Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Hoon Dok Hae and Talk to the Fishing Tournament Participants

Sun Myung Moon
Dr. Sang Hun Lee's 4th Book
East Garden, Easter Sunday, April 23, 2000
Translation by Hee Hun Standard
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks and Michael Jenkins

[This is a gathering of the people who have been participating in the First Annual True Parents' 40th Anniversary Fishing Tournament on the Hudson River. Each morning their Hoon Dok Hae has been Dr. Sang Hun Lee's books and reports. At one point yesterday Father commented that Dr. Lee's writings from spirit world should be read at Chung Pyung Lake. Today we are reading the fourth book.]

A letter from Lucifer:

Lucifer's followers are complaining that he is not pursuing evil anymore, and that there is still a great deal of opportunity to do evil. Lucifer is trying to bring people to hear Divine Principle. He is trying to clean up his followers by having them hear the Divine Principle and about True Parents. He knows he can be restored through the Principle of Restoration and is willing to pay any price. Lucifer writes, "True Parents, please let me know what to do. Help me eliminate all the remnants of my followers. I bow down to express my gratitude and repentance."

Jesus' letter:

"I am sorry that Christians still do not accept True Parents. When I hear Christian hymns, I feel sorry to True Parents. True Parents are bearing the pain of the cross. I have to restore everything that was done against you by Christians. Now many people are attending Divine Principle lectures in the spirit world. Still, many Christians accuse the truth of True Parents as being a lie. They don't want to accept the truth about Mary. Mary initially fulfilled her mission but failed toward the end. Christians still misunderstand what she did. She doesn't want to be called the mother of Jesus, but just a simple woman. I am proud of my wife on earth. I hope she can do more, and be more active, but if my idea is wrong, I can accept that." The letter from Buddha:

Buddha gives consolation about the loss of Young Jin Nim. Young Jin Nim did not have the chance to live his life fully. "I am struggling to bring Buddhists to True Parents. Their lifestyle is different than that of Christians. I am teaching them, group by group. I am continually trying but the result is not so good because their life on earth is not Christian. I am trying hard, but the result is insignificant. You are the king of humanity; please live a long life in good health." The letter from Muhammad:

"I do not know why I did not receive the revelation, while on earth, that you would be coming as the Father of humanity. I'd like to bring a lot of Muslims to you and have them repent before you. I lecture to Muslims by first asking questions and provoking their curiosity, then lecturing."

The letter from Confucius:

He bows and praises True Parents. "The more time passes, the more I realize the difficulty of relating to you. Thank you for my wife. The Divine Principle is a formula for all mankind to know. So I am proud to reveal it to people. When I say "convex and concave," however, my followers wonder why I am using such low - class terms. I tell people to be humble before the Principle. I realize changes taking place within me. I heard a voice saying, "Wait for the right time." Then I saw your shining face. I will try to bring all Confucian believers to you. They are changing too slowly, but eventually will come to you. I am relating with you now more in heart and love than just with respect."

The letter from Socrates:

"My life on earth was meaningless. People are proud of their knowledge, but when they come to spirit world they will be ashamed of themselves. Earthly life is transient. It is hard to witness, but if we keep trying and wait patiently, good results will come. Former President Eu is working hard as a lecturer. On earth I didn't have a very good love relationship with a women, but now you have resolved that."

True Father:

Religious figures should be aware that the important thing is the change of blood lineage. We should experience true love and search for true love. We should establish societies, nations and the world centering on God. Everything should be restore. We received the 4th Adam's Age. Many do not believe in spirit world, but we have to change our concept. We need to establish a system centering on True Parents. We should perfect the family, society, nation and world. Then we should bring unification to the Korean peninsula. It took 40 years for Moses to bring his people to the land of Canaan. Jesus was supposed to have become the king of the world. He could have fulfilled this mission had he not been crucified.

In the last days we need to become better people in our life of faith and standard of behavior. We should transcend the level of all the religions and bring them together. And we should establish a family centering on True Parents. We should work on the unification of North Korea and South Korea. To do that, we should mobilize the spirit world. Blessed couples on earth and spirit world should be united. That way we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

It is not easy to bring unification to many nations, but ultimately we should unify the entire world. So far we had many different religious territories, God by Himself could not resolve all the divisions. Satan desperately opposed the unification of all religions. But because we now have the master of true love, because of his accomplishments and standard, now whenever a question is asked, God Himself acknowledges ä that way we can liberate God and bring harmony. God and Satan both agree with this. That can be done through the blessing.

We brought the victory on the cosmic level. God is in the plus position, and when there is an absolute object, we can bring the liberation both to spirit world and earth. Anyone who is blessed needs to participate in the liberation of God. We need to purify our fallen lineage. Because of True Parents we can have true lineage. On that foundation we can have a true family. Now we can bring the blessing to both realms, the spirit world and physical world. In the New Testament Age, we could only bring liberation on the spiritual level, but in the Completed Testament Age we can liberate both realms.

In spirit world, they should learn the duties of elder sonship, parentship, and so forth. The family system should be established. Heaven and earth should become one. We should be registered in the Kingdom not just as an individual but as a family. Unless we are registered, we cannot be engrafted to the True Parents' family. All humankind should be registered; not one person should be left behind. Every single human being should belong to a tribe. We are now living in such a time. There are too many divisions, chasms, denominations; they should be unified now. Seek not for individual salvation any longer. Jesus, our elder brother, could not restore the nation. Now 120 nations should become one.

We should bless at least 1/3 of humankind on earth. They should be engrafted to the new lineage. We even brought the most saintly people together with the worst criminals to the blessing. We blessed 14 generations of our ancestors. So we should mobilize them to help us. Liberate our ancestors through the blessing. Women should take more initiative now, taking a leading role to support man. Everyone needs to learn Korean in order to be registered. Unless we are registered, we cannot establish the nation. We have to restore the nation. There will be a great revolution in the spirit world through the blessing.

We are living in an age in which we are striving to bring a great unification. Some Unification Church members died of cancer [it may be that Father means this was indemnity for their own sins or perhaps that someone else has to indemnify something connected to the death of these people].

Don't pray in the name of True Parents anymore. When the messiah comes, are you just expecting he will save you? That is not right. It is time for you to fulfill your own responsibility. So you have to inherit True Parents' realm of victory through the blessing. You should not live for your own family, but for humanity. Then your family and tribe will be included and follow. Academic degrees do not matter. If our lineage is restored, then our descendants will belong to that new lineage automatically. They will inherit the foundation laid by their ancestors.

We should be in the object position of true love. When subject and object are totally united, then true love will come into being. The age of the 4th Adam arrived on the foundation of the victories on the individual level, family level, etc. through the 8 stages. So we have to establish that foundation on our own as well. We have to unify South Korea and North Korea. Christianity is like a right hand, and communism is like a left hand, and they should embrace. And Christians should be able to embrace non-Christians and bring them to God.

We are living in a different age. There is no more "Japan;" no more "United States."

Will it be rainy today? If you catch a fish at the last minute, you should keep fishing until then. You came to America with a motherly heart, so if you keep that heart you will achieve great things. Because of a woman's tongue being misused, humankind perished. Now through the tongue that is used properly, restoration will take place. You Japanese women from the mother nation should become more womanly by restoring yourselves in three stages. [Father speaks in Japanese. Something about fulfilling the responsibility of 1/3 of humanity being blessed?]

One-third of humanity should be blessed. [Yesterday, Father talked about restoring the world in a short time by matching people internationally. International blessing mixes the blood and that way the world will be unified more quickly. In the future, international blessed families will be the leaders. My grandchildren will be blessed with other nationalities. Should I live with an international couple or a mono-national couple? With the international one, because they suffered more due to language and cultural difficulties.]

Kim Il Sung's letter to True Father:

People who are living in the communist world believe that material is the best and will be the source of all happiness. When they get to the spirit world they realize that they have no relation with God and live in total darkness. I'm so moved by Dr. Lee's lectures. Please save the people of North Korea. I would like to demolish my museum and build the biggest church in honor of True Parents. I would like to give this direction to my son but I'm not sure he will follow. Please demolish the area in the park and build a special park for True Parents.

True Father:

The people controlling the economy are Japanese and American. If Japanese and Americans even have to become poor we must unify North Korea and South Korea. Sometimes you should think as if you are very poor. Even from that low position you can attend True Parents as the king.

Kim Il Sung's letter:

Actually I'm not the head of North Korea in spirit world but I'm a beggar here in spirit world. If I had been educated on earth in terms of the purpose and way of life I would not have lived as I did. You are the Savior, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Please educate the people of North Korea.

Letter from Mrs. Hwal Lan Kim (former President of Ehwa Women's University):

As a Christian I realized that the Bible could not help and guide people completely. I should have studied the Principle. Is it all right for me to call you the Lord of the Second Advent even once? If you are the one for whom we have been waiting ä I would like to give a lecture that you are the one we should attend. If there is anyone who can't believe what I'm saying, they should lock their door and fast and pray and they will receive the answer. To those on earth:

please follow and attend the Lord on earth. Christians, don't be attached to the Bible, Theology should change its direction. We should study the Principle, Ministers should open their hearts and not be so stubborn. Even without the religious foundation, recognize that at least Reverend Moon is a great patriot. He has accomplished so much in such a short time. Dr. Sang Hun Lee was a physician, but he totally attended the messiah. I had that chance. My desire is to educate Christians through the mass media. Now you are 80, Christians still do not know or recognize True Father. Christians are asleep now. You ministers, please be serious about studying the Principle. Please do not repeat the mistake that I made. I'm going to create a big bang in the spirit world so that people will hear. [The letter was received January 3, 2000.]

Maria Park:

In my lifetime I knew about you, but I didn't fulfill my responsibility. Still you forgave my family and me. How could you do that? I was so moved. I put too much emphasis on my physical life and ruined God's providence. Through this letter I would like to confess that I'm a sinner before God and you. Now after coming to the spirit world I realized my mistake and still you forgave us. But, I know that we could really have helped you to fulfill God's providence. If I had done that, all the miseries that you went through could have been alleviated. I know we have to work and I would like to lead all people to you. Even if I made a cushion out of my hair for you it would be enough. How difficult it must have been to forgive me. Even if I express my repentance, all my sins can't be forgotten. My son says that we have committed so many sins that we must pay the price. You are the king and Savior of all mankind.

Letter from President Hyo Won Eu:

I'm so amazed that after having lived with such constant dedication to God you are still living such a way and are still committed to the salvation of all mankind. People in the spirit world are beginning to awaken to the Principle, thanks to Dr. Lee's continuous effort. On earth I only taught people the Principle and that was not enough. I feel so sorry to you.

We had parties with a little flower and some bread and that was our celebration. I feel so sorry that we could not attend you better. I would like to be held in your bosom and cry to my heart's content. I'm still lecturing in spirit world but I'm sorry that I went to spirit world before True Parents did. Now Young Jin Nim has been here a short time and is not fully accustomed to life in the spirit world. Brothers and sisters please do your best to attend True Parents in your physical body.

Letter from Young Jin Nim:

Even since I came to the spirit world I miss you. Now I'm in the spirit world and here a voice that says to look at yourself. Then another voice came and said see the rainbow. When you are in pain look at the rainbow and think of the presence of God. When I came here I was so young. Please love my brothers and sisters, I know that you must love your Cain children more than you love your Abel children. But please love my brothers and sisters so that they will not be so lonely. There are two kinds of people, those who are sincere and those who are false and deceitful. Why do those who are not sincere often live better? Father, many of those around you truly love you. But there are those around you who also only are looking for their own self-benefit. I think you should educate people to fulfill the heavenly law. I'm telling you this as Commander in Chief in the spirit world.

Letter from Dae Mo Nim:

I'm so sorry. Now you are 80 years old and you are the king of all mankind. I feel that the number of days that I've hurt you is more than the number of days that I comforted you. I don't feel worthy of the name Dae Mo Nim. Please correct me if I make any mistakes.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee:

Since I came to the spirit world I've done my best to educate people correctly but please correct me if I'm wrong.

True Father:

Please read the revelation that came after the 360 million Blessing, because many changes came in spirit world since then.

[Reading from Dr. Lee's text continues:] Good ancestors attended together during the 360 million blessing. They gathered together in a circle with their descendants. Some were given a special blessing with the message from the spirit world and the spirit people who attended were dressed most beautifully in clothing that was like flowers. Earthly people can't really smell the great fragrance.

God sent a special messenger to Ki Boong Lee [Maria Park's husband], telling him that if he really follows and attends True Parents his family can be forgiven. Spirit world is more receptive and we are teaching the Principle. It will take a long long time to educate people in the spirit world. You may wonder why it takes so long for people to change. But earthly people can't change quickly either. Receiving the blessing is the way that you can enter the heavenly kingdom. People are witnessing very actively in the spirit world.

When we see True Father in the physical world he just looks like a normal man, but in the spirit world he looks like an incredibly bright light. Also, blessed couples are very bright and look so beautiful. People on earth would be astonished at the beauty. Looking at the scene of the Blessing is so beautiful and so pleasing and fragrant to God. God gave all of us the blessing. Keeping the blessing is our responsibility. Before the fall Adam and Eve had such beautiful character. After the fall their personality changed. When we stand next to fallen people we can smell a bad odor, for they are polluted. Through the blessing this pollution can be cleansed and we can be restored back to the original state. We are living at such a precious time. The blessing appears to be simple but it is not. Love has been looked upon as something low, but it is the highest thing. After marriage you discretely come together in love and want to hide it. In spirit world, God, creation and everyone want to share it openly. When this occurs, God covers the scene of lovemaking with light.

About Lucifer:

He is repenting continuously. His followers are complaining and even laughing at him. Lucifer tries to bring them back to God. They won't follow him because when he was the king of evil he didn't love his followers. They won't follow him. Lucifer wants to bow down to God. God tells Lucifer that before he bows to God he should think of what he did to his followers and try to restore them to God.

Now there are no walls or barriers in the spirit world. We should be confident and patient and we will see the results. You know the beginning of history and the end goal of history. Through the blessing we are totally liberated from the bondage of the fall. You should lead the world.

Satan's followers (remnants) focused on the expansion of their power. Now their leader is attending True Parents. Satan's followers who are still committed to evil feel no sympathy or concern for the remorse that their former leader feels. In the beginning Lucifer struggled greatly because of this. Now he has composed himself and is attending God.

True Parents are the Parents of True Love and if we continue to follow them we will be restored. Before the blessing, everyone was living in darkness organized group by group. After the 360 million blessing you could see light shining everywhere. The people in hell didn't understand why they could see light. Thank you for making this possible.

True Father:

[At this point, True Father asked Dr. Shimmyo how long he has served as President of UTS. Father asked your two note-takers, Rev. Jenkins and Dr. Hendricks, to stand. Father appointed Rev. Jenkins as HSA president, Dr. Hendricks as UTS president, and Dr. Shimmyo to work with the Interreligious International Federation for World Peace. Father emphasized the mission of UTS to prepare leaders to work with Christianity, and to empower the UTS alumni.]

We need embassies, higher and greater than those of other governments. I need to focus on the unification of Korea. We have to make a new offering to God, not based on the foundation of the satanic world, but on something new that we have to start. We should not say "Korean," "Japanese" or "American" members; we are heavenly citizens. We cannot live as individuals; we have to sacrifice for the whole. The age of 10% tithing is over; now the standard is 30%. In America we have a system of taxation that takes 30% to 50% of people's income. In the Kingdom of Heaven, 1/3 should be offered. Many people live off public money and public property. We should educate our children to embrace the nation, not just live for themselves or for their family. We should bequeath a new tradition to the future generations. Depending on how much we can achieve to fulfill the standard of the new tradition, our future will be determined.

Now everyone must learn Korean. Those who are related to Korea, to my lineage, will be blessed more. When we count the number of people who are related to Korea, according to that number the nation will prosper. Even if the political situation of Korea is complicated, everything should be focused on the unification of North and South Korea. The people of the world should be focused on the unification of Korea and people should come there to work for it from around the world. The entire world, five oceans and six continents, to whom do they belong? They belong to God and True Parents.

In the future we will have to have one plane and one boat per family. Each family will travel around the world using various vehicles. Develop the tour business. Have submarines to see what is going on below the sea. We should transcend national boundaries. In the future there should be no boundaries. We should celebrate feasts together. Obviously that is the way God wants to celebrate. I can lead you in that direction. Do you want to become a prince or princess of liberation or of confinement? Even if I am given money, I do not spend it on myself. We should have a standard of serving so high that we naturally fulfill the law and go beyond it, as Jesus did. In Satan's world there are unjust laws.

We should be determined anew so that when we go out fishing, it is not just a fishing tournament, it is embarking upon a hobby business. Those who do not find it interesting, don't go. Now everything should ascend as if up a mountain to the top. It should not just expand in the valley, but go up to the top. You should go to the nation of the parents and bring the restoration of the parents' nation. Where is the hometown? We call ourselves heavenly citizens. You should belong to the parents' nation in order to become a heavenly citizen. That land becomes yours. Now where do we go? To the fatherland, True Parents' nation. What comes first, between the nation and family? You go to the family first, then the family expands to the nation. So you connect to my family, then it will be expanded to the nation. That way also the nation will expand to the world. First you go to the parents' family. When you go to the nation, you will go first to the family. True Parents do not have our hometown yet. We have to restore that. Would you like to go to the unified country or the divided and struggling country? All blessed families should live at least three years in Korea.

In Russia and China there is a great deal of empty space, unused land. Japan always wanted to expand to the east, using Korea as a stepping stone, then on to Manchuria and China. Now we have to go the center, which is True Parents. Where are True Parents? At the center. What is the difference between "center" and "central"? With the president as the center, the capital is the central city. The "center" is vertical, occupying one point, and what is "central" is horizontal. The center is True Parents, who are like the president, and the city of Seoul is horizontal. [That is to say, around the Blue House, the one center, the central city of Seoul is formed.] You kyung bae toward the center. So where is your hometown? That is True Parents' family. That is your destiny. Thus far, Japan and America tried to swallow Korea. Now you have to invest for the Heavenly Kingdom, in order to become a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom. The second generation will inherit the foundation of the first generation. They will come to us in the future. So where are you going to go? We should work on the unification of South Korea and North Korea. That is the destiny. It is not replaceable. You cannot replace your parents. You must do it; there is no choice. Now we go under the dungeon of hell and bring everyone back to the top.

[Closing prayer.] 

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