Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Speech on the 47th Foundation Day

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 2000
Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY
Simultaneous translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

True Parents entered Belvedere at 6 a.m. and Dr. Chang Shik Yang led kyung bae and prayed. After that, our new President, Rev. and Mrs. Michael Jenkins, offered flowers to True Parents and True Parents cut a beautiful celebration cake. Then True Parents asked that Reverend Jenkins read Father s speech given at Belvedere on May 1, 1997.

Father has already taught us everything. Now the question is whether we can accomplish the goal based on my teaching. No one can say, "I didn't know." The conclusion is simple. To accomplish our goal as I directed, there might be hundreds of nations and races in the world, but in our thinking in order to do God s will we have to act as if there is no nation, no race, and no family. We have to completely deny the satanic world, because the meaning of blessing is recreation.

We have to think, the only beings existing in the world are blessed couples and blessed families, nothing else. In other words, the blessed couples should consider themselves to be the restored Adam and Eve, who did not go through the fall. The original Adam and Eve were the only ones existing in the world. Centering on true love, the lineage again has been connected to God. That is the kind of pride we should have. Even if you don't think of God and True Parents, it s okay as long as you have that conviction. We stand in the position representing the vertical and horizontal viewpoint.

Think to yourself, "with my own blessed couple, I can unify the world and cosmos. Once I perfect myself, I can create a perfected family, race, world and cosmos." We are the seeds to give rise to that work. All the people of the world are the result of wild seeds. We have to burn them up and think, "I am the true seed." We have to think that there is no nationality among blessed couples; there is no difference among them. Without the Unification Church, if the unified nation also does not come, as long as my blessed couple exists, the will of God will be done.

So, how many couples have been blessed until this point? [Over 430 million.] What about the couples in the spirit world? [Billions.] Think about it. All the blessed couples in the spirit world have the same value as we do. How happy God will be watching them! Do they need me? [Yes.] Why do you need True Parents? Because you are the fruit of True Parents, so you have the same value. [The fruit needs the root.] The seed. What s the meaning of the fourth Adam era? Your blessed couple represents the fourth Adam. If you have that absolute confidence, then Satan cannot interfere in your life.

Even if the Unification Church closes, and all the Unification Church disappears, as long as that perfect blessed couple remains, the world can be united. Because the truth would remain even if the Unification Church disappeared. My teaching and tradition are here. As long as one single couple sticks with it, we can accomplish God s will and Satan cannot interfere. What has been my weapon? Truth. I have gone up the eight stages and beyond the level of indemnity. In the future, we will not need prayer. Even if we pray, we won't have to say "upon the foundation of True Parents victory" because we will dwell with God directly.

Therefore, the key is as a couple, we have to absolutely make sure that we are the unique, absolute, eternal, unchanging couple and that God is our subject and we are in the object position.

This is the 47th year since I established the Foundation Day. 80 represents my physical age, and if we subtract 47 we get 33, the age in which Jesus Christ finished his public ministry. So this is the time we have to go to the world, even go beyond the world. Until now, there were divisions in the spirit world between the religious founders. They had different worlds. Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and so forth. They occupied different levels as well. On April 13 of this year, I gave direction to the spirit world to bless the followers of the five major religious figures, because April 13 represents the worst date. In Korea, 4 represents death, and 13 is unlucky in the West. So 4/13 is an unlucky date. Also, 4 represents the fall of Adam, and 13 represents the death of Jesus. It has an evil meaning. Also, April 13 was the day of the Korean general election of over 500 congressmen. So I instructed the spirit world to restore this day by blessing all the followers of those religious leaders.

[Father draws a map of Korea, with north, south, east and west divided.] This represents the entire world. It is a battle between the eastern world and western world. That struggle of is one of culture, and the north-south struggle is one of wealth. Those global situations are represented in Korea. South Korea has a severe east-west problem, just as exists in the world. East represents the world of spirit and the West represents the world of material. The saints, therefore, came from the east, whereas the western world enjoyed the materialistic civilization. But materialism will end, because it is horizontal. But the vertical world has no end; there is but one straight line to God.

The struggle of east and west, and of north and south in North Korea, Kim Il Sung is called the father figure, and in South Korea I have been called the father. So, which side has to win? The plus side has to win, represented by the East and south. North should be plus, but it was reversed. Once the east-west problem is resolved, then South Korea will be minus and the totality of North Korea will be plus. So how can we unite east and west? A reciprocal relationship is needed. They need to say they need each other. In other words, people of the east should love those in the west more than in the east, and vice versa. The western world is more affluent than the eastern world..... Also, South Korea is more affluent than North Korea. We have to change that.

Our mind and body have to be united. Through what? Money? Power? Cham sarang. True love. Even the struggle of east and west, from the spirit of true love, is one of brothers. Nationally, they are sons, and the north and south are in the position of parents, because east and west are competing for the position of elder son. But once the east and west are harmonized, then the parental struggle of north and south will be solved. When the children are one, the parents will be united too.

What will happen between east and west in the world? We have to exchange. Exchange what? Exchange value. For example, there are rich children in the west and poor children in the east, who should be exchanged through marriage. Two households, one with an only son and the other with an only daughter, have to unite. They have to hug each other and never let go.

Think of the struggle throughout history. Who can forgive it? Only God has the power to do so, based on the brothers being willing to die for each other. This way, east and west will be united. They will move together and walk together. Then the parents will unite when they see their children united. So the south represents God s side, and the north

In Korea, the east is the Cholla province; the west is the Kyongsang province. Worldwide international marriage will bring unity of east and west. Westerners are fat with too much food, and the east is starving. The west looks for a better way to diet. Communists and others should hit the fat westerners in the world until they become thin. So instead of becoming fat, why don't you share your food with those in need? If Satan helps you with this, then Satan can be forgiven on the basis of playing that role. We have to liberate Satan. Lucifer voluntarily surrendered, and now his followers are taking the same course.

The communist system should be eliminated, and then Satan has no more work to do. The rich American families will have to practice exchange marriage with poor African family. Suppose this campaign takes place in America, to sell everything to go to Africa and find a bride. America has enjoyed affluence, but in the midst of this, America is doomed to perish. The only way to save America is to give everything, to offer everything to poor countries and save them.

Is it good for humanity to have AIDS in this time period? It s terrible. People with too much money and time waste their lives going after pleasure and get this kind of disease. Free sex connects to AIDS. Money is the cause. Men seek women for pleasure. So beautiful women in America may carry AIDS. In order to save your country, we have to overcome the selfish desire for money... So, American people who joined the Unification Church, you have no time to squander your money, but should support people to do missionary work. The Japanese members must offer their money for the providence, not pleasure. So it is fair to take money from the rich to share with the poor.

My conclusion is that we should not look at the world with complicated thinking, but bring it down to our own family level. As long as there is unity in your family, the world will be the 12 tribes plus Jesus, the 13th, should have been completed at that time, but wasn't. Also the four-position foundation should have been accomplished then. That s why around April 13 I launched the national campaign to promote the unification of South and North Korea. I called over 100,000 people to the Olympic Stadium in Seoul and gave this message to them. Because of that heavenly foundation I laid, the summit conference between North Korea and South Korea will take place soon. They cannot do anything without True Parents foundation. Because I laid the foundation, it is being substantialized now.

The key is true love from God and True Parents. This is the key to practice in our daily lives. Give love; live for the sake of others. True love spirit applies to every level, from individual to world. For example, the wealth of South Korea should be given to North Korea, and then the unification will come naturally. Suppose all the South Korea people shared their wealth with North Korea, and so did the Unification Church members of the world. Then North Korea will get richer than South Korea, and the wealth will flow from North Korea to South Korea.

So the time will come for the heavenly migration to work for the father nation of Korea, mother nation of Japan and elder son nation of the United States. That s why I prepared those blessed couples who went to Jardim and offered the total living offering. The time may come soon that the government of North Korea will accept any Unification Church member that I send. Then hundreds of thousands of members from Japan will go there. I am practicing that on a small scale now, in the Potong River Hotel that we obtained from Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung visited there several times; therefore it is a landmark. ... There are 17 Japanese couples managing the hotel, with their children. So the North Korean people can experience the Japanese Unification Church members. Their conclusions: "we welcome any Unification Church members whom Reverend Moon sends."

There are 7 or 8 hotels in Pyongyang, but only the Potong Hotel has access to CNN and western media; none of the others do. That was the condition when we made the deal with North Korea; we insisted on the access. So many North Korea government officials and foreign travelers stay there. In North Korea, the security law is so strict that if anyone is caught receiving outside media, they will be punished as a spy. But if you have permission to enter the Potong Hotel, it s okay.

Again, after several years of living together with the Japanese members with the 70 (?) North Korean workers, they see the Japanese blessed couple s standard of life, and conclude that the Japanese Unification Church members are better than communists. The North Koreans feel animosity toward Japanese people, and wonder how I educated them with such devotion. It is a mystery to them. They are using every possible means to put pressure and force on the North Korean people so that they obey the government, but they are still uneasy. They see I didn't even phone the Japanese members, but their devotional level is greater than theirs. So they welcome us.

That is the powerful foundation I laid in North Korea. That s why they are permitting a car factory to be built, because they trust us. They don't like GM, Ford or Chrysler, but accept me. In the North Korea mind, Americans are enemies, except for American Unification Church members. So I have a plan to send all those Unification Church members from the world to the Korean peninsula. If I send you to North Korea, are you ready to go? [Yes. Father laughs.] If you are sent there, are you going to eat it up or offer your help to North Korea? It doesn't matter what race you are? [Yes.] Therefore you are so-called Unification members.

The fundamental spirit of true love is coming back here. As long as we offer the spirit of true love, living for others, the universe will be restored. Jesus han at the crucifixion had to do with the loss of his possibility for a family. That caused him han. True Parents came at the age of 80, and subtract 47, and you get 33, so I have liberated Jesus han and established a stronger foundation to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Amen.

I liberated the spirit world and physical world both, and even Satan is liberated. Four major saints plus 33% of the followers of the four major saints in the spirit world. So the game is over. Three days ago that took place. Because at the age of 33, Jesus plan was to unify the world and physical world and spirit world, and that could not happen, but I did it in place of Jesus Christ as Lord of the Second Advent. I liberated Adam s era and Jesus era as True Parents. I liberated physical world and spirit world, and liberated God and now True Parents themselves are finally liberated. There are no national boundaries in the spirit world. What about the physical world?

I did the stages of blessing, to representatives of Adam s family, Noah s family, Jacob s family, etc. I blessed in the spirit world and they can enjoy it too. Now the perfection stage we are at now; that s why I have permission to bless 33% of the saints in the spirit world. That way I bequeathed True Parents tradition to those what in the spirit world. This is the liberation of the spirit world and physical world. In this 4th Adam era, This is the time period in which we have to secure the 12 representative of the tribes..... Centering on the 4 nations, we should have 12 tribes, every blessed couple.. All the han will be liberated That way we'll build one world and one cosmos under God.

Do not forget the meaning of the 33.33% of the followers of the four major saints have been blessed. In that way all will become brothers in spirit world, because they are all followers to True Parents. The first World War and second World War, the satanic side won 70%, then the heavenly side won. The realm of perfection is taken by God, not Satan. The 4th Adam era is the era of liberation. Again, my conclusion is to stick with the truth you have received from True Parents and true love, particularly between husband and wife in your couple, then all levels of unification are possible. I have given my life for 80 years, utilizing all resources I possibly could for the sake of the world. If you do that, everything is possible. Then you can restore God s fatherland, our homeland, our motherland. But from God s point of view, it is God s fatherland. It is our homeland because we were born in the physical world but when we die we will go there.

Since the human fall was caused by Eve, a woman, women are in the position to restore all the famous sites of the world. Eventually, you become a citizen of either the father, mother or elder son nation. One passport will work for all three, because they will become one nation. Even now, the American passport is valid in many countries, as is the Japanese passport. But Korea is the spiritual subject nation, so

True truth. True love. God needs it, God s son needs it, God s family needs it. With truth, perfection is no problem. We should be able to shout out that I am a heavenly prince and princess in this liberated cosmos. So you don't need parents. As long as you become the true couple representing God and True Parents, you don't need anybody. You represent the entire history and entire humanity. You represent all blessed couples living in the 4th Adam s era. You don't need the Messiah s result; the true couple is your blessed couple. Total responsibility value. Your one family cannot change all God s That kind of value, absolute value. You need that kind of concept. Take that way, the seed is my couple, my family.

Look outside. All things are becoming greener and greener everyday. By the same token, the heavenly spring has finally come to the Unification Church. You should feel greener everyday. Enjoy your lives through a hobby industry. Accept no boundaries. This entire planet earth is our homeland. In Korean, "mikuk" sounds like sea weed soup, "miagook," or sliding down. Don't be proud of being an American; that will lead you to hell.

From next year, we will not commemorate this foundation day. No more HSA foundation day celebration. As prince and princess who own the cosmos, why do we need the foundation day to commemorate the past? We don't need it; we don't need me. Think of the victory there that will produce many fruits and seeds. You will be blown away to the world and become new trees; why do you need the old tree? As long as you are one with God and take nourishment from the soil, you become an independent messiah. Do you like the Hoon Dok Hae tradition? [Yes.] I don't like it. It is necessary to study until you pass the exam with 100% score. But after that, you don't need to study. But we didn't pass yet, did we? There will be an exam. So day and night you should study hard and do Hoon Dok Hae. There will be a college course call the SMM course. You will come to realize all the knowledge of heaven and earth. Once you pass that exam and stick with me, will I kick you away or carry you? Welcome you or not? To do what? To build God s land and make you God s heavenly nation citizens. So, please, those who are strongly determined to become such couples to build the nation, stand up and show both hands and say, Amen (three times). God bless you.

[Rev. Peter Kim prayed.]

[Dr. Yang introduced President Jenkins, whose inauguration took place April 30 at the DC church, Columbia Road.]

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