Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Few Notes From Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
February 15, 2000
Unofficial notes by Reinier en Marian van Hofslot

Some of my notes from the leaders meeting on Tuesday Feb. 15. I'm very sorry, and it is only a small part of everything our True Father said. Sometimes I could write down just one sentence, and the translator was already 4 or 5 sentences ahead of me. It is a difficult job. I can appreciate Mr. Hendricks notes even more now, and I hope that when he sees my poor notes, that he will sent his notes very soon for all of you to read. I'm very grateful to have been there.
I arrived when True Father was already speaking, so I missed the first part.

True Father:

I am my own teacher. God has not been teaching me. If God could have done that, it would have happened at once, but it didn't happen. (Then True Father talked about changing our names into a name with Moon) Unification must come between Heaven and Earth. At the altar you shed your blood. If you cannot become a altar, then that is a problem. Using the name Sun Myung Moon is upside down. Moon Sun Myung is the right way to say it.

In the west they only know their own family. Corruption came from America and turned everything upside down. You leaders are not so handsome. You must become the seed that represents Father. We need love. We don't know the master of love. Man must make the woman the master of love, and the woman must make the man the master of love. This is the real husband and wife. This is the simple truth. Women love True Father. There is not a woman in the world who doesn't love True Father. We must make a woman's Heaven. Worldwide we must have HDH meetings.

Then there was HDH. The speech given by True Father on his 80th birthday, about Unification. The speech given by True Father on his 80th birthday in USA.

Everybody must read these speeches. These words can make an explosion of heart.

Two more speeches were read. (Sorry, couldn't catch the tittles. But they were also read in English)
After HDH Rev. Kwak spoke.

Rev. Kwak

First he spoke about the two new organizations.

Two new organizations were established:

1. The Family House Federation for Peace and Unification (this name is not right I think, because the translator changed the name several times). This new organization should educate all humanity.

2. Coalition of Cosmic True Parents Federation. or Cosmic True Parents Federation (Foundation). The only center of this federation is True Parents. This federation will be the center of all organizations. True Father wants to establish this before going to the spirit world. He has gathered many world leaders and has declared this to them.

All the organizations that are established before 2000, belong to the realm of indemnity, established still in Satan's world. This new organization will go beyond all limitations, only to serve TP, only to serve the progress of history.

There is a relationship between the two organizations. (didn't catch this explanation)

For all members it means: to attend TP through your family. The function is education. Education about TP; the True Master and Parents of True Love. Spread the ideal of TP.

To the representatives of the world leaders a declaration was read:

1. True Parents vision for world peace, and about the importance of TF teachings.
2. True Parents are the only ones in the human history who have realized God's Ideal. They are the substance of God's Ideal.
We recognize this and therefore teach about the Holy Marriage, to become small True Parents ourselves, and spread this into the world. All the world leaders present signed this declaration.

True Father:

During the festival two new organizations were created.

1. Cosmic True Parents Federation (Foundation). The God of restoration is not the true God. Everything in the cosmos will be connected to True Parents. Most NM's have not accomplished very much yet. Women must become the extension of TM and form the nucleus to unite everything, working day and night. Even small things must be accomplished in the name of TP.

2. (I still don't catch the name of the second one, but it's purpose is to create Cosmic Peace). All the developed nations are so proud. There should be no distinction between political parties. The family is the most important and includes everything.

This is a very important organization. The Abel families must be able to digest all the minuses, and become the center of True Love. Then your destiny will rise up, never to come down again.

Also all the presidents of the nations must be connected to TP. Mothers need to stand up and say: I'm the mother of this nation'. Raise your sons as representatives of the nation. And raise your daughters. Your daughters are the daughters of God. Mothers must raise sons and daughters as examples before the community.

Rev. Kwak

The representative of the Vatican (Cardinal Melingo) became very close to TP. He prayed very much. Many Catholics are looking now: 'This is not a small movement. ' At the benediction he prayed very sincere. All the leaders came to have lunch with True Father and True Father padded them on their back. True Father said to Melingo: 'Even the pope must get blessed. ' The Cardinal told that from the age of 12 he knew that he wanted to become priest, and that it was very difficult to overcome many things. He is very close to True Father now and very happy. Melingo constantly appears in public places.

The UC has overcome many obstacles. Also the Orthodox Church are working now with UC. In total 700 VIP's came.

During the press interview I told them that one president was coming, but they didn't believe me. But he came, and everybody was amazed.

Heath talks about True Father now very different. The great age of transformation has started. We can be confident now and in the future, after having witnessed this great event. It was a Holy event. We are never forgetting True Father's hard work.

(Rev. Kwak spoke about a blessing of H and E, but I didn't catch it)

The whole spirit world is mobilized to live with us on earth. Leaders form different denominations came and gave a speech. Very significant. If the seats would not have been filled, the occasion would not have been so happy. But they were all filled. VIP's said, that by visiting Korea and see the stadium filled, they felt so very much moved. And the weather was so good. 'How could Rev. Moon even pick the best day?' But True Father has control over the weather.

Continental Leaders, National Messiahs and National Leaders all brought candidates. Korea brought the most candidates.

True Father:

Japan has failed. My feet do not want to move to Japan. It is not my own decision. It is Gods decision. Spirit world must also approve it. Your seriousness must be greater than my seriousness, then God will move to you.

Rev. Kwak:

Two representative from Uganda came and said: 'If someone ever says something against Rev. Moon, we will never leave that person alone.

True Father:

Those who do not fulfill their responsibility will loose their blessing. This is very fearful. Heavenly fortune comes from above. Adam and Eve lost everything when they fell away. Now is the time of the second generation. The first generation should serve as a back wall. The 2nd gen. should be the center, when we go over the hill. Use your direct children. You don't know when your position will be moved. HDH can do everything very well, better then a university. You should serve as a protecting wall. Do not give to much direction, it will give persecution. Just give and do HDH. This can connect the past, present and future. This way the vertical love will come down. Let it take root in the family, pray and you will connect to the center of the universe.

Rev. Kwak:

Deeply we felt our determination and what our responsibility must be. We have many shortcomings, but still things went orderly. Some VIP's said: "we came to have a conference. Why have a birthday party? We did our best and tried to harmonize all." They couldn't deny the accomplishments of TP, compared to their own lives.

We made 500 copies of True Father's life story. Dan Quail wanted one. He has changed very much. He has studied True Father's speech 'Living for the Sake of Enemies' very deeply. Everybody gets inspired when hearing True Father, also and most of all Dan Quail.

The president of Korea and the Japanese Prime Minister have sent congratulations. This event was made big not by our members, but by outside people.

Then Rev. Kwak gave a testimony about President Wahid. It was very significant, and for the first time, that a president in office came to True Father. Until now only former presidents had come to True Father. Wahid was on an official visit in Korea, and he choose to go to True Father, against the protocol. While listening to True Father speech, people with him became very upset, and wanted him to go with them and not listen to the whole speech. But Wahid was able to save the situation by saying: 'This man became 80 years. He must have something to say. I want to listen. ' President Wahid has been studying True Father words very well, and asked True Father to help solve the problems in his country. He will follow True Father's advice. He will continue to study True Father words. Chon Ok Lee (not sure about the name) blessed with Mohammed should go to Indonesia to help. True Father has promised this to President Wahid. True Father gave him a watch, and said never to take it off.

After the birthday party, very early the next morning at 3. 30 a. m. True Father went to pray. He went to prepare things in spirit world in case blessed couples go to spirit world True Father wants to be together with us in spirit world Regret and repent about our obstacles to help TP, and step forward to go together with TP.

True Father:

I'm bored. Not even 1/100 has been reported so far. We work with people from high-up. Pray with devotion for them. Make the president of your country your disciple. Use members of high-up as your base to reach your president. It cannot be stopped by Satan. God hopes that we go to the top. God wants a good circulation. The secret to reach the top is to have a network organization. If the people are determined to work with us, than the country can come to God. God can be sitting over all countries and control them.

(then True Father spoke about the time before WWII being the time of the head. After WWII being the time of the belly and now being the age of workers. (?)

Do you know the purpose of God? First of all, the unification between the mind and the body. Next between husband and wife and between parents and children. The tribe wants to protect the family and the family is the center of the tribe.

In this age all the hard work will bring fruit. If you accomplish with love then you have all the rights to participate in everything and go everywhere. We will become the partner of God. We are going to liberate all of Heaven of Earth.

(then True Father started to talk to Japanese sister (?) about lineage)

Everything in the world is the result of fallen parents. It will turn around by True Parents. The problem is your individual lineage, your family lineage. We must create a lineage that will live forever.

You received the Blessing from me, didn't you? I gave it to you, so that you can become individual perfected. You must give the blessing to others. Leaders must do more.

True Father spoke about going over a certain point, and then Satan will run away. Also he mentioned that members do not pray enough. And that he doesn't like people who do not fulfill their responsibility. He will kick people out if they keep giving funny report.

Everything I say is 100% correct. You must have 3 generations of unity. Up, down, left and right. The blood of fallen ancestors is still inside you.

Absolute obedience, faith and love for True Father. Then you will be connected to the true lineage. If you do not so your best you will be thrown out, cut off. We have three more years to go. Digest all opposition.

The Holy Wine is to resurrect people away from the fallen lineage. Spirit world comes and wants people to drink that Holy Wine.

The True Father spoke about the two new organizations. And about the airplane that was promised to him, and that he wants to use.

Check out if my word is correct! I will bring God to the highest place. Will God be happy to hear this? I will create the Kingdom of Heaven. Everything will happen according to my desire. No more garbage from the past. Now is the time to turn this earth into God's homeland. Princes and princesses will live there. The realm of the 4th Adam will open.

Qualify to accomplish all levels. That's why we need the Cosmic TP Foundation. We go up from here as one. We will bring an end to the sorrow of God and Jesus. Now is the time to pray to bring judgement. The House of Unification must be established in your country. All the levels in the country must unite to make one sphere.

You can bless people in your village from now on.

Women should be mobilized. Sisters should be the leaders to do HDH. Representing the absolute center. You must work 1000% focused on HDH. The village or town who practices this will bloom. Call the women your elder sisters. When elder sisters are doing well, all younger brothers and sisters will do well. Now is the age of women. There will be an mobilization of all women to go to North Korea and to USA.

Then True Father talked about upcoming rallies, and that it will all be centered upon women. Purpose: to unite the country.

Distribute HDH, so that everybody can read it. I have been opposed so far, but now VIP must help. Things must change.

How can I trust NM's if you do not work. Everything hangs on TP. The world doesn't know this, so you must make order in this. Create it together with God, and it will be fulfilled.

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