Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Address upon Arrival at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 2000
Simultaneous translation by Rev. Peter Kim;
Unofficial notes Tyler Hendricks.

True Parents arrived from Korea on April 6, 2000, at 5:45 p.m. We shared dinner and then Father asked Mr. Dong Moon Joo to report about the last ALC. Mr. Joo's report was full of hope and inspiration.

True Father:

Once we start moving Washington, DC, the capital of America, America as a whole will start to move and the entire world will start to move. To run a nation, you need three branches, but including the media you need four. Centering on these four branches, if you give proper education, then the nation and world will move. As you know, I have been conducting these Hoon Dok Hae conferences. These conferences have been based on my teachings, which are religious doctrine, the truth from God. These are the basic power that can influences all areas of the nation, including economy and education. If we continue this campaign based on my teachings of the truth, then America will experience a revolution that it has never experienced before.

Jesus Christ lived 30 years private life and three years public life. His goal was to restore the nation so that God's ideal kingdom could be established. But he failed. By the same token, I have spent 30 years in America, working with the second Israel, Christianity. So the period from 2000 to 2003, this four years, is when I will do my absolute best to activate all resources to restore this country to establish God's kingdom in America and in the physical world. The time has come.

I went to Korea on February 5 and returned today, two full months later. What was I doing in Korea? When we look at the world, the confrontations between East and West and North and South are the struggles of the world. Korea as a nation suffers the same confrontations: the East-West struggle is between the Cholla and Kyongsang provinces that have been fighting for decades. North and South are still confronting each other at the DMZ. So for two months I have been uniting people from the East and West, by going around the country giving teachings so that they can also bring the unification of North Korea and South Korea. Then the unification of Korea will become the power for the resolution of North-South and East-West struggles in the world. For this I shed my sweat in Korea.

At the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, by the manipulation of Eve, Adam was kicked out of the Garden and Eve was kicked out too. Also the Cain and Abel relationship resulted in death. To indemnify these failures in history, now is the time that the women, the Eve figures, should take the initiative, the leadership to restore the world. The role of Eve in this transitional period is to unite Cain and Abel, who represent Christianity and Communism on many levels. You women leaders are responsible to bring the Cain type and Abel type people together so that they can come to True Parents.

Men are in the position of the archangel. You historically have destroyed women's purity and genuine motives and desires. Women's responsibility is two-fold. On the world level, bring Cain and Abel types to unite. In your family, you unite your Cain and Abel children with your husband to create an ideal family. At the time of Jesus, the major women figures who followed Jesus should have united Judaism (Abel) and the nation of Israel (Cain), so that they could have built a national foundation centered on Jesus Christ. In their families also, centered on Jesus' teaching, they should have united their Cain and Abel type children and their husbands, so that the entire nation could have followed, and the world foundation thereby would have been established. Roman luxury and wealth influenced the people, but the women could have guided them in the right way and the ideal kingdom could have been established. Because of that failure, the providence was prolonged until now. Now, centered on Christianity, you women have to do the same thing. That's why after World War II, American women ascended to the queen's position, so that you could fulfill this responsibility together with True Parents.

If that had happened right after World War II, you women could have held the flag of the Kingdom of God on Earth in front of everyone else. But because of failure, you are at the back of the line and are taken over by the sexually immoral culture, which is caused by women. Now, however, True Parents are turning the secular culture upside down. I am wondering if our American women leaders can do such a revolutionary task. [Yes.] The concept is easy, but the reality is not easy. We have to make a revolution of 180 degrees, not just a little bit. If you cannot do it, your nation will be taken away and Christianity will be taken over by Communism.

We have experienced that some Protestants and Roman Catholics cooperated with Communism without realizing it, and opposed me and the Unification Church. But the second generation in Communist countries such as China and Russia are even more enthusiastic to do God's work than you are. I have shed tears and sweat here for thirty years not just to restore you spoiled women, but to save the second generation. God has not yet abandoned America, because True Parents have been hanging on to this country. But we see that the youth are influenced by the secular culture. Nonetheless, there is a pocket of young people who want to live a good life. Their idealism, however, can last but a year that way because of the onslaught of secularism. Women have to protect them, teach them so that they can stand on their own feet and keep this nation from wasting away.

You women have to let these youth know that after World War II America was the strongest super power, not because of money and military, but because of faith, because of its God-fearing people. But now the country has lost this momentum, the real power of God. So you women are the mothers who are to empower them, to gain this new power of faith. You have to instill this new spirit of filial piety. Do you understand? [Yes.]

We have to turn even our thinking 180 degrees different. If we compare the education in general between America and the Orient, American education is based on individualism and the Oriental education is more public. America has to adopt that public way. American people and her educational institutions have to change 180 degrees, not just a few degrees. Absolute negation of what you have is necessary. But it is hard for America to do that. It is easier for people in Russia and China, because they don't have much, but America is well established, so it is much harder.

Even it is easier for North Korea to make that change. Kim Jong Il (North Korean leader) is asking me why I am staying in South Korea in the midst of such opposition. He tells me, "I will give you a comfortable place if you come here, and the people will appreciate you more here." Is America like that? America has too many proud people, Harvard graduates and so forth. Even here in this room, I see so many people so proud of themselves. In order to obtain pure gold, you have to melt it and purify it, because it is not pure at the beginning. It has to be refined. If I put you through that melting process, can you survive like pure gold? Do you have that purity? Without having it, you will be burned away like the dross.

When you go to the spirit world, you have to maintain purity eternally. Purity is not just a temporary value. Otherwise you cannot go where you want to go. How changeable American women are! Is it true? I want to hear you admit it. [Yes] American women are the most changeable. I can teach Orientals more easily because they already have the central pillar established, so they are ready to receive it. But American people do not have that central pillar; you are scattered, all over. How can you move in one direction? It is not so easy. Even God has had a difficult time and that is why Christianity is in the state it is in now. We have to wake up from the dream. With our own scale, we cannot measure the providence. We have to use God's scale. My teaching is not my own; it is the word from God. Because I am giving God's words, God is working through me and the entire spirit world can be activated. Think about my life. I came here thirty years ago and have been working hard. Single-handedly I have been educating all the dignitaries of the nation. With them, I believe that the nation can get on the right track. I am campaigning to bring America back to the founding fathers' spirit. To do that, I am mobilizing the renewal of the founding fathers' spirit, which is of the New Testament era. To do that, the people of the legislature should make new laws. That is the way America can survive. You women are to prepare that foundation, beginning with your family, educating your children and husbands. Fallen Eve lost Cain and Abel and her husband. How can you save your children and your husband? That is your mission from the providential perspective. That is your mission, expanding from the family to the society, nation and world. Take back this fallen world and make God's ideal kingdom. This is the principle of creation viewpoint.

This is a proclamation. What I have taught you is not a joke or story, but a proclamation. At age 30, Jesus Christ launched his public mission and within three or four years he was supposed to have restored the nation of Israel, but this providence failed. On this foundation, I spent 30 years in America, so within 3 years I have to restore this country representing Rome, centering on the ideal family. That is why the seven years period, 1997-2003, this vertical seven-year period, is very important. I have moved by stages, step by step. Just as I was doing 1945-52, I am doing this seven-year providence. We have four years to go. If Christianity had received True Parents as the Lord of the Second Advent after World War II, at age 40 I could have changed this world into the Kingdom of God on Earth, after following a path of seven years. But because of that failure, I lost the next forty years. Now I am launching the same providence beginning in 1997. I went to Korea so that I could start in the fatherland first. Now I must accomplish this goal.

This is the third Israel period. This Completed Testament Age, which goes with the third Israel, should stand on the foundation of the first Israel and second Israel. They should work together; we should stand on their unity supporting the ideal family and True Parents. In that regard, last October I finally proclaimed America as the elder son nation, united with the father and mother nations, and the last stage of the providence has been carried out. [By the way, the declaration of America as the elder son nation, along with Korea as father and Japan as mother, took place on April 17, 1998 at Belvedere; I do not know the meaning of Father's statement that American was proclaimed elder son nation in October of 1999.] On that foundation, after my 80th birthday celebration, I formed the Cosmic True Parents Federation and the House for Peace and Unification of Heaven and Earth. Upon this victorious foundation, we will enter the era of the third Israel.

Last January, I received an award from the American people in commemoration of the victory here. On that foundation, I went to Korea and, with Japan's support, began working on the unification of Korea. Who lost the original Adam nation in the Garden of Eden? Who lost God's fatherland? Eve and the archangel lost it. That would have been the true, perfect fatherland, centering on the true blood lineage linking father and son.

Adam and Eve could not inherit the lineage of God. But at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, with True Parents' grace, even in the midst of the IMF crisis, the people of the mother and son nations should take responsibility. If they neglect this responsibility, then China, the Cain type mother and Russia, the Cain type son, will come in to take their place. They are uniting against America in the future. I foresee that prospect. How can you block that? God's providence should continue and win the victory. If American youth fail, God will utilize youth from China and Russia. Young people from which side will more likely follow my teachings? The spoiled ones or impoverished ones? You women must wake up. Who can give this education to the youth? We do not have enough people to give proper education in this country.

Who has to follow whom? Should the fatherland Korea follow the elder son America, or vice versa? I have been doing my best to finance all the God-centered projects in America, such as the Washington Times, by utilizing and educating the Japanese members. But now the elder son nation should take that responsibility. Are the American members ready to take this on? In the past, Cain took the elder son position and possessed all the wealth. But the times have changed and the elder son position is on the Abel side, so you have to bring all the wealth back to God. The true elder son, the heavenly archangel side, has come back to its original point. So we can take it back from Satan and restore True Parents' property, God's original property.

Heavenly Father needs sovereignty, people and property. The Unification Church does not have that foundation. Satan's side has that foundation. No matter how difficult, we have to make that fatherland of God and True Parents. The communists are always threatening America. They may try to take over this country. They will murder people like you. So we have to go beyond that level. There is not yet a true, heavenly constitution in this world. The country should have God at the center of its law. We are outside such a true nation. That is why righteous people like us are being cornered, persecuted and even killed. You arrogant American women, do you understand my message? No matter how arrogant you may be, you cannot take that heartistic position. What level of belief, then, do you need to give True Parents, absolute or mediocre? God's level is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. It is easy to answer, but when we have to walk that path, we are hesitating. I know America more than anyone. I have been doing this even underground when I was a student. I am not a mere Korean. Don't think that way. Don't make excuses, but give absolute faith in following Father; absolute faith, love and obedience.

In conclusion, I want you to remember clearly that at the time of creation, God had absolute faith and on that foundation started creating on an absolute level. We have no foundation except for the condition of absolute faith. On that condition, God and True Parents can work through us for His providence. Making oneness between you and Him. You and I can be one through absolute faith, love and obedience. We fallen men can engraft again. In there we can survive again. Absolute faith, love and obedience-without it, we cannot have a chance to engraft. There will be no resurrection, even if we try for thousands of years. For example, if we take Nora as an example, she must have many different kinds of thoughts, all varieties. Do you think she can negate all those and give absolute faith, love and obedience easily? Is it easy or difficult? How difficult! Even if you died and were reborn one hundred times, it would still be difficult, even if you say the words absolute faith, love and obedience. We have to be thrown into the furnace and burned away until there is only pure gold left. Are you ready to do that? Even if tears are coming from your nose and eyes, you should be able to maintain your 24 carat gold level of purity. If I say this, don't you have some remnant that is not totally united with me, Nora? [Yes, it's not easy.] You can simply say, "Yes, Father." You don't need to explain.

It's not just Nora; it's all the American women. I am wondering how I can lead such women to the Kingdom of God. Can you forget, can all those movie star women forget, about your experiences with your old lovers and boyfriends? Can you erase it from your memory? If you even have one portion of it, you'll be stopped as you enter the gate of the Kingdom of God. If you don't believe me, when you die, you will see, but then you won't be able to return to the physical world.

It is that serious. You have to be determined. How can you erase everything and go to the zero point? Without it, you cannot go back to the Kingdom of Heaven. I feel sorry not to praise you upon my arrival. If I did so, you would be happy. I may put you on the front line to fight the communists of North Korea. You have to be superior to the communist brainwashed soldiers of Kim Il Sung. They serve him and worship him hundreds of times more eagerly than you worship True Parents and God. To drill a hole in a hard surface, you need a sharp drill. I gave special education to all the National Messiahs who came to see me in Korea. I have a plan to put you American and Japanese women on the front line in God's providence. Will I have to select well-educated and intelligent women, or simple ones? You wise, intellectual ones, clearly answer me.

Don't you think that the women leaders who have college education should stand on the frontline? If you are not sure, you stay quiet, but you fail the exam. Nora, will I have to select well-educated women or ordinary ones? That means that a person like you should stand in the front line. If you don't go, I will expel you. That's better than you going to hell. If I leave you alone, you will end up in hell. So I want to make sure that you stand on the right track. What if you fall into hell? Won't you complain about me not steering you strongly and kicking you out? That's the way you will eventually end up complaining about me, if you end up in hell. You may complain that, even if it took force, Father should have done it.

Men are in the archangel position. You have to serve the women as if they were queens, providing funds and taking care of the families. Then eventually you will return to Adam's position and build the ideal family and ideal kingdom together. It is crystal clear. But to reach this conclusion, think of all the blood shed and failures by the champions of history. If I had not known God's providence, I would have run away a long time ago after arriving in America. But I have reached to the top echelons of this nation and am making an impact.

My words have been mistreated and ignored for thirty or forty years. Those Unification Church leaders who do not appreciate the value of the words of God will decline dramatically. Remember the sacrificial spirit of the Pilgrims. Even as they died, they preserved their grain for the next spring. Otherwise, how can we bring the new level of the spirit for this nation? If you know the truth but even then don't do it, you will have to become servants or slaves. It's up to you, whether you are master and owner, or slave. The owner goes to the Kingdom of Heaven; the slaves go to hell. Do you understand me?

[End of talk, at which point Father indicated that we probably wanted to hear nice words from him, but he had to say what he said.]

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