father says something about Hyung Jin Nim's new baby, Shin Man Nim, whose 103rd day is today. Three sons, Adam's, Jesus' and Lord of the Second Advent's, centering on True Parents' tribe, have to settle down in God's nation, centering on True Parents, centering on Mother, and centering on the True Family. True Father has recognized True Mother to stand in the position, so from True Parents to True Father to True Mother,

Who would have thought about North Korea? During the last election, who has truly thought about the election for the nation? You have to especially centering on the university students, the 2- or 4- year students need to receive training from True Parents, and inherit this from True Mother. Especially the wives should inherit this. All women in this movement should give Divine Principle lectures. To see the precious value of True Parents' words, there are over 200 volumes. If you see the original standard of value. The Divine Principle has contents before the Completed Testament Age content. Until now there was some deviation from Divine Principle, many different versions. Now I have made the Hoon Dok Hae material. Through Hoon Dok Hae material you learn about True Father. Without understanding my words you cannot understand me. A few years ago people thought what I say is crazy, but now it is all converging together, into the center. You may be listening without clear understanding, but now the complete, thorough, three-dimensional content is clarified.

We are leading the media and because of the failure of Japan, the world newspaper providence was not realized. But nonetheless I prepared the news agency connecting all the world, I am trying to it is very famous, with famous people. So through this we are trying to restore the famous people. Trying to bring the truth through the media. Now the national governments will have no problem.

So the root, trunk and branch are connected and you must overcome regionalism. Even if I give direction, you do not follow absolutely. I said 24,000 (?) Japanese sisters, but they all Erikawa! There are only 70 people Who is Abel? America has to be Abel to live for the world. You cannot consider America to live for itself. If you think that way, it will perish. Blessed couples, if you think you are elders without fulfilling your responsibility, you are fools. The Continental Directors have the ultimate authority. I will make a great personnel changes. If one is not qualified, there is a problem.

Don't think you're the best. You should be willing to attend an infant prince. You have the chance to cleanse the defiled national foundation, and representing the fallen family, restore the tribal, national and world foundation. To do this you need absolute faith, love and obedience. Without this, you will go against and block your nation. Those of you who go this way will perish and die miserably. I am liberating even hell.

I am declaring the liberation the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in heaven. I have done all this by myself. What have you done? Now True Mother must take full responsibility for the family. You should offer your family on the altar, your family, tribe and nation. This June 1 is the 103rd day of Shin Man Nim, shin is faith, man is full, so "Full of faith." I declared this three days ago, so we are celebrating the 103rd day. This, not the 100th day, should be our Unification Church tradition. 103 is the restarting day. I declare this in heaven and on earth. What time is it now? 6:15 am.

Those babies born before this day cannot celebrate this day, but those born after this day can. This kind of celebration day, Satan cannot touch. I came to the USA in 1971. Leading to 2003. Jesus should have unified the world. To fulfill this, I am taking a risk. Media, Little Angels, the cultural realm. The standard of faith. In each area, we should move the world, representing the elder son, and flying the flag. If the UN cannot follow True Parents, then another

The Family Federation, Women's Federation, Youth Federation, (and one more ) are four major NGOs, representing nations, trying to move people toward goodness. Also the Federation of Island Nations, Peninsula Nations You have to perfect 360 degrees, receive the vertical standard and expand it horizontally.

Until now, you loved me, but instead of that you should love the heavenly constitution. Obey the law; do not follow your whim. America is a country of law, strict legal codes. I am fishing, so I know there is a standard of length of fish you can catch. About half of them we caught were under the limit. Even if it is one millimeter short, you have to throw it back. Koreans say, well, if it's close enough, we can keep it. [laughter] This is the age of the nation, the settlement age. Centering on this first day of June, True Mother has been riding on the clouds. Now we are buying land in South America, bigger than Cheju Island. [Something on the oceanic enterprises in South America ]

When I declared this, did you trust my directions? I took a lot of risk, accepting challenges. You wait and see who will win. I am saying, only me, I will make it. Have I fulfilled it? Everything is okay. Someone was crying, and I said, don't cry, you will be distrusted by other people. By accomplishing this

Talking about people who had trials almost to death, but by my holding on to them, they survived. So be willing to die, to do down. Those Mafia types, who are notorious in the satanic world, should contribute to God's providence. Citizens Federation for the Unification of Fatherland should find the speaker of the parliament. Centering on my children, we need to unite the Moon tribe. Now True Mother is standing with me, and centering on this period, the 4 position foundation of nations, and the 3 ages of Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament, centering on Mother. [ something about instead of the archangel tempting Eve, I have to tempt True Mother.]

There are 4 nations vying to control Japan. Japan and America North America and South America, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism should have a relationship. True Mother toured 12 locations in South America. Did she receive persecution? NO; she was welcomed. She is holding the victorious foundation. This is an amazing day today. We start the third day of Shin man, it is a transition period. Your children should celebrate the 103rd day. For as long as you can, even if it is difficult, you should give birth to more children. Centering on them, use this 103rd day, not 100th. Perfection, completion, everything should be liberated. Become true parents, and you should liberate True Family. Your effort is not enough; you should invest ten times more.

Whatever the song, it will bloom, a new bud will come out in spring. Blessed couples can even bring the liberation of God and True Parents, and the liberation of True Children. It takes absolute faith, love and obedience. I have walked this path all the time to embrace Satan. I really should not forgive those who go against my path. If you go against heavenly law, you cannot enter God's nation. You are to liberate God's heart, True Parents and True Parents' family. Are you uniting or dividing against this? You must liberate the second generation of True Parents and liberate the Moon clan and Han clan. Absolute faith, love and obedience. Especially Korea should hold this standard. You are to become such people. Only those who can fulfill this can be the owners and central figures in the age to come. Those who understand, sit down. Those who don't, stand, and walk to the back.

[We proceed to do the celebration of Shin Man Nim's 103rd day, with a high-spirited photo session.]

I will do this in Korean, so those who don't understand, go back home. Rev. Kwak read Dr. Lee's message, chapter 3, "Life in the spirit world viewed from the principled perspective. [It is the first published book of Dr. Lee.]


What are the laws of spirit world? You must understand clearly about spirit world. You have to understand before you go there. The substantiation of the principle is necessary on earth. If you do not understand reading Korean, Americans, when you go back home and read the English translation of this three times.

Dr. Lee:

On the subject-object relationship. Everything exists through subject-object. In spirit world, God is subject and human beings are object. God is like light, human beings like shadow. His direction is very clear, so there is no ambiguity. Like the north pole and south pole, like light and shadow. This give and take is the fundamental energy. [etc. see the book, starting on p. 560 in The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom.]


That is true love. What is the original headquarters of true love? It is the sexual organ. From that can everything come out ... without that, ... [Father asks Rev. Kwak to give a testimony.]

Rev. Kwak:

When Father gave a sermon to us especially focused on concave and convex, I had a hard time to digest it, because until then, Father's sermons were based on cosmic principles and God's heart and had dignity in front of any kind of dignified guest. Father's speeches were perfect. But, in Korea, in general in an official place, you never mention about concave and convex, especially in church sermons. [Note:

In Korea, unlike America, the terms for convex and concave are understood to have sexual connotations.] A reverend never used that word. But True Father confidently and joyfully smiled and explained about it. In my mind, I thought, what shall I do? I invited a dignitary today, and True Father so directly shared about convex and concave, and I worried that the guest could not absorb it.

Then, that day, I would ask Father to give another explanation. I had that mind. I never realized the level of my faith. From the stage Father scolded me about this, because it is a matter of my faith.

Centering on True Mother's tours from 1996, that main content has been convex and concave, and I was picked by True Parents to be a lecturer, so I had to use convex and concave in sentences. Later I realized that this is cosmic truth. Then automatically my lecture was never hiding it or neglecting it. After the world tour, Father asked me if I have confidence about convex and concave, and I said, sure, I am confident. Now I never have that kind of mind.

In the world, people have to recognize how convex and concave are important. And family issues. We have gathered top religious leaders and many of them are celibates. In front of them, True Father lectures clearly and openly. At the beginning they must have struggled a lot. But even though there is some uncomfortable feeling, they are amazed at Father's natural and comfortable explanation and familiarity with it.


The main thing is [in English, about convex and concave; the Korean words are omo polo]. Every human being has that kind of life, love and lineage headquarters, the so-called sexual organs. You must have the victorious power based upon proper understanding of that. Reach that kind of high level calling. Connecting ... can unify God's original essence in that site of the organ. Omo Polo. Omo is concave, polo is convex. Convex should be first, polo omo. Does everybody like that? One time occupying, you cannot forget. So omo polo, that power, completely, forever, can connect to God.

You can only understand by doing Hoon Dok Hae. You can recognize clearly. It is the mainstream, and understanding is no problem. After passing away, spirit world becomes your hometown. My house, chunjoo means heaven, big house. Chun means heaven, joo means house. It is your eternal hometown. That is your responsibility, not God's, not True Parents, only yours.

I am the center ... everything depends on me.

God should have received the radiance of light coming from Adam and Eve's love, but He did not, and that was the fall. All blessed couples should be able to make love in front of True Parents. So, three generations should be able to love all together in one place, and then God is the number seven, with them as six. It is as formation, growth and perfection. In the face, it is eyes, nose and mouth. How many do you have? (Joints in the fingers) three times four fingers is twelve, plus two on the thumb ... 24 is four seasons, twelve ... clapping, when your hands come together, [everyone starts clapping] you should make a bigger noise. Everything should be in harmony. Even the fingers should fit together when you clap.

All the forces of the cosmos should be harmonized. So wherever you go, you will be welcomed. Wherever True Mother went, she was welcomed, right? So Mother received much applause, because the content of the truth is so great.

God is like a power plant. All blessed couples should generate light, resembling the power plant. If there are 360,000 power plants, what will happen? The world will be so full of light. Everything will be cleansed by that power. Dr. Sang Hun Lee, after going to spirit world, met his wife for the first time after eight years, and made a conjugal relationship in front of God, so much light and joy, and everything around it was in harmony in brightness. So if three generations make love with God, will God be clapping? When grandfather, father and children are educated according to the stages of formation, growth and perfection. Together there are six, and with God it is seven, and everything is connected and fulfilled.

If you do not understand Korean, you will be in big trouble. You western members have no choice but to learn Korean. No matter what, you better learn it. Even a good translation conveys only 70% or 80%. In the future, all scholars will have to be able to speak Korean. If you laugh at this content, you will be in big trouble. Please unite with it. All creation is in tune with it. Do you think God will watch or not? God will look down clearly. God's interest is concerned ... Did I create the same action or different action?

When you sit down, do you sit down straight? What is the most comfortable way for man to sit down? You hold your hands together. The right hand goes on top of your holy place. Where should the woman's hands go? To their bosom? So man's sexual organ should be a little cool. [Something about intestines and stomach.]

The most important place! Even if a mother has many children, the father is more important. The seed comes from above, not below. Mr. ---------, are you on the top or the bottom? Is the root on the top or bottom? Where is the branch, top or bottom?

[Father reprimands one National Messiah for becoming like a dictator, and that he should listen to his Continental Director. There was a letter written by a NM that the CD should be changed.] You should learn to attend the baby even in the womb. You have learned to obey God's absolute seed. Something under the age of thirty was lost. You want your child to be higher than yourself, that is your wish as parents. Rev. ----, is your wife better than you or you better than your wife? You became great because of her.

You should understand Dr. Lee's content clearly. The future political system will be administrative. They cannot decide policy on their own, but simple follow the principle. How can we overcome the disparity of wealth and living standard between North Korea and South Korea? By a common legal system. Through this reality of the fallen world, True Parents have to overcome the results of fallen parents. God could not do it because of ... Love is one generation, life is one generation, but blood lineage transcends generations. It is like a well spring, so it should be preserved. How complicated this relationship has been made by free sex. It has to be cleansed and clarified. It has to be corrected from the elder sister, ... through three stages I have to restore this.

Centering on Israel, even it is a small nucleus, the individual, family or nation, it is representing the transition that is to come. God has to protect it. The whole spirit world and whole physical world depend on the core. The nation will be turned around, through formation, growth and perfection. I proclaimed Parents' Day, Children's Day, etc, and soon I will proclaim Family Day and Day of the Fourth Adam, and Brother-Sister Day. Formation, growth and perfection goes up from us, also down from God to reach the settlement age. This 90 degrees expands both vertically and horizontally. Who is at the center? True Parents' family. Everything should be used for the sake of the greater. No matter how great the heavenly world, it is under my realm of influence. This motivational subject. Living for the sake of others and you must attend God and True Parents. As a filial son you must inherit my tradition. Without understanding this, you've done so many unacceptable things. Your mind knows where you stand. My mind world controls my limbs. We can bear fruit centering on God, returning glory to the owner. We now can understand the investment of God. I gave all for the sake of the object, the other.

You should liberate me. When have I eaten or slept freely? I am like a prisoner. And I know how the money is made, so I am very stingy with money. I am paving the way to offer ... [end of notes; Father spoke in Japanese after that.]

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