Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Godís Day in the Year 2000

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2000
True God's Day Morning Address
The Hammerstein Auditorium, Manhattan Center
New York City, New York, USA
Translated by Reverend Peter Kim
Transcribed by Mary Jane Despres from Internet Broadcast

9:30 segment

Chang Shik Yangís opening prayer [in Korean].

9:45 segment

Family Federation Choir of Washington, DC, New Jersey and New York, sings "When I Behold the Lord," directed by Susan Osmond.

[Tyler Hendricks announces:] Last night, our beloved True Parents, at the midnight prayer, created a beautiful, artistic masterpiece calligraphy to provide the motto for the new year -- maybe for the new millennium! Now, weíre going to display this motto and have our photo opportunity. The motto says, [Tyler Hendricks begins to read the Korean. Then, Mr. Peter Kim also reads it and then translates it to English:]

This is the first new yearís motto of the new millennium, so we have to remember it correctly. So, the meaning is, "The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is the Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom of God." [Applause.]

[Tyler Hendricks:] Now we will have the offering of flowers to our True Parents. [Applause.] Now we will have the offering of the card to our True Parents and the gift offering. One of our gifts is a beautiful new Lincoln Navigator [car] for our True Parents. We have a photo [which is displayed on the screen]. [Applause.]

Now we will have the cutting of the True Godís Day morning cake by our True Parents. Everybody stand, please. We will sing, "Happy Godís Day, Heavenly Father! Happy Godís Day, True Parents! Happy Godís Day, True Family!" as soon as they blow out the candles. [Applause and the singing of this song.]

Let us welcome our Father to the stage -- to the microphone! [Applause!]

10:00 segment

[Father (in English):] Everybody, Happy New Year! Happy New Millennium 2000!

[Father speaks and Rev. Peter Kim translates:] Today is True Godís Day in the Year 2000, so that will be the topic. Is there any other topic that you want?

Last night, at midnight, I gave you a good explanation particularly about the topic -- the motto of the new year, "The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is the Perfection of the Millennial Kingdom of God."

One thing we have to know is that all existing beings have a subject and object relationship, which is a reciprocal relationship -- a give and take relationship. This reciprocal relationship takes place vertically as well as horizontally. There is a center where the vertical relationship and the horizontal relationship meet. ... There is always this relationship of above and below, front and rear, and right and left. For example, I am using this microphone, and the speaker is right here. So, this is in the position of subject and the speaker is in the position of object. So, if I am using my voice in this microphone, the speakerís voice will be reproduced in an extended realm and it will allow you to understand and hear the message I give you. Then, within you there is a mind and body relationship, a reciprocal relationship. Thatís the way you become one. Also, you create the reciprocal relationship.

Whenever there is subject and object relationship, whenever they move -- they make a move -- there is no way -- no room -- for them to lose. There is no loss. When people go to market to make money -- to sell something, they don't go there if they keep losing something -- like ten dollars, a hundred dollars -- every single day when they go there. But when they have something to gain everyday -- ten dollars, a hundred dollars, one thousand dollars -- then they will keep going, because of the power [generated by financial gain] pulling them in that direction.

By the same token, when we walk, we have to keep balanced, by moving our arms and legs in balance. [Father demonstrates.] Even when we walk as husband and wife together [side-by-side], if the husband takes his first step with his right leg, then the wife should kick her left leg to follow him [identically matching her manner of walking to his].

When we see our eyes keep blinking, wouldnít you think our eyes would get tired from blinking? Try touching your thumb and first finger constantly for twenty-four hours. [Father demonstrates a pinching motion.] Do your fingers feel tired or not? By the end of twenty-four hours, your fingers may not be able to bend! By doing so, thereís nothing gained. Itís just wasted -- lost. However, when we hear that our eyes keep blinking for twenty-four hours a day -- even 365 days a year -- and they donít get tired, [it is] because, as they keep blinking, the eyes get moisture. In other words, the eyes gain something as long as they keep blinking. Thatís why they donít get tired. So, thatís the eyesí exercise. Because having our eyes keep exercising, they detect -- we can see -- how tired we do.

When we inhale, does the air travel through only one nostril or through both? If one of these two nostrils is blocked or stuffed because of whatís inside, we naturally take that out and make the hole big enough so that the air can travel freely. By inhaling air through our nostrils, our lungs will be able to function. Our entire body gains out of it. Thatís why we donít get tired.

Also, even though we make our lips work for many hours -- sometimes -- like Father -- talking, talking continuously ... In order to talk, our lips have to constantly move and exercise, but they don't get tired. There is a reciprocal relationship between each lip movement and the audienceís response. Thatís why they donít get tired. If there is an enthusiastic response from the audience, our lips will become more enthusiastic, too. If the response becomes stronger, our lip movement will become stronger -- weaker, it becomes weaker.

The same principle applies to hearing. Our ears function in such a way that as long as you hear something that makes you joyful and happy, then our ears never get tired. Even if you stay overnight you will want to keep on listening to any noise, any sound that makes you happy!

What about our five sense organs? If you want to touch your hand -- both hands like that [Father demonstrates a hand washing movement], can you do that for five hours? How many hours can you continue to do that? You donít feel anything, so it means you are wasting your energy to do that, so we donít do it. ...

If the hand that a man touches happens to be a beautiful womanís hand ... If a man touches her hand -- his loving wifeís hand, then Father will want to keep touching Motherís hand for twenty-four hours. By touching her hand, he will gain more energy, joy and happiness, so there's no room for fatigue. Understand? There are many different skin colors here, but everybody feels the same way. Whenever there is a proper reciprocal relationship between subject and object, there is always a Universal Force that is together with them. This Universal Force will continue making the subject and object happy for tens of millions of years.

Blessed couples, show your hands, please. Wonderful! [Father dances from side to side.] Thatís the way you should act when you say, "Wonderful"! ...

Between husband and wife Ö When you husbands come home from your work hopelessly wiped out and you lie down feeling almost dead. If suddenly your loving wife comes in and touches your toe and tickles it a little bit -- even your toenail, would you welcome that or kick your wife away? [Would you] welcome her or kick her out? ["Welcome her!"]

10:15 segment

It doesn't matter if the husband touches his wife's toenail or if the wife touches the husbandís toenail, but anyway, it's the starting point between husband and wife of touching the spouseís entire body and making love. From that point on, it can develop from touching the leg and the body, to going all the way. [Father takes a drink from his glass and says, "Open mouth. Indemnity drink."] Hearing Father's explanation, you understand everything, don't you.

If your husband touches your hip here, do you kick your husband [away] or welcome him? In general, man has a tendency to want to touch the hip of a woman next to him, particularly on a bus or in a subway train when the train is packed and suddenly the man finds himself standing next to a beautiful woman. He extends his hand and touches the womanís hip. You may question, "Father, have you experienced that?" But Father says, "I only thought about it. Particularly, True Mother is sitting there, watching me, so I cannot lie."

[Father continues speaking. Father then carefully presses his right hand upon Rev. Kimís chest at the necktie.] That's the next step! [Laughter.] You stand still and look around at your wife, and [Father makes a kissing movement with his lips] thatís the third stage. [Then Father grabs at Rev. Kimís shirt as if to remove it.] Thatís the final stage. [Laughter.] Even at the first stage, if the woman still likes it, then there is no restriction. They are one.

Why do you laugh so much? ... If you laugh out loud so much on the first day of the year, you wonít have anything left to laugh about in the rest of the year. What would you do, then? [Father may have said, in English, "Say Good Morning to God."] Iím leaving the stage because I want to touch my loving wife. [Father walks over to True Mother, has her stand and hugs her and gives her a big kiss to the cheers and applause of the audience! True Parents wave to the audience.] Monsei!

Happy New Year! Happy True God's Day, 2000! Happy New Year! True Parents starting to kiss you! You are like every kind of [?] God bless you, Amen! [Father bows to the audience.] Amen! Number One Man, Amen!

You donít need anything, do you? If I continue giving you the talk, then you will wet your pants here. [Laughter.] The reason Iím saying this is because if I continue giving this talk for five hours -- ten hours, this talk will be so exciting, so good, that you will forget about going to the bathroom and eventually, you will find yourself having wet pants. While youíre sitting down, you probably have a rubber band too tight [around] yourself, but as soon as you stand up, your entire pants will be wet, like taking a shower.

This man [in the audience] has a good meaning, giving a joyful and good report. He has had this experience. Thatís true! What Father just said is, once Father spoke for ten or eleven hours straight and while he [this man] was translating Father, of course, there was no time to run to the bathroom, so he eventually wet his pants and he did "number two". So, while he was translating Father, once his pants were wet and he made his entire body smelly, his way of walking was like this. [Father, first, and then Rev. Kim demonstrate a funny way of walking.] He was still happy to translate for Father. So, Dr. Pak is the king of the translators in the world. [Applause.]

Father's record for speaking is 16 and a half-hours straight. Do you think that if you are in that situation -- if you also listen for 16 and a half-hours -- that you can make it without making a bathroom stop? If that happens, once the room is cleared, all of the chairs will be stained and the floor will be wet here and there. So, weíll have to mop it and dry the chairs. Then if that is the real case, then this particular audience -- who stayed here for 16 and a half hours even though they wet their pants and chairs, and completed their mission here -- will become the number one audience in the world! [Father begins to applaud for the audience and the audience also applauds.] Well, youíre clapping for yourselves, but Father looks at it as if Spirit World comes down and gives you a round of applause, because when spirits come down here they think, "Once you return to Spirit World, I want to hear from you what Reverend Moon [touches / teaches ?]."

What do you think God would do if Father [continued to] speak for 16 and a half-hours? Do you think God would stay away if Father speaks too long, or would He be with him and hear him and watch him -- whatever Father talks about, whether Father praises God or puts Him down? Donít you think God is going to be picked up to hear that? The very energy and power Father gets [in order] to speak 16 and a half hours straight [comes] because when he speaks, everybody -- including All Things -- is happy to hear, and [together] they return more energy and more joy [back to Father]. Thatís why Father gets recharged and re-energized. Therefore, even at his deathbed, Father will still want to keep talking!

Suppose, since this is the first day of the third millennium and of this new year, Father speaks for thirty hours straight, but because of that Father suddenly passes into the Spirit World. Do you think Fatherís name will get into the Guinness Book of Records for that, or not?

10:30 segment

[Father nudges Rev. Peter Kim to begin translating.] What Father means is [this]. [What would happen] if because of you, sitting here for thirty hours, Father speaks for thirty hours [and then, consequently,] Father passes into Spirit World after speaking thirty hours straight? [The rest of the] people in the world [as soon as they find out about this] will blame you and punish you and judge you. Because you were being greedy to get all the message and the truth from Father, Father had to speak [continuously] for thirty hours and because of that, Father passed into the Spirit World! The [rest of the] people in the world [must have] expected to receive [at least] a small portion of the truth that Father shares with us [directly]. But, should Father go to Spirit World [prematurely] because of us being greedy, they [would] no longer have the chance [to hear Father directly]. So, they will point their fingers at us, saying, "You greedy people!"

However, this audience -- all of you -- is so good -- so, so, so good, that you all wish that Father will live another 200 or 300 years! A long life! [Cheers and applause!] What this means is that you would like Father to speak for only short periods, so that he'll remain healthy. Is it true? [Father dances joyfully and makes a cheery sounding "Wau, wau, wau, wau" noise.] You are so good. Would you like to hear Father speaking for 24 hours every day? [Father says, "Happy, Happy, Happy!," and dances some more! The audience applauds in rhythm together.] What else has been said by Father -- if youíve followed, youíve heard everything. If you take this as a condition -- to receive Fatherís dancing and message for one thousand years -- [if you do, then] today, we will try clapping, not with our hands together, but by clapping one hand to our foot! [Father and Rev. Peter Kim demonstrate "clapping" the head with one hand and at the same time, "clapping" a foot with the other hand. The audience tries this, too! (Much laughter!)]

This yearís motto, "The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is the Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom of God," means, wherever we may go, we find that size doesnít matter -- whether small or large or big. The place where Godís true love dwells is the House of True Love or Godís Kingdom. Then, weíll live there eternally with God!

[Peter Kim has the audience repeat the Korean words Father has written on the board.] The meaning of what Father has written on the board is: "In the Completed Testament Era, we perfect the Kingdom of God on Earth through knowing the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven completely." In other words, we have to understand the Kingdom of God in Heaven well. Then, we can perfect the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Those who have confidence that you know what Father means in this writing, show your hands to Father. Few hands came up when Father asked you if you truly understood the meaning of it, when Father asked. Father said we donít understand really well. Thatís [what happened], for example, [with] Dr. Sang Hun Lee. When he was in this Physical World living with True Parents, Father taught him the reality of the Spirit World on many different occasions, in very much detail, but he couldn't really understand. He didnít have the perfect concept about it. [Later], when he joined the Spirit World, and he began to learn everything about the Spirit World, everything became clear [to him]. That's why he sent all these messages -- the first time, second time and third time -- to encourage all the Unification church members, followers of Reverend Moon in the [physical] World.

Therefore, Father is willing to give you as a gift the book of Dr. Lee's letters, which explains the reality of the Spirit World, on this, the first day of the new millennium. If you like it, Father will give it to you so that you can understand it more. (If not, you have freedom.) Even, you may be more excited and pay more attention to this content than to Fatherís talk. Then, Father will give this message -- Dr. Leeís message -- to you. If you don't want to hear it, you are free to leave this auditorium and go and take a look at Times Square at this new millennium and to join the celebrations there. Would you rather go out in Manhattan or stay here. ["Stay here."] Please go out!

That means, you will take this message with more joy and happiness than Fatherís message or Godís message. And after this Hoon Dok Hae about the Spirit World from Dr. Sang Hun Lee, Father could give you a blank sheet of paper so you can write your reflections on it. Father could give you questions to answer, like an examination. If you pass the examination, Father may give you a prize -- prize money or something. Would you like to have that opportunity, even if you donít receive any prize? Do you want an exam, or not? ["Yes."] Father says, in all his life, he has never met anyone who loves to take exams, so when you say you welcome an exam, you belong to that group of people!

Thinking of indemnity ... Shall we begin Hoon Dok Hae? Should we finish this morningís meeting or continue some other way? What language should do you prefer? Korean? Japanese? What about English?

10:45 segment

In Korean, when we call Korean people, we say Han Gook Saram, not Han Gook Mal [which means "the Korean language"]. But in English, the word "English" can be used both ways, [meaning] both the people from England and the language. They are supposed to be two different things -- the English language and the English people. But they [the English-speaking people] use [the term] "English" in the same way [for both meanings]. Thatís why the Westerners who speak English have a tendency to take other people's property and claim it as their own.

Do you prefer [that I use] Korean language [today]? Father doesnít like Koreans. For the past forty years, the Korean people, using Korean language, have opposed Father and persecuted Father, giving all the bad language, the bad words to Father. If we had accumulated all those bad words given to Father [into a pile], maybe it would be higher than Mt. Everest.

The reason we prefer the language Korean for doing this and for public Hoon Dok Hae is that this is the family language. It is the language our Father has been using for the past forty years to come through the road of persecution and difficulty and to achieve liberation of God and humanity. Also, the Korean language is such a beautiful, rich language that if you master it, you can pronounce 390,000,000 different sounds. This is probably the richest language in the world. Thatís why we should learn Korean.

You can take your cue from Father. Father can imitate any animalís singing or crying [voice] and also its movement. [Father imitates a crying cat and other animal sounds:] Meow! Chee! Baaaah! Baaaah! Waw, waw, waw, waw! The Korean language is so rich and so versatile that the Korean people who speak Korean are, in many ways, the best -- not only in good ways -- they can be the best in a good way; but also, they can be the worst kind of liars and swindlers. [They are the best] in that dark side, too. Even if the good side is only one iota bigger than the worst side, then we would still categorize these people as good people. Do you follow? In the future, the Koreans may become the best interpreters and translators in the world because of this -- [because] the Korean language is so rich and versatile. You have heard the English pronunciation of Dr. Pak, for example, and Col. Han and Mrs. Won Pak Choi. Their pronunciation of English is perfect.

Koreans can master a [new] foreign language [thatís spoken] where they live in five or ten years. For example, a few years back, Father called 4,000 Korean [matched] with Japanese [blessed couple] missionaries to South America to do their mission there. At the same time, there were scores of [other] Korean leaders who came to South America, too. When we compare these two groups of people, the Japanese group and the Korean leadersí group, there is a big difference [between them] in terms of ability to learn, digest, and master the different languages down there, whether it be Portuguese or Spanish. The Korean leaders would jot down maybe a hundred vocabulary words a day, and they could memorize them and pronounce them correctly, up to 98 percent. Within five years, they could become a good speaker, [even] a public speaker of the native language there in South America. However, compared with the Korean people, the Japanese missionaries would take longer. Even if they would keep writing the pronunciation in Japanese after that, they were still trailing the Korean leaders. It was not because the Japanese missionaries were more stupid than the Koreans, but because the languages themselves -- the Korean language and the Japanese language -- are totally different. The Korean language is so much more advanced -- so much richer than Japanese! When we study the structure of Korean language, not just one sound, but usually two, three or four consonants and vowels are formed together to make one word or one letter. Thatís why Korean-speaking people have brain cells that are well developed. ...

Because of this kind of training, due to the structure of the Korean language, in Korean society, [should it happen that one] morning, your Father gave you ten different projects to be done in that particular day, Korean people [would] immediately memorize them. Then they would go out and challenge all ten of those different projects. Probably by the end of that particular day, the son might come back to his father and say, "Father, Iím sorry, I could not do all ten of those projects you told me to do this morning. But I completed six. I will do the rest, tomorrow." But, in general, most non-Korean-speaking people are much slower at this than Koreans. If they are given even two or three or four projects to do at the same time, they get confused.

The best example of this [capability] is Father himself, Reverend Moon himself. When he hears one single word, sometimes his brain functions to imagine, out of this one word, maybe one hundred words, one thousand words [or concepts within it]. His thinking is so complicated that nobody can fathom his thinking. That's why Father could come up with this absolute, eternal Truth -- by checking the entire universe and Cosmos -- for the sake of humanity. For example, there's a [Korean] word, [which was discussed] at the 7:00 Pledge Service this morning -- "Chi Yeh," that means, actually, "being [bareem ?], not giving the accident in front of other people." However, if we change the first Chinese character [even slightly], it could mean instead "the perfection of your [adjective?]." Also, Father said it can have a meaning of "[indoor?]". In other words, [Fatherís] speed of making the reciprocal relationship between subject and object is so fast.

In the Korean language, there are many different levels. For example, there are [grammatical structures appropriate for] upper, middle, and lower levels in the hierarchy [of human relationships]. Thatís why, for Westerners, even if you should spend two years in Korea in order to master the proper usage of the Korean language, you [may very] well not yet have mastered the differences relating to speaking with your seniors, your elders, and your juniors.

Therefore, for the Second Generation children here: when you give birth to your children, [?] even if it takes power or some kind of forceful method, don't you think you have to teach your children Korean? Eventually would ...

11:00 segment

In Korean, when we say, "Yes, Jesu," "Jesu" is actually [the Korean translation of] "Jesus Christ". So, when you answer, "Yes," it sounds like, "Jesus." Spiritually, Father feels that when he hears you answering, "Yes," without realizing it, you are always respecting and revering Jesus Christ. Thatís why, when you say, "Yes," it sounds like "Jesus." Itís not hard to understand when you hear that way, is it? In Korean, what do you say as the name, "Jesus"? "Jesu." Thatís the way you learn Korean.

[Father checks his watch.] It has almost been two hours [since we began this morning]. Somebody should read that particular passage from Dr. Sang Hun Leeís message as fast as he can read, [almost] so [fast] that you cannot understand. That is the challenge for you today.

[Father and Rev. Kim converse in Korean for a minute or so. Rev. Kim is handed the book containing Dr. Sang Hun Leeís message.] Well, Father wants you to have a break, so you can take it easy, but, thereís no place to go. So probably until lunch time, sit tight and try to learn as much as you can from this reading (and the translation) which is the message from Dr. Sang Hun Lee. Iíll be mainly reading in Korean. [Father speaks loudly to the security at the back.] I told you to sit tight. Security brothers and sisters who are standing in the rear: whoever goes out of the door, please collect their names. They may receive a prize later. Bad people deserve a bad prize. Good people deserve a good prize. Thatís a law.

[Next, Rev. Peter Kim reads the third letter from Dr. Sang Hun Lee. He first reads several lines in Korean and then translates each passage into English.]

This is the third letter from Dr. Sang Hun Lee to True Parents and to all the Unification Church -- particularly to Blessed Couples and members here. The title says, "After the Second Letter, the State of the Spirit World / the Movement of the Spirit World: The Last Course Human Beings Should Walk"

Before this letter, last year, on March 20, 1999, Satan -- Lucifer -- surrendered in front of God, True Parents and humanity. You heard that message, right? This message is [coming] after that -- after Lucifer surrendered to the entire universe. What kind of activities [are taking place now]? How does the Spirit World look? How does it work? Thatís what [this title] means -- the state of the criminal against humanity, Lucifer.

Ever since his surrender, Lucifer has been praying for forgiveness to God. However, the past followers of Lucifer all mock him and laugh at him, saying, "Lucifer, our former boss, became a coward." In the Spirit World, there are so many things that people [still on Earth] with a physical body cannot understand. Luciferís state is one of them. Lucifer has gone back to his original position that was given by God in the beginning. However, the most severe headache [that we face both] in this Physical World and in the Spirit World is [having to deal with] how we can cleanse our false lineage, which we inherited from Lucifer. Even though Lucifer is bowing down and praying to God for forgiveness all the time, his former followers are mocking him and [copying / teasing ?] him and laughing at him. So, God asked Lucifer, "Lucifer, to whom are you bowing and praying for forgiveness? You have to look around and see your former followers, your descendants through your lineage. You have to go to them and look after them and take care of them -- more than their parents or anyone else [has ever done] -- and bring them back, together, to Me."

This is not just a problem of the Spirit World but of the Physical World, too. Originally, the Spiritual World and the Physical World were created as one. Because of the fall of man -- because of Lucifer's intervention, the one Cosmos became two worlds. Now is the time that we have to bring these two worlds back into one and bring that one world to God. Therefore, people with physical bodies have to exercise extreme patience to restore that.

God concluded, whatever seeds we sow in the spring, whether good seed or bad seed, the results, the fruit, will be harvested in the fall. We have to know where our final destiny lies, and we learned that through studying Divine Principle. We also learned the origin of human history, the origin of humanity, and how humanity will have to end through [studying] Divine Principle. Therefore, we have to do our responsibility. We have to go through all the problems. We cannot just keep ourselves idle all the time and expect that we will join the Kingdom of God in Heaven. No. We have to cleanse our lineage and come out of the fate of the human fall. Therefore, donít leave your [legs?] outstretched. We have to utilize them and make them work all the time. In order to do that, we have to stand on the front line and build the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Thatís our responsibility as children of God here on Earth.

Lucifer and all of his followers knew somehow that there would be an end to their work and their world. However, they wanted to believe that the more followers that they would secure, the more their life would be extended. Thatís why they have been taking every possible vicious and mean way to secure followers.

11:15 segment

All these former followers of Lucifer have responsibility and obligation to go with him -- to at least talk with him. But instead, all these former followers have been laughing at him and taunting him and calling him a coward. That [is the] kind of bad language they used. Therefore, this is our responsibility. We have to teach these former followers of Lucifer what their original history is, what kind of life they have to live, and about where their destiny lies. We need to give all these teachings about true love to these former followers [of Lucifer] so that they can stop their onerous, fallen life. Therefore, Dr. Lee has been encouraging us to study all the messages he has been sending to us up until this point and to meditate and pray about them.

He concludes by saying this. One thing that is sure, that Iíve been telling you all the times [Iíve written]. It is that God is our Parent of True Love, and our True Parents came here -- they were sent here -- as the Messiah, the Savior of humankind. Therefore, True Parents are the only hope for humankind. We have to have absolute faith in that. Until we win absolute victory out of our effort and our mission, we have to continue marching on.

This particular paragraph talks about the reality -- the state -- of the Spirit World, particularly the dark world of hell. There everybody lives selfishly. They don't care about anybody else around them. They just feed their own -- whatever they need. They donít pay attention to anybody. However, after Father's particular ceremonies here on earth, Ku-gu-jol (Nine Nine Day) and Sam-shib-jol (Three Ten Day), there is a new light that has started shining to this dark world -- so bright that suddenly everybody feels hope! Finally, as we say, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Thatís what everybody there feels. Itís the same kind of light thatís shining in the higher realms of Spirit World, too. Other realms of the Spirit World already have a certain amount of light all the time, so they donít feel [or notice] as much brightness.

[End of reading.]
[Father begins to speak softly in difficult to hear and comprehend -- in English. Here are a few phrases, understood by the scribe:]

... How can we build up a true love home again? ... King of Kings. Kingship forever. That means you don't need the Christian Pope! ... Does Jesus come down on the clouds? No. ... One nation under God, America ... Blood lineage is the most important thing. ... wants to be connected to that kind of family and generation. ... All the fallen world has a dirty, dirty blood lineage.

11:30 segment

Who can tear down all the walls? ... Don't forget God. ... Follow, don't care! ... Individual castle, family castle with Satan's castle surrounding, tribal castle and nation castle and world castle, surrounding ... No dream, no future, no hope ... Absolute, unique, unchanging, forever! ... Absolute, forever, unchanging love! Forever! Forever!

11:45 segment

So, hard to trace until now, that Satan's realm. ... How can we pick our absolute love partner -- absolute faith, absolute love partner? ... Absolute love once, how can we build up -- God's thinking, sometimes concept -- that kind of concept, in my world? ... Do you love True Parents?

12:00 noon segment

Complete love core value, understand? Absolute core value, unique core value, unchanging core value, forever object. ... One nation under God. Is America one nation centering on God? No! [Father spits.] Same pattern -- similar, connected family, tribe, or nation and world... One nation under God, can say that? ... one nation under God. Send you one nation centering on true love. All different cultures, one nation, by true love. ...

So that in the Completed Testament Age, you have to really reveal your soul. Absolute, unique, unchanging, forever truth understood can make rebuilding of it. ... Absolute truth, unique truth, unchanging truth forever changes Unification ...

In the fallen world, ... true love, absolute love, the family gate, and the tribe gate -- eight stages -- are shut off. Who can open all 12 gates? Only God and God-centered truth can open them.

12:15 pm segment

[Peter Kim translates one sentence, saying:] "You heard about Ku-gu-jol, the ceremony of 9.9."

[Father resumes speaking softly in hard to comprehend English. Here, again, are a few phrases, understood by the scribe:]

No problem! ... Kingdom of Heaven ... ... or No? ["Yes!" and applause.] ... You listened to my broken English. Kam-sa Ham-ni-da!

[Rev. Peter Kim resumes translating:]

Conclusion: First, your mind and body become totally one. Then the force within yourself will become -- will reach -- the greater position, which is under that, [on the] minus side. That way you will be expended [or qualified to be dispatched] by the hand of God. God will invest everything for your sake and you will invest everything for God's sake. Your mind and body become totally one and reach out to the level of God and even beyond the level of God! And God will eventually follow you to reach that level, too! That's where you will dwell. You will live with God eternally. In the spirit of true love, your seed, your children, your object -- [all] become greater than you yourself. Also, [in the spirit of] true love is [the place] where you and your spouse, along with God, can live happily and eternally in the form of one! That will become the common order -- all together, the three of us. This model, which will start us this new millennium is great!

Last year, the motto was "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage."

This year, this new millennium, the motto is "The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is the Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom of God."

[Father speaks for a couple of minutes in Korean.]

[Rev. Peter Kim:] Amen! Thank You, God! Thank you, Father! [Applause.]

[Rev. Peter Kim, translating:] Briefly, let me summarize what Father said just now in Korean. Last Sunday and Sunday before last, Father gave two very providential, historic sermons at the Belvedere Training Center.

The topic of the first sermon, two Sundays ago [December 19, 1999], was "The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland". In this sermon, Father said that our Hometown is supposed to be the entire planet Earth and the Fatherland is supposed to be the place where God dwells in eternity -- the entire Cosmos (vertical concept there). "Hometown" and "Fatherland" are two different concepts.

Then last week on Sunday [December 26, 1999], Father spoke under the title, "True Parentsí Completion of Responsibility in View of the Providence". In these last two of his Sunday sermons, Father has been preparing to come up with the new millennial motto, "The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is the Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom of God." Father said that this particular motto is so great that we should pray [deeply about] it and meditate on it to understand the real meaning of it.

12:30 Segment

As long as we have true love with us, wherever we may go: where there is a school, it is the school of true love, where there is a family, it is the family of true love, as long as there are brothers and families ...

[Father is speaking in English:] True Love House. The family is the True Love House. The nation is the True Love Nation. The [Cosmos?] is Holy Son of True Love House!

[Rev. Peter Kim:] "House of True Love," repeat after Father, "House of True Love"! ["House of True Love"!] House of true love everything. Wherever the pair system functions, that is the True Love House.

[Father once again begins to speak softly in difficult to comprehend English. He mentions the expansion from the coupleís house to the family with childrenís house and the surrounding areaís house, the tribeís house, and the nationís house -- expanding further to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!]


[Everyone begins singing, "Tongil" while Father directs exuberantly.]

Everybody, Happy [?] Say goodbye.

[Rev. Peter Kim:] "Please welcome the World President of the Family Federation, President Hwang to lead three cheers of Monsei!" on this special occasion."

[President Sun Jo Hwang:] "Letís have three cheers of Monsei for God, for True Parents and for True Godís Day!" [President Hwang leads the three cheers of Monsei and then Father says:] "Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

[Tyler Hendricks says, "Hallelujah!" and relates several announcements.]

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