Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 2000

Father gave special guidance connected with "return ceremonies" in this speech to an invited group of leaders.

To enter Heaven you should create wholesome unity in your family together with your sons and daughters. Those among the thirty-six couple blessed families who have problems should be re-evaluated. That way, we should go beyond the family level blessing age into the national level blessing age, and eventually to the worldwide blessing age. Since we still have such a task before us, I can still forgive those unification families with problems. Originally, I would not have been able to. Since we do not have our own nation, all kinds of problems arose among the blessed families. I must liberate them on the national level. I must liberate them so that they can go beyond the national level. We are still in a special period in which saints and evil murderers can stand side by side in the same blessing. That is why I can forgive all your wrongdoing since you received the blessing. When this period is over, I will not be able to. When we have our own nation and have set up the national constitution, if you do wrong, you will have no choice but to go to the realm of division.

The fact that you are blessed does not guarantee all of you will go to heaven. In the same way that the dawn sunlight shines through the shadow of darkness and gradually makes things visible, we should be able to see things gradually and take dominion over all things in the daylight, eventually going beyond the national level. Since we still have such a task to fulfill and we still have to grow in the spirit world, God still has to work hard to shorten the time period needed to complete this revolutionary task with True Parents' authority. How complicated that is! That is why you should know what to do on the national level on earth. We should set up constitutional law for the heavenly world on earth. In that way we can establish the condition to perfect ourselves and be liberated on earth.

You should fulfill your responsibility while you are on earth. You rascals! You are concerned about your own property and nation. They will all be gone. If you do not unite, you will fall away. It works the same way with nations.

Today is the first day of July, Chil Il Jeol. It a day to celebrate a great victory in heaven and earth. We had a ceremony of return yesterday. You do not fully understand the meaning of that. We should see the return of the sea, the land, the universe, and finally of the realm of the fourth Adam. For the sake of the return of the realm of the fourth Adam, you should have set up a victorious condition. It is an unbelievable story, like a dream. We had the ceremony of return yesterday. We had to have the ceremony of return by reviving man and woman's sexual organs that had fallen into the soil symbolizing the bottom of hell. This is deeply connected to the era of the fourth Adam.

You cannot love centered on yourselves. You should change fundamentally. There cannot be love when you think of your own selves rather than of others. There cannot be individualism. There can only be "heaven-ism." Not totalitarianism but "heaven-ism." Heaven-ism connects individuals and families vertically from the smallest to the biggest. What is the most precious thing for any man or woman? [Their sexual organs.] What are these? (Showing a photograph of the stones resembling men's and women's sexual organs that were discovered by a spiritualist-who is not a member-and given to True Parents) These were revived and they reached us here. They had fallen into the soil, as stones, or lower than that. Having gone from the sorrowful stage for all things to the revival stage, and having passed over all the hills of all things and of humankind, they have finally returned to True Parents. This makes the return ceremony possible: the false lineage could return to God. The fact that the return ceremony was possible itself was a miracle. There are many stones resembling the sexual organs of man and woman, but nothing like these. They are so similar, even in the details. These are the palaces of love, the palaces of life, the palaces of lineage, the palaces of conscience, the very foundation of everything. God created heaven and earth for this. For love.

Because that love fell apart, the han (anguish) of Heaven, humankind and all things came about. Because of the misuse of these very organs, they ended up being stuck in the ground upside down. What is the central tool with which True Parents can liberate and return all things, humankind and even God from the bondage of grief? It is the sexual organ. Therefore, you cannot just live your lives recklessly. I told you yesterday that God's love is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal, and that your own sexual organs therefore have absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal value. A woman's organ does not belong to the woman, a man's not to the man himself. The real owners of men's and women's sexual organs are not themselves, but God....

They do not belong to you. The fall came about when they [Adam and Eve] thought they owned theirs. The Archangel thought he owned his. Eve thought she owned hers and Adam thought he owned his. They denied their value. Because it is now the time when True Parents can settle their ideal of love, representing the absolute, unique and unchanging realm of love in this world, after restoring all the upside-down situations, we can now see the liberation of all things, the liberation of humankind, and the liberation of Heaven. On that foundation, we can set up the position of the lord of love and build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You must always remember that Adam and Eve's fall created this hellish world and they became the essence of anguish. All men and women are destined to reverse this situation in their own lives. To fulfill that task, they must meet spouses with absolute value who can connect them to God's absolute love. The center of God's love is where a man and a woman are united into one on the horizontal level. You have to understand that [your sexual organ] has such value. When you know this clearly, you will want to clean out all the traces of your tainted past and even your perceptions. Those who are unable clean up their own perceptions of such things cannot follow me.

I might ask you to live celibate for four years from now. How about that? Would you do that if I said so? [Yes.] It is a fearful time. You have the most fearful and precious thing within you. People are spiritual beings and their value is different from that of the animals.

Where do a man and a woman meet when they are in love? (Showing the photograph) There. This is common for both men and women. People sing songs of love when they miss the fact that they cannot be peacefully together in oneness. That is what love songs are all about. What are these? The harmonious embodiment of happiness, peace and unification. What did I just say? The harmonious embodiment of happiness, peace and unification. There is magic here. But it is no good if there is no unification here; no good if there is no happiness here; no good if there is no peace here. Do you think I'm right or wrong? [Right.] It is eternally and unmistakably true. You should set up a memorial stone to the fidelity and purity of husband and wife.

People's sexual organs are the origin of eternal life. Not the belly button!...Therefore, your sexual organs have to connect to God's blood lineage. Throughout history, people have not known this. Since I announced everything, and put it into practice in my own life, and as a result broke down and cleared away the wall blocking the spirit world, we can enjoy the historical moment of liberation, liberation of all things from grief, liberation of humankind from grief, God's liberation from anguish. Beyond that, even, we can now be eternally and limitlessly independent and free. The entire world will become one, centered on absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal love. Independence. Even if no one claims it, it claims itself. That is the power I have. Once anyone knows me as a Unificationist, he or she can never forget me. I somehow follow wherever you go. Eternally it will be so. Eternally. Your connection with me should be connected to the origin of God's love, which is essential. That is what God's love is about.

For a man, his wife is the most important person. Even if he has to throw away all of his property, he cannot exchange his wife for anything. She is his only treasure. Do you think so? You have to train yourselves so that you are not stimulated even if the most beautiful woman comes up to you and touches your sexual organ. Otherwise, I cannot entrust you with God's beloved sons and daughters. (Father describes an imaginary test:) Thousands of beauties show up naked. The most beautiful woman sleeps naked. You are naked, too. Your and her sexual organs touch each other. Even in such circumstances you should not be stimulated. You have to pass through such a process of self-denial. To understand the heart of God who had to turn over His most beloved to His enemy and bless His enemy, should you be stimulated or not? Should you be stimulated in such a situation? [No.] No. Can you bless your enemies? You should understand God's agony at having to deal with His enemy in such a way. That is the highest point of the Tao.

Since you are connected in blood, you have to go in and out of the bottom of hell upside down. You have to be placed in and taken out of the melting furnace. Unclean parts of you should be burned away. All the unclean parts should be burned away until you become pure gold. What is so wonderful about Mother is that she trusts everything I say. She has absolutely obeyed what I have said, and therein lies her greatness. She has been put into situations in which a lot of women would have opposed me. But she overcame all this and became the kind of a daughter whom Father can trust. Even if a father is flawed, his daughter should think that she will take responsibility for her father's flaws. When a woman has that kind of attitude, she can extract the root of Eve's sin from herself.

To create a breakthrough in the local districts of your town, you should invest 30 percent of what you have, even if you might have to sell your land and houses. Formation, growth and perfection stages. Thirty-three percent of the perfection stage belongs to heaven. You have to offer 33 percent of what you own....Satan has controlled us based on the formation and growth realm. In order to reverse the situation and dominate the satanic world, we should offer one third of what we have to Heaven.

If you don't fulfill your responsibilities you might have to pack up and retreat! When I came down to the South, crossing the 38th parallel, I left my own family and relatives behind. You must be willing to do the same. Do you understand? There will be a sizable mobilization...

You women here: will you take part in the mobilization or not? [We will.] Didn't I tell you back at the end of 1970s that all of you would be mobilized again?

If I had not come here and made a big bang by organizing a movement to advance the unification of South and North Korea and creating the environment to break down the wall between the two Koreas, what would have happened? This was very serious and that is why I pushed you urgently. I came here after I had finished all the work that needed to be done in the United States and South America. After the oceanic businesses, the return of the ocean, the return of the land, the return of the cosmos, now what? We have even reached the point of the return of the sexual organs, centered in heart upon the realm of the fourth Adam.

When you focus on love even more than God does, God can have the foundation to settle with you. You cannot exchange [that love] for anything or anybody, not even your own life, your own wife, or the entire universe-not even for God. A husband going into his beloved wife's room is a solemn event. You have to shine more brightly than the sunlight in the middle of the day. This is the Unification Church philosophy.

You cannot be just carried away by the stream. You are responsible to climb up against way of the fall.

Now, what time is it? I have no strength in my stomach any more. It's time for lunch. Mother! Come out here. I have missed your face so I am asking you to come out. It is meaningful to be greeted together hand in hand in celebration of the first day of July!

[Originally published in Today's World, August 2000]

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