Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

South-North Unification is the Independence of Our Fatherland Regained

Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 2000

This is an abridged version of the morning speech Father gave on the 41st True Parents' Day.

What day is it today? [True Parents' Day.] You should have realized who True Parents are through this Hoon Dok Hae. True Parents are the masters who should take complete responsibility to liberate the fallen world. You should know that God will not be liberated unless all human beings on earth and their ancestors in heaven are liberated first. True Parents are the Messiahs who have to come to restore the order of love that has been destroyed. The Messiah has the standard with which he can solve all the messy circumstances of the satanic world and righteously guide it.

When the Messiah comes to this world, he'll have a family, won't he? Then, centering on the Messiah, his children will expand the lineage to a tribe, people, nation, the world and then to the cosmos. In order to save the descendants of fallen Adam and unite them centered on the direct lineage of the Messiah, God has led the providence of restoration from the level of the individual, tribe, and people to that of the nation. That is the history of the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel had the responsibility to connect its circumstances to those of Jesus, the Messiah to come, on the level of the individual, family and nation. In the course of restoration there is a certain environment. When God created, He created the environment first. There must be subject and object in this environment. Although God's ideal of creation collapsed owing to the fall, the original environment of creation is latent in the individual, tribe, people, nation and world, and even in the cosmos. In all these environments there are absolute plus and minus, or subject and object.

If Adam and Eve, who were the representatives of the original environment, had not fallen they would have united with each other horizontally and been attended as the parents, establishing the starting point of a peaceful family. If children offer filial piety to their parents, their parents will become happy. Parents who feel happiness through their children want to bequeath everything that they have to their beloved filial sons and daughters. Parental heart wants to give even more. If children are born with the tradition of such parental heart inherent, and they continuously succeed in practicing this tradition, it will continue to develop from generation to generation as it is passed down through the relationship between parents and children.

Due to the fall, however, that environment was totally destroyed. According to the principle of restoration through indemnity, the Messiah had to come based on the foundation of the nation of Israel. Because Satan had formed nations, centered on the Messiah the nation of Israel had to go beyond the national foundation of Satan and thus restore Rome and the world. That was the purpose of the Messiah. It was essential for the nation to establish an environment of Cain and Abel so that the Messiah could be sent to Israel. The nation of Israel was Cain, and Judaism was Abel. Had this Cain and Abel united-in other words, had the nation and the faith united in Israel-they could have made unity with any religion and country. If the Israelites had accepted the Messiah, he could have stood on the foundation of a national environment. United as Cain and Abel centered on the Messiah, they could have restored the environment of Cain and Abel that was lost by Cain's killing of Abel in Adam's family.

What you should learn from the issue of Cain and Abel is that the relationship between subject and object has been absolutely necessary in history. If Cain and Abel, and Adam and Eve had united with each other, they would have been united with God in that environment. In restoration through indemnity this must be done by traveling a reverse course. First of all Cain and Abel must be united. Therefore the people of Israel and Judaism had to be united first. Had Jesus started his family based on that foundation, the entire nation of Israel would have been blessed and engrafted into the family of Jesus, and then Jesus would have dominated Israel. Do you understand? Moreover, on the global stage, Israel was the Abel nation and Rome was the Cain nation.

From the providential point of view, if the nation of Israel was to have been a unified nation it would first have had to unite the twelve Canaanite tribes and then unify the Middle East based on the twelve tribes in the Islamic region. Furthermore, it would have even united all the Asian countries centered on the Asian religions, such as Buddhism and Confucianism. If Israel had been united with such big nations as China and India, it would not have been a problem to change the Roman Empire. Actually, Rome was a humanistic nation that served its people rather than God. That is why it was Cain-type. If the oriental religions had been united, Israel, the Abel type nation, would have naturally absorbed Rome as Cain. Then how could this Cain and Abel have united together? It could not have been done by force. If Israel had loved Rome to the standard of loving its enemy, Rome could have been absorbed into the realm of religion centered on Jesus. If that had happened, Jesus would have become the king of kings in the world at that time.

However, Israel did not follow Jesus and disturbed the history of the worldwide providence so that it lost its position as the chosen nation in front of God. This was like Adam's couple who fell in the Garden of Eden. The Jewish people have not appeared in the mainstream history of God's providence since that time, and Christianity inherited the position of the second Israel and began the worldwide course beyond the national level. Its course has been on a spiritual level because it did not have a nation.

Jesus lost his body on this earth. To restore that, a unified realm in the sprit world must first be created, and this must be connected to the earth. It must be prepared in order to cooperate with the Lord of Second Advent when he comes to the earth. It is for this reason that Christianity has established such a unified spiritual realm.

The fervent desire of Christianity has been to hold the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Yet, it has been divided into Catholic and Protestant, which have been fighting each other. These are Cain and Abel. The Messiah can unite Cain and Abel as one. Because the Messiah comes to them as parents with parental love, those struggling brothers will cease fighting. One holds the right hand of one parent and the other holds the left hand of the other, calling them father and mother. We have Catholicism, Protestantism and many other religions. To resolve their conflicts and bring unity among them, the Messiah should come as the True Parents. But Christianity has not followed the Lord of the Second Advent. Until now, Christians have been struggling among themselves. They have not known who their parents are, how God's providence began, or what its purpose is. This is like Adam who fell into ignorance. True Parents know all the secrets of God, of history and of Satan. They will teach them to those religious people who do not know, and open the way to unification without conflict between Catholic and Protestant.

Someone on earth has to find a solution to the problem of the fall. The one who is to come with the solution for everything is the Messiah. Therefore, if people absolutely believe only in the Messiah, they will be qualified to inherit the entire providence realized by the Messiah up to that point. The Messiah to come should first unify the spirit world and then unify the earthly world. Do you understand? [Yes.] The Messiah was supposed to appear in this realm of Christian culture and afterwards to unify all realms of the divided spiritual world. Had the Christian culture accepted the Messiah, restoration would not have taken more than seven years. Had the Messiah united the Pope and the top Protestant leaders, no matter how many Christian denominations existed, he would then have unified all of Christianity. Becoming aware of the previously unknown mysteries of the Bible, they would have realized that their starting point and direction had been wrong. Because they had divergent purposes, they established different teachings and faced in different directions. Because of this, Catholics and Protestants have struggled with each other. They should have realized that such conflict between the Catholic and Protestant spheres is unforgivable in God's will. They would have united centered on the Messiah, repenting of such mistakes.

However, due to Christian persecution of True Father, the foundation to fulfill God's will was lost. You know what happened because of Ewha and Yonsei universities... These universities were founded by six major Christian denominations. They were deeply connected to the Korean government by women leaders. Maria Park was vice president of Ewha university and Hwal Lan Kim was president. Then there was the first lady, Francesca Rhee. Those three women formed a trinity. Had Ewha University united with True Father, he would have been able to bring unity with the Korean government and Christian groups, no matter how much the American military and American missionaries opposed this. If everything had gone as hoped, the blessing on the national level would have been given to all of Korea.

Korea consists of family units. This means that the family is the foundation of Korea. If all the families among its forty million people had received the blessing at that time, the country would have been unified on the basis of those blessed families.

If Cain and Abel are united within those blessed families, they can unite the Cain and Abel of Christianity. This unified Christianity can unite Cain and Abel among all religions, and eventually those unified religions can unite the nation. This country will be the completed foundation in which blessed families can establish the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the desire of the people of Israel and of Christians. When such a nation-the independent heavenly fatherland-appears in this age, it will influence every nation and establish God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

In God's Kingdom in heaven and on earth all humankind are brothers and sisters. There are those in the positions of Cain and Abel. So there must be the position of parents at the center. Patterns of "up and down," "right and left," and "back and forth" are established. That is to say, in the family, parents are positioned "up" and children "down"; the wife is on the "left" and the husband on the "right"; and sons and daughters are at the "front" or in the "rear". Such patterns were meant to be realized on the national level, weren't they? Centering on this standard, up and down, right and left, and front and rear would have been established on the national level. However, this plan was opposed and True Father was exiled into loneliness.

Adam lost the family foundation, and Jesus lost the national foundation. Do you understand? [Yes.] When we restore the national foundation, the family foundation can be safely restored. If you had attended True Parents, who made all the horizontal preparation to establish a nation, True Parents would have become the parents on the family, tribe and national levels, and would have blessed the entire world. Had this occurred, True Parents would have automatically been connected vertically to the cosmos and to God. When this realm of parental heart, which is connected to God through eight stages, expands horizontally out to the world, the blessing ideal is fulfilled centered on True Parents. Then your families will be engrafted to the blood lineage of True Parents' family. All those families engrafted are the unified Cain and Abel, and have equal value.

Although the Unification Church has already become known worldwide, it has had to surmount a number of pinnacles of suffering before reaching this point. Now people realize it is good, and that it has good members and good ideals for the family. Our ideology cannot be found in the sphere of philosophy and is very much superior to those of the established religions. It will become the foundation for peace and liberation in a unified world centered on God as the true Lord. When each family becomes the inheritor of God's Kingdom on earth, true nations will appear from such glorious families. If we can realize such an ideal, what more need we hope for?

No group that has opposed the Unification Church has remained. If an individual, family, clan or even a nation opposes the Unification Church, it will collapse. The communists went against the Unification Church but eventually declined. America has long persecuted the Unification Church, but it has begun to recognize that the teaching of the Principle holds numerous solutions to the otherwise incomprehensible contents of the Bible, and is superior to other systems of thought. People stopped opposing and began to repent.

You've heard about the hoon dok seminars, haven't you? Knowing the importance of this time, I asked Rev. Kwak to organize hoon dok seminars for leaders of society. However he was so worried on account of his own experience with workshops that I said, "If I ask you to do something, you shouldn't just start worrying and then not do anything. Don't make excuses; do it right away!" You should absolutely follow True Father's words. When Rev. Kwak followed my instructions the result was very good. The content of Father's words is so extensive that it can answer any difficult question. Until this point we have had seven seminars, and invited eminent leaders from many nations. Nobody has tried to oppose us during any of the conferences. How could they know about the spiritual world or the history of God's providence? Through these conferences we could show a new vision for politics, economics and ideology, one which those leaders have longed for.

It is a good age for us. Although Korea has persecuted True Father for forty years through seven or eight presidential administrations, severely condemned him for supposedly damaging the national prestige and even cursed him, hoping for his downfall, Korea now needs True Father. No matter how they have tried to unite Korea they could not find a solution. However they have seen how True Father has united enemies such as the Japanese, the Germans and the Americans. So it is not a problem for True Father to unite Koreans, who do not think of one another as enemies. Is this true or false? [True.] We have entered such an age. As for North Korea, the people there know too that there isn't any way to survive without True Father's ideology. That is why they have sent a gift for my birthday for each of the last ten years.

How many days have passed since the last blessing? We held the blessing on February 13. When did we hold the rallies? [From February 21 to March 12.] Think about that. We held twenty-one rallies during this period. In the last rally, on March 12 in the Olympic Stadium, we showed the great, latent energy of the Unification Church by mobilizing enough people to fill the stadium with just ten days of preparation. You see, many candidates for the National Assembly wanted to meet Rev. Moon to get his support in this election. However, I only train those leaders who can love both North and South. We should educate such assemblymen.

Since I am responsible to lead the movement for the unification of North and South Korea, I organized these speech rallies over twenty-one days. When I spoke, I declared that anyone in the audience younger than eighty should become my younger brother. (Applause) Wherever you visit and announce a workshop to people, they will know who you are because we are already well known.

I presented one thousand five hundred rings to women. Those who received the rings are really my sisters. Do you understand? Fallen Eve lost her elder brother, father, grandfather and king. In this sense True Parents can be elder brother or elder sister. Everyone should perfect each position: individual, younger and elder sibling, father and mother, husband and wife, and grandfather and grandmother. So isn't it necessary for women to connect to True Father? [Yes.]

I want you to make a promise to me today. I particularly want the Japanese members to make a promise. Let me ask you, Japanese, to give rings to Korean women, even though you could not fulfill your main responsibilities. It is not so expensive. I want you to buy a Korean woman a ring. Please raise your hands if you are willing to do this. Don't you know how precious that is? You will gain brothers and sisters. Japan should unify brothers so she can keep the position of the mother nation. Do you understand? A father and mother can be given the position of parents only when Cain and Abel are united. I gave you the rings this time for this purpose. True Mother distributed rings to you, didn't she? I will do the same in America too. You should not exchange such rings between people from the same nation. In order to promote one world or one global family, all people from America, Japan, Korea and other nations should exchange rings internationally as an expression of love and solidarity. Such a time has now come. [Amen.] (Applause.)

If we present two or three such rings to each woman in North Korea, will they willingly accept them or not? [Yes.] If women from America, Japan and South Korea invite those matched North Korean women to each country, will they gladly come or not? If they meet all women who presented the rings, and if twenty million North Korean women visit foreign nations to make unity with their siblings through these rings, where would they then expect to live, in such a miserable nation or in a nation of freedom such as Japan or America? What do you think? Would they continue to live in North Korea or move to another nation to live together with their new brothers and sisters? They would automatically have to pack their things even though no one directs them to move, as when young women feel a yearning to go out when spring comes.

Do you remember that I took final responsibility when Japan could not organize the blessing event there last year? We had just forty days before the blessing day to prepare everything in Korea instead of Japan. We finally held the four hundred million couple blessing ceremony on February 7. If Japan had done this, how glorious it would have been! Japan will have one more chance for the next blessing. So you should make the foundation to even mobilize your Prime Minister as a public relations officer to the world and invite many people.

Eve should restore Adam, shouldn't she? Eve, united with the archangel, made Adam fall. Do you understand? Therefore both nations should support Korea to overcome its financial crisis. They should be determined to even sell their property to help Korea. But if someone tries to make money for his own sake using the difficulties of Korea, he will perish. I will not let them be prosperous. This is not a threat. In terms of the principle of restoration, Eve and the Archangel must give thanks to Adam.

Who divided Korea into North and South? It was Eve wasn't it? [Yes. It was.] But no one thinks like that among the Japanese. Therefore I have to sacrifice Koreans, Japanese and even members of the Unification Church from around the world for the sake of the unification of Korea. Then we will have God's nation. Do you understand? When we have such a nation, the children of God, including the beloved saints and sages, will settle in this homeland and the cosmic foundation for the families in which they can live forever in attendance of God will appear. This is God's ideal of creation. Do you understand? [Yes.] (Applause.)

Today we must celebrate True Parents' Day. What is more important for you to do today, however, is to adjust the direction of the Unification Church in the world toward the unification of North and South Korea, the last barrier to be surmounted. Focusing on this direction, we have to establish God's ideal Kingdom of Heaven in this land which will be the nation of God, true parents and true family. This will not be the Kingdom of Heaven for individuals. This Kingdom of Heaven will eventually appear and continue forever. Owing to the failure of Adam and Eve, the Kingdom of Heaven has been empty since the fall. When God restores His original position and dwells in this world as the Lord of all nations, it will be our fatherland, the eternal and unchanging Kingdom of Heaven, in which we will live. Amen. [Amen!]

To establish His Kingdom of Heaven, God has worked hard. Then True Parents worked. You are destined to become the princes and princesses of God who also work hard for the same purpose. To explain more about this I have been speaking on the topic, "The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God." Do you, especially you Korean members, understand? [Yes.] You are elder sisters and brothers. The elder should love and teach the younger. That's why I have sent Korean leaders to Japan to teach them. You should know that True Father has protected Japan against collapse. Now Korea and Japan are one nation. Korea and Japan should unite with each other and love the son, the Archangelic nation.

There will be a providence of settlement for the sake of the unification of North and South Korea. It will be a substantial act of registration. I have been holding the Ideal Family Workshops in Jardim for this purpose. Those who have received True Parents' blessing in Jardim will immigrate here from every nation

We need the unification of Korea in order to restore independence to the fatherland. You should be volunteer "soldiers" in establishing our eternal fatherland. If I command you to mobilize for this purpose, will you move quickly or slowly? [Quickly!] If you are determined to become such a soldier, please pledge to be so by raising your hands. [Amen.] Good! Let us have a round of applause.


Heavenly Father, How earnestly have You been expecting this world to realize the harmony of heaven and earth and become like a garden in May with all the flowers in bloom! We know how thoroughly You have anticipated the realization of Your ideal of creation. We deeply feel from the bottom of our heart how people must be truly sorry that they have not loved all things and all people, and not attended God. We realize through our deep repentance what the true way of a filial son and daughter, the true way of a loyal person, the true way of the saints and sages, and the true way of a holy son and daughter is.

I pray that the Unificationist families may bear in mind that the historical calling to liberate God and humankind is connected to each one of them, and that they can have the conviction that they are pioneering the path of salvation for this world based on knowing God's will-no matter where they are living and no matter how alone they are. Please make them into courageous sons and daughters that trust and love Heaven, and are willing to invest themselves with the heart of absolute obedience. I pray on this occasion of the 40th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding that all of them may become the princes and princesses that can closely serve God in the heavenly realm. I pray for Your guidance for all of them to push themselves toward the day of victory and not to be discouraged along the way.

All members throughout the world and even in the spirit world wish to come to this place to celebrate this day centered on True Parents. I wish for You, Heavenly Father, to please shower your grace of blessing upon all of them and their descendants. If there are people who are determined to sacrifice their lives for the sake of God's Kingdom and world, and devote themselves to fulfilling their responsibility to have filial piety, loyalty, sainthood and holy sonship, please bless those people with Your eternal protection and care. I know that You desire all people to receive the blessing and thus belong to Heaven. This is also the desire of True Parents, all members of the Unification Church, and even all blessed families in the spirit world. We would like to seriously redetermine to march on toward swiftly fulfilling this mission and to return the glorious victory to our Heavenly Father. Please bless this determination. On this 40th anniversary of True Parents' wedding, I pray that these desires may be fulfilled. May You, Heavenly Father, bless their fulfillment. I pray in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Additional words...

Today we celebrated the 40th wedding anniversary of True Parents. I declare to heaven and earth that people will continue to commemorate this anniversary forever. Do you understand? [Yes.] Whether we repeat the second 40-year course or even the hundredth 40-year course, the satanic world cannot come even one step into the victorious realm of the 40 years of indemnity as long as you become absolutely one with True Father's teaching and words. True Father has the responsibility to bestow such victorious authority on all generations throughout history. Therefore, if you did not accomplish everything during the first forty years, you should accomplish enough during the next forty-year course. Through this I will create the historical moment when, in the future, your descendants will begin their own forty-year course. Amen. [Amen.] Can you promise me? [Yes.]

[Originally published in Today's World, April 2000]

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