Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Benediction Declaring the Return of the Land to Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
June 24, 2000

Beloved Father! Today, on the 24th of June in the year 2000, we have come here to Korea. After having established the standard we know as the Return of the Oceans to God, now, here on the Korean Peninsula at the southern tip of this continent, we center on the Return of the Land to God, a standard which can be connected to all six continents of the world through the central continent of Asia. Father, on this day, grant that the oceans and the land, including all the things in the original garden that You made as Your ideal of creation, can be connected with the name of the Parents of Heaven and Earth centering on the Return of the Oceans and the Land to God. I declare these things before the entire cosmos in the name of True Parents.

Therefore, grant that all the families that have received the blessing in the spirit world and all the families that have received the blessing on earth establish a unified family sphere on the earth through the bonds of blood lineage and centering on the new true love of God. Also, grant that the complete unification of North and South Korea is also connected centering on the blood lineage of this one unified family.

With unrestricted authority, and by standing on the principle standard that says that a qualified true subject can digest and perfect a sphere that is in the position of a true object, Father, make all the standards of the absolute ruling and opposition parties in South Korea into one so that, with a heart of love of parents, they can embrace the country of North Korea. Father, please resolve the deep-felt pain that surrounds Your desire for the restoration of the homeland, which can become the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world, existing for thousands and millions of years on this eternal earth as God's fatherland. Then, together with the liberation of all things in the cosmos, establish the human race--which You created as the center and whom You have liberated after opening the gates of hell, both in the spirit world and on earth. Establish them as the lineage of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, with one eternal, free and unified realm of heart, as a single people with one unified blood lineage, as the one blessed family of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world, and as the one victorious family chosen by God. Father, as we advance on the path towards the unified world that can reign over the entire cosmos, allow the entire world to choose the unified tradition that transcends the divisions between mind and body, that transcends the relationship between the couple in the family, between the parents and children in the family, between siblings in the family, and that transcends the clan traditions and the national traditions. Father, complete the liberated nation of true love dominion that You can freely handle and work with, as the entire body of cosmic history starting from the individual.

Father, along with the liberation of the entire cosmos, enjoy the victorious glory of ten thousand years with all things in the universe. Father, I entreat You, bless us to pioneer the glorious lifestyle of Heaven.

Now, centering on this hour on this day, True Parents return to You the lands of the earth along with the oceans, and declare the original return of the lineage of the one clan created through the heart of love of the ideal of creation. Prepare these things from a position of complete freedom, centering on the suffering You have endured for thousands and millions of years, and grant that all nations in the dominion of love may become the world of humans and all creation protected by the Master of Love, through Your all-transcendent, all-immanent, omnipotent, all-capable activities.

On this day, the 24th of June, I offer to You the return of all things; please receive them on the behalf of True Parents, as the Creator who resides in the Heavenly Realm. In a one-way flow that has been defined as the eternal standard of victory, take the universe in equilibrium, and bless us to advance towards the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven; with this in my heart, and in the name of True Parents, I pronounce the completion of the Return. Amen! Amen! Amen!

[Originally published in Today's World, June 2000]

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