Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Benediction Declaring the Return of the Cosmos to Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
June 2000

Beloved Father! The Great Principle Path of the ideal of the true love of both heaven and earth was to have covered this universe in shining light, together with Your glorious love. The failure of the human ancestors of the original world of shimjung left behind a high hill of grievous pain, the high pass of historical han (anguish, bitterness). With great sacrifice, many tens of thousands built a wall around this high pass of universal grief. We humbly recognize the historical fact that Heaven initiated the benevolent path of restoration, in the place of humankind, in order to break through this. The True Parents and the children of the Unification faith know very well how much trouble and suffering was inflicted upon You, our Father, by the false and disloyal actions of the created world.

Now all the secrets of both heaven and earth have been revealed, and we know God's situation, we know God's shimjung. Today, the standard of passionate intention to establish God's desire centers on our family, as the fruition of the substantial manifestation of the ideal. In front of Your shimjung, which seeks for the establishment of a family of liberated nations, True Parents, on this earth, have known that heart, and, up to the present day, have walked a forty-year circular course in order to develop a unified direction centering on Christianity.

Centering on the time of the return of the True Parent, which has been the hope of Christianity since the Second World War, and centering on the love that God has for the sake of establishing the new family, Protestantism and Catholicism-the new religion and the old religion-could not become one during the cosmically historical and revolutionary time period for reconnecting the original root of God's lineage, the root that can be connected centering on the sphere of God's life. They could not attend, horizontally, the True Parents, who can attend God's shimjung vertically. As a result, passing along the reverse course, You, Heavenly Father have gone through the family level forty-year wilderness course to restore all the work and effort up to this time, traversing the path that the first and second Adams failed to complete, and from the beginning again, have been able to liberate the world of spirit and the world of material, to expand the blessing to a new, global level. Now, the struggle that must establish the final victorious authority lies ahead of us, the struggle for the final authority that can connect the final standard of settlement with the unification of North and South here in Korea.

The True Parent, who now stands in this position, has visited Korea together with Mother, in order to declare the final ceremony of return that can connect the oceans and the lands, as well as the return of the realm of the ocean and the return of the realm of land. Centering on Cheju Island, to fulfill all these declarations, we looked out over Mount Halla, gazed out over Mount Paekdu, then going over the Himalayas in their entirety, over Mount Everest, connected with the tranquility of the world, then again traversing rivers and centering on the responsibility to return the original world of the oceans, came back to Korea.

All the connections and bonds we have forged, all our prayers and declarations up until the present time, Father, we should have fulfilled centering on Cheju Island, but have instead come to this place and declare all this before You, Father, and before the entire universe. Therefore, Father, please remember this day.

Now, we are at the end of June; although I could not prepare all that I had planned for the end of June, I have established a conditional standard of more than eighty percent. As a result, with no connection with Satan whatsoever, You can take the fervent wish to accomplish Your desire and exert Your authority to move all situations and events to the definitive place of victory, of complete supremacy. True Parents receive this here, with the reciprocating standard, and declare, in the place of the ceremony for the return of everything, the entire universe, that this foundation will transform into the world of liberation that has been achieved.

Therefore, in the center of this cosmos, as the True Parents, and in unity with the Parents of Heaven and Earth, I declare, before the whole universe, the blessing of the Return that can settle and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, by which the blessed families of the earth, together with the entire universe, together with the entire spirit world, can become one mind, one body, one unity within the sphere of God's love. I fervently desire that by accomplishing this, the link of the supreme authority of victory can continue, so that all situations and events in the future path of the Unification family can be resolved and met with complete success.

Father, I declare all these things, centering on this day, the 29th of June, at forty minutes past eight in the morning, and humbly, fervently ask You to establish this as a targeted mark in the world of spirit, and centering on this standard, to select and define all the crossroads of the cosmos. Father, in declaring all this in the place of the Ceremony of Return of the Cosmos, and in the name of True Parents, I ask You to bless us so that the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the entire universe can be embraced within, and digest, this content. In doing so, I declare the Ceremony of the Return of the Cosmos in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Father's Words

I have faith in you. You should have conviction that all things lost have been returned to their origin, God who is to be the Master of oceans, rivers, land and mountains. If you have confidence in yourselves, that you can make your way through single-handedly, all the work that will be ahead of you, I know, you can hasten the establishment of God's will and fervent longing. So, I hope that you will act with that understanding in mind.

[Originally published in Today's World, June 2000]

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