Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Father at Belvedere 4/16/00

April 16, 2000
Translator - Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes - Eric Erstling
Distributed by Tyler Hendricks

Father spoke to the Japanese preceding the Hoon Dok Hae, explaining the speech to them. Dr. Carlson read "World Unification and North-South Unification Will Be Accomplished by True Love" 2/10/2000 Seoul Olympic Stadium (from new book To Him I Offer All The Glory And Honor).
Father then spoke (the whole time from His chair) no title.

It is simple to unite the world. Uniting the mind and body is the key to restoration. It is always in conflict. People who fight, no matter what level, cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When we look at our eyes, they are in different positions, yet they work in harmony. Our nose has two nostrils, when one is clogged it is uncomfortable. Yet when both nostrils are open, it is very clear. The same holds true for our ears and arms. If one arm were longer than the other one, it would be very difficult to hold things.

If you go to a Buddhist Temple, the Buddhist put their hands together when they pray. It is a very comfortable position when their hands are in harmony.

When you are focusing on something, your face forms a perfect 4-position foundation. Who here has fulfilled perfection? If you dwell in harmony, then there is no conflict. The place of harmonizing is the core where God dwells. If you sit there, you are comfortable. Why must the mind and body be united? Because it is there that God will dwell with you. God is the origin of life, love and lineage. If we are absolutely one with these points, God will dwell with us.

We have to question ourselves: How many days have we been one with God? God can't dwell with us, if we don't have harmony within. Neither our spouse nor our children will want to live with us. Is there harmony between husband and wife, parents and children here? How many days has there been harmony in your house? If there is conflict in you, no one wants to approach you. If you demand love, your wife will run away, or scratch you and leave a scar. The problem is inside of you. As long as you have conflict, you can't be proud in front of the world. Will you stop the conflict in you? [Yes].

It is more difficult to unite your mind and body than unifying the world. That's how difficult it is to unite your mind and body. If there is a shortcut, will you want to take it? Negate Yourselves!! Absolutely offer yourselves for the sake of others. This is the beginning point of mind and body unity. Shall we do it? [Yes].

If you are forced to confront your enemy everyday, how will you be comfortable? If you live for your enemy everyday, will your life improve? What if you sustain this for a year, will God bring you to Heaven? God will say, "You are better than I am; be My teacher!"

If you are with ten people that you don't like, then you will have no friends and be lonely. You have to embrace these ten people. Hell is where you don't embrace everyone. Heaven is where you embrace everyone. It shouldn't take our whole life to accomplish. If you do it in ten years, God will embrace you and say, "You are My child, I will serve you."

Father has dedicated 30 years of his life in America. How many Americans love Father? At first you didn't like Father, but now you're here. Father has always been giving to others. Those who live for others are #1. If this way of life, living for others, continues for 7 generations, the entire world will be restored. If you truly understand Father's message, then from this moment live by this absolute standard. Test yourselves on how many days, hours, you have lived this way. And score yourselves.

In the beginning, Father wasn't this good. Father has gone through tough tragic situations, having to bite his tongue to endure. God tested him. His external enemies were nothing compared to his closest loved ones who didn't follow him.

What comes first, God loves Father, or Father loves God? Offer absolute love to God first even if He turns away. Where is Father in love, at the pinnacle? God has been very cruel to Father in love. Father had to come all the way from the bottom of Hell to the top. God needs Father. God gives Father so many trials and tests to climb. Father has passed them all. Even in the physical world, Ph.D. candidates have to write a dissertation to be approved by professors. If the dissertation teaches something to the professors, the student passes. God passed Father in a similar fashion.

Is this Father's first speech since returning from Korea? [Yes]. When Father looks at the Korean situation, he is looking at the world and individual situation. There are two provinces in conflict, and north-south conflict. Cain and Abel situation is everywhere in the fallen world. We have to achieve the unification of the Fatherland.

We all say that we love someone. What is the goal of our love? The degree of our love is saying, "yes." Yes, we are willing to marry our worst enemy. If the two provinces (referring to the eastern and western sides of the peninsula, which bear animosity toward each other), north and south Korea, the spiritual world and physical world, become one in marriage then there will be unification. Father has been matching people from the two provinces. Father will match north and south Koreans, and then unification will come to Korea. Then there will the marriage between spiritual world and physical world. These enemies will become one. If Father matches you to your opposition, when you say yes, you will have the power of love.

There's conflict in the spiritual world, because people couldn't marry. Father will marry enemies together. Our marriage is not just for the family, nation and world. Our goal is the cosmos.

What is the most fearful country to the US? It is China. Russia also fears China. There are 1.4 billion people in China. If we marry the Chinese to Russians and Americans, there is still an over-abundance of Chinese.

We have to welcome exchange marriage (international marriage). Father told the people in the spiritual world to marry their enemy not their close friends. Would you rather be by yourself or marry your enemy? The spiritual world agreed to the exchange marriage proposal by Father. Racial and other barriers have been broken by exchange marriages. There is no barrier between Koreans and Japanese, Americans and Orientals. God wants to see this.

Human history began with enemy relationships. Adam and Eve became enemies. Yet they married. We have to pick our enemies and love them.

There is a famous Korean girl, Yoo Kwon Soon, who was a patriotic hero. She led the Monsei rally of 3/1/1919. She was eventually caught and cut into 12 pieces. So she had intense hatred towards the Japanese. Father matched her to a Japanese and she accepted. Saints and sages are married to murderers and criminals in the spiritual world. That's the way all will be equal and we will have a "world of peace." Therefore those blessing candidates in the UC should be the ultimate role models for world unification.

God wants to restore Eve from adulterer to the spouse of God.

Father will bring people out of Hell. Father made enemy families into in-law families. If we build this kind of world wouldn't it be the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to focus on our mind and body unification.

Mind = God. Body = Satan. You can't do anything until you unite both. It might take three to five years if you are serious.

Anyone who likes divorce, please show your hands, this is your chance. Who would like to see divorce? [No one.] Those people who don't care and get divorced will go to Hell. Will your family enjoy your divorce? Will your family be happy if you marry over and over again?

The Love organ has been the tragedy - the trash can. If God liked people having many wives, He would have given Adam ten wives.

God's attributes are, absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. Our love has to be that way too. Absolute Love is the key. Women in the secular world are like trashcans. They are bringing the world into ruin. Just by one mistake (Eve's), the world has been destroyed. These women are making many mistakes. You should not trade your love organ for the entire nation or world. Nobody should get close to your love organ.

God is vertical. Children are horizontal.

Why do we marry? To conquer God's love. The purpose of marriage is to obtain God's love. To experience God's absolute love, you need a spouse. You have to worship your sex organ more than your king or God. God and your spouse want to see this holy love towards your sex organ. If a family lives like that, will it be happy or sad? [Happy]. This family will own the world. All levels of love, from family to cosmos, will be found in that holy family. Since the family level is the standard to conquer, then all levels will be conquered.

We have to train ourselves to adopt children of all races. If a white mother has three children of different colors, she can give one breast to the black child, one breast to the yellow child, and a bottle to her own baby. God would take a photo of this and display it in the Kingdom of Heaven museum. With this attitude you will secure a core position in the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we join the spiritual world, do we want to live with True Parents? [Yes.] Father received persecution since coming to America. Yet, Father shed blood sweat and tears for Americans, especially Christians. Now, leaders are saying we need Rev. Moon to save America.

Did you women, especially in the front row, learn your lesson about loving your enemy? If Father matches you to Satan, will you agree to that? Father told all the religious people in the spiritual world to marry outside their religion. The spiritual world was turned upside down from Father's direction. They all went after UC members. UC members are the envy in the spiritual world. Everyone wants to marry them.

(This is a brief summary of Mr. Joo's report.) ALC started in 1984 based on the communist threat. It has emerged to combat the cultural crisis. The target people are mostly political leaders. Mayors, senators and judges have attended these conferences. More than 30% of attendees have been these political leaders. Other attendees have been clergy, business, media, and economic leaders. These are the people who are forming the American culture. So far 1,200 have been educated at the 4 conferences. There are more planned. Father wants to give special treatment to top leaders. Of course, it is not easy to teach Father's words. The main part of these conferences is Hoon Dok Hwei. They are broken into 5 sessions.
1) Foundation of Leadership 2) Foundation of Faith perfecting mind and body, individual perfection, husband and wife perfection, marriage life 3) Parenting 4 position foundation, parent-child relationship, love school, God's ideal 4) Ideal Society teaching God's ideal, ideal society 5) Vision of America hope of America, mission given to America.
It is a Divine Principle structure. It is very interactive. The dilemma is that people want to attend again (although only invited once). The best part of the most recent ALC was the speech given by Hyun Jin Nim. All the leaders said that he is carrying Father and True Mother's spirit.

Father: "The gate is now open!"

Peter Kim prayed.

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