Sun Myung Moon's Words from 2000

By becoming a person who loves the spouse and family, you may love your nation as a patriot

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 2000

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 23, 2012

"World Unification and North-South Unification will be Accomplished by True Love"
Given at the Opening Banquet of the WCSF Convocation

How much do our political leaders love their country? Any politician who lacks a heart of truly wanting to share in the life of common citizens will soon disappear. It doesn't matter how well bred or educated this person may be. He will disappear like an air bubble formed on a surface of water.

"I truly want to live with them. I don't want to die unless I can die with them. I don't want to live unless I can live with them." The movement for North-South unification begins when both sides have such a heart toward the other.

When North-South unification is accomplished, this will be the beginning point in the effort to unite the democratic and communist worlds. Each of us must consider the future of our people and of the world as a representative of the world, a representative of the six billion humankind, a representative of the three billion people of Asia. We must determine ourselves to carry out a movement that will truly enable us to share in the lives of our compatriots.

When such an effort connects you to the way of the saint, then you will come to resemble a saint. If you practice this with respect to God with the loyalty of a son or daughter of God, then you will become "God's heir," and "successor to God's will." I tell you these things today, because I have already confirmed their truth in my own life.

Once North-South unification is accomplished in Korea, the unification of the world will follow automatically. Do you think that political power, military force, or economic wealth can bring about unification? There isn't even the slightest chance of this. That is the reason I am speaking to you in this way.

When a person enters into a relationship of true love with God, he or she is absolutely given special authority to have dominion, ownership, and the right of inheritance. In the world of mechanics, the energy produced is less than the energy put into a system. However, in the world of true love, greater energy is produced than is put in.

What is true love? It is love that lives for the sake of others. It is love of unlimited giving and forgetting. No memory is kept of how much was given. It is a love that never tires of giving. A 90-year-old mother can turn to her 70-year-old son and say, "Be careful when you cross the street," and there is nothing strange about that. Even if the mother has repeated those same words countless times over several decades, she will always say them one more time.

If this is true with parents in the fallen world, how can we ever grow tired of giving and receiving God's love in the essential world? When we establish God's true reciprocal realm in our own lives, we will understand the unchanging glory of true love for the first time. Then we will be able to justify the ethics of eternal life centering on the true love of human beings. Who in the world is aware of such things?

In 1984, I was lying in bed in an American prison where I had been unjustly incarcerated, when God came to me. He said, "You are the only person I can trust. I want you to resolve the situation in Nicaragua." Why am I really the only person God can come to with such a command?

America is said to be a great country standing at the forefront of all developed countries. It has a population of 240 million people and a large number of religious leaders. How helpless God must be that he could not go to any of those people but had to come to me. At least it is fortunate that God knows how to find a person by his love. If I had not worked for the sake of the world at that time -- by ushering The Washington Times in forefront of the political discourse, South America would have been completely ravaged by war by now.

North-South unification is the fervent desire of the Korean people, but it is also the earnest desire of God in this age. It is Heaven's desire that North Korea and South Korea can be united and that God's resting place will be established in your homes, in our churches, and in our nation centered on God.

How, then, are we to attend God? How can we wipe everything clean? What can we use to wipe everything off so that God will say it is completely clean? This is the problem. The answer is simple. We must clean the surroundings centering on a true love that is greater than our love for our parents, greater than our love for our spouses, and greater than our love for our children. It is only when our offerings placed on the altar centering on such love that the ideal North-South unification will be manifested. This is where the ideal blending of Eastern and Western cultures can occur. This is where the ideal unification of the divided physical and heavenly realms can occur. This is where the realm of liberation of Hell and Heaven will come about. We cannot unlock this without true love. We need the key of true love.

Unification brought about by the love between a person's mind and body can always be manifested as the unification of love in the family. A loving husband and wife with a harmonious family will always see their love manifested within their clan, throughout their nation and the world.

If a loving husband and wife unite as one, who will dare try to tear them apart and defile their relationship? A world made of the harmonious family, harmonious people, harmonious government, harmonious world, harmonious Heaven and Earth, harmonious true human love and God united as one, isn't this world the utopia of true love? In such a world, there will be no possibility of discord. Love will be the life element for all people, in the same way that plants receive life elements by absorbing the rays of the sun. Our fervent desire is to build a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven, where we can resonate with true love eternally. How many people are there in this world, though, who are the subject partners or object partners of true love, who can stand as people of character qualified to the be master of all things, and who possess both the value of a remarkable life and the special authority that comes with such a life?

I sincerely hope that each person participating today will remember what I have said, and will work to unite your mind and body. I hope that you will start by becoming a person who lives for the sake of your spouse, and go on to become a true person who lives for the sake of your family, people, nation, and world.

If you do that, then North-South unification will be as good as done. Even communist ideology is easily absorbed and disappears when it is placed in the midst of God's love. The problem until now was that we did not know this. Once we develop our hearts of love, North-South unification will be no problem at all.

That is not all. Problems between East and West and the worldwide North-South problem involving differences among rich and poor nations can also be completely resolved through the true love of God.

We must digest the ideal for the world centering on God's ideal that I have described, and go on to digest the ideal of the nation. Then we must move on to the boundless realm of peace of the ideal world that links the ideal of the nation to the ideals of clan, family, and individual. This is, without a doubt, the way that the peaceful world of true love that God has desired can be built on this Earth. 

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