Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

The Unified Realm Centered on Heavenly Mind and Love - Chun Shim Ae Il Che Kwon

Sun Myung Moon
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Belvedere Estate, Tarrytown, New York
Translation by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

What is this nation, America, Japan or Korea? It is not any of them, but the heavenly nation. But do we have a unification nation? [True Father discusses the serious problem of language barriers. One language is the final point or ultimate purpose.] Where does language start? It starts, ideally, from true God and true man. The words used in Adam and Eve's connecting with God: that is the original language. How can we resurrect that language? That is the ideal language starting point.

As what do True Parents come? True Parents come as the center of religions. Because of the Second Coming, True Parents, we can have conversations centering on the heavenly God. Americans have the tendency, because they have a very developed country, to become proud and expect that English will be the worldwide language, but this is not right. How complicated it is! How can we solve it? It is not so easy. Everything is complicated. Who can clarify this? One must go through history and see what made the complicated problems and solve them. Not communism, not philosophy, not even God cannot solve this complicated world. Who made it? Not God, man did. So only man can solve it.

Man on earth asks God to please help him. But whose responsibility is it? It is the human responsibility, not God's. Man lost the way and thus lost everything. It was not God's irresponsibility, but man's. Satan started the fighting. God cannot stop it, nor can Satan. Why is this fighting world appearing? It appears due to the fallen action of Adam and Eve. So it is man's responsibility to make the re-creation course. That is the role of the Unification Church. It will rise up at the Second Advent time. True Parents are on God's side and they solve the misunderstanding.

Once the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth comes, it will expand to the spirit world. Up and down, right and left, everything can be cleaned up by True Parents on the earth. Clean up the nation, world and spirit world to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the world of God's heart. This is the mainstream highway, on which everyone can drive freely, a flat, paved road. But without a running car, you cannot travel on it. There is no Satan; it is clean and light. That is God's purpose and humankind's purpose, our starting and motivating purpose. In that, everything is completed. Upon that we find the freedom and liberation of God, Satan and humankind to create the Kingdom on the earth and spirit world. That is our fatherland.

We do not have that country. It is a miserable situation. It is solved by True Parents appearing on the earth. Then it is no problem, right? [Yes.] Absolutely yes, never closing your mouth yes.

[True Father speaks in Japanese. He tells them to study English seriously.] In three years you can master it. At the cost of your life, you have to study English. Are you happy to be here in America? [Yes, laughter.] Don't escape from here. Work here continuously. Even if you escape, you have nowhere to go. Japanese women should be able to suffer 10, 20, 100 times more than anyone in the past. To be serious in Japanese means "a real sword." It's a good meaning.

If I had thought about myself, there would have been no Unification Church, or the Unification Church would have dissolved. If we are ready to die, the Unification Church will continue to exist, even in the face of ten times more persecution. We still have to go forward. Are you women? You have no such title unless you have substance. I cannot trust you otherwise. Women from an island nation like Japan are easily seduced by a man's temptation. Virginity is in such a state among Japanese women.

How can we clean up all humankind? That is the main point. Think about going over the situation you are in. Every time you participate in Hoon Dok Hae. You participate in Hoon Dok Hae in Korean and fall asleep.

Today's title is very important. Is there anyone here whose birthday is today? It is Jun Sook Nim's birthday; she is 33 years old. Heaven means, in Chinese characters, two people. One unified nation, centering on the heavenly mind and love. What is Heavenly Father's identity? Is He alone or with two? Heavenly Father is two, with dual characteristics. In every person is mind and body, two. There are two persons there. The mind and body become one, and eventually man and woman become one. The plus and minus in each of us also become one. All existence, all things, are created from God so they resemble God. So all the levels of existence have dual characteristics.

Did you graduate from college? Then you can understand English. Everything resembles God's dual characteristics, so a pair of entities have give and take and create the ideal. The unified realm, centering on heavenly mind and love. Character includes mind and body. Centering on the higher purpose, all creation has the tendency to unite, all the way up to the cosmic level. Eventually all want to reach the heavenly nation, the greater ideal. Finally we return to the earth, after touching everything from the top of heaven to the bottom of hell.

Always there are plus and minus, subject and object. Each of them desire to become one. In human history there was not one moment in which there was unity of mind and body. No true unity, no truth, no love. From the individual level on up, everything was separated because there was no central figure. In Brazil, everything is the way it is because of hot weather. There are so many plants and fish. It all exists because of dual characteristics. Even viruses have dual characteristics and it is because of God, the Creator. The subject and object: how do they become one? Centering on the mind? How about you? [I am plus.] Why plus? [I am man, but in front of God, I am completely minus.] How about you? [A sister demurs.]

Centering on what are you concave or convex? The sexual organ? Even electricity has plus and minus. What is man? [Plus.] Convex. What is woman? [Concave.] The reason I included heavenly mind and love in the title is that to become a man and woman of oneness, the mind first must become one. Then later the body will achieve oneness. To make unity centering on your conscience is your task. Even though there are many levels in the world, centering on love, the heavenly mind in this world will become a heavenly realm, centering on True Parents.

This woman has two eyes. Why? Because the origin is God's dual characteristics. The nose has two nostrils. The mouth has two lips, and you have two ears. If the mind and body are united, then all five senses work together centering on True Love, for man and woman to become one. Love is a word based on the realm of life and death. It cannot be accomplished below that realm. In the Pantanal, there are 360 million kinds of insects. Even though there are so many, how can we recognize them? Centering on what? They each have their unique sexual organ, a special shape for each one, male and female. The two are very different, on every level. It is very clear. This disproves the theory of Darwin.

There are so many different levels of all things. Clearly they have their unique individual character. Through millions of years, this tradition was inherited, because God created it, unique. If a monkey marries a man, can they make a new species? Can they produce anything at all? [Never.] If they could, then people can marry and have any kind of relations, including homosexual relations? How can they? Not in the principle way. There are many homosexuals and lesbians in America. How can they do that? What kind of organ do they use to make oneness? Through the anus? This is very shameful. Even insects do not do this. Can they request the right of marriage? By their way, through one generation, everything will disappear. Can animals and birds make different kinds of love? No. But human beings do like that.

Two people, becoming one centering on love, become one unified realm. [To a sister:] Do you think you are beautiful? 99% of a woman's thinking is about being beautiful. When can we reach oneness? It centers on love. Love can make oneness of the five senses. A woman wakes up and puts on beautiful make-up, but why? For a man, not for a woman. Would you say it is for your mother or grandmother? Nočit is to show the opposite sex, because love is there for the opposite sex, not for the same sex. God created man and woman like that, as plus and minus, different sexes. Therefore they tend to become one, from young age to old age. The elderly still have a youthful mind, or want to, and the children love and respect their grandparents, and the wife loves her children more than she does her husband. Grandparents love the children more than their parents do, so the children love their grandparents. In this way, children develop the capacity to prefer the higher level love.

Grandfathers like to kiss their grandchildren. What if a grandfather were to kiss a young women? Would you like that? Because middle or high school age girls are thinking about having boy friends, if a grandfather tries to kiss them, they will resist. How about if their grandmother tries to kiss them? As people get older, their loving mind gets bigger. As the distance increases, the love gets deeper. I don't know. Those who reach their 80s, like me, and are walking with a cane, have a narrower field of vision and will recognize only each other. Eventually they will not recognize their friends, but will feel they only have each other, and they will become closer and closer. Eventually, the next level is only two. How about at night? Should they sleep in their clothes, because they are old, or naked? [Naked.] Is that principled? [Yes.] Once they are naked, what can they do? [Absolute sex.] What is that? Absolute sex organ cannot move. How can we make absolute love without moving that organ? We will try to find the absolute kiss. Imagine what is the wonderful level of that true love? It is the true love kiss. If they kiss continually, they will get very tired and keep kissing until they die. When they combine into one, that is the terminal place of the couple's love. We have to study and think about that.

Because of that, people when they get old will try to remember what love was like when they were young. As Unification Church founder, I am teaching this reality and some people are accusing me. Is that bad or good? I don't know.

When a man dies, will he welcome all his descendents or his wife with more joy? Usually, even if it offends his relatives and children, he needs absolutely his wife. Because of this, husband and wife meet eye to eye, mouth to mouth, then finally by the sexual organs and have a great memory. Just before joining spirit world, they look for each other. Even at the last moment, they promise they will meet again in the spirit world. What do you think of that? American women? [Chosumnida.] She answered well.

To make a true relationship, you kiss with eyes, hand, mouth and sexual organs. That actually becomes one unified realm of the heavenly mind centering on love. Everything should connect there. When you read Dr. Lee's message, in spirit world, even animals having relationship completely unite with the environment. So, is God good or bad? How about True Parents, the Unification Church founder who has been teaching this? Is it good or bad? [Good.] God will say, it is good. It is forever good, therefore he can be Heavenly Father's partner.

Do you want to be a partner on your family level only, or of heaven and earth? Did you think about this when you become one as husband and wife, that when you move the cosmos will follow that? Even the almighty God will try to join you when He sees that relationship. A true husband and true wife want to become the spouse side when they become one. Always the vertical and horizontal should become one, centered on love.

To God, what is the most precious place in the human body? [The sexual organ.] Near the sexual organ is the dirtiest place. When you sit for number two, there is a bad smell near the sexual organ. Does that make you think the sexual organ is not good? No one will. Even though it is close to the dirty place, we cannot dislike it. The woman's sexual organ has the urinary track there, and is it always clean or sometimes dirty? Will the women answer? [Silence.] It is ironic that the holy place and dirty place are so close.

Even though a wife wants to welcome her husband, she asks him to take a bath first. Don't be proud. Tigers don't take a bath before they make a relationship, but they love each other. So human beings have lesser value than animals. Can you try to get your husband's mucus? Can you eat or smell it? When you make first love, even that has a good taste. If you really love your husband, you can do anything with your tongue. That is true love. When I was young, my younger brother died when I was eight. My mother checked his health by tasting his feces. If it was sweet, then his health was good. If bitter, there was some problem. Through my entire life, I inquired what is True Love, and I found that that is True Love. When you raise your children, you will see.

Tyler, will you try to practice that? [I will try.] If you don't, you cannot have a great relationship with your wife. Then your wife will check your body if you have some problem, like checking your painful toes with her mouth, despite the dirt between your toes. Did you try to kiss your husband's feet? If you have True Love, they taste pretty good. When your husband gets home, with your whole mind you should kiss his feet. Will he kick you away? No, he will wake up. He will be inspired to greater love. Is that love making feeling not so good or not so bad? [Not so bad.] When a prostitute loves, she will try that kind of love, even though it is false love. She is seeking that kind of perspective. Because of that you need this education. We have to live our life making such great memories of love with our spouse. Do you women want your breasts to be big or small? [Big.] Why? If they are big, then the husband will enjoy them like a pillow, kissing them. The loving action. At that time, does the woman feel happy or unhappy? [Silence. Then, happy.] Ha-Ha-Ha-Pee-Pee-Pee. [So happy.]

Centering on love, the heavenly mind becomes one realm. When you defecate, do you wear a gas mask? Did you analyze that kind of smell, to figure out its relationship with what you ate the night before? Do you hold your nose? [No.] Why don't you feel it is dirty? Because it is one realm with your body. How do we create a unified realm? Only through love. True wives, whatever their spouse brings, whether it smells good or bad, can be the material of education for their children. You can explain to your children that for the sake of others, the husband is bringing such and such for a higher reason, so you have to respect it. The cosmos is one unified realm based upon love, through a heavenly mind. Even all things eventually enter this realm of oneness. Chun means two persons, becoming one.

We have seven holes in our face. The heavenly realm is plus and the earth is minus. Through True Love, heaven and earth become one realm. Today's title means that from the smallest thing to the cosmos, God created everything based upon this principle and so humankind has the same tendency. The animal world feels it. So we should have the True Love mind. Chun shim ae always is plus, subject, and the unified realm is minus, object. The minus is this world and the plus is spirit world. This world has many loves here and Heaven and earth have human beings in between. Many Japanese women are here, more than the men. Where are the men? [My apologies to the reader: the following paragraphs are difficult content relating to a diagram that I could not see from where I was sitting, plus I was drowsy. I did my best but cannot vouch for its accuracy.] Centering on God, there are six directions and God is number 7. He is the zero point, also. [Father draws circles with the four directions and seven steps going from the center to the top.] This is the family starting point, and tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Eventually, eight is the realm of God. The family is the starting point of these ages. The family is the training center of the tribe, nation, world and cosmos. If the family goes wrong, the entire cosmos will be destroyed.

A newborn baby will grow up through eight stages. But without some central point, he is just hanging around. Because of that, even though small or big, everything needs One goes up the horizontal way, then the next step and next step. All things have these eight stages. The person is a horizontal existence. Without a center, the horizontal will be confused. If we do not maintain the 90 degrees, it will be big trouble. Also, there are seven stages in the relationship of above and below. The starting point is the foundation of the family. It will expand. The size gets bigger, to the national level, but it still centers on the family. Eventually it will include everything. Gradually it will go back to reach the ancestors, finally Adam and Eve, and from there it will expand to the cosmos. This means that families will gather together and become one cosmos. It will be the expansion of the original Adam's family. Keep it 90 degrees and the cosmos will make a great circle. That is why the unity of mind and body is very important.

The circle expands by embracing the lower level, or the upper level (depending on your perspective) and moving to the next level. That's why bigger ones should digest smaller ones. For example, there are many small rivers, but all will reach the ocean. They started with different small purposes. In the ocean, the water evaporates and becomes a cloud, then returns as rain. Centering on this diagram, the smaller one is digested; by giving, the upper is protected by the lower. Centering on God, Adam and Eve started at this point, and this relationship of father and son, left and right is husband and wife relationship, and front are rear is the relationship of son and daughter. How can we unite these relationships? Centering on love.

This is the father and son relationship, husband and wife here, and the love of God is here, at the center. God is the core, and His love expands in the six directions. So God's love is the model of love. So, at your home, centering on this, the grandparents, parents and children should unite. God has the same value centering on this principle and 90 degrees. The husband and wife and children gather and God appears as the father's face or mother's face. Dr. Lee mentioned about that. The father's face or mother's face will represent the family. The husband and wife will have each other's faces. When the woman greets others, she is also the husband and children greeting them. God and man and all things unite in the face. Through absolute love, the others' minds are there. So God's love is the oneness of the three directions of relationships. All loves are included, even though there are different positions. This is six different directions of love becoming one.

When grandparents are sleeping together, the grandchildren may run in and jump on them, and they will welcome them. They will welcome them, every time. By the same token, whoever goes into the other's rooms should be welcomed. The American family system is flat, in one direction. It is couple centered. God's love moves in twelve directions. The circle has twelve segments, but they can make oneness. This comes through Heavenly Father's loving mind. This pillar of True Love will come up to the cosmic level. In spirit world these eight stages of love exist also.

That is why I have been blessing spirit world as well as this world. You have to liberate and bless your ancestors up to 14 generations. Liberate them and then bless them. Then they will come over. So the starting point is important as the foundation to connect to God. Your family is very important; it is the seed of all ancestors' families. Blessed families are the fruit of this. Man and woman are in different spheres but always have a relationship. In principle they are one. This relationship begins on earth. Eventually it will reach the cosmos and heaven and earth. Because of this, our eternal homeland is the earth and the fatherland is the spirit world. Centering on True Love, chun shim means heavenly mind and True Love. So the kingdom of heaven and earth ... We communicate with flowers and trees centered on love. So all things have to know their master.

Most important, then, are true lineage and true love. Love is horizontal, just one generation. Love and life together create lineage. Centered on love, connect life and lineage. Lineage is eternal. Life is eternalized through lineage. Adam's age is vertically connected through lineage. It becomes a family and tribe, but history went around a big circle to reach true Adam's family and tribe because of the fall. How can we make it straight? We have to make it very horizontal and very vertical. A direct line, centering on 90 degrees. Even Heavenly Father Himself sent True Parents so that Heavenly Father could come on the family level and restore true love. These true subject-object relationships should unite centering on mind. How can we come up or over? We can reach the next stage through this direct way.

Centering on love, we have to try to complete this level and on that foundation try the ...The vertical way becomes step by step. To go up, you need to pay indemnity, to reach up to the 8 stages, from the individual level to the cosmic level. I have come up by paying indemnity on each stage, practicing absolute faith, love and obedience. In conclusion, through absolute faith, love and obedience, we become one with God and by that condition, Heavenly Father can liberate Heaven and Earth and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. We will reach the 4th Adam's realm. We have to get into this 4th Adam's realm. We have to go over the point of Adam and Eve's fall, and become one as husband and wife and children.

In the last days, there will be a youth problem in the secular world, because of this. Until age 12 they should be one with their mother. The mother should be the center. To make that, first the brothers and sisters should be one, and then the mother unites with them and finally the husband comes. The second Messiah comes and restores what Adam's family lost, through the blessing. The father has to unify the mother and children, and they should go to the frontline with the father supporting. The National Messiah's mission is to make oneness in these ways, and now is the age of youth.

Adam's family failed and the woman and children got kicked out, so the children and woman go through this process. Heavenly Father educates the father figure through the second messiah. Then the father, completely unified with True Parents, should educate the mother. The father stands on behalf of True Parents in the family. The mother and children go to the front line. In the nation, these are the two parties, the majority and minority. The blessed couple's mission is to unite with True Parents first, then make oneness by absolute faith, love and obedience. At the same time, they apply this from the family level to the cosmic level. Now comes the realm of liberation on the world and cosmic level. Japan, the mother nation, sent missionaries worldwide. Woman and descendents of Eve have to take that responsibility to restore children and father. Who has to support them financially? The father. All blessed couples should go this way. This restores the fallen realm, and we can pray in our own name and reach Heavenly Father.

The representatives of the three big relationships, father, mother and elder son, are now on the national level. If Adam and Eve did not fall, they would have reached eldersonship, parentship and kingship. On the individual level they had to reach it first, up to the world and cosmic levels. But they lost it, and so did our parents and ancestors. So America represents the worldwide elder son nation and Japan the mother and Korea the father. The three nations should become completely one.

Because of that, these three nations have nothing of their own. First we offer it all to the father. The qualities of God were lost, so all things, children and parents are offered to fulfill the age of liberation and unification, representing the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages. If Christianity had followed the providence, they would have been in spiritual mother's position and these three stages would have been restored. If you are just becoming wealthy and not using your wealth for the sake of others, you are against the providence of God.

If the big blessing had taken place in Japan it would have been great, but Japan doesn't know the value of the blessing. The Philippines therefore could serve as a daughter nation. If Japan does not unite with God's will, it will be responsible for the outcome. There will be difficulties for the young generation. When we follow God's will, His blessings come, but if we fail to do so, troubles always come. Free sex could increase dramatically among Japanese youth. To prevent this, Japanese women are devoting themselves to serving the world. Because of the absolute obedience of the Japanese women, the tradition of the mother sacrificing blood and flesh is preserved. The mission of the mother is to give her blood and flesh for her children. Therefore as mother nation your life does not belong to you but to God's providence.

The nation of mother is to offer everything to the father. If you do well, will you suffer or be blessed? Christianity didn't unite with me, so Japan was chosen. You don't have a Christian background, but one of many miscellaneous religions. Because of the blessing last year, now the age of mother-son cooperation is over, and the age of father-son cooperation is here. I have been doing this through great personal sacrifice, and great things have been done and I am sharing this with humanity. The wise person unites with me. Because of me, evil people in hell are receiving the blessing.

Don't go back to Japan with complaint. I have worked in America for 30 years. This may be the last mission of Japan, so you have to definitely accomplish it. I appreciate that you are willing to sacrifice your time while you are missing your husband. Offering your families enables you to do the work of God. That's the mission of the mother country. You only know the tradition of the miscellaneous religions.

The February 2 meeting at congress will focus on four points: freedom, faith, family and harmony. They know that I can teach those four points in a way no one else can. I have never even prayed at great length; I just worked hard, using my body, and that really connected with the spirit world, ironically. That's why the world is not welcoming me. The time has come for all those who oppose me to realize that they are wrong.

Making unity between America, Japan and Korea will cover and restore the world. Japan should join this big project, but it is not one with America and looks down on Korea. By uniting with the husband, Korea, the mother nation should establish the vertical tradition and spread it to the world. This seems to be the last sacrifice you sisters will make. This is your fate, to unite with me and not be with your children for a while. It is not destiny but fate. You are embracing former enemy nations and overcoming the heart of enmity. So you sisters should make an absolute decision and determination.

Japanese sisters, do you want to be good or bad people? In a sense, many women in Japan are thieves because they have a lot of wealth but do not use it to help others. Only because Britain failed did I choose Japan. Japanese leaders are opposing me too much. They are making bad conditions by doing so. This is not my teaching, but the view of the principle.

I have the key to restore the world and harmonize religions, in particular the Protestant churches and the Catholic Church. Today's topic is the conclusion of all my hard work, but how serious are you listening today? I know the future misery of nation that fail to unite with God. Jesus couldn't fulfill his mission because he had no spouse and then 12 disciples scattered. So the Japanese sisters are like that spouse. Korean, Japanese and America unity restores the failure of Adam's family. [Dr. Yang prays.]

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