Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

The Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
September 2000

The Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony was held on September 24 in the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. True Parents entered the main hall at 11:30 a.m. From among the participating blessed families Father chose 24 second generation children between the ages of 12 and 16 (Korean age), 12 boys and 12 girls. He had them stand facing the offering table, girls in the front and boys in the back. True Parents' grandson Shin Chul Nim and granddaughter Shin Eh Nim were included among the 24. In addition to these 24 from the second generation not yet blessed, 24 second generation members aged 18 to 24 who had received the blessing, 24 blessed members aged of 30 to 40, and 24 blessed members aged 60 and 80 were selected, a total of 96 people in all.

In the providence of restoration the number 9 is a bad number. Because the number 6 is also a bad number, it had to be indemnified. Seventy-two plus 12 pairs makes 96 altogether. The number 72 represents the 70 disciples centered on Jesus' 12 apostles, as well as Moses' 70 disciples. The number 96 is also a bad number. The number 72 is the indemnifying number of the 70 elders centering on the 10 tribes, which is why I have arranged the numbers this way. I blessed those who had passed away between the ages of 3 and 15.

True Parents have blessed those who are on earth and Heung Jin Gun has blessed those in the spirit world. We should unify the work done separately on earth and in the spirit world by True Parents and their son.

Centered on True Parents on earth, we should unify the blessing foundation for blessed families made by True Parents with the spiritual blessing foundation for spirit beings in spirit world. Because True Parents blessed sons and daughters on earth, the spirit world must obey the foundation of the blessing they have established, so that the spirit world can perfect the Archangel position.

In order for that to happen, Heung Jin Gun should come down to the earth, completely unite with his Parents and set up the condition so that it is as if they had given the blessing as one. That way, we can acknowledge that Heung Jin Gun did all the work of True Parents together with them.

There is a general rule that a father becomes like an elder brother to his sons and his sons become like his younger brothers in the spirit world. So a son can stand before his father as his son and his younger brother as well. We should connect the dual values in this relationship and create a unified realm.

Therefore, I do not have to give the blessing on earth in the future. When the father grows old and passes away, elder brothers can give the blessing in his place. Since an elder brother can give the blessing in his father's place, Heung Jin Gun who is in the elder brother's position can give the blessing on earth and in the spirit world.

I grant equal value to the blessing in the spirit world. When I bestow on my son in the spirit world the authority to give the blessing, he will be free to go anywhere on earth where his father is. God on the vertical level and God on the horizontal level have not been able to unite. And God had to fill up the middle realm of the spirit world with those of the satanic lineage.

True Parents can unify all the divisions, and the unified realm of father and son can gradually find its place on earth. The time will pass when Father, who is an old man in his eighties, gives the blessing to the people in the world. The time will come when Heung Jin Gun can give the blessing in the spirit world with True Parents, and in True Parents' place. Do you understand? [Yes.] Therefore, I must grant Heung Jin Gun the authority to give the blessing when I am on earth. Because I give equal value to the blessing in the spirit world, it will have the same value whether my son gives the blessing on earth or I do in the spirit world. As I set up the unified blessed family realm, I give my son the authority of giving the blessing.

You must understand what I have just told you. You should learn this by heart and create a unified realm between the physical and spiritual worlds. When a father goes to the spirit world, he becomes an elder brother to his son and the son becomes a younger brother to his father. Therefore, a father and his son can equally call God "Heavenly Father." What it means is that both fathers and sons are sons before God. Do you understand? [Yes.]

In God's eyes, all men are sons. Since a father was born first, he can be an elder brother to his son horizontally. Therefore, True Parents are handing over what we have established as parents in order to create a unified realm of the same value on earth and in the spirit world. By our proclaiming this unity, with Heung Jin Gun (who is the elder son in the spirit world) present, and with blessed families together in this place, Heung Jin rather than myself, comes into the position of giving the blessing. The time is also coming that Hyun Jin Gun can give the blessing in my place. Do you understand? [Yes.] The second generation will give the blessing in their Parents' place here and Heung Jin Gun, the elder brother, will do the same in the spirit world. Since Heung Jin Gun is the elder brother and Hyun Jin Gun the younger, Hyun Jin in the younger brother's position can give the blessing to you on earth.

On the vertical foundation, the third generation sons and daughters can give the blessing to their grandparents and parents and grant their own children the authority to give the blessing as well.

Adam and Eve should have perfected themselves through the blessing in the Old Testament age. The same thing should have happened in the New Testament age. Because True Parents accomplished everything in relation to heaven and earth in the Completed Testament age, we can have all the ancestors who were all scattered around in the spirit world stand together in one place and bless them. You are the third of the three generations following your grandparents and parents. You also represent all three ages. You receive love from your grandparents who represent the heavenly kingdom and from your parents who represent the earthly kingdom.

Since grandchildren receive love from both grandparents and parents, grandchildren can have the authority to give the blessing. Blessed families are the fruit inheriting the heavenly kingdom as well as the earthly kingdom. So grandchildren, the third generation, can give the blessing to their parents as well as their grandparents.

A person in the position of a grandchild can complete what had to be accomplished in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament ages, representing the formation, growth and completion stages on behalf of his ancestors in the spirit world. The time will come when even the ancestors in the spirit world can give the blessing on behalf of True Parents and Heung Jin Nim.

The archangelic realm was in the elder son's position and the heavenly realm was in the younger son's, Abel's, position. This will change. The heavenly realm will be in the elder son's position and angels in the younger son's position. There are so many spirit beings who are blessed in the spirit world now. But their blessing came after True Parents', so they are in the younger son's position. They can go to heaven by following True Parents, as their younger siblings.

In giving the blessing, there shouldn't be any border between the spirit world and physical world. The time has arrived in which Heung Jin Gun in the spirit world and Hyun Jin Gun in the physical world can give the blessing on a unified foundation where everybody can be together as equals. Do you understand? [Yes.]

From the next occasion, I do not have to give the blessing. Since your three generations, including your grandparents, are blessed, and after this three-generation blessing, my son, Heung Jin Gun was acknowledged by the spirit world, there is no need for me to give the blessing. Adam was supposed to be the first generation, Adam and Eve, the second generation and their children the third generation. These three generations were to create the true kingdom. However, the true kingdom was contaminated. The Second Coming, as True Parents, established the blessed families. Therefore, True Parents can give the blessing to anyone, including relatives, grandparents and all other ancestors vertically connected. So the spirit world has entered the "era of the blessing liberation realm" in which spirit beings also can be blessed, according to their level. Amen. [Amen.]

Heung Jin Gun, Hee Jin Gun, Young Jin Gun, Hye Jin-these families are present right at this moment, right here. Among the blessed families in the spirit world, all the infants who are blessed are standing together as the entity of the unified family, before heaven, in place of the parents and the elder brother. Those families who embody absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience can enter heaven any time and under any circumstances. Amen. [Amen.]

For many reasons I needed to hold this ceremony of passing on the authority to give the blessing to make it possible that my own authority as well as that of Heung Jin Gun be given to Heung Jin Gun's younger brother. At the same time, Heung Jin Gun's younger brother's authority can be recognized by God through Heung Jin Gun with the permission of True Parents. In this way three generations are working as one.

All the blessed families are the second generation and their children are the third generation. As Hyun Jin Gun is my own son and Heung Jin Gun's younger brother, he can liberate all the ancestors on behalf of True Parents. That is from the viewpoint of the Principle.

You must understand the background to this clearly. This ceremony opens the way for heaven and earth to clear away the sorrowful history. Therefore, none of your three blessed generations should ever fall. What will happen if you fall? With this ceremony, the age during which True Parents could save you has passed.

Since our blood lineage was different from God, we have had to have our blood lineage purified through the blessing. The new blood lineage should never ever be corrupted in thousands or tens of thousands of years. You must keep your purity. Do you understand? [Yes.]

You must understand clearly. This is very serious. From now, I cannot ask God to grant forgiveness in the name of True Parents. There will be no way to save you without sacrificing your own ancestors and your own brothers and sisters. Even then, your blood lineage will not be completely purified. You must pass on the pure blood lineage to your descendants. It is a serious matter.

My four children in the spirit world are present here, Hye Jin and three brothers, all of whom have been blessed. True Parents' parents and ancestors as well as twelve and twenty-four generations of your ancestors are watching us at this very moment. The blessing on earth has enormous value. As we see heaven and earth having one equal level, the time has arrived when Heung Jin Gun, as the elder son, can do all the work True Parents have done and Hyun Jin Gun can do as much as Heung Jin Gun does.

The time will come, when you are qualified enough, that your own families will inherit the authority to give the blessing without Heung Jin Gun and Hyun Jin Gun. You must understand this. God is looking forward to the time. Do you understand? [Yes.] Do you leaders here understand? [Yes.] You must teach the members clearly.

The fearful time has come when God, the Creator of heaven and earth is present in your lives on earth, directly supervising you. In the past, when you did wrong, when you committed sin under the influence of the devil, you could find ways to restore yourselves. But from now, if you fall, for eternity there is no one who can save you.

You cannot be saved until your parents, all your ancestors and your brothers and sisters sacrifice themselves for you. Even then, it will take a very long time. If you fall, you will be put into a much worse situation than Adam and Eve. You should know that you will be despised a hundred times more than Adam and Eve have been if you contaminate the perfected blood lineage.

So I am telling you that all the families blessed in the realm of the three ages should never ever experience the sorrow of the fall. Do you understand? [Yes.] Those who answered, "yes," raise your hands.

Now, heaven and earth being together, I would like to begin the "The Turning Point of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Four Position Foundation Unification Blessing Ceremony." You understand that we will proclaim the handing down of the authority to give the blessing. [Yes.] Let us begin the preparations for the ceremony.

This ceremony is held in the spirit world and the physical world at the same time. Do you understand? [Yes.] The evil spirits are not in the spirit world any more. The spirit world is full of all of your ancestors who are blessed. The influence of evil is so much less now. Since Lucifer surrendered, only his followers remain there. Thirty-three percent of them are even blessed, too centered on the religious leaders.

Based on the 33 percent of those spirit beings blessed we want to give the blessing to 100 percent. This is the ceremony reversing the failures of Adam on the family level and of Jesus on the national level, because God has blessed this victorious foundation.

When heaven and earth go against each other, unity is not possible. This should change. What is up should move down and what is down should move up. Right and left should be able to meet. Then God's children can rectify their wrongs centered on God.

The spirit world and physical world can horizontally stand together before the restored Adam, centered on the Heavenly Parents. Do you understand? [Yes.] We can perfect them by connecting to the eight stages. The time has come when True Parents and Heung Jin in the spirit world, as the highest leaders, can unify the borderlines between the two worlds. We can therefore hold this ceremony to transfer the blessing in the physical and spiritual worlds at the same time. Do you understand? [Yes.]

So we are entering into the era when we can perfect the vertical and horizontal at the same time. Because I proclaim that all the victorious foundations on earth and in the spirit world have equal value from now, because they can interchange with each other, Satan can never enter this realm. If the followers of Lucifer do not obey this command, we can cast them away centered on the tribal realm.

Until we bless 100 percent of the spirit world, only one third of the spirit world belongs to the heavenly realm. So we blessed Confucius, Buddha, and Socrates centered on Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Those included in the 33 percent are the ones who have more accomplishments and are more qualified. We have totally indemnified all the failures made in the Old Testament age since Adam's family and in the New Testament age since Jesus' family. They can now stand in the same position with us. They can inherit the responsibilities vertically and horizontally. The time of unification has come when everyone, wherever he is, can inherit the liberated realm of the blessing. Amen. [Amen.]

So, you should understand that hundred of millions of spirit people who are blessed are here in spirit. I would like to tell you that especially those youngsters below the age of sixteen who are blessed in the spirit world are here together with us.

The Ceremony

On the foundation of the unity between God in heaven and True Parents on earth, the perfection of the spirit world and physical world occur together. The spiritual and physical worlds should support each other in fulfilling their tasks. Heung Jin Gun in the spirit world can have the same blessing authority with True Parents that can liberate and offer indemnity for the satanic world. Heung Jin Gun's foundation can be directly connected to the earth centered on God. Therefore, through True Parents, centered on Heung Jin Gun and Hyun Jin Gun, all the blessed families in the spirit world and on earth will create a unifying environment and move together toward one destination. This is a ceremony of handing down the supreme authority, conveying to all the blessed families, on the victorious foundation of True Parents, the elder son and younger son, a victorious realm on their family level. Amen. [Amen.] We would like to conclude the ceremony with the Parents' blessing.

Reverend Kwak:

First of all, Heung Jin Nim's family should offer a bow before the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (They offer a bow.) Next, representatives...


No, Hyun Jin Gun, and Hee Jin Gun, Young Jin Gun and Hye Jin Yang in the spirit world must all do this together as they all received the blessing. Do you follow? And all of you standing here should bow together since you represent the blessed couples in both the spirit world and physical world.

Reverend Kwak:

Now, all the True Children's families in the spirit world who are here-Young Jin Nim's family, Hye Jin Nim's family, Hee Jin Nim's family, plus Hyun Jin Nim's family on earth, other True Children and representatives of the second generation blessed families, of the first generation blessed families and of the church elders should bow before the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (They offer a bow.)

All the representatives of the blessed families on earth and the blessed families in the spirit world should bow. Let us offer a full bow before the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (A full bow is offered)Now let us recite the Family Pledge. (Recitation of the Family Pledge)

Father resumes:

Elder Hyo Nam Kim should come out to the front. She does not belong to her individual self. She has the mission of the medium teaching about Father and Mother's direct family representing Heung Jin Gun, Dae Mo Nim, Choong Mo Nim and Dae Hyung Nim. Therefore, when you see her, you should think of her as representing Heung Jin Gun, Dae Mo Nim, Choong Mo Nim and Dae Hyung Nim's families. She is not a woman representing blessed families.

Since I put her in the position of representing my direct family, including my own elder brother, you should serve her with respect! Do you understand? [Yes.] You should not behave carelessly. You should understand that you are here serving a heavenly family. You should behave correctly, maintaining your honor and dignity. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Since the women who participated in the first special workshop for registration are registered now, they can take the responsibility of educating their children. On the foundation of the unity between mothers and their children, together they can help their fathers reform themselves so that the couples can stand as the ideal and unfallen parents on earth. These parents, following the tradition of True parents, will serve God and offer themselves and their children and all things representing the Old Testament age, New Testament age and Completed Testament age with great joy in their hearts. This is the point in history of inheriting the actual right of love. This is the beginning point of the liberation of our homeland. By indemnifying all that went unfulfilled by the blessed families and by taking responsibility in the confusing time of the unification of South and North Korea, we are trying to establish the liberation of our homeland. You are soldiers and God's children, with the very serious task of finding our original homeland.

So, the Parents of Heaven and Earth truly want all of you to understand that you are soldiers waiting for the command to go to war and that heaven and earth, in cooperation, are establishing one straight way for you. Therefore, you should be stainless families of the first, second and third generations in whom your ancestors in the spirit world can take pride. I pray and hope for all of you to be the princes and princesses of victory centered on Heung Jin Gun and Hyun Jin Gun's families by creating ideal unity and perfection. Amen. [Amen.] Do you understand? [Yes.]

Now the time has arrived when we can give the blessing ceremony freely, anywhere on earth and in the spirit world, centered on Heung Jin Gun, on the foundation of father and son unity.

Air, sunlight and water can flow through anywhere there are cracks. Water can even flow up to the top due to the phenomenon of capillary action. Among those things that flow, love has the most value and power. If we consider human beings as spaces that love can flow through, love always finds its place within us just as low pressure does in the air. It works like low pressure. In the same way that sunlight, air and water flow through any cracks or spaces, all the cracks and spaces in the spirit world should be filled with love.

You should take responsibility as the ones with unified heavenly ownership and be victorious families setting the standard of loyal servants-filial sons and daughters before the heavenly kingdom of liberation. Amen. [Amen.] I bless you with the wish that all of you really do your utmost to fulfill the goal.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father residing in heaven above and below! True Parents residing in the physical world! Heavenly Father and True Parents in unity have established an equal value before the entire universe. Centering on the unified realm of love establishing the ideal family relationships between parents and children, between couples, and between brothers and sisters, God as the standard, the day has come for Heavenly Father to finally fulfill His fervent wish that the entire spirit and physical world be perfected.

I have had the spirit world adopt True Parents' victorious foundation on earth so that all the blessed families liberated in the spirit world centered on Heung Jin Gun welcome Parents and Children. Therefore, together with Heavenly Father I take responsibility for all the failures of blessed families for the past forty years and connect them to the position of true children before God and give the blessed families the chance to establish the victorious standard. Therefore, through this ceremony, I allow the victory of True Parents on earth to be the victory of the spirit world so that on that unified foundation between the spirit world and physical world, True Parents' blessing authority can go beyond any humanistic level and stand in the core of unification. It is truly a prestigious time that Heung Jin Gun can give the blessing that can liberate all the saints and sages and others, unifying with the perfect foundation of the blessing on earth. It is the time to proclaim the beginning of the perfection of the spirit world and physical world. It is the place that the blessing authority is handed over.

Father, with great joy in Your heart please indemnify and clear away all the sorrow accumulated throughout history. Please let the joyful hymns of glorious victory and liberation fill the entire universe with the sounds of drums and songs of the joy of the universe, singing "my love and my heavenly kingdom have come." Please make this day the joyful beginning of the completion of the blessing, completion of the earthly and heavenly kingdoms. This is a special period of time on earth when we set the conditions to become the people who can accept suffering voluntarily. Please bless, bless, and bless us again so that we can carve out a new road, through the light of the purity of love that is full of victories and glories for thousands and thousands of years.

Because True Parents on earth have been working up to now as the leaders of the history of indemnity, together with the elder son with equal authority in the spirit world, we can now bring the earth and the spirit world into a balanced unity where saints and murderers can be bound together with brotherly love. Please help us purify the stained blood in the satanic world and pass on the pure blood lineage to the next generation. Now is the time of unification and integration. Therefore, the liberation of the earth means the liberation of the spirit world and vice versa. Through father and son ties and the ties of brothers, we allow the younger son, who should create the foundation spring of the heavenly kingdom of the blessing and happiness on earth, the special and prestigious authority to become one with the heavenly protector of resurrection. We sincerely ask You, Father, to lead us, guide us and move forward with us, with total freedom.

This moment, we sincerely proclaim that we directly hand down all the victories made in the name of True Parents to the elder son, Heung Jin Gun, who actualizes the blessing of liberation united with God's ideal of creation in the spirit world. We hope all the things will be done and realized in the universe as You desire. We report the victory with our sincere longing, in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen.

We proclaim that we hand down the victorious realm of True Parents on earth to Heung Jin Gun who has accomplished victories and represented the elder son realm in the spirit world, based on the victorious tradition and unifying ideal. All people on earth and in heaven should have a heart of gratitude and fulfill their responsibility as filial sons and daughters, loyal servants, heroic women, saints and sages who embrace the heaven and earth of love and the kingdom of eternal and unchanging love. We pledge! Amen. We pledge! Amen. We pledge! Amen.

We proclaim this and sincerely pray before his brothers and sisters on earth that Heung Jin Gun will inherit True Parents' will and do his utmost to realize it. Amen. [Amen.]

After the ceremony, Father invited all the members to take some food and drink from the offering table to share in the joy of the event.

[Originally published in Today's World, September]

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