Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Sunday Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
May 21, 2000
Belvedere International Training Center
Simultaneous interpretation by Dr. Chang Shik Yang;
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

On Saturday, May 20, True Father returned to East Garden from South America. True Mother requested this, so that he could participate in her speaking tour of Europe, since the internet transmission to the Pantanal is ineffective. Father begins by speaking of the historical value of Kim Dae Jung s visit to North Korea. The speech prior to the Hoon Dok Hae reading was given from his chair; after the reading True Father spoke from the stage.

Now we are living in the new era, the fourth Adam s realm. In this age, those who are under 80, my age, are brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter, man or woman. All those who are younger than me are my younger brothers and sisters.

Based on that, which is the merit of this new age, I have given the first level of the 400 million couples blessing. From that time, Blessing 2000, each Christian denomination should try to break through their walls. They are uniting together beyond denomination. Eventually, interfaith unity will become a reality centered on True Parents. The top leadership of each denomination will bring their members to attend the next blessing. The time has changed. The realm of individual salvation ended, and now the family level salvation is moving to the national level. America was founded on a Christian foundation, but the denominations have been fighting each other. Now the time is changed and they will cooperate with each other. Because of their struggles, the nation was divided. God could not dwell here. The churches could not act to save the nation. Now they have to unite to create the power to save the nation. Who can save America? Only Christianity. Who can save the world? Only Christianity. If they unite, they can save heaven and earth.

This is the course of restoration. For that purpose, a "bishop level" group of 120 clergy are going to Korea, from 12 denominations. They are going for the sake of unity and to make a determination for this interdenominational movement. America is founded based on Christianity. Initially, Christianity shouldn't have divided. But in reality they are fighting, and in that situation they cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. No one denominational leader can make unity; unity can come only by the guidance of True Parents. And by uniting they can save America and have an impact to create unity in the world. This morning, I want to share a special speech given this March 21 at the Olympic Main Stadium. To this day we do not have our own fatherland centered on True Parents. We need to establish it. The title is "The Path of the Princes and Princesses of Humankind." Initially it should have been Adam and Eve, but they failed. They should have perfected themselves as individuals and after that combined into a family. So we have to understand clearly that no matter what difficulty, we have to go the way to find our fatherland and homeland.

Now is the time. As you know, True Mother is speaking today in Edinburgh, to liberate all womankind. For that she spoke four times in Japan. Eve s position, centered on connecting to the nation and world [Given in English; I think its about father, mother and children uniting together.] This will be True Mother's final speaking tour.

After the tour ends, all the Unification Church sisters who have graduated college have to inherit True Mother s speech and spread it worldwide, beginning with their tribe. That s why I called all those sisters who graduated at least two years college, from 20 years old, to Chung Pyung Lake. Those who are that age, on behalf of Mother, should feel responsible to restore the entire world in order to restore fallen Eve. They should be responsible to save their nation and to save the world. Centering on True Parents, husband and wife unite and particularly the wife stands on the front line to save the world. God does not have his own nation. From now we have to go beyond the boundaries that define individual nations. Since World War II, for 50 years, humankind s nature has been broken. One result is air, water and land pollution. If we keep going this way, the environment will be destroyed within 300 years. And AIDS will destroy humankind. This homosexuality and lesbianism are serious problems. God's heart is broken by it. He wants to spit it all out at one time. [At this point your transcriber read the speech "The Path of the Princes and Princesses of Humankind" for Hoon Dok Hae.] Do you understand those words? Are you serious? When I was in Korea in February, I emphasized the restoration of the Fatherland over and over again. I already proclaimed the name of True Parents as the ancestors of humankind.. Once True Parents appear, naturally sons and daughters should appear. Because of the fall of parents, the children also disappeared. True Parents create more true parents. True Parents and true children are partners. Say "Homeland."

Do you have a homeland? Do you have a fatherland? [No.] Who is the father? God. The fatherland means God s nation. The meaning of fatherland is "an eternal unchanging nation, centering on God." All people lost the homeland and fatherland. We have to understand that even though we were born on earth we had no homeland. The homeland is global. Is it one or several? [One.] The homeland of American is America. By the same token, all humankind s homeland is the globe. Do Americans have a fatherland? The meaning of fatherland is "a heavenly nation centering on God." America has not become a fatherland in which God can live, nor has it become a homeland. God doesn't have His homeland or fatherland, those two nations. Where was the original homeland of God and humankind? It was the Garden of Eden. One nation, one culture, and one humankind with one master should have been established. But because of the fall, everyone fought and divided, creating national boundaries. We have to break through the national boundaries.

Is America going the right way or wrong way? [The wrong way.] Should we leave it alone or change it? [We should change it.] The democratic world believes in God, but is corrupted. The religious world failed, the Old Testament believers, New Testament believers, Buddhists, the believers of all the major religions have lost their power. In this time, we cannot find any value worthy of inheritance. Democracy, all the world s values, nothing is worth being passed on.

Do we as individuals inherit an original mind and body? No, we lost everything. These are the last days. Everything, all those evils, should be erased. We have to recreate everything from the individual to the cosmic level, centered on God, creating God s homeland. Even though Christianity was so powerful, especially in America, which was built on Christianity, the value of Christianity is diminished. Only the Unification Church, centering on the value of the new ideology, can restore value from the individual to the cosmic levels. Do I have a homeland? A fatherland? No. Even God cannot deny and Satan cannot deny [something]. God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. The fatherland is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. What shall we do? We have to create the homeland. Humankind never made that homeland to which we could connect. We have to understand the concept of homeland and fatherland..

Even Satan should surrender to this. No one can defeat Satan except for God and True Parents. Who can reconcile God and Satan, who have fought each other? [True Parents.] Who can make the end of the war between God and Satan? Because of the fall of the first parents, they have struggled. Therefore, only True Parents can end the war between God and Satan. Our fallen ancestors as fallen parents made everything divide, from the mind and body to the cosmos. Since then there has been nothing but fighting. How can we unite the mind and body? There is only one way. The mind and body and husband and wife can unite only by centering on God s love and True Parents love. How about you? Are your mind and body fighting each other? Even the numbers, 3 and 8, in the 38th parallel, have a providential meaning.

If we count forward and backwards on our fingers [starting with 1 on the thumb, and then 6 on the pinkie], 3 and 8 land on the middle finger. Your body itself has a 38th parallel, and there is one between parents and children, husband and wife, and so forth all the way up to the one between heaven and earth. How can we eliminate this boundary? How can we eliminate hell? Through my entire life I have restored everything that was lost. No one can deny or challenge this result. No one can deny my theology or ideology. Based upon it, neither God nor Satan can deny the truth of what I am teaching. It brings the unification of mind and body, husband and wife, tribe and tribe, nation and nation, and heaven and earth. [Father shows everyone how the hand represents God, heaven and earth, three stages of growth, and all things.

The eye symbolizes God, and through the eyes we are watching everything. Even God breathes through the nose. There are 32 teeth, 4 X 8. The number 8 True Father concludes that this illustrates how God, human beings and all things are connected.] Once I proclaim something in a speech, we have to accomplish it. Now North Korea and South Korea are preparing a summit council, but without me they cannot have success. North Korea knows who can be central figure of unification. Those whose desire centers on a certain area cannot be successful; only those whose desire is centered on God can have success. By loving only the nation you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to understand the meaning of homeland and fatherland. Homeland includes heaven and earth. Because of the fall, Adam and Eve lost the homeland and fatherland. If they had not fallen, through the homeland they could have created the fatherland. The homeland is Earth; the fatherland is Heaven, where God dwells. Therefore the homeland and fatherland should be one. Because of the fall, everything from the individual to the cosmos was divided and set at war. Satan established big walls. How can we eliminate the walls? What is the secret way? God taught us: love your enemy. The deepest and ultimate meaning of loving your enemy is when God s children marry Satan s children. Then God and Satan will be blessed and united, not fighting anymore. When the enemy comes, when Satan comes, if they can marry them, if the children of God and of Satan marry, Once there is marriage between the children of enemies, then enemies on God s side and Satan s side are blessed and there is no fighting. They will not inherit the world of fights. The enemy parents usually want to bless their children even though they are fighting each other. It is their original mind. This is the only way. What is the best way? Love your enemy. Heavenly Father has sent His How can we solve the eternal struggle? There is only one way: when Heavenly Father gets His son or daughter-in-law from satanic children, and He will love them more than Satan does. Only then will this fighting disappear. That love is true love. Only it can end the struggles. Do you remember that I blessed saints and sages at the same time as evil people? It was because I come with a parental mind that wants to liberate all humankind. That is why I blessed them. The only way to end the struggle of black and white is by marrying them together. If white parents bring their son from the black community and love them To make this happen, we need to follow with absolute faith, love and obedience. How about Unification Church members? Can a white brother marry a black sister? [Okay!] Every time okay! "O" means open, that the gate to the kingdom of Heaven is open. Going back, free the kingdom of hell and heaven and control everything. You know well more than I do. So you don't need True Parents, because you know pretty well. You learned from this morning s Hoon Dok Hae to love your enemies. Think about children who were once enemies by lineage. When they marry, the parents should follow the children s way and love each other.

I blessed the physical world and spirit world. I want to go to the heavenly world based on the international blessing. The time will come when the international blessings will What is the best way for this to take place in each nation? It is best among enemy nations. What if all the churches and the Unification Church completely melt into each other and bring the entire world together in marriage? Russian and American. God has been seeking a higher world. When you achieve the higher value, then lower struggles will be solved naturally. Do you believe that? Raise your hands, blessed couples. Heavenly Father can bless between any enemies, and after uniting on the individual level the realm of blessing expands and the kingdom of Heaven can be established. Even some couples are international and have different languages. Should they fight or love each other? [Love each other.] Can they divorce because of international difficulties? [No.] Raise your hands if you have children. If you hate black people, your son-in-law will be black. If so, you had better bless them and tell them to love each other more than you and your spouse do. Can anyone deny this truth? Can the American president deny it? Can he answer a clear yes or no at all? He will struggle trying to wriggle out of it, but eventually he must answer. In terms of theology, without this principle, we cannot solve the problem of struggle. Raise your hands if you agree with this truth.

Amen means "number one man." This is the truth that makes us one with God. It is the most powerful truth. There is no better way to break national barriers than international marriage. Do you want that? When you see your spouse of another race you have to love him/her better than any same-race couple. Can you maintain that attitude? In the Unification Church world, we have many interracial marriages, especially between beautiful blacks and ugly whites, or vice versa. If they love each other, then all humankind will attend them just as if they were attending God. Even Satan will follow that true love. This eventually will eliminate hell. Do you believe that hell can be saved? [Yes.] We also have to break the wall between mind and body. Do you believe I can create a unified world? How about in our Unification Church, do we have racism? [No.] Even though we are of different languages and cultures, we have to respect each other. People ascend in the fallen world by use of power. In the last days, such people will perish. The powerful nations and religions will perish if they do not change direction. In the last days, those who have absolute faith, love and obedience will make it. If we love the earth and humankind with the same love, then the kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be established. Amen!

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve did not consider what they were doing. They did not plan it or anticipate it. But they By what kind of action did this world perish? What did they lose? The essence of the fall was the false love relationship. The sexual organs connected wrongly. It is fearful. From there, Satan s lineage started. Lineage is the problem. Love and life are one generation, but they lead to lineage, which connects to eternity. It goes down through time by lineage. America also has one lineage, the Anglo-Saxon.. Lineage is important. The Christian world emphasizes the blood of Jesus. The sacrament of communion presents the bread and wine symbolizing Jesus body and blood. This connects Jesus Christ to my lineage. But in fact, without loving their enemies, Christians cannot inherit Jesus Christ s lineage. Which organ is connected with lineage? The sexual organ. It is the most fearful organ. Man s is convex and woman s is concave. Woman should receive, on the bottom, receiving from above. This is eternal. Sisters who want to marry a couple of more times, raise your hands. Marry only one single time, not twice. Many in America do not want just one single marriage. What is their attitude? One marriage or more if necessary?

Two times more? In the true world, you cannot have more than one father and one mother. Who is the owner of the sexual organ? Not God, but the husband and wife. Heaven sighs about the first love. That first love should be eternal, absolute, unchanging and unique, connecting to Heaven in there. Once married to each other, you cannot separate. Real love lasts forever. Who has the desire for multiple parents? No one does. Many Americans lost their parents because of free sex. We have to clean up this bad situation. Would you welcome this absolute value? Americans, raise your hands. Do you understand? If you hate blacks or whites, your son or daughter-in-law will be from there, or you cannot solve it. If you deny my guidance, you will go to hell. It is absolute truth. Particularly those who are white-white couples, you have to take son and daughters-in-law from other races. When I blessed the people in the spirit world, I blessed them with enemy races or nations. [To one sister:] Do you have children? [Three.] Do you agree that whites should accept sons and daughters-in-law from other races for three generations? Because of the fall, Heavenly Father lost three generations. So after three generations you can again match white and white.. This is true for all of you. If you don't like this, you have no where to go in this world. God likes True Parents goal. We have to love the whole world in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. [To another sister:] Do you have children? Do you accept a son or daughter-in-law from black community? [Yes.] We have to match this way at least through three generations. Through that, we can reach Heavenly Father s original expectation. If your children marry internationally, their children will be of various colors and can marry various colors. This is a great picture of such a collection of children. The black infant sucking from a white breast is an eternally valuable picture.

We have to respect all races with the same as Heavenly Father. We have to love and respect each other. Those who have that boundless love on earth have no boundary in spirit world. They can embrace the entirety of Heaven and earth with true love. What is the best way to be a filial son or daughter? In that way only. Only in that way can the kingdom of Heaven on Earth be established. Even if God denies this, it is true and such couples will go to Heaven. He will bring you to Heaven. Those couples cannot go to hell. Even though they do not want to go to Heaven, they naturally go there and cannot go to hell. Today I taught the best way to go to Heaven. If you have a big mind to embrace 12 different races, then you will go to the kingdom of Heaven. Someday I will make a schedule to look for the best couples to appoint as leaders. Will they be of mixed race? When I visit the white people s village, I will try to find a good leader there. I will challenge them to choose their leader from the enemy race. If they say yes, then they can go to the heavenly nation. How quickly the kingdom of Heaven can come by that method! Some Unification Church members may become wealthy. If so, they should find sons and daughters-in-law from poor people. Do my sons-in-law come from wealthy families? Or my daughters-in-law? Wealthy or humble? I chose from among those who were best educated. So I practiced what I preach. Do you desire for your son or daughter descendent to marry my offspring? You do, because of lineage. Everyone wants that lineage. Because Adam lost three generations, I can allow my grandchildren to marry interracially. Be confident to have the qualification by understanding this truth and practicing it to go to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Marriage beyond race is the best way to go to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That family is protected. They go running to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you pray that your descendents marry like that, Heavenly Father will remember you. In spirit world they will welcome those who married internationally. From tomorrow, even though you hate them, you have to love them. Change your mind to love. How about between white and black, do you like each other? Before you learned from me, you might have hated each other, but you have changed.

From now, no problem, right? Even in our clothing we have to match this principle, combining black and white. For thousands of years the races have been fighting, but now we can make oneness. The polar bear resembles whites and the brown man is a brown Kodiak bear. Black bears live in a hot place [?]. How about a big white bear will it mate with a black or brown bear? How can a white bear only expect to meet another white bear? If he marries a black bear, what kind of color offspring will come? No one knows. Many colors could come out. Suppose, usually between black and white there is hate, but if you are a single woman and could find only one single man and he is black, would you propose to him or not? Will you make a wall, or will your mind change? Which one needs to propose first? [The white woman.] That s not strange, but normal according to God s concept. Thus we understand how wide God s mind is. He wants 12 races, 100 races, 1,000 races to marry together and love each other. Racism is the most foolish way. Those who are racist are crazy. I can marry with a black brother. Do you have that mind? You do because you learned it from Father, right? [No.] No means K-N-O-W. Is my teaching true or not? [True.] If you go to spirit world, you will see that I am teaching truth. So I am the king of the family level, because only I can make this special community based on the blessing. Because of that we can say, True Parents. Vertically and horizontally, True Parents are able to embrace all races. We have to recreate a new lineage. So many roots exists, we need to make one race from one root, making one true lineage and one country. We have to keep that mind wherever we go. Treat the people in your village the same as your sons and daughters. Those with that mind will go to the kingdom.

Many Christians hate each other and hate other races. How different is Christianity from the Unification Church! Both just follow their way. Those who understand cannot create walls between races. Would you welcome my truth or kick it out? How do you welcome it? More than you welcome your family and children? [Of course.] Of course! That kind of "of course" sound is strange. Of course God, of course True Parents, of course, everything okay. You can say it too easily. If it is really "of course," the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will come true. We have to find the fatherland. I can find it in the next world. Because of that, Unification Church members have to recreate the fatherland in this world and find the homeland. We need it absolutely and forever. Say yes forever, echoing out, spinning around and adding volume. "Yesu" means "Jesus" in Korean pronunciation. The echo of "yes" will unite Heavenly Father, humankind and the universe into oneness.

The greetings in different languages are so different. I like "choguk, kwang bok, haebang" which means "fatherland, restoration of light, liberation." Heavenly Father heard so many kinds of greetings. He likes choguk in the morning, kwang bok in the afternoon and haebang at night. Put up your arms and legs if you agree with this. [Everyone does.] Women, your husband will like that. Also Heavenly Father likes that. Would Heavenly Father be liberated or not? He would say "great!" with a big sound. >From now, I myself have to go to my fatherland and homeland, and spend the rest of my life and eventually pass away to spirit world. Engraft onto only one tree. One root, one nation, one world, one law, one family one not two. We have to clean all the disorder. So far, God has been waiting for those who can proclaim the love of their enemy. With the new method of greeting, the spirit world will support you. [Father encourages everyone to practice these words, and a brother and sister in the front row to hug each other, but they are shy and won't, and Father feigns hitting them in displeasure.]

I support two soccer teams in Brazil. In the cultural world, the Universal Ballet is the king in the east and west. So I am the champion of the cultural world and sports world. Do you think I am handsome or not? [Yes!] Women like me, but even men like me. Brave and strong and handsome and what s a good word in English, gentle? Do you believe I am a mixture of all these things? Because of that, you love me more than your children, your king, your nation, and whatever. Do you? [Yes.] Sisters, if you didn't marry, would you like me? >From the womb, you attended me as your elder brother. From the womb you should follow your elder brother. We call each other oppa and noona. Oppa becomes husband, then father, then grandfather. All women should attend al those positions. Woman is the sister, wife, mother and grandmother. We have to respect each other. They are young now, but will become a mother and grandmother later, so respect them as such. What is stronger sounding, choguk or good morning? Choguk. Cho literally means "nation of the grandfather." Because of that, choguk means fatherland.. This is necessary. We yearn for the fatherland. To establish this fatherland, so many died and were sacrificed as martyrs. Once we establish it, no one can attack it.

If we reverse choguk, you get gukcho, which means "father of the nation," and that refers to the grandfather. Heavenly Father will send a special ambassador. Your parents are a real king and queen of all humankind. Your children are descendents of the heavenly nation, connected to everything. Ambassadors. We have to train young people to have this respectful mind. Don't just push your children to study hard. Teach them to love all humankind. [We practice the greetings again.] If you don't use this, you are false.

Shake hands with the intention to restore the fatherland. Then the time will come for registration in Heaven. These are not just my words; they are words of Principle. We have to practice them. This is the third Sunday of May. It will not come again. It is eternal. This June, many things will happen. I have established the foundation. How about if I ask you Americans to go to 185 nations representing me, will you go? [Yes.] We have to make our boundary worldwide. Through completing the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age, through three stages, we have to settle in the fourth Adam s realm. Once we establish a foundation in 185 nations, the world will open its doors and the kingdom of Heaven on Earth will come. So we have to open all the doors, north, south, east and west.

We set up our church flag, so those who come even just to eat are educated automatically. We have to welcome anyone who comes after seeing that flag at night as if they were True Parents. We have to follow beyond the national wall. Do you want to live in such a world? We have to live with that lifestyle. If we do, the world will change. We have to train at least three nations and embrace three backgrounds. That is the best way to love one s enemy. You have to love your enemy, on every level. That will connect you with the Kingdom of Heaven. Time is running on and we are getting hungry. This morning s speech is long..

From now, we don't need speeches, just Hoon Dok Hae between husband and wife together. Everything is there. In the ALC conferences in Washington, DC, high level leadership is attending and after three days they melt moved by the power of the teaching. These greetings [we practiced again choguk, kwangbok, haebang] are leading to (or are in) the 4th Adam s realm. Once we accomplish everything, I will sleep for 40 days without opening the door. Will you join with me sleeping, or save your nation? I have invested an unsurpassable amount and can rest a little bit.

But in South America, the National Messiahs would not go fishing earlier than I did. Even though I take a rest, the Unification Church members should stay on the frontline. When does UTS finish? [June 24 is graduation.] Why is it so late? Students, will you follow Father? When do you start summer vacation? Will the UTS president follow me? [Yes.] Then you can stay for one more month. Anyway, you know about restoration through indemnity. In South America there is the piranha. They swarm to eat bodies at the smell of blood. If I throw you in naked, will you go? You can shout, "I am the Son of God," and they will not touch you. You can swim there. There are many crocodiles there. You can call them to come. Throw piranha at crocodiles and it is very exciting. Piranha is delicious fish, good for pregnant women. Many kinds of snake there can open their mouths and swallow animals whole. Do you want to see one? How wonderful would it be to ride one. I want to make strong American sisters. Are there any volunteers here? [About making a museum for the huge snakes.] Do you want to go there? [Raising hands.] Can I believe you? I made the original and victorious holy ground. The reason I established the original and victorious holy ground was because all land was lost by the ancestors, and this is the basis for restoration. In the rainy season, it is under water. Even though, do you want to visit there? I want to bring stones there to build a castle, a palace. If you do not have that difficult experience with me in this world, you cannot greet me with chog uk, kwangbok, haebang in the spirit world. You should dedicate there at least three years. So anytime I ask, you should come there. Lineage should connect to choguk, kwangbok, haebang. We have to find the initial standard centering on God s true lineage. Above lineage is life, above life is true love, and above true love is God. God started love, life and lineage. Lineage comes from life, and life from love. Lineage comes from the physical body, the sexual organ. If you say to purify the sexual organ, the outside world hates it. But we ignore what they say.

What is the meaning of the sexual organ? It is: 1. The original palace of true love. 2. The original palace of true life. 3. The original palace of true lineage. 4. The original palace of true conscience. What is the original palace? The sexual organ. If you are laughing, you have fallen concepts remaining in you. Those fallen concepts destroyed God and the cosmos. Because of fallen concepts, they lose their pure love before marriage. When a noble family s children fall, they are chased out. The original sexual organ is fearful. It is True Parents love headquarters, the headquarters palace of love, a fearful place and the most precious place. From there, the family starts and the nation starts. The holy man comes from there through blood lineage. The most important thing is blood lineage. Blood lineage can continue eternally from God. All the four points (listed above) from both sides (father and mother) are connected there, from generation to generation. God comes to dwell in the fourth generation, once the foundation is pure. This is the fundamental principle of the kingdom of Heaven. If any one point breaks, it all breaks and is lost. It is the fearful place. Do you feel that you have that? It is fearful and precious. So can we indulge in free sex? We have to cleanse all of that.

Except for husband and wife, you should never share your sexual organ. Your spouse represents half the human race. Creating that pure kingship is our main purpose. It is the meaning of the True Parents blessing. The blessing came on the foundation of the martyrs sacrifice. Dr. Yang: Father asked me to report about the 120 bishop-level ministers going to Korea. By Father s blessing, we are in the Completed Testament Age, and in this year we have to finish the entire 6,000 years of restoration. To do that, the elder son nation Father: American women: as the pillar of your family, you have to unite centering on True Mother and lead the nation to True Father. Dr. Yang: Father has invested material and love in America. He cannot save this nation without the Christian foundation. Father made Jesus the leader of America and sent Christian spirit world here from Chung Pyung. They are workin g with Heung Jin Nim to support Father s dispensation. With that support, we selected 120 top leaders from 12 denominations. Some are leaving tonight, the rest tomorrow, to Korea. We have a strong, three-day special course.

Including travel, they are gone one week. The American Leadership Conference is a powerful external foundation. Participants completely change and realize that only True Father can change this world. True Father directed that we have to reach 50,000 churches and then 144,000 churches. The 120 going to Korea is to restore the failure of the crucifixion due to the 12 disciples and 120 apostles failing to unite with Jesus. In the last days, Revelation states that 144,000 people participate in the first resurrection. This is now promoted to the church level. We have to break all the walls between churches. We want to establish the UFC, the Unified Federation Church, and the ACLC, the American Clergy Leadership Conference. We selected 120 out of the 2,000 who are close with us. They will meet Dr. Bo Hi Pak and introduce to the cultural foundation, and see the Little Angels, then go to Chungpa Dong church. Rev. Jae Suk Lee, who is the ecumenical leader in Korea, will give a presentation there. Then they go to the Saegye Times, where they meet President Sun Jo Hwang and Dr. Dae O Son, who will explain about the purpose for the media. They are curious why a religious leader is expanding into the media world. It is to educate and lead the world to the godly side.

Next, on the 25th, one month prior to the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, we will go to the 38th parallel and do a prayer condition and proclaim peace and re-unification, and liberate 150 doves, the symbol of peace. It will have a big impact. Then we go to Sun Moon University, and Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak will present Father s vision for education, connecting to the University of Bridgeport as well. On the 26th from early in the morning to late at night we will be at Chung Pyung Lake. It will include a presentation from Hyo Nam Kim. Last time, it was Dae Mo Nim and also Heung Jin Nim who spoke through her. I was nervous because she was so strong, but they were fine. Historically, True Father went to Chung Pyung so much and made the world level plans there. Whenever we are struggling inside, we go there and can meet True Father spiritually and get clarification. So it a central holy ground. By bringing American religious leaders there, they will be completely revived. Some who attended in February felt a lot of power in preaching and in their marriages afterwards. There were testimonies of healing. One couple brought back a bottle of the water and drink a little bit each day. All the three days events will include Hoon Dok Hae. We include incredible contents from Father about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, provided through Dr. Wilson at UTS. Through that message, all the ministers will understand how much True Father knows and loves Jesus. From 120, at least 30 are on the top, second or third level leadership of their denomination. One from Washington DC has 5,000 churches under him. They were very inspired by True Mother s last speaking tour. Truly she brought the Holy Spirit. They didn't know if her voice was from Earth or Heaven. True Mother was externally sweet but internally powerful.

We are called to make America the actual elder son nation. True Father loves this nation and these ministers so much. He wants to give everything. He longs for the Christian foundation. He has passed by this failed foundation, but out of true love he wants to return and completely recover it. So he again is looking for the way to bless this nation. The three days each have a title: 1. Day of New Vision and Love; 2. Day of Unification and Love; 3. Day of Repentance, Prayer and Reconciliation. We heard that the North Korean young children's performance team of 100 is going to South Korea to reciprocate the Little Angels tour of North Korea two years ago. . The chief of the North Korea children s group is in charge of all youth activities in North Korea; that is their level. They will perform five times, from May 26-28, at the Seoul National Theatre. Once you come here, because of your mission, you are an American. This nation is a super power, but it is weak in taking care of the family and youth. Only we can solve that problem. So let us appreciate True Parents and accomplish the task.

We have created the Family Federation flag for these churches. Each of us should engraft to 12 churches, to break the wall between the Unification Church and the larger Christian world. True Father will offer scholarships for 36 candidates at Unification Theological Seminary, from 12 denominations. They should be their best students. When I shared this with ministers, they were shocked and impressed. Father is a genius. He is the only one who can unite Christianity. Father: The University of Bridgeport will be a united nations-style university. So we need to invite top Ivy League students to make a joint international peace university, centering on Bridgeport.

Dr. Yang: So every arena is included to create the fatherland and homeland. Let us appreciate True Parents.

Let us pray.

[As he was leaving, True Father said that the speech "The Path of the Princes and Princesses of Humankind" should be added to the volume of four speeches, To Him I Offer the Glory and Honor, as the fifth speech, and that all sisters should memorize these five speeches.] 

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