Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

International Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
Soo Taek Ri, Kuri City, Korea
February 15, 2000

Simultaneous translation by Rev. Jin Seung Eu and Mr. Andy Lausberg; unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

A new age starts today. As of my 80th birthday, indemnity for restoration is over and the millennium kingdom is established. Those who can participate in the first resurrection are those who can enter the millennial kingdom. We should live with a new spirit. Your life habits and standards cannot be used any more. The new words [i.e. Father's words] are something you can use to fight against Satan. These words are a record of victory. You should become an embodiment of these words and along with them you should go together with your country and world, become one with them and follow the straight path centered on God. The right path is one direction, centered on God in the realm of heart.

The realms of heart encompass the entirety of the new age. The second [advent?] has come and the realms of heart have been established in the eight stages. Everything is included in these realms of heart. True Adam and Eve are the fruit of these realms of heart. When they become one, the realms of heart start, and they expand centered on the tribe, nation and world. The tribal realm of heart goes into the national realm of heart. So you should become the representatives of the realms of heart on each level. You should establish the model of heart on each level.

Because of the fall, all these realms separated. We should make them one, from the individual to the family, tribe, country and world. They should be connected centered on the root. The family of Adam and Eve who have overcome Satan's word has emerged on the world stage. The way of the filial son, patriot and saint are connected in order to make a unified realm of heart. Now is the transitional age. Being a blessed family means that one represents the unfallen Adam and Eve whom God has been trying to restore for thousands of years. You will inherit the victorious foundation by having absolute faith, love and obedience. You cannot practice satanic habits anymore. This is a turning point centered on True Parents liberating heaven and earth and completing the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You have been elevated to that stage, without any merit of your own. Adam and Eve have no merit of their own, but when they become perfect they are object partners of God's love. So by cutting off everything you inherit everything on all eight stages, starting with the individual. You are connected to that for free.

On the levels of individual, family and tribe you are like central people; you are the seed of each age. Although you are different as individuals you all recognize True Parents' standard of value. I have to speak rapidly, because there is not enough time. Record my words and see if they are right or wrong. The blessed families are the fruit of the cosmic providence of blessing. Now is the age of the kingdom, in which we can fulfill all our responsibilities. In the past we talked of American professors and scholars; this is not necessary now. All we need are the True Parents, the parents of heaven and earth.

I have a foundation in every field in the heavenly world. I want to bequeath all this to you. Don't even think about your satanic past and connections. Just unite with True Parents, become the embodiment of the world, go over the realm of judgement and reach resurrection. The Hoon Dok Hae gatherings are important, liberating people from the individual to every level. All the people of the world can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven this way. Because we have found these values, let us keep absolute faith, love and obedience and go into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Then we can connect with the absolute life, love and lineage and can freely move.

In order to do this, we declare the Federation of the Cosmic True Parents. In the Old Testament Age and New Testament Age, humankind had two masters. The parents were under persecution and in the satanic ages. They could not settle themselves. We established the realm of liberation of heaven and earth, and so our families can settle in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Old Testament Age and New Testament Age were striving to restore one family. Can you say, "I will be responsible to perfect all these realms up to the cosmic level"? That family is one whose value is millions of times that of an ordinary family. We should perfect the original values of the family millions of times in our own family. This is really amazing. Everything will be included in the realm of liberation. In the Bible it says that the last will be the first. The last page will be the first page in a book. Adam and Eve. We should be the masters of our family, have pride, and be filial children to God and lead the age of the great turning point, the age of the great turning point. [Father said it twice.]

Jesus wanted to hold the wedding supper of the lamb. He had no country. He died because Cain and Abel could not become one. If Catholicism and Protestantism become one, it will save Jesus from death. Left and right cannot fight but must become one to save Jesus. Left, right, south and north; all should become one, centered on the realms of heart. The Arab and communist worlds represent the satanic realm. In the Holy Communion we eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus, and the blood and flesh become one with us symbolically.

If Jesus had not died, Israel and the Arabs would have become one and created a unified world over which Jesus would have been the king of kings. But his flesh and spirit separated because of the failure. Now the True Parents are alive and are trying to unite Cain and Abel while they are alive.

We should find the mother on the levels of individual and family. This is the Holy Spirit. The [spiritual] Holy Spirit and the substantial Holy Spirit should become one as the mother. This should give rise to the individual, family and tribe and bring a great transformation in the lineage. So you should have absolute faith in me and mother.

Three generations should be blessed and form a four position foundation. Do you understand? You don't have your parents in your hometown. You don't have your tribe or your country there. They are somewhere else, some other place. We lost the nation and the family and became isolated, all alone. We became so sorrowful as to commit suicide, but we cannot kill ourselves. Thus we have to start from the bottom of hell and raise ourselves up. Then we go over finally to the direct dominion of God.

We are now standing on top of the world. We should create absolute value on the foundation of inheriting True Parents' victory, so this is the great turning point. The Federation of Cosmic True Parents means that the True Parents are at the top of the cosmos. They can go directly to God. It took thousands of years to restore to this point, but now we can go up directly on the vertical path. Satan cannot accuse now. From the center we go up on a vertical line. Kwak Chung Hwan, Hwang Sun Jo, Yang Chang Shik, do you understand? Everyone should follow the contents spoken at this 80th birthday. You should understand how the 300 volumes of my speeches flow as a whole.

I should move all the leaders. I have many memories of working hard with you, memories of working in the past age of indemnity. Now we just have to read my words. They contain all the saints' patriotism and hard work and put you in the center of that love. If you serve a good teacher, then you will be a good teacher; if you serve a good master, you will be a good master. All humanity has been elevated to the position to be able to go into God's heart all at once. Let us celebrate singing songs together.

Koreans, raise your hands. Korea includes Japan and America. This is the homeland, the vertical [environment]. You can supervise everything. "New Koreans," that means everyone raise your hands. Those who speak only English are like captives or hostages. You have to speak English because you learned it, but you should learn Korean. Those who do not know or speak Korean, raise your hands, high. Do you raise your hands low because you are ashamed? Sankuk is a Korean curse. Is it good or bad? It is a curse. It means something like bad children and bad parents. Wake up! I don't have a teacher. Who is my teacher? I am my own teacher. God has not been my teacher. He has not been able to teach me. I taught myself and I made myself True Parents and a master. If God could have done it by Himself, He would have long ago, but it didn't happen.

From today, I change all your names. Will you be a Moon? Do you want your family name to be Moon, or Han, or Cha? What do you want your family name to be? Moon means "sacrificial altar," according to the Chinese characters. It has a level top and legs. It means unification of heaven and earth. At the altar you shed your blood. The Chinese character for father looks like a drunken person, tilted to one side. So if he goes to the altar it will be a problem. Then they become one and start unification. Say, "family Moon." If you say Moon-ssi, you mean "seed of the moon" [a play on words]. Pak-ssi means Pak family and also "seed of Pak." Do you want to be a Moon? Where do you want to attach it? At the front or at the back, as Americans do? Americans have the family name at the end, and Easterners have it at the head. Americans have it at the end, signifying that they are following. It should not be Sun Myung Moon, but Moon Sun Myung.

The East will go to the top and the West to the bottom. [Father explains the different hand motions for going and coming.] They compliment each other. In the West you creep, the western greeting is as if to an animal; the East respects the ancestors' vertical connection. The western way is to know only the spouse and family. This ruins the order of God. Ethical corruption came from America. It is all upside down. Do you want to hold the moon in the left or right hand? [The right.] So westerners [Father speaks to one sister], what is your name? [Moon.] No, no, no, your old name. [Kristina.]

There is something on the top of Buddha's head, and on the top of a pyramid. It is the fruit. Your family name should be on your forehead or on top of your head. Do you want to be a Moon from now on? Is there a difference between the satanic moon and heavenly moon? Reverend Moon is a strong sound, with a harsh breath. You put it on top of your head and everything likes it. You can go over anything, all the indemnity and whatever. Those here are all leaders, right? Did newly blessed people come here? You leaders are not so handsome, but you are still leaders. What kind of leaders are you? Can you lead as my representatives? The tree has a bud, leaves and trunk and leads to a seed. You become a seed representing me.

There are many levels of leaders. Those who think you are Unification Church leaders, raise your hands. Those who think they are NOT Unification Church leaders, stand up. (Just a few.) You are like spies. Only leaders are supposed to be here. Now, those who are determined to become leaders of the Unification Church, raise your hands and say, Mansei. Mansei is more precious than hallelujah. Mansei represents liberation. If you do not want to die, teach them Korean. [To the Japanese:] You need to know the language of the parents and elder son. Then you will know all three languages and you can handle everything.

Everyone needs the father's language and that of the mother nation. Then it is no problem to connect the three nations. If you can speak Korean, you should at least be able to understand English and Japanese, so you can work together. Rev. Yang, did you bring it? It took 90 minutes to read these the last time; that is too much time. So read the two speeches. One is "The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland" and the other is "Everybody Wants True Love." [Dr. Yang started preparing to read the speeches.]

We did not know who the master of love is. Marriage is a woman making a man the master of love and a man making a woman the master of love. This is husband and wife. They didn't know this simple truth. You can unify heaven and earth with this simple truth. So I will be speaking in the stadiums throughout the country, from the last week of this month, and I want to make a big banquet and bring all the sisters from throughout the country and give them big awards. There are no women who do not like me. I will bring them to the women's kingdom around the country. We want to unify heaven and earth and women are the ones to go in first.

Dr. Yang, just read the two speeches. Cosmos means the house of love. A house contains everything we need. This is the house in which God can rest and dwell and handle everything in the world with the authority of True Parents. It is my house and my wife's house. The wife's true love house is the husband and the husband's true love house is the wife, and the children's true love house is the parents and the parents' true love house is the children.

[Dr. Yang reads almost all of "North South Unification and World Unification Will Be Accomplished by True Love," the speech Father gave on February 10 at True Parents' Birthday Celebration, Olympic Gymnastic Stadium.]

[Father] Please read the entirety of these speeches by yourselves, because they are very important, having been delivered on the victorious foundation. You can use these words to accomplish an explosion of heart. The next speech we will read is "The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland."

[Dr. Yang explains about the February 2 event at which Father delivered this speech. We gave awards to leaders from all over America. 120 congressmen were there, and there was a lot of media coverage. These words also were read on February 10 at the Lotte Hotel, at the opening banquet of WCSF 2000. Then Dr. Yang read almost all of the speech.]

[Father] By oneself, one cannot perfect the internal path. Setting on that standard of unification, we accomplish perfection. Rev. Kwak, please report about the last few days.

Rev. Kwak:

For almost ten years we have been holding the WCSF, an event that summarizes and brings together all the accomplishment of True Parents' worldwide providence. And also it is to build the culture of true love and true families. And it serves to bring True Parents to the attention of the world. In conjunction with True Father's 80th birthday and True Mother's 57th birthday, we held the 4th WCSF, which was a real blessing. I will talk about two major fruits of this birthday celebration and WCSF.

First, as the fruit of the WCSF and the 80th birthday, by grace, we have established two organizations at the center of the providence. True Father has been talking about making these during Hoon Dok Hae, but to make it concrete he directed that we establish them at the time of the 400 million couple blessing. So, on February 13 at the banquet, True Father announced the two organizations being established. The first is "The Family House of the Federation for Peace and Unification." [Ed. Note: The translation of the title of this organization was never clear to me; it was never formally, carefully announced, at least at that meeting.] It doesn't have cosmos, whereas in Korean there is cosmos. It is the party of the house. It is to educate all humanity who has entered this great age of transformation. Humankind's destiny is to receive this education, and so this is the mission that this House undertakes.

The second organization is "The Cosmic True Parents Federation." This federation literally means that the center of the new age of transformation is the True Parents. All authority, knowledge and habits have lost their meaning before True Parents. Through True Parents, they will receive new meaning. For this history, the federation will be the center of all organizations. Father internally, in the spirit world, made the condition to establish this. But because he had to declare it historically, he gathered leaders of all fields and declared it to them when they were all together, amid their celebration and congratulations. That's why Father chose this occasion to announce these new organizations.

Now we are in a new age. These organizations will play the central role leading us to carry out our responsibilities in the new age. The organizations we had so far belonged to the age of indemnity. They were subject to Satan's accusation. These two new ones, on the other hand, belong to the new age. The new age is that in which we can serve True Parents along with humanity and all things in harmony and with substance. We can take care of and manage everything relating to the progress of history and God's providence, centering on True Parents. I expect Father will clarify the relationship between the two organizations over the coming days. The Federation will have members. It is a basic organization with us as members, and through this organization in the family we try to develop our character to resemble that of True Parents and serve and attend True Parents. So the House of Unification has the function of education, providing education to all the people and to us. It is the education of how to be True Parents as the true master of true love, the true parents of true love, and the true teacher of true love. True Parents, who are such people, spread education according to this ideal. So we established this with famous people from around the world. The declaration was read, then all the people signed it. The center of the declaration or resolution was something to this effect:

First is True Parents' vision for world peace and its importance, centering on True Parents and true love. This presupposes that they realize the importance of Father's teaching about True Parents. Second, True Parents are the only ones in human history who have realized the true ideal of God. We believe that they are the ones who have substantiated and realized God's ideal. Third, we recognize the need and support education centered on the values of holiness and sacredness of the family and marriage and all these ideals. We pledge to become small True Parents and spread this education to the society and world. This was an amazing declaration that they signed. So, let's welcome all of this with a round of applause the return glory to God and True Parents. Next, through the birthday and WCSF, you all realize that we have broken down the wall and experienced the inspiration. From the opening banquet, we did not have enough seats, because there were so many guests from overseas. Many people from Korea could not participate; I'm sorry about that. You can see the video in the future.

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo offered the opening prayer. This has great symbolic meaning. So far, the papacy has not had the right attitude toward True Parents, but now their representative offered this prayer. This amazed the reporters and other Catholics from other countries. Archbishop Milingo is from the Vatican City, so they were amazed and realized that this is not a small event. He offered a benediction at the last blessing and his attitude now has developed tremendously. The National Messiah of Italy, Rev. Song, set many conditions to bring him. So he has come close to True Parents. From the depth of his heart he respects True Parents' words, so he is taking this bold step to pray for the dinner despite opposition. Insects came uninvited to make trouble for him. The reporters asked strange questions, but he overcame all the challenges and gave the prayer confidently.

On the 11th, True Parents invited 44 guests for lunch, including Archbishop Milingo, former Prime Minister Edward Heath, and former President Kenneth Kaunda. They were all eating and Father was talking to them, slapping them on their backs. Heath said that after thinking hard, Rev. Moon speaks of the invisible world, not just the visible. So, he concluded, Father speaks of worlds we cannot reach. These are good words. Cardinal Milingo asked who should get married, and Father told him that even the Pope should get married.


Even God gets married, so who is the Pope?

Rev. Kwak:

At 12, Emmanuel Milingo decided to be a priest and trained himself. It was difficult to overcome temptations, but he did it and lived a life of self-control since 12. Hence it is unimaginable for him to think of living with a woman. There are rivers to cross before he can do that. But he is close to Father, so he was eager to discuss world affairs with True Father and he was happy to be close to Father. Because he appears with confidence publicly, all the other representatives and reporters were convinced that the Unification Church has overcome many hills and obstacles. Now the so-called orthodox people are working closely with Rev. Moon, and this signifies to them great progress for our church. Also a current head of state participated, not just by showing up and speaking, but by listening to Father's words for 30 minutes. It is very historic, whether you know it or not. Close to 700 VIPs were amazed. Foreign correspondents interviewed me and I told them that a foreign head of state was coming but they did not believe me. But they found out later that he came and were amazed. Prime Minister Heath has attended a few times in the past. His degree of respect for True Father in his speeches has increased a lot. He served for 50 years in the British parliament and became Prime Minister in 1971. During his political career world wars broke out. He confronted Hitler. He is a historical person and senior politician who is now returning glory to True Parents. This is significant. It is heavenly fortune associated with the great age of transformation. So how blessed we are and how confidently we can move, having witnessed these great blessings.

The core of the WCSF is the blessing. How holy it is! We should never forget the hard work and investment Father has made in this event. He blessed the four great saints and 33 patriots and opened the gate of blessing to the spirit world. Woo chun mun means something like heavenly gate. This is the woo chun mun event, which means that the spirit world is mobilized to reach us and live together with us here on earth. Leaders of the religious denominations came forward and greeted the participants. Four of them were allowed to speak. It is rare that the head of denomination goes to the meeting of another religion and gives a speech, so this is a special event in the world of religion.

Despite all these blessings, if we had not been able to fill the stadium, the occasion would not have been so happy. Some of the staff said that just visiting Korea and witnessing the blessing has a totally different feeling. They wonder if we can bring so many people in any other country. Let us applaud the chairman of the organizing committee, Hwang Sun Jo. Last year we were just thankful for mobilization at all. But comparing this year with that, the quality was higher this year. They did not leave until the end, and this amazed the VIP guests. Also, the weather turned bad just after the event was over. The VIPs wondered how True Father picked the best day, and Father said the day fits my schedule. So I came to realize that True Father controls the weather. [Applause.] A foreign guest said it was amazing. The Continental Directors and Regional Directors brought blessing candidates here, but the absolute majority was mobilized in Korea.


Rev. Kwak worked very hard, so let's give him a big hand.

Rev. Kwak:

During the event I felt that this is impossible anywhere other than Korea. Japan is hoping to do this next year.


Why should I go there? My feet do not move to Japan. No matter how hard they pray, if God doesn't approve, it won't happen. This is not by my own decision. Find the center then the ... will spread. The spirit world also has to approve it. Your seriousness has to be greater than mine is. Then as water flows down or air fills a vacuum, the blessing will come to you.

Rev. Kwak:

Because we've done this event before on this scale, we don't realize how amazing it is. But listening to the foreign VIPs, they were amazed that so many people came in the depth of winter. They could not close their mouths. Two government ministers from Uganda said this is something they will never forget. So if anyone speaks against Rev. Moon's movement, they will never let them alone.


How much sorrow do I have? Now is a new age, and the great sunshine will follow us. Those who do not fulfill their responsibility will lose their blessing. So it is a fearful time. The heavenly fortune comes from above, not below. If you cannot attune yourself to this, you will lose your blessing. When Adam and Eve fell, they immediately were executed. Things that stand against the law will be processed away. Now is the age of the second generation. The first generation serves as a back-up wall, as the ancestors. The second generation will go over the hill and serve as the center. So it is time for you to use your direct children. I don't know when the personnel change will take place. The children will have to go to the world stage. You don't need a theological seminary as long as you can do Hoon Dok Hae well. So you should realize the value of Hoon Dok Hae. Eat, sleep and work through the grace of Hoon Dok Hae. Don't just sit down and pray, but focus with God's blessing. Wait and see. You can experience this place. In the future I will try not to give so many directions, because they are subject to accusations. You serve as a wall.

Try to make a four-position foundation of three generations: grandparents, parents and children, representing the past, present and future, the spirit world and physical world. Then the children receive the love of two worlds, the spirit world and physical world. Love comes down in a vertical line through the four-position foundation. When they grow up they take a horizontal direction. The upper and lower lines follow the order and turn around the central pillar through centripetal force and embrace the whole. You become the king of the family and then you expand to higher levels. The three perfect levels, those of the family, nation and heaven, should be accomplished in one generation. It takes root in the family.

What does it mean to pray? It means you connect to the center of the universe.

Rev. Kwak:

We were able to celebrate True Parents' birthday at the palace, early on February 10. Then we moved to the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, then to Sejong Cultural Hall, then to the banquet at the Lotte Hotel in the evening. We prepared a celebration at Sejong instead of the Little Angels School because it is more public and represents the nation. You must have felt something deep in your heart when you were there. So we also felt deeply and determined our responsibilities and our future path.

The birthday speech at the stadium had many shortcomings before the heavenly standard, but by human standards it was elegant, serious and well organized. The international president of the FFWPUI, Pres. Hwang Sun Jo, presented the plaque to True Parents, and there as a great exhibition at the Little Angels School. Everything went forward in a very orderly manner. We, as well as the foreign VIPs, were very moved. At first they were asking why we were celebrating a birthday in the midst of an international conference. I explained as best I could, but there was a little bit of difficulty for some people. But they could not deny True Parents' life and accomplishments. People wanted to get a transcript of my presentation on Father's life, and so we made 500 copies. Dan Quayle asked for a copy.

Mr. Quayle was inspired by Father's life. He was sitting by me and talking with me. He changed significantly over his four days here. He gave wonderful greetings. If you announce that a former Vice-President of the United States is here, that is pretty impressive. He seemed to have a very good background. He deeply studied True Father's speech about living for the sake of enemies. He is studying Father's life. He was deeply moved at the banquet and with its theme of true love. Everyone, including Dan Quayle, is inspired to hear Father. On the 11th, at the opening convocation, Mr. Quayle gave a very good address. He had to leave on the 11th but he begged me for the opportunity to greet True Parents with a farewell. He said he couldn't just leave without doing that. I told him that Father was not in the hotel. He became very sincerečnot just him, but many others.

The president of Korea should have come, but at least he offered a congratulatory message. Also, the Japanese Prime Minister sent a message of congratulations. We should be grateful. This glorifying of True Parents is not just limited to our members, but is being done by VIPs outside our movement. It is good to think about our future direction.

Also the birthday performance, with the traditional theme, was very significant. I had to focus on President Wahid at the banquet on the 9th. Regretfully, our banquet schedule overlapped with an invitation he received to dine with President Kim at the Blue House. He didn't just come directly to Korea, but he came here as part of his tour of several nations. He came from India and the next day he left for Thailand. But thankfully he kept his promise and adjusted his schedule in accordance with our celebration schedule, even having to change his plan. He has the widest scope among all Muslim leaders. In Indonesia, the Chinese control the economy, but the 90% of the people are Muslim. Mr. Wahid is the head of a religious coalition. He came to Father's banquet and gave a greeting. The reporters were amazed at his humble greeting. His first words were apologies for being late. He said his heart was there already. He said he totally follows the ideology of true parents, true families and true love. He said that the problem of youth immorality is serious in his country and that he wants to work with Reverend Moon to solve it. This is the age in which such is possible and we are so grateful. In relation to this birthday celebration, True Father returned to Hannam Dong that night, and called me at 3:30 a.m. I went to see him and Father said he was to offer a special prayer at 4 a.m. All [blessed?] families should be organized and resurrected in order to be connected with the spirit world, so True Father has to recognize this and pray for it.

Think of it! You would want to rest on your birthday, but even on that day, True Father was calling me at 3:30 a.m. I don't know when he slept or woke up as he prepared all these things. As of the birthday, the new age will come, so he is the master of this new age. We are not able to harmonize with this because we are not prepared; so Father wants to established the conditions by which we can go together. To do this, how much hard work Father had to do, even on his birthday. Because we have True Parents, we are in the position to have entered Canaan already. This is despite the dust we need to shake off, the obstacles and limitations for which we should repent. We will try to raise ourselves up to be one with True Parents' movement.

The exhibition about True Father's life at Little Angels School was good. The foreign VIPs were amazed. They wondered how can one person do so much? And it focused just on Father's religious activity. We should be so grateful for the banquet celebrating the publication of the 304 volumes of speeches and all the publications worldwide, and the other events. A congressional leader and his wife from Austria gave bouquets to True Parents. He came thinking that he had to keep his distance from True Father, but he realized that Father is a true representative of Christianity when he heard about true family values. He decided that he will cooperate with True Father and that his government should support this activity.

There was an expert on North Korea working with a defense institute. In the stadium he heard Father speak of forgiveness of the enemy and true love. That night he could not sleep, because he realized that he had treated North Korea as an enemy and that Father had such a different attitude. There was a representative from Mali, whose father, the leader of 3 million Muslims, had met True Father. The father died in a traffic accident, so the son came. They are a noble family in the Arab world. He was very moved by the event. As he was leaving, he said that he will set in motion governmental preparation to serve True Parents. A similar decision came from the president of the largest broadcasting company in Nigeria, who said he will publicize everything through the media in his country. Mike Marshall, our media staff, was asking him to send whatever he broadcasts to us to look at. The Nigerian said, of course we have to broadcast it; this is such a great event. He rebuked the Korean and world media for not reporting about the blessing, telling them they are wrong not to report it. For example, a Korean company reported that Dan Quayle was in Korea but not that he came for Father's event. The Nigerian wanted to go protest at the newspaper. There were many other such stories. On this foundation, we are excited to work even harder tomorrow.


Do you want to eat lunch or finish up? Are you bored? I'm bored, myself. I'm the most bored, so I want to take a break. I forgot whether or not I ate lunch. True Mother is waiting, and not even 1% of what happened has been reported so far. There is incredible content. I'm going to Cheju Island tonight, where it is warm. I am going to look at the sea. I've been on boats for 25 years, so I can't live without being on the sea now and then. If you want to report, you can come there. I will pay for your flight, but if it is not a good report, you have to repay the cost ten times over.

We are working not in a small village, but with the highest level, the world level village. Those with heavenly fortune can work with people in the upper village. So you should pray with devotion. When you pray to spirit world, what is the most serious problem? It is to make the president of your country into your disciple. Use members of the upper and lower houses as the stage of your activity. Based on the foundation of God's hard work, become the leader or king in your locale.

The fight between God and Satan cannot be stopped by either of them. God hopes that we go on the top, live there, go to the bathroom there and eat there and enjoy ourselves. The internal circulation is the most fearful and most important. God also wants to have the circulation of love. We want to live with God; we should make a foundation for that. Where do you fight to take over the top? The secret to take over the top is to have a network of communication that can embrace the people. If the people are determined to serve our purpose and work with us, the country will return to God. To embrace the upper village, we have to be able to handle the lower village. So what are you going to do? You can order the people of the upper village to come here and go there. The opposition and ruling parties will have to listen to the message of true love. That way, God can work in all the countries. This is the world foundation of restoration. So, before the first world war was the age of the head, then after World War 2 the age of the belly, and now it is the age of the hands and feet, the age of workers.

Do our Unification members know the purpose of God? What kind of unification is this? It begins with the unification of mind and body. You only think of the top but don't understand the ultimate bottom. A tree needs a strong root at the bottom, or it will be blown away by the wind or eaten by worms. Unification begins with mind and body and husband and wife. Then come the children and the family. Without the unification of the family, I have no realm of rest, even if my mind and body are united. The mind and body should be able to rest in the united family. So when the people become one and the family members live for and protect each other's environment and provide a comfortable resting-place, this is the place of rest. The parents and children protect each other. Then they go to the national level on the basis of the unification of mind and body and family.

How many children do I have? I had 13 children in twenty years. At that rate, how many would I have in thousands of years? I have the power to go over many countries. The house should be a place of rest, in which the whole tribe can serve as a wall to protect the family. The tribe will do so because the tribe needs the family. The tribe is indebted to the family and wants the family to stay with them and become the center of their life, so this creates no conflict. Such a tribe leads to the formation of the nation. They have the power to create the place where the country can rest, by giving and forgetting. Then if the country does the same, they will create the realm of rest.

The core of all this is the filial child, patriot and saint. When you have this core, the filial son grows into a patriot, and the patriot grows into a saint for the world, and their path is connected as a straight path. Then a representative family that does this will move the whole world on the same path. Then when this encompasses the world, it becomes the resting-place of God, and this is the cosmos. So our motto this year is the cosmic expansion of true love brings the completion of the heavenly kingdom of God in the new millennium. In this age, all our hard work will bring fruit. By becoming a dutiful son, able to serve the king of heaven and earth, and becoming a patriot in heaven and prince and princess in the heavenly world, you can receive heaven's inheritance. You are a perfect object partner to a perfect subject partner. If you have this relationship of love, you have the right of equality, participation and inheritance. The starting point is the mind-body unity, and then it moves to the couple, then to the country. Without a country, the family has no place to go.

We are born to complete the ideal of God, so that God can say that He cannot live without us. We bring heaven and earth together and establish the houses where God can dwell in peace. This is the providence of restoration and purpose of the Second Coming. So we should receive the inheritance from God. In order to receive the inheritance we pay indemnity.

Whose village is the upper village? It is God's village and by inheritance it becomes our village. The individual invests for the family, the family for the nation, the nation for the world and they all become one with God. Then God invests for the individual. This will wash away all the sorrow from the age of the individual. The sorrows we experienced as dutiful sons will be washed away. God will appear as a pillar of fire and cloud, and we will burn together with God as His perfect object partner and have the right to eternal victory. Mansei means we live for 10,000 ages. We don't need to say amen, because I am the embodiment of Mansei. The mind says Mansei to the body, and it is fulfilled as it is spoken. Then you dance. Do you want to dance today? [Applause.] I am too hungry to dance.

If I say, where are you going, you answer I'm going to the big home. God is in the upper home and you are in the lower. They are connected by an axis, a pillar, and both are spinning on the axis. We live at home in the homeland. Do you want to live with God? Those who want to live together with me, raise you hands. There is a condition you must meet to do so. Do you want to bring your packages with you? Or will you come with nothing but a burning heart? The kernel of true love alone should remain.

I am a lonely man, looking for that house. God has suffered, but I am serving God until He unifies the world. Then God will give everything to me. He wants to give it all, but had to wait until I came up. That is the purpose of restoration. We cannot go up to the higher level unless we first invest into the higher level. Serving the higher level is the only way. So our church should invest for our country, for the unification of north and south.

Do you pray in True Parents name or God's name or your own name? You became a fruit. Is it quite close, or far away? The king of the village of the great house is my father, and in my family are the princes and princesses of the lower house. The king teaches the children in order to give and receive love. It is the love that gives and gives and forgets. It leads to infinite progress. When you breathe, the air of the spirit world will follow you. Heaven and earth come in and out by your breathing. [To one sister:] Are you married, or a maiden? When you are in love, don't you lose your breath? Even though you are ugly, you like it when I talk about love. Those who like love, raise your hands. Everything has taste. Apples, pears, strawberries and people, too, have different tastes. People taste other people. There are all kinds of tastes of love. People with a wrinkled face have a taste as well. Are the children of people with long faces born with faces long or round? Differences are created by taste. Do rabbits and tigers have the same taste of love? No; they are different. God loves human beings because we have different tastes of love. All people do the same thing, loving and having children, but do so with many different tastes.

God created us to have the original taste of love, but that taste changed. Will God come back? What we have now is the taste of death. You cannot mistreat your spouse. Would God come into your family if you did? Will God go into the parents' bedroom? God visits and then does not want to leave, so He sits at the center and everything spins around Him. If He does, there will be no fall anymore. What is that artificial flavor? MSG. I was the champion in talking fast when in school, in both Korean and Japanese. I learned Japanese fifty years ago, but still all Japanese understand me. [Father speaks about the sound of Japanese words compared with Korean.]

You have to liberate everything. You have to change over or go over the turning point, the separation point between heaven and hell. We liberate all of heaven and earth. Japanese families, 300 million families, all made mistakes on the individual and family levels. The Eve nation of Japan had the sun goddess as their originator. True love has been implanted in every part of the cosmos. The restoration of the cosmos has to begin with your family, with every family. Why do you have this one here? [Father is pointing to one person's ring, I think.] Why is it necessary? Because the blood lineage was incorrect. It could not been connected with a perfect couple. The Japanese lineage cannot get into heaven; it was incorrect. Are you a Japanese woman? Where do you come from? That's no good; you're a new Korean woman. [Applause.] It's not a lie; I'm telling you the truth. You have to become a Korean. The problem is that because you're Japanese, you're connected with the Japanese lineage. You have to have a new lineage. The key to entering heaven is the true lineage. With the love of God we can accomplish the same end. God will be surprised if you come along and declare that you have the true lineage.

If we are talking of lineage, there are all kinds of them. God's love and God's life need to be connected with God's lineage. It is through God's lineage that you inherit these things and they are passed on to your descendents. You have to cut off the fallen lineage. What is the Japanese word for purity? Joonket, right? It's not an easy thing to change the lineage, to bring it around 180 degrees. It takes a lot of indemnity and investment. You have to be connected with the lineage of true love. Everything in this world is the result of the fallen lineage and is turned around by the True Parents. Only True Parents fulfilled their responsibility and so became the masters of life, love and lineage. It's simple. What's the problem? It is a matter of your lineage, your family's lineage. We have to make a lineage that lasts forever.

We were created to live for each other. That's the original standard of creation. Whose responsibility is it, the man's or the woman's? It's the woman's. The word, ohna, in Japanese, sounds like owner. Okasama. Ohna. [Father is playing with Japanese words.] The form of this word causes others to pay attention to you.

What's the original problem? Why is there difficulty? There is difficulty because of the problem of lineage. What is lineage? Love and life are vertical and they unite together and that generates lineage. This is a serious issue. In every part of the world, east or west, it is the same problem. All of the people in the spirit world have received the blessing. You all received the blessing from me, didn't you? You did so in order to achieve individual perfection and family perfection. Now it's reached a worldwide level, and you have to pass it on to others.

I have already declared the age of the 4th Adam. Your lineage should connect 100% to God, by the establishment of an eternal standard. All you leaders think that what I'm doing is correct, don't you? Rev. Kwak does, don't you? Do you just follow along? 70% is formation and growth. Do you think you've been in the Unification Church a long time so you're pretty good? You've got to go over 73%. To make Satan collapse you have to go over the 73% point; then Satan will run away.

All these people came [to the WCSF?] and they are working on the national level, but I'm working on the world level. It's a serious problem. Do you know what President Park [Sang Kwon] is doing? All these people became Unification Church leaders, received the blessing and made their family but don't pray. You're not praying. You get up on Sunday morning; nobody knows the relationship between the spirit world and physical world. Mrs. Kang, Hyun Shil, you know what I'm talking about right?

I've become chubby around the waist. That time will come. I really don't like the sort of thing where people are not fulfilling their responsibility. I'll kick you out of here if you give a funny report. [Father brings up Rev. and Mrs. Chong Young Yoo, National Messiahs to Malaysia, and makes them kiss; Mrs. Yoo quickly kisses Rev. Yoo.] Give them some applause. The blessing is pretty good, isn't it? In front of God, you've got to unite. You've got to make a greeting before heaven. Everything I tell you is correct. You've got to unite three generations, left-right, up-down, back-front. Do you have confidence to do that, Mrs. Kang?

So the problem is lineage. The lineage flows eternally from Adam. The blood of the fallen ancestors is in each of you and still lives in you. For that reason, you have to completely give absolute obedience and love and faith before me. I'm not just doing this because I like it; you have to follow with absolute obedience and inherit the true lineage. Through absolute faith, love and obedience I give you the blessing and connect you with the true lineage. Couples should not fight. You, who are having arguments, raise your hands. C'mon, own up! It's true. Do you understand? Through this recent (world culture and sports) festival, we are going into the seventh level. Day or night, eternally, we will be inheriting God's true lineage. I am taking out all the false trees; they will be uprooted and you have to be connected with the true tree. I've invested all my effort and jungsung. So, remain connected and after three years, fruit will come. You've got to go through the number three.

You have to go over the age of the grandfather, father and son, and after being engrafted, three years later, you can bear fruit. Even if the nation opposes, the lineage needs to be established. The holy wine is used to bring resurrection to all things. Through the holy wine ceremony the spirit world comes and wants people to take and drink the holy wine. There has to be just two in the process of restoring the original lineage. Through the great festival we've made two new organizations. One is the cosmic True Parents federation. It signifies those who accept and embrace God and True Parents, and connect with the original lineage. The God of restoration is not the true God. God has to be resurrected and restored.

We will connect with all things, all parts of the cosmos, fishes, plants, minerals, all will be connected to the True Parents and become one with them. Therefore it is called the cosmic True Parents federation. We made National Messiahs but they haven't been accomplishing what they needed to do. The True Parents are the vertical parents and we need to digest the political parties and forces in each of our various nations. Women all need to be an extension of True Mother and form the nucleus that can unite the democratic and communist worlds. You have to keep going until the day all of these things are done. The completion of all things, small and great, is in True Parents. The entire cosmos is encompassed in this title.

The next is the cosmic peace. Peace means flatness, smoothness of purpose. Until now there was no even floor. It was uneven and unbalanced. The great nations were so proud. This is the cosmic house for peace and unification. The realms of the true father, true owner and true king are connected in there, with absolute faith, love and obedience. In front of this there is no distinction between political parties. The unification of the family and tribe is connected with this. The last word is "house" of True Parents and of God. I was the one to accomplish the perfection of all different areas. If you do, it will rise to the national level and come to serve the world. This is a necessary organization. It is formed of the Abel families of the world.

Become a plus who can absorb the minuses, and move to the top. Destiny will rise up, not drop down. Plus and minus are connected. In the same way, the presidents of nations need to connect with True Parents and then heaven can come down. All the nations of the world need to connect with me and then we can create a true world. Therefore we need an absolute foundation. To do so, become a true minus. You know what I'm talking about, right? Cain and Abel were enemies, weren't they? We need to work with those who can stand as the mothers of the nation. We need to work with this mindset. Raise your sons as representatives of the nation in the image of God. Our daughters can become the brides of God. Did you raise such families? Then, our motherland represents the world. And the mother is responsible to establish her sons and daughters as people who can represent the nation and who can stand up before the community as examples.

[Father approaches individual members:] Are you a director? Where are your sons and daughters? Who is your son? Where did he go this morning? What does he do? What about your husband? He's a doctor? A Ph.D.?

Let's repeat: Cosmic True Parents Federation. God and True Parents are the absolute plus for the unification of the entire world; therefore we must have absolute faith, love and obedience. God needs to maintain the original standard of the creation; He cannot do whatever He wants. I ask you to pledge to pray for me. What kind of result did you get? Did you make it? You work hard to accomplish these things. Where is the head of the Japanese church? You have to lead the westerners. What about you westerners? If I call for the westerners, the Japanese and Koreans just sit there. You probably think that I am going to pick you up. Even if I chew you out, you think to yourself that you are really blessed. Complete the cosmic realm united with True Parents and this must form a complete foundation to move all things. We have to liberate God.

How did Jesus pray? We don't need to pray to connect to True Parents and God. Why do they need to pray? You can become one with me, who is the only one who can liberate God. Why do they need to pray? It's kind of a game. Who made it this way, God or me? God made it this way. At the Yankee Stadium rally the weather was against us, but we still boldly went ahead and did the rally. How reckless that was.

We have to open the realm of the fourth Adam. We have to qualify to pass through all the levels; this is why we need the Cosmic True Parents Federation. We should fill in the levels, then the family can be connected with the returning Lord. The cosmic level of peace and vertical unification will be established in the family. This is a house where we can complete all these things. We grow up as one. By unification we bring an end to the sorrows of Jesus and we must accomplish this through all the difficulties. Spirit world will not leave anything that is going against it alone. Now is the time to pray to bring the enemies to judgment.

When you go back, create a house of unification in your countries to unify heaven and earth. Bring together children and circle around the world, 360 degrees, centered on God's love. Connect the realms of the filial son, patriot and saint to the center. When they all go together they form a sphere. Now is the time for this to happen, when you are 40, 43, 45 and up to 50. It is time that you can bless those around you. You can do whatever it takes to bring them to the blessing. You should offer your children and your spouse. Women should mobilize. Where is Zin Moon Kim? You were appointed as an IW. Lee Sang Jim, Yoo. [Father names some appointed as IWs]. Sa Gil Ja, you should use them from the mother position. Put them to work; I give you the special authority to do that. You three receive education from her, like Noah's three sons, to restore elder sonship.

I gave the mission of John the Baptist to the late President Eu Hyo Won. He is her husband, and he thinks he wrote the Divine Principle himself, but it's not true. So you prepare. Sisters should be the leaders in doing Hoon Dok Hae. The three political parties of Korea should become one. [Father is talking to various individuals.] Centering on these two organizations, don't think about other things. Representing the center, work with 1,000% focus on Hoon Dok Hae. The country or city that practices Hoon Dok Hae will live. Wait and see if it is true. The wind is blowing this way in America. Are you confident? Rev. Kwak, pick twelve people. One sister is enough, but pick twelve to go together. Call her elder sister. Sa Gil Ja, how old are you? They are younger than she is. So, listen to your elder sister and absolutely accept what she says. If your elder sister is doing well, the younger brothers will do well. Also Kim Zin Moon is the elder brother. If they don't listen, tell me.

Kwak, Chung Hwan, you despised women, especially your wife, right? If your wife dies, will you give her a nice funeral or let your children take care of it? Would you marry again? You can never remarry. Cosmic True Parents Federation. The right is heaven, left is the world. I am on the right; the elder brother is on the left. Right and left are together victoriously and parents can shout Mansei. If I tell you to die a thousand deaths, you will not regret it. Is it possible or not? Whom should I ask? Do you receive something by following me? I eat all the goodies and you get the leftovers. Will you take it? [Yes.] Why don't you look in my eyes when you say yes?

Those who are younger than 40, you cannot pick a fight with those who do not listen to you. Instead, buy them some liquor and become their friend. When you return, mobilize all the women. When they go to North Korea, to America, then if Korean woman can be like this, north-south unification will come quickly. Did you hear I'm going to do rallies? Who spread that rumor? I am going to rent all the stadiums in South Korea, and if they don't rent to us, I'll call for women's demonstrations. Elderly people, orphans and congressmen all will be invited, along with the governors, police, heads of institutions, and so forth. You have to attend as husband and wife. Who will receive the prize, the man or the woman? The reward will go to the woman.

We will also distribute Hoon Dok Hae books. Do you want your wife to participate? Who are the award givers? True Mother and I. The whole country will be united. But I have no money. World leaders should make a special donation for this. Those who want to give a donation for this, raise your hands. If you give, you give, if you don't, you don't, but you promised you would. I don't force you, but I'm trying to give you blessings through this and we need give and take.

I gave you instructions on God's Day and I don't want to give you more burdens. Go to the Pantanal with these four people and give them a tour. I'll pick more to fulfill twelve. Rev. Kwak, pick twelve. Visit embassies. I've been opposed so far, but I can work with them. Presidents will rejoice about this. Is it possible? I can hire people who work for me; if National Messiahs don't do it, I will hire people to do it. How can I trust you, based on the past? I have a long list of instructions, but I won't give it to you.

The Cosmic True Parents Federation. Everything hangs on the True Parents. The world doesn't know this, because of Cain and Abel fighting. We should bring order to this. We should expel satanic influences that have been destroying us so far and create the Kingdom of Heaven with God. It should be fulfilled. Your eyes are quite bright, so I'll continue another three hours. Yes or no? Those who said yes, stand up. Those who say no, sit down. Those who are sitting down, why are you sitting down? Now we will close the meeting with the song of unification.

[After leading Tongil, Father called Rev. Kwak is called to lead Mansei, then wrote on the board: "Cosmic True Parents Federation" and "House of the Family of Peaceful Unification." Rev. Kwak led four Manseis.]

Work well with the instructions I gave you and I will see you later.

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