Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Fiftieth Anniversary of True Father's Release from Hungnam Prison and the Ceremony for the Liberation of the Spirit World

Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 2000

Loving Father! It is the fiftieth anniversary of my release from Hungnam prison. We are going to have a liberation ceremony to free the spirit world and the physical world, with all the Unificationists who have passed away, my children on earth, the four saints centering on Heung-jin Gun and all the good spirit people.

The Christian cultural realm centered on Heung-jin Gun and Jesus in the spirit world, together with all the important cultural realms centered on the four saints, sages and their disciples are here. Please accept our offering of this liberation ceremony that is to create unity between the spirit and physical worlds. Heung-jin Gun and Jesus, based on their relationship with True Parents and people on earth, based on the victorious Unification movement, are holding this unified ceremony to create oneness between ancestors and descendants, elders and youngsters and all people of conscience regardless of their belief systems. So please accept our offering of this ceremony with joy!

We have Hyo-won Gun [Rev. Eu, who wrote the Principle book under Father's direct guidance] and Sang-hun Gun [Dr. Lee Sang-hun ] in the spirit world who can educate spirit people centered on Heung-jin Gun and the Completed Testament. We also have here Lee Ki-suk and Park Chong-goo (Tiger Park), representing all blessed families. Please allow this event to unite with all the saints in spirit world and with the Interreligious and International Federation and the UN, on earth. We want this event to be one that is unified between heaven and earth centering on True Parents. Please allow all of Your children who are involved in this to participate in this ceremony and offer this to You in the presence of Your transcendent, immanent, all-capable and all-powerful self. The hope of True Parents and True Children offering this ceremony to You is one. We offer this ceremony to You with the hope that we can offer You only victory and glory on the basis of Your transcendence and immanence to prepare the realm of liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please allow us to initiate the new culture of shimjung, the culture of Your Kingdom in heaven and on earth, centered on True Parents on earth and Heung-jin Gun in the spirit world, and on Yourself, Father.

Please bless the Million Family March that can help overcome racism and religious differences in the United States. In this event, we hope to pledge to create an international realm of unification. We hope to move the UN and to advance world liberation, which will bring victory and glory to You. With that, we offer everything before You in True Parents' names, please accept this with joy! Amen!

Following this first prayer, True Parents offered a full bow in front of God. The families of Heung-jin Nim, Young-jin Nim, Hye-jin Nim and Hee-jin Nim next offered bows to the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Eu Hyo-won, Park Chong-goo, Lee Sang-hun and Lee Ki-suk's families offered full bows as representatives of all blessed families. Then, the families of the four major saints and other spiritual leaders in the spirit world (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, St. Augustine, Socrates, St. Peter, St. John, St. Jacob, St. Paul, Luther, and Moses) offered bows. A final full bow was offered by all present representing the spirit and physical worlds.

Loving Father! It is October 14, 2000. It has been fifty years since I was released from Hungnamprison. On this day, many people who have worked hard for the providence on earth and in the spirit world have received the blessing of being part of True Parents' lineage and have registered as the families of God's hope.

Jesus, who was the core of the chosen people of Israel, came to the earth in the position of the Messiah and True Parent. He was to make his own family foundation and unify the people, Israel, as a nation, and Judaism as a religion. He should have unified and built the heavenly kingdom composed of heavenly people, sovereignty, and land. Thus, they should have advanced to the world to liberate all nations, and have created the Heavenly Kingdom on earth as well as in heaven, the one cultural realm, the shimjung cultural sphere. But the providence failed. As a result, the sorrowful providence of the Second Coming had to begin. This resulted in tremendous bloodshed of the Jews and Christians over the course of two thousand years.

Jesus' spirit, which belonged to heaven, and his body, which belonged to the earth, where Satan held sovereignty, have been in struggle. This struggle is coming to an end. In the unified realm of the spirit world and the earthly world centering on the Christian culture, the mind and body can together perfect substantial families, tribes, and nations spiritually and physically. With True Parents appearing on earth (based on the providence of the Second Advent), the worldwide "true family movement" began based on True Parents' family. To halt the separation between heaven and earth, the True Family has been a sacrificial offering for the past forty years. We have prepared the foundation for the heavenly kingdom to come to earth, and for all human families to be connected to True Parents. Centering on Your love and following the principle of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, humanity can connect to the true blood lineage of True Parents.

We are trying to create a unified realm centered on the national movement for the reunification of North and South Korea, and on the United Nations global movement. You have commanded us to register blessed families centering on True Parents and Heung-jin Gun, so as to make the foundation for unified and free spiritual and physical worlds. Please allow all the families following God's original heart of creation to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience so that they can represent You, who are the root of the eternal and unchanging families of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Please be with our hoon dok education-teaching True Parents' tradition and heart on the worldwide level. All the blessed ancestors should help their descendant blessed families to perfect themselves. In that way, the ancestors can fulfill the archangelic responsibilities that the archangel himself could not fulfill. Please help them to fulfill their responsibilities to protect and raise the blessed families on earth.

We have opened the door for even Satan to go to heaven, the final destination of humanity. We are truly grateful that we could have the liberation of the spirit and physical worlds and the liberation of the cosmos on this day of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of my release from Hungnamprison. Centering on Heung-jin Gun, and centering on Christianity, all the four saints, people of conscience and great thinkers should all go in one direction to heaven.

We offer all this as the total living offering before You. We sincerely hope that You will accept this offering offered in True Parents' name. Please acknowledge our victorious heavenly proclamation, of all the blessed families in spirit world and physical world.

We are truly grateful for your letting us have this liberation of heaven and earth with True Parents and Heung-jin Nim together, centering on God's sovereign power. With True Parents' proclamation, we pray that we will hold the march of liberation and unification to advance the way to the Kingdom of Heaven following in the footsteps of the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Father's Words

Starting from today, the partners of those who are blessed with spirit people can come to the earth. Now is the time that if you pray on earth, you can directly connect to the spirit world. This is the age in which you can actually live your lives together with spirit people. For that, you need to have a unified will and belief system. In that way, the spirit world and physical world can have one common system centered on blessed families. What True Parents have accomplished on earth can be connected to the spirit world now.

Those who are in the spirit world are in the position of archangels. Originally, those who are in the fallen archangelic realm could not be blessed. The blessed families on earth have the blood lineage of True Parents, and those blessed families who are in the spirit world are in the archangelic position.

Through the unifying ceremony, from now, what is going to happen is that the ancestors will come to the earth and help the blessed families on earth. Just as the archangel was supposed to come down from Heaven and to raise Adam's family and serve them, now is the time that the blessed ancestors in the spirit world can come down to the earth and protect the blessed families. Therefore, no descendants of satanic lineage can harm the blessed individuals, families and tribes.

Lucifer has given in to God, but his followers are all over the world and are not letting go of humanity. Because True Parents have now blessed the ancestors who are in the spirit world, they can have the family foundation of the true lineage that the archangel could not have. Therefore, the archangel cannot accuse, but, rather, should now serve the blessed families.

We have liberated and blessed the ancestors in the archangelic family position up to the 14th generation. When we bless the ancestors up to the 21st generation, all will be concluded. You families must liberate your ancestors from the 15th to the 21st generation. As True Parents came to the earth and liberated your descendants as well as your ancestors in the era of completion, you should liberate from the 15th to the 21st generation ancestors and then we can purge away the remnants of Satan.

Who can purge Satan's remnants? Your ancestors are the blessed families in the archangelic position. They can not only protect the blessed families on earth but also expel the satanic elements that should have nothing to do with the blessed families. Do you understand? Not only in the spirit world but also on earth, your ancestors have responsibilities from now, as the unifying force between the spirit and physical worlds, to purge Satan's remnants.

In the last days, even those satanic remnants should find a way to go back to God when the spirit and physical worlds are liberated. Although they will be on a different level, there will be a new law for them to have the chance to return to God so that the satanic world will finally terminate itself. The unifying ceremony we are holding here is to make that possible.

Although your ancestors are in the spirit world, they can create the world shimjung culture of the unified blessed families in the spirit world as well as on earth by supporting the blessed families on earth. From the earth, we can create the liberated realm of the spirit world and by that, we can also clear up the physical world. Even Satan can turn back to True God and True Parents and that can create the liberated realm of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

There are many sages centering on the four major saints in the spirit world. Centering on those four saints, a third of the spirit people was permitted to be blessed before the June 13th summit meeting between South and North Korea. Those blessed spirit people can come to the earth after this ceremony and will begin serving you.

Accordingly, there will be one unified cultural realm on earth. First the unified spirit world will be organized and, on that spiritual foundation, the satanic world will be cleared up and opposition to the Unification movement will disappear.

Our ancestors will not leave those who still oppose us alone. From this point on there will not be any more indemnity. In a world where there is no evil, the law of indemnity no longer applies.

Because your families are registered and express joy at the fiftieth anniversary of this liberation together with the spirit world, you are contributing to unifying the spirit and physical worlds. You have to remember that.

From now on, you do not need me. The fall of Adam and Eve contaminated the blood lineage, but I liberated them through the blessing. It is now time for hell on earth and in heaven to be abolished forever. So all the middle realm of the spirit world and even paradise, where Jesus is, will be abolished as well. Do you understand?

True Parents can stand on the unified foundation of my own children and your families, the unified foundation of Cain and Abel.

National messiahs are in the position of mothers who are to unite the Cains and Abels of their nations. That way all nations can be connected to the providence. National messiahs from all over the world are coming to Korea. National messiahs should help their wives be united with their children based on the providence and then come to Korea to unite their mission countries and Korea. Their wives should follow their husbands to come to Korea to be registered.

Husbands are not qualified to be registered since we do not have our own nation. You must understand this point. All those who are registered should have significantly distinguished themselves as national messiahs or as tribal messiahs. But I have paid indemnity for them, so that they can come to Korea with the tiny condition they have made. But they still have a long way to go.

Jesus had to find a nation but had to wait until the time of the Second Coming. To indemnify all the failures of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages, your families must stand on the frontline to find a nation based on True Parents and God. Women should be leading in this specific providence.

Unificationist women are not just ordinary wives. They should not yet ever listen to their husbands. The husbands are not yet in the position to command their wives. The husbands can lead the family on the family level, but on the national level, the wives must follow True Parents. Things can turn around on the national level centering on True Parents, not on their husbands.

Women must obey True Parents absolutely on the national level. Why? Because True Parents have paved the national level and worldwide level way, once you believe in True Parents absolutely and work accordingly, the providence will be done in three or four years. Then, if it does not work, it will be the nation's fault, not ours. Do you understand?

That is why I am emphasizing absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God created the cosmos with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. At the time of creating the entire cosmos, He invested and invested, not worrying about how much He had invested previously, and continued to invest. You should also have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience based on True Parents' words.

Only when you are determined to invest, invest and invest again, can you unconsciously create a space big enough for the whole world to come into you and fill you up, based on the seeds you have sown. When the whole world is connected to you, you can create a unified realm with the world. At that stage, you are others and others are you. You are one in the realm of true liberation. You must understand this clearly.

Following my words, you must penetrate the entire nation on the level of tong and ban (district and neighborhood). We wanted to do this twelve years ago. But former presidents of Korea prevented it. So we must organize it anew.

We must truly succeed in this. If we do not, not only will you have problems, but we will also be unable to offer Korea before God. So no matter what happens, you and I must unite. Only then will there be unification.

Then, with what can we unify Korea? With our love for our enemies. Korean people are real enemies who have opposed me for the last forty years. So we must love them. You must love the Korean people more than your own children and spouses. You must love them so that they go over the [mountain] pass following in True Parents' footsteps. The wives, and also their children, must cross through the pass. Their husbands are to support their wives and children with all they have. It is their responsibility to make the utmost sacrifice for four years.

You are entering a very serious time. All the saints and sages in the spirit world, and even God, are watching this place. You must absolutely have faith in, love and obey True Parents' words. Whom are you supposed to love? Since Eve created hell, she must love the male representative whom God has sent. That is the True Father. Adam was supposed to be a king, a grandfather, a father, a husband, a brother and a son. Women must put aside all of these relationships with men.

The real content of your marriages has been that your husbands are in the position of the Archangel. So you must sacrifice being with them in order to find a nation. Do you understand? [Yes.] You should not think of your husbands simply as your husbands. You must think of them as archangels representing the satanic world. However, I don't mean that your husbands are devils! Since they are blessed, they are half way to being True Adam and receiving spiritual support from the spirit world. They are also responsible for restoring God's nation on earth.

Who can make these men wholesome True Adams? Mothers and their children must unite and restore God's nation. Only then can you create families of Heaven on earth and eventually enter Heaven. It does not work randomly. You should follow the formula exactly, just like solving math problems.

If husbands stop their wives from fulfilling their missions, they will become the devil of devils. Even if they are registered, they will be separated in the spirit world. Although husbands were blessed as husbands, if they prevent their wives from doing God's work, they cannot enter Heaven. They can enter the paradise level, the middle realm where they cannot be connected to their own families, nation and the world.

Below the middle realm, there is hell. Hell is like a prison. No one is bound to stay in hell forever under Satan's dominion. If the brothers, sisters and descendants make tearful conditions and push them up, such people can be liberated.

I have the sovereignty and there are billions in the realm of the blessing. So we have the people and sovereignty but are in need of a land. We need Korea to be that land. If Koreans do not unite with the providence, they will be dropped out of the providence. It will be like the time God abandoned Israel and started the providence with the second Israel centering on Christianity. Although the state and religions of Korea unified in persecuting me, I have still come here and tried to save them. If Korea does not fulfill its responsibility, God will abandon this nation and start a new providence based on a third Israel, which is in South America. God will move south. Once South and North America are united, they can create the unified realm of Catholicism and Protestantism. With this prepared foundation, even if South and North Korea oppose me, it will not be the same as the case of Jesus' crucifixion. Since I have fulfilled my responsibility for the nation, if Korea does not follow me, I can leave the nation and go elsewhere. Do you understand what I am saying? You should be tested. All the registered women must understand this point clearly.

(To Korean national messiah wives) First, you must fulfill your responsibility as national messiahs with your children. You must bring your spiritual children, who are moved by your life of faith, and your own children into oneness, and then you must follow your husbands to Korea and be registered. That is the national standard. So it is the victorious unity between Cain and Abel, your own children and the spiritual children you made in your mission countries, that you must bring into Korea. That way, South Korea should be able to embrace North Korea, later China and Mongolia and eventually all of Asia. It should be done naturally.

If North Korea naturally surrenders, the door will be open to us centering on the UN. Since we have reached the time limit, I have had to hurry and proclaim, on the UN stage, the need to break down national boundaries .

All the delegates in the UN represent their own nations. The UN is like a dead cow in that the representatives from each nation are fighting like mad dogs for more meat from the UN. This cannot go on.

The national representatives should stay as the Cain side and there should be an upper house that represents the heavenly side. Those who are more concerned about the world must guide, in the right direction, those who are only concerned for their national interests so that they can also work for God's will.

Why do you have to go to Jardim for the forty days of training? That is something you must do. If the worldwide providence centered on Korea collapses, all the blessed families will be driven out. You must go through the forty-day workshop in Jardim. This is to restore the four-position foundation. For forty days, the mother, father and children in a family, whose hearts are all moving in different directions, find a unifying point. This is so as to create a unified foundation for your family. Centering on this principled family foundation, you can start resolving the national level indemnity of Adam's and Jesus' eras. When women who are united with their children work with complete unity with True Parents and God, there is nothing that can stop them, not even Satan. God will take care of everything. Do you understand or not? You must understand this clearly.

You want your children to rise in the world by sending them to well-known universities. It can never work! Those who went to universities for the wrong reasons must pay indemnity.

What you should really understand is that whether or not you can be registered in the heavenly nation is really up to your degree of dedication to God. You can pass through the gate only when you fulfill your duty as God's filial and loyal children.

True Mother is in the position of Leah, the elder sister, and blessed wives are in the position of Rachel, the younger sister, in Jacob's family. Leah took everything from Rachel in Jacob's family, but things will be different this time. True Mother, as the elder sister, serves God and True Father and gives the heavenly blessing to her younger sisters as the embodiment of motherhood. Blessed wives love Mother but naturally love me more.

Blessed wives are female ghosts. These ghosts should grow to be human spirits. For them to be true human spirits, they should love True Mother more than me in the end. Why do they have to love Mother more? Sisters were born out of the same mother. They share the same blood lineage. If their blood lineage is satanic, the sisters will reject each other. However, if their blood lineage is heavenly, they can get along well with each other. So who is your elder sister's husband? It is I. I was in the position of a blessed wife's fiance, your fiance, but became your elder sister's husband. Although it is natural that you may think of this elder sister as your enemy, you don't feel that way. Because your elder sister loves you more than anyone else and through her love, you can participate in receiving the heavenly blessing.

No matter what happens, you need to fulfill the four-year course. Even if you end up being beggars. In the Korean tradition, when parents passed away, the children took care of their graves by living by the tomb for three years. With that kind of loyalty, you should do your best during the four-year course. Do you understand?

Heung-jin Gun, the four major saints and other people of conscience are here with us. Jesus originally came to the earth as a True Parent. But his mission was not fulfilled. He is therefore like an older brother to us. Buddhism and Confucianism must modify their ways of doing things and follow the march of the Completed Testament age centered on the Principle. Only in that way can they find a direct road to God's kingdom on earth as well as in heaven. They cannot bring their Buddhist and Confucianist elements. They must sanctify those elements. Otherwise the doors to heaven will not be open to them.

How do we bring about peace in the world? When people from two enemy nations intermarry, the struggle between those two nations will start to disappear. Even if in the parents' generation they were mutual enemies, their children can create the starting line to heaven through intermarriage. Now is the age during which mutual enemies intermarry.

What is the final destination of God's command to love your enemies? It is to intermarry with your enemies. When such a time comes, God can finally be free. There were marriages between Japanese and Koreans in 1988, weren't there? We have made it a tradition. When we love our enemies by intermarrying with them, the direct road to heaven will open and there will be no place for satanic elements.

When people from two former enemy nations marry, both nations can be registered in heaven overnight. Restoration is that easy. When I am officially recognized, and in charge of international marriage, it will take no more than three months for the nations involved to be registered in Heaven. Do you think that I have that kind of ability or not?

Your registration is really up to you. You don't need the Messiah. We have now blessed millions of Adam's extended family in the spirit world. So, what is there to worry about? I don't have to take responsibility as the Messiah now. Your families now have the seeds of the perfected Adamic family. You can harvest as much as you invest in the field. It is indeed up to each one of your families. It depends on how much a couple invests. True Parents have been doing the work on behalf of God. Do you have to be better than True Parents or not?

Centering on love, what is the ultimate wish of any parents? It is for their sons and daughters to be a thousand times better than they are. The parents' natural wish is for their children to go and live forever in heaven, even if their children deserve to go to hell. Especially mothers feel that way. Do you love True Mother? She represents a queen, a grandmother, a mother, a sister and a daughter. She represents all the women in the world.

Christianity has taken the wrong road. Its followers are sometimes complacent. God sacrifices His own sons and daughters to save those who are in hell. But there are Christians who believe they are the best and the rest of the world should go to hell. They think Buddhists, atheists and Unificationists are the enemy. They say that the Unification Church should be gotten rid of. They've tried various methods of attack. No matter how hard they have tried to destroy me, they have not been able to touch me.

You don't need me any more. I have given you everything you need. You should not be indebted to me anymore. Do not ask for True Parents' help. Just do your utmost to build a nation with the fervor with which you love True Parents.

It is you women who are responsible for your husbands' growth and perfection. It is your responsibility to save your husbands' families. These days, Korean women cheat on their husbands. They say, "My husband is doing it, so I am doing the same thing, or even four times more than he is." They use the Internet [to contact men] and end up having free sex and doing all kinds of evil things. You have to eliminate all this from Korea. It is no longer the time for you to serve me, but rather the time has come for you to serve your husbands, children and nation.

Let us make Korea our base land. You ought to determine to create a history that is beyond all future accusation from your descendants. The providence of salvation is over. Do not call to God. Since you are registered, you must raise your children righteously and enable them to enter heaven on behalf of God and on behalf of the savior of the salvation providence. If your children cannot enter heaven, you are responsible. I have taught you everything there is to know about how to rid this world of evil. If your children cannot enter heaven, you are to blame.

God has taken responsibility for His own creation and True Parents for the history of restoration. If you fail to take responsibility for what you are responsible for, you will be eternally to blame. How will you face your descendants when they accuse you, "True Parents taught you everything. Why did you have so much attachment to the fallen world while on earth when you knew that life there was as short and insignificant as a single breath of air?"

I am giving you this advice, since I know that you will fall into utter misery if you do not fulfill your responsibility. Please do remember this day. The people in the spirit world are making a strong determination. Therefore, you should make even stronger determination than they have. I would like to finish this speech with a strong wish for all the blessed families to take personal, subjective responsibility! [Amen!] So from now, do not hesitate to work together with the spirit world. And, working together with the spirit world, all the blessed families on earth must take care that their descendants not fall.

Father's words and prayers, and the sermons of Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, are translated from the original Korean and originally published in Today's World October 2000.

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