Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

17 Points from Father's God's Day Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2000
Unofficial notes from: Richard Lewko

Motto for the year 2000: The Cosmic Expansion of True Love Is the Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom

1. The Providence of Salvation and 6,000 years of indemnity has concluded, and the Age of the Fourth Adam has begun. Until last year, through the cosmic expansion of the true Blessing, Satan's blood lineage was completely rooted out. So on the foundation of this victory, in the new millennium we have to complete the Heavenly Kingdom on the earth and in the spirit world, from the small microbe level to the individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos by true love. The gates to the new Heaven on earth and in the spirit world have started to open substantially. Now we can welcome the age of opening the gates to the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and pray for all humankind to become the citizens of Heaven.

2. The completion of Heaven begins from the unity between the mind and body centered on true love. That is why there is no Heaven without dominating our bodies. No one can enter Heaven without the unity between mind and body. How much are you feeling this in your daily life? And the unity of husband and wife in the family is the basic foundation of Heaven. So it is impossible to enter into Heaven for eternity as a family without the unity between husband and wife.

3. The only way to unite mind and body is by true love. We cannot dominate our body by force. The way of unification between husband and wife is also achieved only by true love.

4. There is no need for faith in the Age of the Fourth Adam. You can practice only absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience centered on True Parents.

5. During the seven-year period from 1997 to 2003, the Pure Love Movement, Matching, and Blessing for all humankind has to be conducted throughout the world. This is our responsibility in order to enter into the Age of the Fourth Adam.

6. When the mind and body unite, we can reach God on the individual level. When husband and wife unite, we can reach God on the family level. So if we don't make sincere efforts to make unity between our mind and body, we cannot go on to the level of family, tribe and nation.

7. For the husband, the house of love is his wife. For the wife, the house of love is her husband. And for parents, the house of love is their children. For God, the house of love is man. For man, the house of love is God. Everybody wants of live in the house of love. The cosmos is the house of love. The house of love is your spouse, so please do not ignore your spouse. The person who makes you the owner of true love is not yourself but your spouse. So we have to live for the sake of our spouse. The core of the cosmos is the family of true love. The house of true love in the human world is the dwelling place of parents, husband and wife and children. And the house of true love in the world of all things is anyplace where you can live for the sake of others, those above and below, front and back, right and left.

8. The nation of true love is the place of comfort for the cosmos. Above and below refers to parents and children (loyalty), right and left refers to husband and wife, and front and back refers to the relationship between children.

9. The offering of Heung Jin Nim, who is the commander in chief in the spirit world, opened the gate of Blessing in the spirit world. He runs in front of the Blessing. It is not just because of the sacrifice of Dae Mo Nim. The work at Chung Pyung is not the first doctrine. More important is the tradition that Heung Jin Nim follows True Parents. Now in the spirit world, there is prayer, Holy Songs, and witnessing like at the time of pioneering in Korea. It is the continuation of the work of the Holy Spirit. The spirit world and physical world have to go back to the spirit of pioneering together. Please pray and make sincere efforts always.

10. From now on, men in the world can stand in the position of younger brother of True Father instead of the position of the Archangel. Therefore, women as representatives of True Mother can embrace men as the younger brothers of True Father.

11. Reports from now on should be reports of results. You have to bring even one result and report it. Where can we leave True Parents' tradition? On the earth? In the spirit world? We have to leave it in our blood lineage. In the living blood lineage. In the pure blood lineage. To leave the pure blood lineage, we need the filter. How pure did I become? How much of my cells are changing into True Parents' cells? We have to leave True Parents' tradition in the living blood lineage to our descendants forever, not in the history or in the books. The problem is how much you have the true person's blood or not. The serious problem is how can you change your blood lineage substantially.

12. Please do not use the words "Reverend Moon" anymore. Use only the words "True Parents." I declare it this time.

13. If you believe in everything, it will be as you believe. You have to believe that a thing is done, not like make it happen. So if you believe 50%, the result will be 50%. If you believe 100%, the result will be 100%. God has to be my God, not somebody's God.

14. What has changed after entering the year 2000? The contents has been changed and the level has been changed. When we look at the cultural history, 6,000 years of history has finished. And when we look from the viewpoint of the providential history, 4,000 years of the chosen people's history, the Providence of Salvation has finished. We don't need the word "indemnity" anymore in the history of the Unification Church. So now is the age to restore the nation. If we could look for and restore even one small nation, the whole world will become the nation of God.

15. The reason why you have to study Korean is not because of necessity but because of destiny.

16. The incident of Cain and Abel in Adam's family happened because of the problem of their mother Eve. Now is the age for the mother to educate Cain and Abel and go in front of the father. This is the basic point of the unification of the cosmos. The reason the fall happened is that the mother could not keep absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience in front of God, the Father. From now on, all women in the whole world have to be mobilized and educate the children (Cain and Abel). Because the mother made the mistake, mothers have to risk their lives to help the children to live. The mother's mission is that, even at the risk of her life, she has to feed her children. Japanese members should not come and go with a light mind. In the Age of the Fourth Adam, all women have to unite with True Father completely. The perfection of Heaven can be done when this unity with Father is achieved. Centering on women, we have to restore the nation.

17. "The Women's Party of Building the New Millennium and New World" has to start. This party is not a government party but the party means house. This is a special direction from God to build it. We have to restore the nation centered on women. The completion of the group of the New Salvation for the nation starts from the Women's Party of Building the New Millennium and New World. We have to create the house to educate true children, true women, and true mothers' perfection. This is the most important theme that we have to accomplish in the Age of the Fourth Adam. From this point, now the world has to take off.

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