Sun Myung Moon's Words from 2000

Diamond Key is the Goal

Sun Myung Moon
November 28, 2000

Excerpted from notes taken by Debra Gertz at breakfast with Father at East Garden, USA, on November 28, 2000.

The key to restoration is True Parents. We have to remind ourselves to inherit the quality of the Key... to absolutely resemble True Parents' faith life and tradition. Then we inherit the key from True Parents. This key comes in different sizes, such as the family, the nation, and so on, but the shape and quality should be the same. The key must fit. We have to restore the ideal of creation. There is one key to open the Kingdom of God -- True Parents.

Keys can be of different material-wood, stone, bronze, silver, gold, or diamond. What kind of key do you have? Wood? It is easy to chip. Bronze or silver is more rare, gold even more so. How about diamond? What quality of key will you carry in order to enter Heaven? Our lifelong goal should be a diamond key. When you are challenged, what kind of key do you own? Stone, wood, bronze, gold or diamond? The quality of the key will determine what level can be opened. To finally open the Kingdom of God, a diamond key is needed. Wood or stone will not even open the individual or family level of the Kingdom of Heaven. Stone and wood show the effects of weather. Bronze or silver tarnish. Gold is better.

To secure a diamond key you have to be trained through trials like metal being hammered. To have a diamond key for seven generations is the goal. Ask your conscience what quality of key you possess.

What determines the quality of your key? Love for the sake of others. Once we secure that diamond key through the practice of true love, it never changes. Whatever persecution comes, the diamond key will never break. In your life of faith can we reach the diamond level? No matter how tired he is, Father has been fighting and struggling to reach that level everyday, overcoming obstacles and persecution and gaining victory.

We have to remind ourselves what quality of life we are living. Are we shining like a diamond on each level-individual, family nation, world, cosmos and God? We must be shining diamonds, not a mirror that merely reflects True Parents.

Within our own family life we have to maintain the highest quality of life. Then even the spirit world will be restored. We hold the key. We have to keep this quality so that others can attain it. We have to be persistent and never change. We must examine ourselves. Ask, are my five senses mobilized to reach the diamond quality of life?

True Parents are the key to opening heaven and earth. We must understand how much suffering and anguish God and True Parents have had to endure in order to attain True-Parentship. There is a period of growth to maturity-with tears and sweat all the way. We have to constantly pray and make effort throughout our life.

God and True Parents cannot be identical. They resemble each other but are different. We want our love partner to be different from us, not the same. We must become True Parents. Then there will be no obstacles. Father asks himself whether True Mother and True Children have become diamonds or are just reflecting the diamond like a mirror. Everyone should understand that, even if Father is not around, they should shine nonetheless.

In Father's mind, even though his own family may be honored by others, they too need long training. Father feels that responsibility. Father feels he has to melt the children down and make new people -- the same as with you. Without the diamond quality, we cannot be the melting pot that will produce a diamond family. We have to go through extreme levels of training.

If Father goes to Mt. Everest and asks us to climb to the top, we should succeed in doing so. The problem is that we have to bring our own family up there too.

What if they can't make it? If your husband or children do not fully follow, and if they don't reach the top, Father himself has to do it. This applies also to True Parents' family even. When he goes to the spirit world he will come back and restore them. The same with our families. 

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