Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

In My True Family Is the Total Solution for and Conclusion of the Providence

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 2000
Belvedere Estate, New York
Simultaneous translation by Col. Sang Kil Han
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

Originally God created only Adam's family, and the goal of history is to come back to Adam's family foundation. Based on Adam's family, the physical world and spirit world separated. Eventually this worldwide foundation, from individual to cosmos, should come back to Adam's family, the standard of human history.

How much has been invested in and sacrificed for both good and bad purposes? There have been so many wars, conflicts, killings and misery, for what? For the salvation of one family. So we have to be certain that all events and sacrifices throughout history have come home to roost with the family at this time. We have to clearly know that these have been invested for the restoration of the true family, including us. So prayer is really reporting to God what our family has become as a result of these historical sacrifices. This restored family is the desire of God. God wants it so badly. Also, Adam wants the restored family so much as does the Lord of the Second Advent. Such a family is the hope and wish of all humankind on earth and in heaven. It is the hope of the totality of religious realms.

It is fearful to even imagine that all this war and misery has been focused on my individual family. It is hard to believe, but it is true. If we are not certain and well focused on this point, then the entire effort may be in vain. Individually speaking, we have to return to zero and deny everything except for myself, my family and God. Nothing else matters. Our family at this time is the fruit of the fertilizer of the sacrifices. Then Father will disseminate these seeds around the earth, and all elements of earth and heaven will spring up everywhere. How can we work effectively in Father's sight? This is to exercise and work upon the principle of absolute faith, love and obedience.

That absolute faith, love and obedience were the foundation for God's creation of Adam's family. It is reasonable that God as the subject of Principle and us in object position have this relationship. This is not starting now; it is the foundation for how the creation was made, and it is merely to be restored now. Through this, Adam's family was born. This principle of absolute faith, love and obedience can be numbered one, two, three and as God's principle of creation, all people should follow it. Adam's family and my family are the same, or are counterparts. We must have a clear idea within ourselves about this, or else it is nigh impossible to erase the unnecessary concepts of the fallen world that have nothing to do with God. We cannot orient our lives without this. With this clear, everything else will be erased from the memory. We won't even think about it any more. Without it, there will be no family and no children. Only with the blessing of God on our marriage are the children born and family formed. There will be no room for thinking about husband and children and plan to go in a certain direction [other than God's].

We all must begin from a very pure state, from the mother's womb, on earth and in spirit world. We must know that all women are born for the sake of men, and men for the sake of women. If this is not clear, then all kinds of miscellaneous thinking of the fallen world will enter in. Such a pure child will grow up to be one with God. Only then can a person visualize the perfection of man and woman. This is the beginning of a perfect family. Unless one thinks like that, one does not truly exist. Without that perfected ideal, we do not exist. We should be cleansing ourselves, returning to the mother's womb. Look at the contemporary cultures. They are ungodly, contaminated. The human being presents itself in a disgusting way, not resembling God.

You would call that recreation, restoration to the original status. The question how to do that, to perfect and recreate everything from individual to cosmos. The necessary ingredients are, first, words. Second, character based upon those words. Perfect character based upon truth. Third, shimjung, which is love. Words, character and love. We must know the criteria and concept of the perfection of the various levels. That is provided by the words. I've been teaching this throughout my ministry. Recreation comes by my words at the time of the Second Coming. The words of victory are not just casual teaching. I had to win each inch of the way and achieve the victorious foundation. With the victory in my fierce war, I recovered the words and now give them to you.

Everything we see, from this standard, is not within the principle or realm of value. They are negative and even dirty. We have to separate them from ourselves, and we have to keep ourselves pure. What do you think, American people? How do you compare this with your situation? How can we establish our existence on earth? To achieve this goal we have to turn 180 degrees and go backwards. We can displace our old thoughts, become blank, retain nothing, turn around 180 degrees, and start walking, minding Father's teaching. This is how I perfect myself and my family. If we change, that belongs to the satanic world, which God does not want. We become literally a brand new man. As conceptual as that sounds, we have to do it literally. Sever connections with career, what we want to be, with properties these have nothing to do with God's world. God will provide those things naturally.

We have to recompose ourselves. We have to have a transition. We have to do away with things we have. Gradually get rid of it. It will be quickly replaced with the same thing of God's quality. My family: the conclusion is my family, that is the objective. The entire dispensation is focused on the perfection of my family. When we read Hoon Dok Hae, we familiarize ourselves with my words, what I earned and gave you at no cost. Then we will achieve a victorious foundation over ourselves. Do university teachings and their value endure to the end? No. They have to be challenged by what is of God and replaced with something better.

We can see the cultural excellence of this foundation. Our culture will surpass the present-day cultures. Not one American family has become that serious or extreme in preserving that standard. Now we will. Can you accept your old lover who forsook you and went out and built a lot of wealth and is coming back to offer it to you? No; neither can God take us back unless we go through this. It is not diamonds or wealth that God desires; it is our heart and purity as a bride to Him. Diamonds are the least in the sight of God, once we know true value. How much God had to pay to purchase our families back from Satan! God paid so much: all the wars, conflicts and misery. That is how He paid for MY family.

How did my family come to exist in this year of 2000? The problem is that we received it for free and so do not understand its value. I understand the value so much because I paid for it. So I gave everything and do not remember, but you should remember so that you can value it and protect it at any cost. It is the value of our own family. No value remains other than that, and that is the conclusion of God's total dispensation: the truthful family of mine, my family that is truthful. I do not remember all the toil and hardship of my life, but you should remember so you can value it.

Heung Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, all the children I lost during the struggle, even that I do not remember. But I remember you. How you need parents, father and mother, and I am about to empower Mother. Mother has been tagging along with me, which was okay because she had to be created, but she is standing on that position now. And children too. Now the family is taking shape. It is my regret, though, that as hard as I worked, if we ourselves had achieved what is necessary to meet the test of the principle for perfection, then my family would have no problems as we have now.

Restoration begins at that point [pointing to a diagram that illustrates the juncture of good and evil]. Satan began up above and is coming down and must return to God. At the junction he has to take the right turn to come back to God. We have been rising up to the junction, and when we get there we have to turn toward God. At the point of transition, we have to become zero. We shouldn't have a lot of things on our shoulders to take in the new direction. If we do not negate ourselves spiritually, we mean to go up but we end up coming down. Indemnity is necessary here, so we make the zero point there. If we have zero, there is nothing to indemnity. If there is a lot there, we have to indemnify that. God has been pressing to widen His territory, and Satan has been trying to weaken it. That has been history. A horizontal line, we should develop centering on that line. That central line is true love.

When we truly understand, then nothing matters except the crux of love toward us. Properties and things of the world we value, we are willing to throw away. Even Satan will return voluntarily what belongs to God. We have to effectively teach others, but first we have to understand clearly and meticulously, and position ourselves before we can bring other people. Dr. Shimmyo, do you love your students more than you do your own family? [Yes Father, I do, and I constantly try to.] We have to accomplish absolute faith, love and obedience, and pledge it. Then we do not need brothers, but just God, parents and my family. We have to pray a lot to reach this point. Those people in middle spirit world, which is most everyone, know clearly but cannot move. We have to pray so they can come down and work together with us. It does not begin in spirit world; it begins right here. How to facilitate this obvious course: this is our concern. It is so unrealistic and impractical, people might say. They might ask what I'm talking about. But is it not true? It is the one true principle I am talking about.

You must understand my position, too. Until now, I have been accepting everyone, but I see many who do not meet the heavenly standard. Shall I clean it up or throw it away? It is a grave decision. The choice is up to us, to go into a fertilizer dump or become a family of perfection. This is a serious matter. I am doing the right thing. From now there will be no opposition or real difficulties as there have been until now. As much as we work, it will be done. I have been saying that and it is the case now. Our character will change into that of God, based upon Father's words in Hoon Dok Hae. Everything I am teaching is reasonable and logical and hence you cannot deny it or hide from it. We have to do our best to comply.

From this point on, where will I go? As you may have guessed, I have no place to go and live, as with God. So far I have fought the outside enemy. That is done and now I have to straighten out the inside relationships. To teach and restore the race, my own clan and nation. [Father writes on the board:] Festival of the total living offering. We saw plenty of living offerings in the Old Testament Age and I am using that term here. In the Old Testament Age, you offered an animal that was alive, and cut it into two, that representing God and Satan. In the New Testament Age, the offering was one's own children. Now is the Completed Testament Age, and both the old Christianity, Catholicism, and the new religion, Protestantism, will be on the altar as an offering. So the Completed Testament Age is the time of offering the parents, and the fourth Adam's time we get into the ...

In each age the work broadens. It is painful that some things do not belong to God, but now it all belongs to God. In the Old Testament Age it was materials, in the New Testament Age it was children and in the Completed Testament Age it is the parents. This brings the future ownership to our children and God. So we have to clearly understand this analysis of the three testaments. All these together we now dedicate to God and we own nothing. We make a new beginning now, treading in a new direction free of the fall. Once we leave the earth, nothing can change. So it is very important what we do now. The dispensation has been working for my family; that is important. If we do not familiarize ourselves with this we will be in trouble. I never had the idea that "this is my own." One simple principle we know is to invest everything for the sake of the larger cause. That is God's commandment. Very strict control of myself in conformity with this principle, is necessary.

What we see in America is that everyone is striving as we are, but in a different direction. They want to be happier and better and so they work hard. We realize that. But they do not achieve their goal. Only those who listen to Father will prosper, even in the impossible situation. Whoever goes against Father's teaching goes down. We've seen this for 40 or 50 years, and it will continue like that. So we should be poor and proud, owning nothing and consistent with the Principle. God will preserve that family. I taught this in words and also by example. You see what I've gone through and how I've prospered. So if you live by my words, you will have the same results. The perfection of God is equal to, or depends up, parentism.

It is the invisible world, the spirit world and visible world, physical world. To accomplish and perfect both worlds, the center is the parents of heaven and earth, the cosmic parents. I have now consummated all the important points of my teachings. So if I go to Korea and do not return to America, you cannot say I left anything undone. There is nothing I did not explain. I explained everything from individual to cosmos and showed you how to take activity for your lifetime. So, say goodbye! [Applause.]

You understand my contents. You cannot deny it and with it you can go everywhere with no problem. The entire cosmos is God's own garden and we are God's own people. You know this better than I do.

[Col. Han offered a closing prayer, then Dr. Yang led Manseis.]

I, the notes-taker, would like to take a moment to express my apologies to the readers who may have attended the birthday in DC. As you know, the effort to have smooth registration, or registration at all, and to assign tables was for the most part a failure and for this I apologize to all those who have expressed their ire or concern. More than that I would like to apologize to those who endured the chaos without mentioning it. Honestly, my spirit is broken about this, because many around me made a huge effort to set up good registration and table assignments. We planned it over several weeks and finally invested a week of twenty-hour days to that specific task. I had confidence that it would all work out, as it has in my past experience, by the hand of God, but it didn't work out at all. So my faith in myself and in God is shaken. Better to say, my faith has to mature. I also want to mention my feeling about the program. Most everyone is happy with it, and so am I, of course. But when I think of what it could have been and should have been, I am again broken in heart. As Dr. Yang presents the sunnier side of the occasion, I share my apologies to God, True Parents and the reader.

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