Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

To Participants of the Third Registration Workshop

Sun Myung Moon
September 2000

Translated excerpts from the original recording of Father's words during one of his many visits to Chung Pyung Training Center.

The religious world is destined to struggle over how to solve the problems of the external world. The relationship between father and son is also a matter of fate. If a man is a traitor, his son will be a traitor's son. If a man is a loyal person, his son will be a loyal person's son. This cannot change. If the root is wrong, its trunk, branches, and leaves all go wrong. If the root is good, all the rest of the tree is good, too. When a father belongs to Satan, his son belongs to Satan, too. When a father belongs to God, his son belongs to God, too. Do you understand?

When you look at yourselves, do you think of yourselves as good or evil? If you don't know the answer, you cannot solve any problems. Are you people of goodness or not? [Evil.] How evil are you, then? You are too evil to make any kind of relationship with God. You should know you are that evil. How evil are you again? You have no relationship whatsoever with God. That's how evil you are. You evil people have no foundation to relate to the omniscient, omnipotent, limitless, eternal and absolutely unchanging master of love, God. Do you or don't you? [We don't.] Because you do not, are you a group of people that belong to heaven or are you people that are destined to go down to the bottom of the ugly satanic realm? Because you became the kind of people who have no way to go to the heavenly realm, we can conclude that you cannot but be miserable in your individual, family, national, and world-level lives, and even after you go to the spirit world you still have nothing to do with God. Am I right? Yes?

You have your mind and body. Your body has five senses and so does your mind. So you have ten senses altogether. That's your existence. You have a dual structure within you. When we think of the mind as good and the body as evil, we have to ask whether or not our mind can connect to God. The real question is whether our minds are able to make any relationship with God at all. What do you all think? This is a serious issue. You have to come to a clear conclusion in your mind. Your conclusion should be clear and righteous enough to be authorized by God and the entire universe. Otherwise, you have no way to make any kind of connection with God. Can you or can't you? (Louder) Can you or can't you? [No, we can't.] Well, at least you're listening. (laughter.) Did you really hear what I said? [Yes!]

Which part of your body is your favorite and the most precious? How come you've never thought about that? What's the most precious part of your body? What? What's most precious in your body is what Satan hates and despises the most and what God loves and values the most. We have five senses. We have eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and hands. In the spirit world, we have spiritual eyes, a spiritual nose, a spiritual mouth, spiritual ears and spiritual hands. Are our physical senses and spiritual senses in harmony or in conflict? What I am asking is whether or not your mind and body are in unity. Those whose mind and body are in unity, raise your hands. Someone told me there are about fourteen hundred of you. None of you even knows what part of your body God likes. Why should I stay and talk to you? Do you think God likes it when you are in any kind of conflict? God hates conflict. God hates fighting the most. God loves those whose mind and body are in harmony and unity. Your body is not in unity with your mind and your mind is not in unity with your body. Your mind hates your body enough that it wishes it to die. Do you think your mind thinks like that or not? Are your mind and body in unity? Do you think God can be with you when your mind and body are in conflict? Can you feel joy when your mind and body are in conflict?

Are you from Japan? You had to come all the way to Korea to learn how to live. How sorrowful you must have felt to come here! Did you come here because you have been happy or sad? Was your mind and body in unity; did they come dancing all the way here? No. Everyday you've been in conflict. Are your mind and body in unity? Have you had one whole day during which your mind and body have been in complete unity? How many hours have you ever experienced the oneness between your mind and body? This is a serious matter. Because your mind and body are in conflict, are there borders within you or not? [There are.] So who created these borderlines? [Satan.] Have you witnessed this?

We have to talk, day and night, about breaking down national borders. We have to try to break them down. That is what I spoke about in the UN. World peace can only come about when there are no national borders. Those who like national borders, raise your hands. [None.] Don't you have national borders between your minds and bodies? As long as you have a borderline between your mind and body, you still belong to Satan. The reason that you have to be here today is that your mind and body are not in unity. Do you think your mind and body not being in unity was caused by men or women? [Women.] Are you women or men? [Women.] Not a single man is here. [But you are here!] I'm a teacher! None of you trainees is a man.

Do children belong to their mother or father? A fetus grows up in its mother's womb, receiving nourishment from the mother's flesh and bone. All babies are born through their mothers' bodies. Why should they belong to their fathers? Because of the seed. The seed is important. However, women's wombs are the houses for the fetuses. Fetuses suck nourishment from their mothers while they are in their wombs. It is important to educate babies while they are in the womb. Their spirits can grow well if they are educated well there. And once they are born, they suck their mothers' milk. Why do women have breasts? What are they for? For your babies. There are even women who do not want to have husbands; they want to marry just to have their own babies. If a woman never has her own child, her original purpose of being born dies away. Do you think breast-feeding is better for your babies or bottle-feeding by someone other than the mother? When the baby is growing in the womb, it sucks the mother's flesh and bone. Do you think it is better for the baby to receive nourishment directly from his mother or from cows? When a mother feeds cow's milk to her baby, do you think her affection for the baby increases? When a mother loses the chance to develop a strong attachment to her children as babies, she will suffer because of them once they grow up. Mothers of the Unification faith should breast-feed their babies. Even if you don't want to, you should breast-feed your babies for at least six months. That's how babies learn to recognize their mothers. No matter how ugly the mother is, for her baby, she is the most beautiful being in the world. For the mother, too. No matter how ugly the baby is, he is very beautiful in his mother's eyes. Even though everyone else may want to avoid looking at the baby, his mother will love the baby no matter what. That's why the love of a mother is great. The power of love is so mysterious. Love has such power.

When there is love, what is ugliest can look like the best looking thing in the universe. Women tend to marry someone like their father or brother. Men tend to marry women who look like someone they loved while growing up, such as their mothers or sisters. This is because they feel a connection of love with them. Break down the national borders! [Break down the national borders!]

Break down the national borders! [Break down the national borders!] There are so many borders in your physical and spiritual senses. In order to break down all the borders in your physical and spiritual senses, you need to follow the main teaching of the Unification movement, which is to love your enemies. How would you define loving your enemies? What is love? Is kissing love? What is love? [Living for others.] Yes, but what is living for others? Love has the kind of power that makes you feel that even your spouse's dried nasal mucus tastes good. Haven't you tasted your husband's nose wax? (Laughter) Have you tasted your own nose wax? It tastes salty, doesn't it? Your husband's nose wax will taste sweet. Try it when you make love to your husband. That's the mystery of love. I don't know for sure, but Mother told me. (Laughter) So you should be able to say the same thing about your husband. When you tell your husband that his nose wax tasted like candy yesterday, and like honey today, will he be happy or sad? I saw my own mother tasting my younger sister's excrement. They say if it tastes sweet, the child will get better, but if it tastes bitter, the child will get worse. I couldn't understand it for a long time. I finally understood that God's love has such power. In love, nothing is ugly. When a child is sick, the parents want to suffer in the child's place. That's the greatness of love. That's the kind of love God is interested in. Man-woman problems make up 80 percent of the problems of the world. Problems of power or money are not real problems. All problems come about because of disunity between men and women. There should be a solution. Without resolving this problem, there cannot be peace on earth. You should follow what I teach you; live for others, invest and invest, give, give and give and still want to give more.

Tomorrow, I will go to the United States. I must go and pack. Mother is already doing that. She sent a message that said she was packing and asked me why I had not come. What time is it? Oh. She is waiting for me, so I'll go. [No.] The conclusion is simple: Breaking down national borders is our responsibility. You have to be able to digest any kind of barrier in your lives. How complex and difficult it is to put up with your parents-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law! Just like God, you have to keep silent during moments of conflict. God has kept silent for thousands of years. No matter how many times He was hurt, He has kept forgetting and giving and giving patiently. He has finally seen the bright morning. Now is the time of unification. We should break down borderlines by loving our enemies beyond them. Satan is always present in conflicts. We have to purge Satan. How? By the power of the United Nations. The UN should be the center of purging Satan. Then what? You should intermarry between the citizens of former enemy nations. That way we can break down hell.

We married those who went to the spirit world when they were young. We married those who were more than eight years old. We specially chose their spouses from among their enemies. We should do the same in this world. When I blessed historical saints, I also blessed historical murderers such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and so forth. When the children of saints and evil people intermarry, the time for world peace has arrived.

True Parents set up all the foundations for the eight stages after understanding that the only way to realize God's original ideal is to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Since it is the time of unification, even those who are at the bottom, in terms of social standing, can have the same blessing. Now is the time that saints and evil people can receive the same blessing. Even fallen Adam and Eve did not want Cain killing Abel. God didn't want it at all. God must have said to himself, "Alas, all of you should have been blessed and have created one single lineage." That's why I had to bless the good with the bad. Which nation is Korea's biggest enemy? Japan. Although you killed each other in the past, now you have to protect each other-becoming parents and brothers and sisters to one another. If you don't like it, you will be blocked in the spirit world. You will be left alone. You should really understand the reality of the spirit world. Have I taught you well or not? I've taught you clearly.

You shouldn't think of yourself. If you put yourself before everything else, you belong to Satan. When you decide to love the world as God does, all the borders disappear. Do you understand? When you live for and give blessings to your enemies, Satan cannot remain with you anymore. All the walls will break down. When all of you and your children intermarry with your enemies and create harmony, there will finally be peace on earth. Do you understand?

Because of women, borders came into being, so women should be in the forefront of breaking them down. For South Korea, North Korea is the enemy. Communists are the enemies. You should feel sorry for them. You know the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible. Whereas the elder son takes care of the household and is loyal to the parents, the younger son loses all his inheritance and returns home a beggar. But his parents have a big feast to express their great joy when the prodigal son comes back home. The older son becomes jealous of his younger brother. Right? The same things are happening here, too. You thirty-six couple blessed families think of yourselves as senior just because you joined the movement earlier. If I set up a couple who are young in many respects as a new thirty-six couple, should you welcome them or not? You are in the elder son's position. In the Bible, the elder son was scolded when he complained about his father's decision to welcome the prodigal son. What do you think? The same thing will happen. You should give everything you have made so far to those who are in the younger brother's position, the prodigal sons from the fallen world. Do you understand? Those who understand this, clap your hands. (Applause)

You should think of yourselves as queens who are responsible for breaking down national borders. You should forgive those who oppose you and forget what they do. You should do that which you do not feel willing to do. If you do can, you will be able to break down national borders. Then you should be able to offer what you have made with your blood and sweat to your brothers and sisters. God will acknowledge you. World unification is right before our eyes.

I hope all of you will have profound experiences and be healthy for the entire 21 days. Good-bye!

[Originally published in Today's World, September]

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