Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
August 6, 2000

Does God likes peace or not? [He does.] Did you say He likes peace? [Yes!] God likes peace. How much does He like it? Absolutely! Say it. Absolutely. [Absolutely.] It's the best-that's how much He likes it. He loves it endlessly. Can God live or die based on whether or not there is peace? Do you think that God can die unless He sees the world in peace? Do you think that God would like to die or not? [He wouldn't.] Because He wouldn't want to die, there is no other way for Him but to try to make this a world of peace! Then, can God create a world of peace by Himself? [No.]

Do you like peace or harmony? You can have harmony based on peace. Can peace come from harmony? Do you think peace can come from prosperity or is it the other way around? All things should be harmonized and then you can have peace. Those who want to be kings and queens of peace raise your hands. Wow! You are much better looking than I. All of you! It's simple. What's the issue? If you break down the national boundaries, a world of peace will come!

When national boundaries disappear, a peaceful world will automatically be realized. [Amen!] Unificationists shouldn't say 'Amen.' You should say 'Thank you' instead. [Thank you!] Do you understand? It's simple. If you break down the national boundaries, the world of peace will automatically come! [Thank you.] (Applause) What you should remember is that it is not God that owns the boundaries between nations. The master who created those boundaries is the devil, Satan. Where there are boundaries, there is always the devil. Who is hiding on the 38th parallel? [The devil!] The devil and his corpses. There is a big barrier that has been created between Eastern and Western civilization. Who is hiding there? [The devil.] The devil is hiding there.

It was not God who made differences of culture and tradition, or racial discrimination and all other kinds of discrimination. God wants a unified world, one world. A world without national boundaries. Since there are no national boundaries in God, He can say nothing but to love your enemies. If you cannot go beyond the stage of taking vengeance upon your enemies, national boundaries will continue to exist. How can you get rid of national boundaries? Where people love their enemies and create unity, national boundaries will start to collapse.

Therefore, the Godly strategy and tactic is to love one's enemy. Throughout history, humankind did not understand that loving one's enemy is a great strategy and tactic, and people living today do not understand it either. Unificationists have finally understood, inherited and practiced the truth of God's strategy and tactic. So all Unification Church members will be captains leading toward peace in the world. Is what I'm saying right? National boundaries! When your minds are not one, barriers can form. When your bodies are not one, barriers can come into being. When you don't like what I do, barriers can form. When you don't like my words, barriers can form. When you don't like what I see, barriers can form. All kinds of barriers can come into being when your minds connected to your five senses are not united (with the truth). Therefore, when you have barriers in your mind through your five senses, or in your historical and traditional environments, you belong to Satan. When you have no barriers at all in your mind, you belong to God. Satan is the champion and king at making as many barriers as possible. God is the king who dislikes and wants to break down all the barriers the most. If you understand, clap your hands. (Applause) If you don't understand, clap your hands. You rascals. (Laughter.) You are being judged instantly. You should understand what I say.

Then does God likes those Koreans who want to keep the division on the 38th parallel, or not? [He doesn't like them.] He doesn't like them! You should understand clearly. Then are those who are willing to break down the 38th parallel champions whom God likes, or are they bad people? [Champions!] You understand this clearly.

But is it easy? Those who like the 38th parallel are on the satanic side. That is certain. Division is what the evil king and champion wants. But the good king does not like to have the 38th parallel division. Am I right or wrong? [Right.] Do you understand or not? [We understand.] I don't need to say any more. If I really speak about it, it will take many decades. Let's just stop here. At the risk of my life, I will not leave the DMZ behind me to the next generation! (Applause) It is possible to break down the DMZ if all seventy million Koreans in South and North Korea determine that they will not leave the 38th parallel problem to the generations to come. But is that easy to achieve? Those who like the 38th parallel are on the satanic side. That's certain.

Satan is the master of the 38th parallel. God is behind the efforts of breaking it down. Therefore, we Unificationists should digest the 38th parallel problem, get rid of it and break down the national boundary so that intermarriage is possible between potential enemies. When people are eager to have their potential enemies as their daughters-in-law and sons-in-law, then the unification of heaven and earth will automatically come into being! [Amen!] (Applause)

The devil and his followers live where there are divisions like that of the 38th parallel. Those who break down 38th parallel-style barriers and try to love each other most definitely belong to God's lineage, His blood lineage! (Applause)

So, what I'm going to suggest to the UN this time is that the national border area around the 38th parallel should not stay as a national boundary but should belong to the UN, transcending national limitations. (Applause) Once our 38th parallel area becomes UN territory, all other areas of conflicts in the world should also be absorbed by the UN! (Applause)

I asked Unificationists to make the total living offering. You should go beyond the conditions that used to be made in the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age where you had to divide your offerings representing God's side and Satan's side. In the Old Testament Age, people had to make their offerings shed blood and to divide them with the satanic side on the left and God's side on the right. God's side and Satan's side had to fight in such a way.

The Old Testament Age represents the material world. In a family, there are husband and wife, sons and daughters and material possessions. When listed in this order, the final thing in a family-material possessions-had to be offered to God, as well as Satan, in place of children, so that the children could escape harm.

Since the Old Testament Age failed, however, neither God nor Satan wanted to share the material offerings any more. Satan said, "Since dividing the materials failed, don't we have to share Your son?" That is why God's son, Jesus, had to come to the earth and shed his blood. So Satan took Jesus's body and Jesus's spirit went to the spirit world.

Division of the son's body and mind caused separation between the spirit world and the physical world. It was a big problem. It also caused division between men and women and between mind and body. In order to reunite these divisions, Jesus, who claimed ownership of the spirit world, has to come back to the earth to claim ownership of the physical world. What must he do in the physical world? He must marry.

For God to have the spirit world and for Satan to have the physical world, Satan killed the body of Jesus, God's son. Satan did whatever he wanted with it. The satanic side is doomed to death. For the two thousand years since he went to the spirit world, Jesus has trained people on earth, unified the heavenly world and set up Christianity on earth. Within Christianity, the Abel side and Cain side, Protestantism and Catholicism, had to struggle and became each other's enemies. One belongs relatively to God's side and the other to Satan's side.

The elder son belongs to Satan's side and the younger son, as Abel, to God's side. History is full of these kinds of struggles and barriers. We have to eliminate them! Therefore, the Second Coming must unify the spirit world, and wed on earth in order to unify heaven and earth, and men and women. That is what Christians call the marriage supper of the Lamb! (Applause)

After World War II, the spirit world and earthly Christian nations had to be united. And the Christian cultural realm actually unified the entire world. Jesus, who had unified the leadership in the spirit world, came to hold sway over the earthly Christian cultural realm. Since the time came for the Christian cultural realm on earth to unite, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had to come to earth and to wed in their physical bodies as a real husband and wife. That way, mind and body that were separated and had struggled with each other finally would unite and all struggles between men and women would come to an end. The very causes of all the struggles and all the problems in the world is the discord between men and women and between mind and body. Once we resolve the conflicts between mind and body and between men and women, we can all go to the heavenly palace of peace! [Amen] (Applause)

What I'm saying here is not ambiguous. Based on concrete reality, what is the purpose of religion? God calls His sons and daughters centered on His love and marries them to each other... In view of God's ideal of creation, whom should God marry first? [Adam and Eve.] A-Dam! (dam means a wall or fence in Korean) Do you know how many walls have been made? Hae-Wa (it means Eve in Korean and Father uses it in this case to represent the sound of walls breaking down). We should break down those walls. Who is responsible for those walls? Because Eve is responsible, she should pave the way for Godly bridegrooms and brides. She should pave the way that was there in the beginning before the fall and before all the walls came into being. After Eve finishes breaking down all the walls, she, in the lead, will move forward, dancing before the world, to walk down the path that will be welcomed by the heavenly world, all the ancestors, even God, until she has gone around the entire earth, following the sun around to the other side. Then the earthly and heavenly Kingdom of Heaven will finally come! Amen! [Amen!] (Applause)

There has never been such a day in human history. Because there has been no such day, humankind is suffering, going through all kinds of pain and struggle, bound by all the barriers. You did not know that finding out how to break down those boundaries is the very beginning of actualizing peace. You do not know how to break them down. So all of you who are sitting here celebrating Chil Pal Jeol are a blessed group since you are taught by Reverend Moon who is known as the True Parent! You should say 'Thank you.' [Thank you.] (Applause)

Can I break down the vast number of national boundaries or not? [You can.] How? How? [With true love!] With true love? Where is true love? That's the question. How? Can I or can't I? I can't. Why? Even God couldn't do it. [But Father has done it.] Even God couldn't do it. How could Father do it? How do you know if I've done it or lied to you? To break them down, one must have the same understanding as God. Am I right or not? [Right.]

When you look at the spirit world, there is hell and heaven. Heaven is daytime and hell is nighttime. Those who do not understand day and night cannot control this boundary in heaven. Those who understand can automatically control it. Those who really understand even hell can control, and therefore break down, the barrier. So you cannot do anything if you do not understand. Do you understand?

God can break down the barriers, because He sees them everyday and knows them. Do you understand? So, the problem is whether or not you understand God. Do you understand God? Why are you silent? Didn't you say that you understood everything before? Do you know God or not? [We know Him.] How well do you know Him?

Understanding God is one thing. You should most of all understand how God can settle the problem of all the national boundaries. Isn't that what's important? [Yes.] All the national boundaries are blocking God from what He needs and what He loves. So if we break down the national boundaries and liberate everything, God can be happy. Do you understand?

What does God do? He loves everything. Do you think all the creatures in the world want to be dominated by God or want to suffer, to be persecuted painfully and be dominated by evil?

Although there is heaven, and God is in heaven, why are there so many national barriers everywhere? Because there is nobody who truly understands God, the spirit world and the content of the tradition of the heavenly world. So no other way has been possible. Once people understand the reality, the realm of liberation will come about in the spirit world and on earth! [Amen!] You should know this clearly. Do you understand?

Once you can stand in the position where Satan can do nothing but answer when you call "You, Satan!", Satan will know clearly what kind of master is behind your call. What kind of master is it? It is one who knows how to live with the way of traditional thought and the cultural environment that can unite with the heavenly way and with God's mind. Then what is that way? It is human beings living for others. Do you understand? Not the ones who look for love and live only for themselves. The ones who make the other party the owners of love and enable them to dance in love are the true inheritors who understand God and who can take care of and protect the spirit world. Satan has no way to defend himself in front of those people! (Applause)

Religions say that my family and relatives are my enemies in the last days...As long as you do not die, and manage to survive in that position while loving your enemies, you can become the master of your enemies' world-Satan retreats and the world that belongs to your enemies can come around to the point of actually respecting you! Would you say "Nomen" to that, or would you say "Amen" to that? Let's hear you say a big "Amen"! [Amen!]

Even when living for others, if you love your neighborhood, and you love your parents, and you call them together and love another neighborhood area, bringing along all kinds of offerings, could Satan just sit there and take it, or would he run away? Come on, give me an answer! Without a doubt, Satan would have to run away. Then God would come and pay you back a thousand or ten thousand times over.

What is the orthodox philosophy by which you can know God and know the heavenly kingdom; what is the secret to make Satan run away like a scared cat? If you determine to live for others, die for others, to love for the sake of others, Satan will, without fail, give up his front line and run away.

So, what happens then? Because Satan has left the scene, the pathway to eternal life is opened up for those whose lives were headed directly to the realms of death in Hell, and they can, instead, rise up to the realm of Heaven. And they live there for eternity. They become a dedicated group that earnestly desires to know God, to know the heavenly kingdom, to live one thousand, ten thousand, a billion years for the sake of the love that exists for the other, the love, which, in itself, is the traditional and orthodox outlook of Heaven. And, through these souls becoming this dedicated group, through their being able to call God, who is the subject of all these things, their Father, here, the logic of eternal life, and the traditions of eternal life appear. Through the eternal bloodline-the eternal lineage-logic and tradition are established and take root. This itself is an undeniable and great truth! [Amen!] (Applause)

That's what eternal life is-essentially related with love. Even in creating the world, God Himself lived with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Because God has that kind of mind, the kind of heart, that allows Him to invest His love and give even more love, forever, for eternity, forever and always, even if the entire world should disappear-and because that's who God is, then there is no being that can refuse to attend God as the absolute, eternal and unchanging lord, there is no being that exists with just a relative ideology. This is what you need to understand. Clear cut, don't you think?

Then, for the eternal and unchanging sons and daughters of God, God's country is my country, and God Himself is my God. Because I become one with God and the way of life that is practiced by the master of the tradition of the heavenly kingdom, and because I am without doubt a son or daughter of God, eternal life and eternal existence follow automatically!

Therefore, the world that always views national borders with this mind and this shimjung is a place that can be ruled together with God, and that can attend Him by functioning as a kingly realm of a victorious hegemony. And because that world is this kind of place, automatically, Satan must surrender naturally, and in due course, without a trace of him remaining. This is a fundamental and original truth of the principle that rules the Cosmos! [Amen!] (Applause.)

God has love, life and lineage. What about a man? A man has sperm. He also has a conscience. The conscience is all rough and bumpy, but it desires to be horizontal and even. A man has these essential and important things, but what is it that allows him to display the value that validates all these things? None of the value of these things can ever be displayed if he is alone. Why? A man is only half the story. No matter how great he is, no matter how big the circles he moves in, no matter if he becomes a prime minister or president, and lets everybody know it, too, he is still only one half of the whole. In other words, there is man, and there is also woman.

That is why this creature we call a man is only one half of the whole. That half-piece, that person we call a man, he absolutely needs that concave half-piece that fits him. Even if he uses up all his collected wealth, even if he has to sell his life, even if she is a really ugly thing, he has to have her, and only then can he live on as a man.

You rascally men, you didn't even know that you are only half the equation! And you women! You have lived your lives without even knowing that you have the authority and value to make those half-pieces into whole-pieces! From now on, women's liberation has to mean that women think that they have to lay their men out and sit on them, they have to pull them around this way or that way, in order to complete them, in order to make those half-pieces into whole-pieces. This view is one of God's secret methods for resolving the fallen race.

The focal point of love for God, the focal point that God can love within the human being made flesh, and the "game" that God desired to play in that 90 degree angle position, is found in the reality that he had to find that one day when the humans could marry after completing their growing period. Adam and Eve did not know that their marriage ceremony was both an external horizontal marriage ceremony and also the internal marriage ceremony for God.

The reason that the external God and the internal God had to become one and the bloodline of the external God had to be passed on and connected is that God's children and grandchildren had to form three generations. But, in fact, no such descendants have existed. If the blood was passed on for three generations and multiplied on the earth, this would have become, without a doubt, the seeds of sons and daughters that God wanted, and the seeds that Adam and Eve wanted. Wherever those seeds were planted, that location would become a place of original sons. It would contain the path of cultivation that leads to Heaven, and the world would be a location for sons and daughters who require no religion and who can grow directly into Heaven. These sons and daughters could automatically go to Heaven by simply drinking their mother's breast milk and following behind their parents. That is how it would have been, but because Adam and Eve fell, the bloodline through which the Father could be present was blocked, and the archangel entered in His place and became one with the children. Because the bloodline of the archangel was connected to Adam's flesh, the lineage of Satan is active and fermenting in your flesh! Know this fact!

The enemy of hundreds and thousands of generations is clinging to my marrow and festering inside me! What a reality! It continues on and the flesh invades and rapes the mind. We never even knew that we ourselves were so wretched!

The way that God looks at this is that, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the external parents connecting the blood lineage centering on the love of God, and the internal parent and external parent would have become the one physical ancestor of humankind living together with the absolute love of God. The time when love could have become one body, when it could have been engrafted, would have been the time of love on Adam and Eve's wedding night, when they became one body centering on God. And that is what was lost.

So in the end, God, who wanted to plant the seeds in the conjugal love that took place within human beings, had nowhere to plant His seeds, and He became a God of failure. Do you understand? Or not? [We understand!]Is a woman born because she wants to be born?

Is a man born because he wants to be born? If some really talented man just says "I chose to be born as a man, so I have no need of any woman," then that's the end for him; he'll just die. The further he goes, the deeper into hell he will go. Hell. Destruction. Those who do not like marriage will meet with destruction!

If you ask why God is in a miserable situation, the answer is that, although He is the great eternal emperor and king of love, and He wanted to become one body with the ancestors of humankind and love, He lost that position. No matter how much one admires and respects love by oneself, that is scarecrow love, a widow's love. So how miserable was God, when He lost the partner who possessed the heart of love?

The responsibility in God's family to become an ideal partner, to get the stamp of approval in the position of the master of love, and to bring about liberation, lay with Adam and Eve. However, they could not achieve this, and the result is that the responsibility remained: to create for God the position of the master who can love the couple, to make it so that He can freely have this position of the master of the couple, in love. That is what you need to know.

Everyone should understand that the first condition of the blessing of the Unification Church is to become the son and daughter of God eternally, and thus become His own blood relatives (family). This is done by establishing God in the position of the master who can love your couple, and this, in turn, is accomplished by fulfilling, in your own couple, the contents of the tradition that was lost, the tradition that enables you both to share love as the bride and bridegroom of God. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Who are the ones who must create this position of the master of love for God, this position that creates a blood lineage connection by which God can love both men and women? Only the sons and daughters can do this. But God lost His sons and daughters, so it was the True Parents who came and indemnified the master's position, who indemnified the fact that God was unable to become the owner of the love of the brides and grooms who could be married as God's sons and daughters. That's worth an "Amen"! You've got to get this straight!

And that is why all of you received the blessing and participated in the ceremony, in Father's presence, for the change of lineage. Through this, all those couples are the same as seeds with the same value as Father's couple. The same value! Even after a thousand or ten thousand years go by, the love of the parents for their children is the same, and the love of the children for their parents is the same. And to the same degree, the dissemination of the tradition of True Parents' love, which can become the seed of such a love tradition, has taken place in all the hundreds of millions of blessed families around the globe. Thus, it is the work of these blessed families to restore, in their own families and through their own couple, that qualification as the owners of love, so that the han that God experienced (in being unable to partake of the love between couples) can be resolved. That is the meaning of the conjugal relationship between the couples in the blessed families: to restore this, and by liberating God, establish the connection that allows God to dwell with their own family for eternity! [Amen!] (Applause)

Because God has dual characteristics, the process of going through one's own wife to give birth to a daughter or become pregnant with a son means that the value of the two offspring are the same, because the characteristics of the God of the future is divided and born as your offspring. This is true!

Together you have equal value and through your couple God can realize His love for the love between couples, and so God's situation where He could not love the baby within the womb is resolved through the babies born in our families. When things went wrong, God could not become the master of the son, the master of the daughter, the master of childhood, the master of brothers, the master of puberty and adolescence, the master of marriage, the master of sons and daughters. This needs to be resolved. Then through my grandchild, God's grandchild can come into existence. God is the first generation and Adam and Eve were the second generation. But Satan took away the grandchildren that could have become the third generation, and all this needs to be restored by the indemnity conditions being completed through sons and daughters marrying and giving birth to children. When all this is achieved, then from that point God recognizes you as the second parents. It is the same parents' position in which Adam and Eve were loved. The same. The value is the same.

In this way, the process has to pass through three generations in order for that seed to be a complete seed for the future thousands of generations. Only as the seed of three generations can God's grandchild receive the love of the grandfather and the love of the father. Because the love of the two generations is united and received together, the grandfather represents the spirit world and the second generation, which is Adam, represents the kingship of the world of material reality, and the grandchild is born while receiving the blood lineage of the love of the kings of these two realms. This allows that, in the future, the child will possess the value of a fruit that represents both the spirit world of the heavenly kingdom, and the earthly kingdom. Only by possessing this value can the third generation be capable of ruling the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the son's age. From this third generation, ten thousand future generations become the fruit, and as they spread out, religions become unnecessary, and all people are able to enter Heaven simply by obeying their parents' guidance, becoming one with them and loving them. This is the original ideal form of creation, the original eight levels of love!

These things have to be restored back to God so that we can transcend the twelve pearl gates in the spirit world and the national borders in the physical world, so that human civilization can be digested as one unified family, and so that the gates of the realm of liberation both on earth and in heaven, namely, the gates of the unified heavenly palace, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, can open! [Amen!] (Applause)

There are eight stages: the period within the womb, childhood, adolescence, the marrying age, the age of having children, then the mother's age, the grandmother's age, and the age of being a king (queen). This is the source of God's han; He couldn't possess the foundation that is formed by a granite-solid model of the tradition of love. How can we resolve this han of God's, the han He experienced in being unable to become the master of the eight stages of love? True Parents found out all these secrets of the satanic world and the heavenly world and taught them and plugged them up... Great big holes had been smashed and poked in the eight stages. We changed all of Satan's doors, all of the archangel's doors and made doors that open only into Heaven. Do you understand? You can only get into Heaven through the door of the blood lineage.

We get into Heaven by the great path that results from plugging the holes that Satan made in the eight stages, and connecting the bloodline of God's love tradition, right? Those rascals that participated in the process of knocking the holes in the eight stages cannot get into Heaven. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Love is horizontal. A clan is horizontal. Blood lineage is eternal. So we follow a blood lineage and in that way form an ethnic group, isn't that so? You have to go through the blood lineage to form a family, a clan, a race, and a unified blood lineage... You can only become a family that goes to the heavenly world by going through God and the fundamental blood lineage, and by connecting these things. If the heavenly clan becomes connected on earth, it is only logical that it becomes the clan that can connect everything with the heavenly world, and inherit the heavenly world. Do you understand? Do you follow me? [Yes.]

Therefore, why do we get married? The half-piece that is a man meets with the half-piece that is a woman in order to become a whole-piece. God cannot do anything with a half-piece. And as much as that whole-piece is whole, God's sungsang and hyungsang also become one and become part of that to create a relationship of love, with the result, the vertical love tradition...

That is why we have to have respect for our ancestors. We have to love that race. You have to become one with that people centering on kingship. The king who forgets the people is a swindler. He is a successor to the devil. Such a king makes national borders. You've got this straight, now, right? [Yes.]

The blessed families, should, centering on their own sons and daughters, restore everything to do with not becoming the masters of the eight stages of the love of God... The first-time son, the second-time son, the third-time son; even if this doesn't fix things, then you have to give birth to ten or even a hundred sons or daughters. We have to align ourselves with that standard. Fallen people cannot do this with only one son or daughter!

So we have to complete the registration, even for the Unification Church. So what is "registration"? What did you say? The registration workshop? This is not family registration. Do you understand? It is not clan registration either. It is individual, the women's registration. The woman-Eve is the problem.

The woman is the problem, the crux. The woman took her flesh and united with Satan's lineage, formed a couple, gave birth to children and passed onto them that blood. We have to revolutionize, to overthrow that. Do you get it, you workshop folks? Do you trainees understand? [Yes.] It takes a revolution. We must have a revolution. Once you learn how to open the door of love, women, who are in the position of Eve, should pave the way for their families. You should acknowledge the true and absolute master of love....You are not the masters. You are not the roots. You are resultant beings; therefore, you should have absolute faith in, absolute love for and absolute obedience to the Causal Being. There is no other way for you. That is the only way to perfection. When you have your own ideas, it is like you are serving two masters. That is when destructive barriers are created within you.

Therefore, you should not create barriers on your way to realizing love. A woman cannot receive love alone. She can receive love from God when she embraces her sons and daughters. A woman should raise her children with her husband as her way of expressing gratitude for her husband's love. Only then can she belong to God.

Today, when women divorce, they say that their children are theirs but they do not need their husbands. But their husbands are the root of their children. Do women possess seeds? You women have to turn it all around. Do you understand? [Yes.] Because of these women, all the doors of love to God's eight stages were destroyed. Therefore, women have to do their best, pouring out their hearts to recreate their husbands and sons so that their families can be perfected before God as blessed families, and as masters of God's love in eight stages. So you should have no barriers on entering heaven's gates, the twelve pearl gates. You should be able to have the right of the kingship of love, enabling you to pass through anywhere without any inhibitions, all the levels from the individual, family, tribe, nation and world to the universe. Unless you are qualified sons and daughters who are completely united with God's blood lineage, you cannot be the people of the heavenly world. You should understand this clearly.

What is Chil Pal Jeol? What is today? The Cosmic Sabbath (realm of settlement) of the Parents of Heaven and Earth! There should be no more national borders, and you should all be heavenly masters so that you can have the settlement realm (realm of the Sabbath) within you. Those are the two conditions. Do you understand?

You should make God the Master of True Love and then you should make complete unity with God. That way, you can be liberated, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth can rest in the universe. I have mentioned about An-Shik (settlement), haven't I? "An" means comfortable. The Chinese character is made up of two Chinese characters, a house and a woman. A woman has to take care of her children. "Shik" means rest. This Chinese character is combination of two Chinese characters, freedom and mind. So where a woman can hold and love her baby, there is freedom for the baby and the mother and the husband. Everyone is free! Safe settlement is where everybody's mind is free and everybody rests comfortably! Amen!

So there are two things. What is the first thing? [Breaking down national boundaries!] Breaking down the national boundaries! What is the second? You should create the family of filial sons and daughters who make God the master of the eight stages of love. That is the ultimate desire of your couples and families.

So here today on Chil Pal Jeol, we understand the value of breaking down national boundaries, religious boundaries and boundaries between heaven and hell. The false parents created all the boundaries. Therefore, True Parents are the only ones who can break down those boundaries. Not even God or Satan can do it. Do you understand? If you understand that only True Parents, with true love, can do the work that neither God or Satan can, you should also know that the amount of your love and respect for True Parents is directly connected to your love for God. You also have nothing to lose when you give, give, give and give love endlessly, the kind of love that will lead you to blessing and to the world of liberation! Let there be the realm of liberation of heaven and earth forever and ever in history! [Amen!] (Applause)

What is the first thing we should do? Break down barriers. Only when you truly know God, know the spirit world and know the content of true love-only then can you have eternal life. Those who have eternal life are those who live for others and who have no boundaries whatsoever. So do you understand? In order to be connected with the heavenly kingdom in the spirit world and to have a vertical connection with God, you should be the master of the eight stages of love centered on the blood lineage of true love. Both these external and internal tasks should be accomplished.

When we talk about a nation, we should talk about national law, don't you think? As in the physical world, there are nations and national laws in the spirit world. Therefore, you should be the people who live for others and be united with God, who is the master of love, in order to be liberated and free from all the national laws. You should be like the seed with heavenly authority. You should be the true pattern that can represent God on earth. That way, God is always with you. Then you do not even need to pray. Because God will come to you automatically without your even asking.

I hope that you will make a determination that will liberate you on this day of Chil Pal Jeol, and that you will remember what I told you in your deepest soul, and carve it into your flesh and bones. I trust that you will take my words and advice to heart. [Thank you.] (Applause)

[Originally published in Today's World, August 2000]

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