Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

September 24th Pledge Service Benediction

Sun Myung Moon
September 24, 2000

This is Father's prayer at the pledge service in the morning, prior to the ceremony to pass on the authority to give the blessing to Heung Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim (a ceremony that Father called "The Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony.") When Father speaks about his sons by name he often adds the word "Gun" (? , which is a way to convey more of a feeling of respect despite Father's seniority.

Beloved Father! Today is September 24, 2000, the final day for the third blessed wives' special workshop to register in Heaven, and it is also Sunday. It has been more than a year since February 13, 1999, when saints and murderers were officially linked together as brothers and sisters under the direction of True Parents, so that they could begin to have the benefits of the blessing-having God as their Parents, together with all things in the cosmos.

In unity, the Parents of Heaven and Earth have worked so very hard to prepare this day on earth, as well as in the spirit world, in order to set up the standard of the original ideal of creation and to resolve all the complex situations on earth and in the spirit world. We are truly grateful for Your grace, Father, allowing us to proclaim the return of all the fallen things in the entire created world and the start of the world of the culture of the fourth Adam.

Humankind is unaware that the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who have accumulated so much grief in their hearts throughout the entire providential history of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament ages since the fall of humanity, are here on earth. Human beings have looked forward to being free from all suffering and limitations, not having known up to now the historical background that separated them from God. With True Parents' guidance on earth, humankind must understand the motivation of the fall, the reality of the fall, and how far human history has gone astray from God, having no real relationship with God whatsoever.

Human beings came to have barriers between mind and body, between husband and wife, and between all families. We must understand, therefore, that human history has been one of struggle, filled with pain due to everything being divided and separated.

Throughout our long history of struggle, many national borders and countless barriers separating the lives and cultures of human beings have been erected. These have caused so much grief and pain in God's heart. Because True Parents have revealed all the secrets of heaven and earth, as the morning sun hangs high in the sky now, on this day, we greet the age in which we can finally understand everything.

In this time and age, based on the unity between the Parents of Heaven and Earth, please allow the blessed families, surmounting the history of all humankind, to settle on earth centered on God's true love, attending the Parents in heaven and uniting with the victorious Parents on earth. We are truly grateful that You have given us the blessed opportunity to clear out the satanic blood lineage and connect ourselves to the liberated blood lineage of the blessing.

We are creating a new history centered on true love, centered on True Parents, and centered on the true lineage. We are breaking away from all the ties of families, tribes, nations, the world, the universe and the entire the spirit world by attending the true God. We should break down all the barriers separating the paradise realm, the middle realms and hell in the spirit world so that God can work in the spirit world with total freedom and feel the joy of the ideal of creation. That is our desire.

At this time we must break down and dissolve all the national boundaries to create one nation representing the new heaven and earth by receiving the name of unified nation and world that facilitates the standard of liberating heaven and hell and creating unity correlatively on earth, so that You can feel and share the joy together with the children representing all humanity. This is something You have not been able to do so far.

We must break down the borders between nations and lay the foundations for peace, going beyond all the continental boundaries. We truly pray for the time when You can have dominion over and direct the whole world, and set up the kingship of love so that everything in the universe can truly feel that they exist because of Your love, and take pride in it. We attribute all the glories to You with a truly grateful heart for Your grace, with our understanding of the glorious value of our being, centering on the heavenly dominion and the family of the heavenly kingdom.

Now is the time for all the blessed families to offer the Total Living Offering, which is a symbolic offering of the entire universe. These families must go over the hills of the Old Testament age, New Testament age, and Completed Testament age in this age of liberation, and they should connect the families of God's love with the world so that they can achieve the third liberation, enabling, in this age, heaven and hell to meet right at the point at which Adam fell. For that to happen, we should break down all the walls erected during the Old Testament age, New Testament age, and Completed Testament age, and create new ties through the first church-level blessing, national blessing and world-level blessing. And our families can finally go beyond the limits of the nation and move forward to the world level. We are truly grateful for Your grace to have us greet this age when we can establish Heaven's culture of heart, and when we can see the liberation of the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven.

So far, mothers and children have been separated; brothers and sisters have been separated. These separations have resulted in the numerous borders between nations as well as countless borders in the spirit world. With completion of the blessing of the realm of liberation for the three generations, we can break down all the walls between individuals, tribes, nations and the entire universe in the presence of God and bring Satan, the devil, the Archangel Lucifer, to his knees. We sincerely pray that all the descendants of the families that have received the victorious blessing of three ages can settle all the spiritually awakened ones in the spirit world so that You can liquidate all Your sorrows.

What we do here is transcending religion. It transcends what all the saints have accomplished. Centering on Jesus, representing Heung Jin Gun in the spirit world and centering on True Parents on earth, all the blessed families should make unity representing all the families of filial sons and daughters before the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We announce the grace of the blessing centering on those of Your children that have participated in the workshop today. Please, God, allow us to celebrate this day of victory as a historical day centered on Your new standard that goes straight vertically to the spirit world and straight horizontally throughout the entire world.

True Parents in heaven and True Parents on earth have become the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the True Couple, binding all relationships based on the blood lineage of love. We proclaim the liberation of the entire universe, attending the Parents of Heaven and Earth and centering on the new name of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth that You will have dominion over for eternity.

We sincerely pray and proclaim that You will completely guide and have dominion over Your ideal of creation as the victorious, dominant King, for thousands and tens of thousands of years, and that we move forward to the Heavenly Kingdom of freedom and liberation on earth in which the entire universe is involved, and in which all humanity absolutely obeys You. Amen, Amen, Amen.

[Originally published in Today's World, September]

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